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Sonic Underground
Six is a Crowd (transcript)

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This is a transcript of the Sonic Underground episode, "Six is a Crowd".

[The Sonic Underground theme song plays]
Manic: Yo, are we there yet, or are we lost?
Sonic: Relax, I know these mountains like the back of my hand!
[They hit something]
Manic: Like the back of your hand, huh?
Sonia: What did you hit?
[We see that the van has hit a Yeti, getting it really angry!]
Sonic: Oh boy...
Sonia: Sonic Hedgehog, you are SO in trouble!
[The hedgehogs fall down into the Oracle's cave]
Oracle: Ah, you're just in time - for lunch!
Sonic: Awesome dogs, Orc! Cool!
Sonia: Oracle, we're here because...
Oracle: You brought the globe!
All: Huh?
Manic: How'd you know?
[Manic gets the globe out - still with the beautiful city inside it.]
Sonia: You gave us the globe and told us to look deeply!
Manic: Did you mean that this is where we could find Mom?
Oracle: That is for you to discover.
Sonic: Do you ever just give a straight answer?
Oracle: What do you think?
Sonic: Grrr!
Oracle: To reach your quest, this globe is but the first step.
Sonic: So, how 'bout we take the step already!
Oracle: Hmm... [laughs] Done!
Manic: Cool!
[The Oracle again makes a mist around the hedgehogs, which transports them to another dimension.]
Sonic: I'll take these to go! [snatches remaining chili dogs]
Oracle: Study those you encounter carefully, for through them, you may see your own future.
[The hedgehogs are transported to a dark cave.]
Manic: Whoa! Rippin' ride!
Sonic: So which way do we go? [tinkling noises]
Sonia: Ssh! Listen!
Sonic: It's coming from this one! [points to a cave] Let's rumble!
[As they run into the cave, they are warped to what looks like Mobotropolis!]
Manic: Look out!
Sonic: Roadhog!
Sonia: Huh? Oh my gosh! It's so beautiful!
Manic: Yeah, I could seriously get into this place! Right, bro? Sonic? Wha's up?
Sonic: I finally got one!
Sonia: One what? [sees statue of Sonic] I don't believe it!
[Sonic runs down to get a closer look, the statue looks like Sonic but has a fat belly.]
Sonic: Me neither, but what's with the bulge on my perfect bod?
[A lady approaches, sees Sonic and runs off.]
Sonia: What's with her? And why do they have a statue of YOU?
Manic: Maybe the pigeons needed a place to sit!
Sonic: Ah, I guess my coolness precedes me! Ever think of that?
Sonia and Manic: No!
Sonic: Jealousy is not attractive!
Sonia: Oh my gosh!
Manic: Ditto!
[We see statues of Manic and Sonia too.]
Sonic: There goes the neighborhood!
Manic: Hmph! Where's a pigeon when you need one?
[A horn sounds and a chili dog van pulls up.]
Sonic: Break time!
[Sonic dashes to the van.]
Sonic: Two doggies with the works, pal! Extra chili!
Jake: (gasp) I am deeply honored, Sire! Please, eat all you want, free of charge!
Sonic: All I want? Free of charge? I think I've found paradise!
[Robotnik is watching from a distance.]
Robotnik: I can't believe our luck! All three hedgehogs without their bodyguards ripe for the picking! Tell Jake it's a go!
Sonia: How awful! Nothing but ruins!
Manic: Yeah, looks like Robotropolis!
Sonic: But the chili dogs are free!
[Some doors in the van open and smiling SWATBots come out.]
Sonic: A smiling SWATBot?! Hey!
[Sonic gets caught in some electronic shackles.]
Jake: Inside! Move!
Sonic: I don't think we're in Robotropolis any more... Oracles - you gotta love 'em! A little help here, please?
Jake: Inside! Move!
Manic: Ladies first!
Sonia: Time to twirl and whirl! [goes into Super Twirl]
[Sonia and Manic destroy the SWATBots with their medallions.]
Sonic: Nice work guys, but... er... [points to shackles]
Manic: Incoming! [more SWATBots approach] Sonic: Juice and jam time! Manic: Bro! Over there! Sonic: Gotcha!
[The hedgehogs run into a dark cave.]
Sonia: Did we lose them?
Sonic: I think so!
Robotnik: Think again!
