Sky Deck's unnamed jet fighter is an enemy that appears in Sonic Adventure and Sonic Adventure DX: Director's Cut.


This jet fighter greatly resembles the Fighter Aircraft A. However, attached to its wings' ends are missiles with a mouth-of-shark-like label. It has got different colored stripes and machine-gun-like device connected to its base.

Its jetpacks' front ends are looking hollow rather than being obscurely cuboid like the Fighter Aircraft A.


Two Hyper Jets before taking off.

These jet fighters only appear in the second section of Sky Deck where they take off of the Egg Carrier. When the player reaches their area, they will fly around the player instead of flying toward the unknown. Then, they get near the player and deploy all of their missiles at them before vanishing off the screen. After that, several other jet fighters of the same type will arise from inside the Egg Carrier to repeat this same cycle.

The missiles, upon exploding, give a small fiery feedback that can harm the player should they get near it. This feedback's impact extends to hurt the player even after the feedback's flames have vanished in the same location. The missiles can be targeted by Homing Attack-based moves.

It is possible to destroy these jet fighters before they take off, releasing one Animal upon their destruction. However, it is hardly possible to destroy them and their missiles while they are flying; even the Light Speed Attack fails to lock onto them when they are nearby.


  • Strangely, shortly after the missiles explode, using a Jump Dash near the impact area causes Sonic to Homing Attack at it and to receive damage as if he is still targeting the missiles.



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