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The Skid Attack (スライディング Suraidingu?, lit. "Sliding"), or simply Skid, is a move performed by Sonic the Hedgehog. It first appeared in Sonic Advance and later in both Sonic Advance 2 and Sonic Advance 3. When using this move, Sonic performs a somersault then slides across the ground.


The Skid Attack is very similar in performance to the Somersault and the Slide, but possesses attributes unique to itself. Basically, the move is executed by having Sonic perform a normal somersault and then he slides along the ground while striking his enemy with his feet first before coming to an unstoppable halt. The range of this attack can be increased further by performing it while running at high speeds.

Unlike the Somersault in Sonic Adventure 2 however, Sonic attack during the sliding rather than during the somersault and can get a greater attack range with a single Skid Attack, thus attacking several enemies in a row, by using it while running at high speeds, where this Somersault has to be executed constantly to attack more than a few enemies. Also, unlike the Somersault in Sonic Advance, Sonic does not perform the Spin Attack when flipping his body, thus the Skid Attack makes Sonic more vulnerable.

In comparison to Slide, the Skid Attack does not have nearly the same range, but Sonic can perform it even when standing still (though the range will be much less), where the Slide can only be used when Sonic is in motion.


Super Skid

The Super Skid (スーパースライディング Sūpāsuraidingu?, lit. "Super Sliding") is basically the Skid Attack performed at high speeds. It is a move used only by Sonic the Hedgehog and has only appeared in Sonic Advance 2.

In order to perform the Super Skid, Sonic must perform the Skid Attack while in Boost Mode. The resulting speed from the Boost Mode will then transform the Skid Attack into the Super Skid.

When using the Super Skid, a green energy field will form around Sonic's feet, and his attack range increases. Foremost however, the Super Skid allows Sonic to maintain the speed he is running at and remain in Boost Mode, unlike the normal Skid Attack which causes Sonic to slow down and stop moving entirely. This move is extremely similar to the Slide.

Fire Sliding

Main article: Fire Sliding

Fire Sliding is a more powerful version of the normal Skid Attack, where Sonic strikes with extreme force, noticeably going much further than the regular slide. Sonic can only use this move when having Knuckles as his partner in Sonic Advance 3.

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