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Sister Haggra from Sonic the Comic #116. Art by Richard Elson.

Sister Haggra is a character that appears in the Sonic the Comic series published by Fleetway Editions. She is the leader of the House of Magic, and thus one of three rulers of the Drakon Empire along with Emperor Ko-Dorr (leader of the House of War) and Master Scholar (leader of the House of Knowledge).


Unusually for most Drakons, Sister Haggra is not a fish in a powered exo-suit but has arms and hands made of flesh and bone (one other, unnamed member of the House of Magic also had a humanoid body). She also appears to have hair, or possibly a headdress, which is decorated with jewels and has a crescent-shaped crest on her forehead. Her staff of office is gnarled and crooked, with an alien skull at the head with a plume of hair coming out of the top.


Sister Haggra used the Vapours of Destiny to identify the one who knew the secret of the Chaos Emeralds, and they showed her Sonic the Hedgehog. As she did not recognise him (and she was apparently unable to discern his identity through her magic), she reluctantly summoned Emperor Ko-Dorr and Master Scholar to the House of Magic to see if they knew him. They both claimed not to know who he was (Ko-Dorr was lying), but Sister Haggra insisted that, whoever and wherever he was, they would have him.[1]


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