[Lights come on, and Robotnik appears with more SWATBots.]
Robotnik: Welcome, your Majesties! Please, make yourselves at home!
Sonic: What do you know, bald-boy got a rug and some new duds!
Robotnik: Very amusing, Sire.
Sonic: SIRE?!
Robotnik: But even more amusing is the fact that as of right now, the Revolution is over!
Manic: Way too strange! Ooooooh!
Robotnik: YOU took away our money! YOU took away our freedom! And you even took away our music!
All: Huh?
Robotnik: But from this day forward, my Freedom Fighters shall live free!
Sonic: YOUR Freedom Fighters?
Sonia: Smiling SWATBots, statues of us, calling us royalty - I think I know what's going on...
Manic: What?
Sonia: Where Oracle put us is in a weird dimension where Robotnik's the good guy and...
Sonic: We're the bad guys?
SWATBot: Grievances to be heard before the Royal Hedgehog Tribunal. Music heard in Sector 3. Tax-collector mob in Sector 9.
Bad Sonic: (yawn) Destroy Sector 3!
Bad Manic: Double the taxes in Sector 9!
SWATBot: Jeweller unable to deliver diamond necklace for Princess Sonia.
[We see one of Robotnik's spy-bots looking at the bad hedgehogs.]
Bad Sonia: Throw him in the dungeon! And his family too!
Sonic: El Grossamundo! Look at that paunch! Doesn't that guy have a mirror?
Manic: Man, this Manic is mondo creepy!
Sonia: And her gown is SO last season!
Robotnik: My spy-bot is broadcasting live! How are you doing this?
Sonia: That's not us, and we can prove it! They hate music, right?
Robotnik: So?
Manic: Rip it, sibs!
[The song I Can Do That For You plays.]
Robotnik: Welcome to the Freedom Fighters!
[Sonic hi-fives Robotnik.]
Sonic: What can we do for you, bud?
Sonia: Okay. Just remember to be mean and greedy!
Sonic: And don't you forget to be vain and bossy!
Manic: Sonic! Stick out your stomach!
Sonic: Yo, tin-heads! Open the gates!
[The SWATBots don't do anything.]
Sonia: Don't stand there gawking you idiots, OPEN THE GATE!
[The SWATBots open the gate.]
Sonic: Oh and by the way, you're all fired!
[The SWATBots walk off.]
Bad Sonia: OUCH! How DARE you stick me with a pin! GUARDS!!! Throw her in the street!
Lady: Oh, have mercy - please!
Man: This is all the money I have left! My family is starving!
[SWATBots grab the man.]
Bad Manic: Put him in chains! Next!
Bad Sonic: Those were the worst chili dogs I EVER tasted
Cook: Ohhhhhh...
Bad Sonic: Throw him in the dungeon!
[SWATBots approach the good hedgehogs with the cook.]
Sonia: Huh?
Cook: Oh, please, Sire! I'm sorry about the chili dogs! PLEASE don't send me to the dungeon!
Sonic: Huh?
Cook: Please!!!
Sonic: Oh... Oh yeah, that. Er - I changed my mind - let him go!
Cook: Ohhh, thank you Sire, thank you!
Sonic: Let's split up - we can kick more butt that way!
Sonia: Meet back here in 30 minutes!
Sonic: How about 30 seconds?
[Sonic rushes off, but comes back.]
Sonic: (to SWATBots) Oh, and by the way, you're fired! And tell all the other guards they're fired too!
[We see all the SWATBots leaving the palace.]
[Sonic arrives at the dinner table, where the bad Sonic is eating.]
Sonic: Hey, what's up, cous? You gonna eat that? [Flips chili dog into his mouth] Delish!
Bad Sonic: Who... who are you?
Sonic: I'm what you should've been instead of what you are!
Bad Sonic: Guards! GUARDS!
Sonic: Oh, didn't I tell you? I fired the guards! It's just you and me, pal! Tell ya what - let's have a little race - end of the table and back! Winner take all - in this case, the palace, village, countryside - the whole enchilada! Or... chili-dogs!
Bad Sonic: No one is faster than me!
Sonic: That right? Well, tell ya what... I'll go in reverse!
Bad Sonic: Deal!
Sonic: Tell ya what, sport. Just to make it fair, I'll even give you a head start! Ready, set, go!
