Quotation1 Now I shall test your skill, Sir Knight! Quotation2
— Sir Percival, Sonic and the Black Knight

Sir Percival is the fifth boss in Sonic and the Black Knight and is fought with Sonic the Hedgehog. She can first be fought after clearing the "Pass Through the Stage" mission in Molten Mine.

Boss guide

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Sir Percival's Flames of Kilekion.

This battle is considerably harder than the previous bosses. Unlike the other Knights of the Round Table, the player is the one who has to take the action. As the battle start, Percival will run towards Sonic, but will not attack. Go to her so she will start attacking and then use Guard. After she finishes her attacks, try several slashes. The most useful tip in this fight, is to launch a Homing Dash into her and then immediately guard. She will then use a fire tornado in midair which will leave her vulnerable, so attack her after she pulls down her tornado with several slashes or Sonic's Soul Surge.

If the player creates a distance between Sonic and Percival, she will do a powerful forward slash attack that can be interrupted with Soul Surge, but if the player has no power in his Soul Gauge, it is better to jump and wait for her to stop before attacking. If she uses her Flames of Kilekion, wait until just before she begins lowering her attack to launch Sonic's Soul Surge which will leave her unsteady and vulnerable. After doing these tips the correct way, the battle is won.



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