Quotation1 Skim past a teammate to give them a speed boost Quotation2
— Hint box, Team Sonic Racing

The Skim Boost, also spelled as the Skimboost, is a move that appears in Team Sonic Racing. It is a technique that allow car racers to grant their teammates an extra boost of speed in mid-race.


Skim Boost gameplay

Shadow being surrounded by rings indicates that he can be given a Skim Boost.

The Skim Boost is a maneuver that certain racing cars can pull off. When performing the Skim Boost, a car racer's teammate drives up next to the car racer and skims past them. This will cause yellow rings to appear around the car racer which will then close in around them. Once the rings disappear, the car racer will receive a brief speed boost.

In gameplay, the Skim Boost can be triggered by the player in their teammates in order to give their teammates a brief boost of speed. In order to perform the Skim Boost, the player just has to drive up next to one of their teammates and skim past them. This will automatically cause the player's teammate to pull off the Skim Boost. In addition, pulling off the Skim Boost will charge both the player's Ultimate Meter and their teammates'.

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