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The Sky Pirates,[1] originally referred to as the Mystic Cave Pirates,[2] are a group that appear in the Sonic the Comic series published by Fleetway Editions. They are band of villanous pirates lead by Captain Plunder who fly through the skies of Mobius in pursuit of riches and infamy.[3]


Ruled by Robotnik

When Sonic the Hedgehog and his fellow Freedom Fighters went to the Mystic Cave Zone to rescue Amy Rose, they ran into the Sky Pirates, who were the ones responsible for kidnapping Amy. While Sonic attempted to save Amy, Captain Plunder failed to hold Tails as ransom for the Chaos Emeralds. Unable to attack the ghostly Filch, Sonic went after Plunder, but got cut off by Amy, who suggested they formed an alliance so the Freedom Fighters could stop Robotnik and the Sky Pirates could still gain money. Despite the treaty being made, Plunder still intended on getting the Chaos Emeralds.[2]

While some of Robotnik's minions brought captured Emerald Hill Folk through the skies, the Sky Pirates raided the prison ship, as per Sonic's plan, allowing the Freedom Fighters to fight back. Afterwards, Lewis accidentally revealed the Chaos Emeralds' location in the North Cave to Filch, prompting the Sky Pirates to head there.[4]

At the North Cave, the Freedom Fighters confronted the Sky Pirates until Sonic was forced to hand the Emeralds over when they took Tails hostage. However, the two soon followed the pirates' ship in the Tornado, only to find that the the Emeralds had turned the pirates into peaceful and loving individuals by absorbing their evil energies, allowing Sonic and Tails to retrieve the Emeralds without any trouble.[5]

While Robotnik celebrated his birthday on the Robotnicus, it was attacked by the Sky Pirates, who capturing Robotnik and demanded his valuables to be handed over. Robotnik thus took them to the safe where he kept his money. While the Sky Pirates were able to open the vault and get away with the loot, Plunder himself got captured.[1] With Plunder found guilty of piracy, he was taken to the Highview Corrective Centre, where he met Simpson the Cat.[6] Meanwhile, outside the prison, Filch had brought a handful of the Sky Pirates to rescue Plunder.[7] While Plunder and Simpson managed to escape the prison, many of the Sky Pirates brought along by Filch were captured. Back at the pirate's hideout, Plunder waited for two days until Filch returned and informed the captain of the fate of their crew. However, Plunder did not feel they were worth saving, and instead decided to start over with his remaining crew and Simpson.[8]

Plunder, Filch, and a new member of their crew, Professor, soon showed up in the Sandopolis Zone using an ancient map in order to steal the treasures in the Lost Pyramid of Sandopolis. Despite the protests of Knuckles, Plunder and his crew would unearth the pyramid.[9] When the gates of the pyramid opened, the pirates faced a Guardian, though it got handled by Knuckles. Upon entering the tomb and seeing all the treasures within, the Sky Pirates attempted to horde it for themselves, but were driven away without anything when the Hyudoros emerged. The three pirates returned to their ship, making up fibs about what had happened to explain their lack of loot.[10]

The Sky Pirates' next big move was going after the Tantaragor Idol onboard a slave ship known as the Ghost Ship of Tantaragor after spotting it in the skies.[11] Convincing Knuckles to let them reach the ghost ship with the Floating Island after offering the echidna some ancient documents on the Floating Island in return for his services, a squad of the Sky Pirates and Knuckles were able to board the ghost ship. When Plunder got the idol though, the Tantaror showed up.[12] Failing to escape the all-powerful Tantaror, the group was almost captured. It was then that the pirates and Knuckles got away by teleporting to Scourge Bay, thanks to the idol.[13] There, Plunder tried to close his deal with Knuckles, but Knuckles refused, as he wanted to save the slaves captured by the Tantaror, eventually leading the echidna to clash with the Sky Pirates. As the fight was broken up by Zorabel, Ekkletos, the spiritual leader of the Tantaror, teleported everyone present to his location.[14]

As Plunder feign ignorance about the idol when asked by Ekkletos, Knuckles took it from the Sky Pirates and returned it. The Sky Pirates then remained behind while Knuckles went to deal with the rogue Tantaror on behalf of Ekkletos.[15] Once Knuckles' mission was complete, the Sky Pirates were returned to Scourge Bay. There, Plunder refused to hand over the documents he promised Knuckles since he lost the idol. However, Zorabel let Knuckles take the documents while she went on to lecture Plunder.[16]

Acquiring a Star Post for their ship to expand their range of activities across dimensions, the Sky Pirates would travel to New Tek City in the Special Zone where they kidnapped Proctor Speckle to make him a part of their crew. After Speckle ate Plunder's private chocolate though, the crew made him walk the plank, prompting Speckle to transform into Mr. Fry.[3] After Fry finished beating up the whole crew, he and Plunder began talking with each other more civilized, only get attacked by sharks mutated by Speckle's Transforming Serum.[17] While the Sky Pirates won the incoming brawl with the sharks, Fry turned back into Speckle during the escapade and escaped the Sky Pirates' ship while the pirates celebrated their victory.[18]

Post-Ruled by Robotnik

Having set their sights on lost treasure again, the Sky Pirates returned to Scourge Bay to recruit new crew members for the trip.[19] There, Plunder, despite making several attempts to avoid it, was forced by Zorabel to have her and her daughters join his crew so the family could go on a treasure hunt for the treasure of King Akotek.[19][20] After getting the location of the treasure from Krakiota the sea serpent,[21] the Sky Pirates found the island they had been looking for.[22] Upon finding the tomb holding the treasure though, Plunder was tricked by Cinnamon into breaking the seal on the tomb's entrance, thereby incurring its curse.[22] With Plunder now having been cursed with bad luck for all eternity, which was Zorabel's plan all along, the Spice Maidens took the treasure back to the Sky Pirates' ship, unaffected by the curse.[23]

The Sky Pirates would hit the jackpot when Plunder won the Akotek treasure from Zorabel in a game of chance. However, after the Sky Pirates brought Zorabel and her family home, Plunder had a string of bad luck that cost him the treasure and left the crew's ship vulnerable to an attack from an old foe. In the aftermath, the Sky Pirates were left marooned on an island.[24]


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