[Bad Sonic starts running, but the good Sonic soon catches up. Bad Sonic gets mad and puts some electronic shackles on the good Sonic.]
Sonic: Hey! Argh!
Bad Sonic: Guess you lose, 'sport'!
[The bad Manic is counting his money, then the good Manic arrives with a huge vacuum.]
Bad Manic: Huh?
[Manic's vacuum sucks up all the money.]
Bad Manic: Stop! Guards! Where are my guards?!
Manic: I sent them home!
Bad Manic: You... you look... oh... oh... you... you...
Manic: Just like you! Yeah, I may look like you, but I don't steal from the poor!
Bad Manic: I don't steal, I tax!
Manic: Not any more... [vacuum picks up bad Manic]
Manic: You up for a little ride?
Bad Sonia: Bring me my mirror.
[Sonia pushes in a wooden frame, then stands behind it copying the bad Sonia's movements - like a reflection.]
[The bad Sonia blows a raspberry, then Sonia moves forward and headbutts her.]
Bad Sonia: Who are you?
Sonia: I'm you, but WAY better, girlfriend!
Bad Sonia: Get out of here you... you impostor! Guards!
[Manic arrives with the bad Manic still trapped in the vacuum.]
[Bad Sonia faints.]
Bad Sonic: I don't know who you are buddy, but I know where you're going!
Sonic: Tell ya what bonehead, let's race again! This time, I'll beat you on one leg, going backwards, eyes closed, AND holding my breath! That should make it about even...
Bad Sonic: Doesn't matter! I've recalled my guards - they'll be here any moment!
[SWATBots arrive.]
Bad Sonic: Put him in irons!
Robotnik: That won't be necessary!
[Robotnik removes the shackles from Sonic.]
Sonic: Never thought I'd be saying this, but... thanks, Robotnik! May I?
Robotnik: Be my guest! [takes gun]
Sonic: For someone so slow, you sure are in a big hurry! [puts shackles on the bad Sonic] You're out!
Manic: So, what do we do with these clowns?
Sonia: Too bad we can't take them back to Robotropolis and show them what it's like to live underground.
Robotnik: You know, they're so arrogant. They haven't left the palace for years! They have no idea...
Sonic: I think you've got something there, Robuttnik!
Robotnik: What?
Sonic: Sorry, big guy - hard habit to break! Anyway, why don't we give them a grand tour? Let them see what they've done to Mobotropolis!
[The van drives through the lower areas of Mobotropolis, so the bad hedgehogs can see the damage.]
Robotnik: This street once thrived with family-owned stores, but years of your taxes put them out of business.
Bad Manic: But the Government needs...
Manic: Open your eyes, not your mouth, bud!
[We see an orphan looking sad.]
Bad Sonia: Awww, poor little girl! [cries]
[The hedgehogs see the error of their ways and start crying, giving back objects of value.]
Robotnik: There's one more place you need to see, your Majesties.
Bad Sonic: Say, what is this place?
Robotnik: A place where anyone who wants to sing and play music are taught.
Bad Sonia: It's beautiful! There was a time when I was very young that I played and sang, and so did my brothers!
Robotnik: (angrily) Oh, I remember...[all laugh]
[The now-good hedgehogs give a speech in front of the citizens.]
Good Sonic: From this time forward, my citizens, we shall have a kingdom of peace, prosperity, music and... chili-dogs for all! [crowd cheers]
[Sonic, Sonia and Manic make their way back to Robotropolis through a tunnel.]
Queen Aleena: My children...
Sonia: Sonic! Stop!
Sonic: 'Sup, sis?
Sonia: I heard... a woman's voice...
Manic: Mom?
[A vision of Queen Aleena appears.]
Sonia: Mother?
Queen Aleena: I am so proud of what you did! You saw what happened when power corrupts, and you saw what happened when good triumphs over evil. I promise you that one day soon, this too will happen... I love you...
[Queen Aleena disappears]
Manic: Mom!
[Sonia cries]
Sonic: Let's juice and jam, guys! We've got work to do! Sis, you okay?
Sonia: I could use a hug here...
Sonic: Come here, sis!
Manic: Group hug!
[The hedgehogs do a group hug.]
Sonia: Aw, you guys! You're right, Sonic - we've got work to do!
Sonic: Then let's do it to it!
[The hedgehogs speed off.]
[The credits roll]

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