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Piles of bones that reassemble into blade-armed warriors.

— Description, Sonic the Hedgehog Encyclo-speed-ia

The Skeleton Djinn[1] (スケルトン・ジン[2] Sukeruton jin?) is an enemy that appears in Sonic and the Secret Rings. It is a skeleton-based djinn breed originating from the world of the Arabian Nights and some of the Erazor Djinn's henchmen.


The Skeleton Djinns are, as their name implies, humanoid white skeletons about twice Sonic's height. They have a broad open ribcage with a green gem in their chest, a collar of fin-like bones, purple spikes as kneecaps, a purple arrow-shaped patch on their scalp with yellow outlines, yellow eyes. and curved purple horns. Instead of forearms and hands, they have a blade of a broadsword.


The Skeleton Djinns are seemingly diverse in origin, but they all share the common characteristic of being driven to madness during the events of the game. Supposedly, some were regular inhabitants,[3] others were evil spirits sealed away long ago by King Solomon,[4] and more were created by the Erazor Djinn from the words he carved out of the Arabian Nights.[5][6] Regardless, they were all recruited into Erazor's personal army and used to attack the world of the Arabian Nights in his search for the World Rings.

The Skeleton Djinns appear exclusively in Skeleton Dome where they are often found in pieces on the floor, only to reassemble themselves to attack Sonic when he gets too close. In gameplay, the Skeleton Djinns are able to move around slightly and attack with their swords by spinning around like a wide top. Additionally, they can use their arms to block Sonic's Homing Attacks. Skeleton Djinns can normally be defeated with just one hit. On Rampage missions though, these djinns do not count as kills and resurrect within a few seconds.

The Skeleton Djinns also appears in the mini-game Thrust! Bone Knight in Party Mode, where the player must jab at a Skeleton Djinn at the right time.

Powers and abilities

The Skeleton Djinns have swords for arms which they can use with deadly efficiency in combat. They can also control their bone structure to a limited degree, being capable of disassembling and reassembling their body structure.



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