Quotation1 Say your prayers, you thieving rat! Quotation2
— Sir Gawain, Sonic and the Black Knight

Sir Gawain is the fourth boss in Sonic and the Black Knight and is fought with Sonic the Hedgehog. He can first be fought after clearing the "Go for the Goal: Reach the Goal" mission in Titanic Plain.

Boss guide

The battle is easy. Begin the battle with guarding, until Sir Gawain finishes his attacks, and when he does, do quick sword slashes. After a barrage of attacks, he will retreat and begin to attack with either Gail Meteor or by sword slashes. When he has gains a red aura, he is planning to activate his Soul Surge, and when he does, he will be vulnerable. As such, the player must evade being attacked by his swords and do quick sword slashes toward him. The player can also use Sonic's Soul Surge to deal more damage. After doing so, launch some aerial slashes, as it will do more damage to him, and if he guards, simply leave some distance between Sonic and him and launch Sonic's Soul Surge if possible. Sometimes, Sir Gawain will do a Homing Dash in the air then cancel it to stomp onto the player, the player then must dodge him instantly and then counterattack. After doing these tips in the right way, the battle is won.


Sonic and the Black Knight - Sir Gawain

Sonic and the Black Knight - Sir Gawain


"You're not half bad. But don't fool yourself into thinking that you can defeat me!"
—During battle
"Strike me if you dare! I, Sir Gawain, will show you how a real knight"
—During battle
"Noooooo! How can this be?!"
—After being defeated



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