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Quotation1.svg I am Gawain, knight of the sun, but that's Sir Gawain to you. I serve the king and all that dare defy my liege shall pay the price. Quotation2.svg
— Sir Gawain, Sonic and the Black Knight

Sir Gawain (ガウェイン Gauein?) is a character that appears in the Sonic the Hedgehog series. He is an anthropomorphic echidna and the alternate reality doppelgänger of Knuckles the Echidna from the world of Camelot. He is a member of the Knights of the Round Table, a group of knights in the service of King Arthur. Gawain is known for his stubbornness when it comes to his unbending loyalty to King Arthur,[2] along for a direct approach to conflict. He carries the legendary twin-sacred swords Galatine.


Sonic and the Black Knight

Gawain, along with his fellow knights Sir Lancelot and Sir Percival, was sent by King Arthur to eliminate Sonic the Hedgehog when he arrived into their world. Gawain was the second knight Sonic fought, and after being defeated, Gawain felt that he was disgraced and wanted to die, saying that only death could remove that stain upon his honor. Sonic prevented him from performing this act and asked if there was more to being a knight than serving a king.

After King Arthur turned out to be an illusion created by Merlin years ago and that it was all a plot orchestrated by Merlina, Gawain, along with the other knights, set off to use the sacred swords to defeat Merlina. After the four swords formed a barrier around the castle and Sonic defeated the Dark Queen, Caliburn revealed that Sonic was the true King Arthur of this world, and Gawain, along with Lancelot and Percival, bowed to Sonic before the hedgehog returned to his own world.

Powers and abilities

Much like his alternate reality counterpart, Gawain possesses immense amounts of superhuman physical strength, being able to deal maximum damage to his opponents with relatively few strikes. To match his strength, Gawain also possesses incredible durability that lets him withstand just as much punishment as he can deal out, reaching the point where he is hardly faced by Sonic's sword strikes.

Like most other characters in the series, Gawain can run at super speed and is able to keep up with even Sir Lancelot, who has been remarked to be as quick as Sonic. Gawain is also rather acrobatic, executing both swordplay and tricks while in midair. Also, by stretching his arms and legs outwards while airborne, Gawain can catch the wind under his dreadlock-like spines, allowing him to glide long distances through midair and can do so with great control over his movements.

As a member of the Knights of the Round Table, Gawain is a master of swordsmanship. In battle, Gawain specializes in offensive swordplay, focusing on powerful ground combo sword strikes and slashing dives, while keeping up a constant series of strikes, not allowing his opponent to lower his guard. However, Sonic has remarked that Gawain is good at defending as well. Gawain is also skillful enough with his swords to throw them as boomerangs to strike his opponents from afar and catch them when they return.


Gawain primarily wields swords bearing resemblance short single-edge axe-like twin swords. Unlike the other members of the knights of the round table, Gawain always dual-wield two twin-swords in battle where they complement his twin-fisted approach to conflict.[4] His preferred weapon of choice, however, is Galatine, one of the legendary sacred swords, which are praised for their absolute sharpness.


Sir Lancelot

Sir Lancelot is one Gawain's fellow knights amongst the Knights of the Round Table in the service of King Arthur. Though brothers-in-arm, the two are rivals.[3]


  • [To Lancelot and Percival]: "Must we? She is the royal wizard after all."
  • [To Sonic]: "Ho! You dare mock Sir Gawain, Knight of the Round Table?! An act most unwise, my friend!"
  • [To Sonic]: "Bah! You cannot fool me with your lies! No doubt you're after the Dragon's treasure!"
  • [To Sonic]: "You have defied King Arthur. This place shall be your grave!"
  • "No! How can this be?!" - After being defeated by Sonic.
  • "To lose to a mere apprentice.... I have been disgraced! Only death can remove this stain upon my honor!" - When attempting to kill himself after being defeated by Sonic.
  • "Silence! Silence, I say! A knight that fails their King is unfit to live!"
  • "You! How did you come by that scabbard? Where is the King!?
  • "The Knights of the Round Table... Must we simply stand and watch our kingdom's ruin!?"
  • [To Sonic]: "How dare you!"
  • [With Lancelot and Percival]: "For the kingdom and its people!"
  • "Gail Meteor!" - When using Soul Surge.
  • "Stand aside, stand aside!" - When using Soul Surge when no enemies are around.
  • "You will rue the day you met me!" - When battling the Dragon in the Dragon Slayer Challenge.
  • "I shall return!" - When failing in a mission.
  • [To Sonic]: "You fool! This no longer has anything to do with chivalry! Get out of there! Run!" - After Caliburn is broken and Sonic continuously attacks the Dark Queen.
  • "To think... King Arthur was but an illusion!" - In the ending cutscene after Sonic defeated the Dark Queen.
  • [With Lancelot and Percival]: "You are the one and true King Arthur?!" - After finding out Sonic is the true King Arthur.
  • "Leave everything to me!"/"I'll show you a knight's valor!"/"Excellent!" - When selected in Battle Mode.
  • "Ready yet?" - After been accepted as played character in Battle Mode.


  • In Arthurian Legends, Gawain is the son of King Lot and Morgause (also called Anna). He is also the half-brother of the villainous traitor, Mordred. He also had three other brothers, but they were all killed by Lancelot when Gawain tried to stop Guinevere's execution. Only his half-brother was spared.
  • Gawain's set character style is Paladin, a Power-type style. This refers to Knuckles himself being a Power-type character.
  • Gawain is the only Adventure Mode Character who has no Homing Attack, making it so that he has to glide head on into foes in the Legacy Missions to destroy them.
  • In the Arthurian Legends, Gawain is said to get his strength from sunlight, hence why he is called Knight of the Sun.
  • Gawain's theme is a small section of Knuckles' Sonic Adventure theme, "Unknown from M.E."
  • Sir Gawain made an appearance in Sonic the Hedgehog #197 as part of the comics' adaptation of Sonic and the Black Knight. Though Gawain's name was never stated in the comic, Ian Flynn confirmed his name in the comic book to be the same as in Sonic and the Black Knight.[5]


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