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Sonic and the Secret Rings
Skeleton Dome

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Skeleton Dome is the seventh World of Sonic and the Secret Rings. It is an area of desiccated boneyards of what were once the mines of King Solomon, a legendary skeleton king. However, this world has "snow" at the beginning instead of being placed in the chambers. This world also features skeleton warriors, animal bones and two-sided axes.


The level starts somewhere outside the dome where Shahra mistakes falling bone dust for snow. After a while you enter cavern with bone walkways leading to a palace. You then enter an arena, which also appears in acts as a circuit. At the end of Act 1, you enter the throne room where King Solomon sits. There will even be a 3D model of his head, though it is difficult to see.


  • In one of the "Rampage!" missions, Sonic says "I guess that's why they call it the Skeleton Dome", after Shahra calls the arena huge.
  • Several areas in the level have a skull with glowing red eyes that transports Sonic to another area.
  • In Act 1, there is a secret path to an area where you run along the backbone of a serpent. This path lets you get a Gold medal due to saving time.


Name Artist(s) Length Music Track
"The White of Sky" Fumie Kumatani 4:06