Sir Galahad's Soul Surge is Sir Galahad's Soul Surge technique in Sonic and the Black Knight. When performing this technique, Galahad creates a field of psychokinetic energy that damages anything that enters it. This move can, however, only be used in multiplayer mode as it is the only time when Sir Galahad is playable.


In order to perform Galahad's Soul Surge, Galahad's Soul Gauge must contain enough Soul Energy to initiate Galahad's Soul Surge. To activate the move in gameplay, the player must press WiiB and swing the Wii Remote. To cancel the move while being used, the player must press WiiB. If Galahad runs out of Soul Energy, however, the move will end. This move can only be performed while Galahad is standing on the ground.

When Galahad is performing his Soul Surge, he assumes a battle pose and begins glowing with psychokinetic energy. Using his psychokinesis, Galahad expands a circular seal made of two decorated rings (one large and one smaller) of pure psychokinetic energy from under his feet, which has a radius of four to five meters. If someone enters this seal's vicinity, any lesser enemies are instantly destroyed or receive massive damage. If other players' characters enter the seal's vicinity, however, the players' characters are frozen while they have their ring count slowly drained and their drained rings are transferred to Galahad, and then loses twenty rings on the last hit. This technique lasts for about five seconds.

As a short range version of this attack is only seen in multiplayer mode, it is entirely possible that (Should Galahad have been playable in story mode) a different version of the soul surge would be used for long range attacks, and high speed movements.

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