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Quotation1.svg This rollercoaster gone wild comes complete with twists, turns, loops, drops and even stuffed teddy bears, designed to slow you down. Use springs, dash panels and the strongman platform to propel your character through the atmosphere while staying one speed boost ahead of the competition. Quotation2.svg
Sonic Rivals Instruction Manual

Sky Park Zone is the third Zone in Sonic Rivals. It is a carnival-style level located on Onyx Island; a future version of Angel Island brought to the present by Eggman Nega. The player must race against Metal Sonic in the second act in order to get through the Stage.


Fitting the carnival theme, Sky Park Zone features circus tents, circus shops with prize displays, wooden boardwalks, Roller Coasters and rails, and colorful balloons floating around (especially over-sized balloons shaped like Tails' and Amy's heads).

This Stage specifically takes place at night and gives a clear view of the stars and large full moon in the background and has several light chains and neon "Eggman" signs which light up the course.

The game gimmick of this level features red stuffed bears on the prize displays which will jump out and latch onto the player character, thus slowing them down and other Carnival attractions that help the characters advance to the goal. There are roller-coasters that race along the track serving as obstacles; the player must be cautious if he/she chooses to take the lower paths. There are jack-in-the-box gimmicks that must be pushed to fill a gap but if the player jumps on the top surface of the box, he/she will be launched high into the air as it were a spring.


Sonic and Shadow

After defeating Egg Falcon, Shadow receives another call from Rouge who is about to reveal something important about the "Dr. Eggman" (which is really Eggman Nega) Shadow had been chasing, but is suddenly interrupted and is cut out. As Shadow wonders what is going on, he is suddenly warped to Sky Park Zone. There he meets Sonic, who had just been fighting Silver, but then got teleported to this place by Silver himself. Shadow however intends to find Dr. Eggman and save Rouge and Sonic challenges Shadow to see who find him first.

Sonic eventually reaches "Dr. Eggman" first and wants to know his plan, but the doctor instead makes Sonic fight his metallic counterpart, Metal Sonic. Shadow later reaches Dr. Eggman himself and demands to know what he had done to Rouge. The doctor reveals he had turned Rouge into a card and sends Metal Sonic up against Shadow.

Knuckles and Silver

Knuckles, having just defeated the Egg Falcon, demands "Dr. Eggman" to give back the card containing the Master Emerald, but the disguised Eggman Nega uses it to teleport him to Sky Park Zone. As he looks around, he meets Silver, who had been following "Dr. Eggman" since he teleported Sonic away. Silver asks Knuckles if "Dr. Eggman" had something weird on him and Knuckles answers that he had a strange camera that lets the doctor turn things into cards, but then asks Silver who he is. Silver however, recognizes the camera and tries to leave, but Knuckles races after him to get some answers.

When Knuckles reaches "Dr. Eggman" he wants to know how the doctor stole the Master Emerald from Angel Island and the doctor reveals that Onyx Island is Angel Island, much to Knuckles' confusion and puts Metal Sonic against Knuckles. When Silver reaches "Dr. Eggman" Silver wants to know how he got a hold of that camera, which such technology should only exist in the future, but the doctor says he has to defeat his Metal Sonic first if he wants an answer.


  • This Stage was first seen in the Leipzig Game Convention trailer.[1][2]
  • It's possible that Sky Park Zone could be the Carnival Night Zone on Angel Island in the future.
  • This is the only Zone in Sonic Rivals not to have a boss as the third Act. Instead the player races Metal Sonic in the second Act.
  • Unlike most Stages set in Casinos or Amusement Parks this Stage has the look and design of a county fair or a boardwalk setting.


Name Artist(s) Length Music Track
Sky Park Act 1 Chris Renzanson 0:47
Sky Park Act 2 Chris Renzanson 0:47


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