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Quotation1 Speed along and sky dive miles above the clouds in Sky Road as you take on colossal enemies before reaching the decisive battle with the Deadly Six’s leader Zavok! Quotation2
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Sky Road (スカイロード Sukairōdo?) is the sixth stage that appears in Sonic Lost World. Located at the Lost Hex, Sky Road is located right by Windy Hill (left), and Lava Mountain (above). It is essentially a zone high above the skies where ancient ruins and floating platforms are located. There are two variations of this stage: one is a peaceful, daytime-like zone while the other zone takes place in a darker surrounding area, where thunderstorms and ruined cities are seen in the background.

In the Nintendo 3DS version of Sonic Lost World, the player can find Black Material in the zones if the player finishes the stage successfully.


Wii U

Zone One

In Zone One, Sonic travels the sky in which is Windy Hill in the sky but with some notable differences. Big Pink versions of the Caterkiller appear and dig around the planetoids. While traveling on, Sonic will meet the turtle badnik in which shoots out missiles at the clouds and the player must use Sonic's head to push the missile back at it. Reaching the end of the level breaks the animal capsule, and frees all the animals within it.

Zone Two

This zone is a 2.5D stage that has ruins of Silent Forest. While proceeding on through the level, Mechanical Dragons appear to either shoot Sonic down with fire balls, use lasers to shock him, or use their robotic parts to knock platforms out. As you reach the cannon, you appear on a planetoid to fight with Zavok on his own mechanical dragon.

Zone Three

This zone is very similar to Sky Chase Zone, maneuvering Sonic through the air and avoiding badniks. Not only similar to that, but also to Tropical Coast Zone ?. Maneuvering Sonic through the air, avoiding badniks from past Sonic games causes the bigger badnik to appear and try to destroy Sonic. Destroying the big badnik lets Sonic proceed to the end of the level.

Zone Four

This zone is heavily based off Desert Ruins, including streams of sand, similar to that of Mirage Road. In parts of Zone 4, Sonic has the climb up to the top beating enemies or avoiding them and objects. The player must make use of the area they take because the player can't go back down otherwise it's instant death. Another part of Zone 4 is you ride a slide with giant cactus balls with eyes and mouths chasing after Sonic. There are poles in which Sonic can grab onto and move on to the other upper/lower area of the slide. Zavok appears as the boss of this zone, as shown by the background of the coverage for his boss fight. Enemies such as Boos appear in the zone (making their return from Sonic Adventure 2).

Zone ?

In this zone, Sonic has to travel along green blocks throughout the stage avoiding enemies and ball spikes.

Nintendo 3DS

Zone One

Zone One of Sky Road takes place in the sky which holds a Casino similar to that of Frozen Factory Zone 3. However, key differences is that it has a BINGO styled mini-game that provides an opening to leave and it takes place in the sky (the Frozen Factory Zone 3 takes place at a snowy area). The entire Zone is 2D.

Zone Two

Zone Two of Sky Road continues off from Zone One, but this time it's in 3D. The player mostly has to use the Indigo Wisp (Indigo Asteroid) to proceed onto to the level. At the end, you leave the Casino and head outside.

Zone Three

Zone Three of Sky Road continues off from Zone Two as you take off into the skies using rockets and lots of parkour. Rockets are provided for Sonic to ride on to reach the next area. However, mechanical dragons appear to shoot Sonic down and the rocket cannot stay in the air too long. The parkour in this Zone is used lots of time in the level and along the way includes fired up grounds. The mechanical dragons also appear more than once and they become faster and more and more of them come out as the player reaches the end of the level

Boss Act

Unlike the Zavok boss fights in the Wii U version, Sonic must take out Zavok by sky diving. Zavok rides his mechanical dragon the entire time as a way to take out Sonic.


  • Sky Road Zone Three is similar to Sky Sanctuary from Sonic and Knuckles.
  • In the Wii U version of Sonic Lost World, Sky Road also appears to use elements of other zones in the game, with platforms and planets from Windy Hill, small ruins from Desert Ruins and stone platforms and a planet with a large tree from Silent Forest. In the 3DS version of Sonic Lost World, Sky Road appears to use elements of other zones in the game, with platforms and planets from Windy Hill and the Casino based area from Frozen Factory Zone 3.
  • The music from Zone Two (Wii U)/Zone Three (3DS) sounds similar to the daytime music of Dragon Road from Chun-Nan on Sonic Unleashed.


Zone One (Wii U)


Zone One (3DS)


Zone Four (Wii U)


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  1. - Zone's description taken from official English website.

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