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Sky Road

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You may be looking for the Sonic Lost World stage or the Team Sonic Racing track.

Sky Road is the second to last course in the Babylon Story Mode, and also the third to last of all racing courses in Sonic Riders. It is playable only as Wave the Swallow in Story Mode.


While Sonic and Jet are racing on the track above, Tails, Knuckles, Wave and Storm encounter each other on the ground. Knuckles and Storm are about to fight each other when Eggman's robots begin to attack. The four of them escape from the robots.


The track takes place in the sky, and is a remake of its original version from the Hero Story Mode, Babylon Garden. Both tracks have a different layout (according to the map), but the way the course appears is much the same. The only aesthetic difference is that in Babylon Garden, it is stormy, while in Sky Road there are clear skies. It can be considered one of the hardest stages in the entire Story Mode, as the A.I. is very aggressive and has a habit of catching up to the player. Like Babylon Garden, the player starts at the top of the huge ramp and can never go back to it. After the first turn, a jet blows up the arched loop-de-loop structure and creates a turbulence that can be used as a shortcut if the player jumps high enough off the ramp. There are two grind rails, two sets of air rings, and two power shortcuts. The course that follows this course is a boss, the Babylon Guardian.



File:Babylon Garden - Sonic Riders Music Extended

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