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Skeeter, Rotor's brother.

Skeeter is the younger brother of Rotor Walrus who lives in the Frozen North Sea with his mother, Georgette Walrus. He is the second son of the late Sherman Walrus, who died before Skeeter was born.


Early Life and Brainwashing

Skeeter was born the second son of Georgette Walrus and her husband Sherman Walrus, but never knew his father. This was because Sherman perished in the fall of Mobotropolis, at which time Georgette was pregnant with Skeeter. In 3235, Dr. Ivo Robotnik hypnotized the entire Walrus Herd,  including Skeeter and his mother, and planted Icebots there to keep them in line. But Skeeter's mother managed to contact Rotor through an old radio she'd given him, and Rotor went to investigate in his Bathysphere Submarine. Upon arrival, Rotor found his family and the rest of the herd under Robotnik's control, so he pretended to be hypnotized to get an inside look on what was going on. Robotnik planned to use his Skeeter and his mother, along with the rest of the herd, build a machine that could freeze the entire world and kill all non-robotic life on Mobius. Then Rotor blew his cover and was knocked unconscious. Thankfully Sealia, and Augustus of the Arctic Freedom Fighters managed to save him from a watery grave. The two then helped Rotor to destroy the Icebots in an attempt to stop Robotnik's plans, but Robotnik turned the Walrus Herd against them with orders to destroy Rotor. But thanks to Augustus's quick thinking, he split an ice floe in two pieces so Rotor and the herd were separate. Before the herd floated adrift, Rotor placed an electronic tracer on their piece so he could find them and restore them to their senses at a later date.

The Walrus Herd was later freed from their enslavement by the effects of the Ultimate Annihilator, and Skeeter was reunited with his older brother for some time. However Dr. Eggman soon enslaved the herd again, forcing them to serve his designs on the region. Fortunately, they were liberated by the Sword of Acorns after the Knothole Freedom Fighters joined Rotor in returning to free his people.

Dark Egg Legion

Skeeter and his fellow Walruses once again fell under the control of the Eggman Empire, thanks to an attack by the Northern Tundra Dark Egg Legion.  Forced to construct and guard the Totem Base, Skeeter and his mother ended up engaging Sonic and the Arctic Freedom Fighters, and were knocked out by Erma Ermine. Rotor then arrived with Silver the Hedgehog, who was able to use his psychic abilities to permanently free the Walrus Herd from brainwashing, driving off the Legion in the process. Skeeter then enjoyed a happy reunion with his older brother as the Walrus Herd and their rescuers celebrated in the city of Iceborough.

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