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Sir Charles Hedgehog is a character that appears in the Sonic the Hedgehog television series. He is a Knight in the service of the King, a respected and brilliant scientist, and the uncle of Sonic the Hedgehog. When Charles invented the Roboticizer, the project was stolen by Dr. Robotnik, who used it to enslave his people, with Charles among the first to be roboticized, an event that drove Sonic to become a Freedom Fighter.

For the next ten years, Charles served as a mindless slave to Robotnik. After many failed attempts, Charles regained his free will and served as a spy for the Freedom Fighters within Robotnik's forces.


Charles is very similar in appearance to his nephew Sonic. He has black eyes, white eyebrows and mustache, light blue-gray fur and peach skin. For attire, he wears white gloves and shoes similar to Sonic's, which are brick-red with two yellow straps.

In his roboticized form, he has a light periwinkle metal frame where his fur would be and dark yellow plating where he would have skin. His eyebrows and mustache have become pale tan and his eyes have changed: as a mindless robot his irises are red, but they become to maroon while he has regained his free will. Other than that, his sclera are constantly black.


While living in Mobotropolis, Charles earned a knighthood from the King for serving the kingdom. At some point, Charles invented the Roboticizer, hoping to use it to help the elderly live longer. Little did Charles know that Warlord Julian discovered the invention and stole it, intending to use it to pave his way to enslave Charles' people and seize control of Mobotropolis, making Charles unwittingly responsible for the rise of Robotnik. Following Julian's coup, who had now renamed himself Robotnik, Charles was captured and was among the first of the population to be robotized, turning him into a mindless drone in the service of Robotnik.

Over the next ten years, Charles labored mindlessly for Robotnik. One day, Sonic and his friends spotted Sir Charles in Robotropolis and used a Power Ring to restore his free will. Upon regaining his senses, Charles revealed to the Freedom Fighters that Robotnik was using a machine called the Dinobot to dig out a large Energy Crystal from some Crystal Mine to power his machinery. After the plot was foiled, Charles reverted back to his robotic self, forcing the Freedom Fighters to leave him behind.

Some time later, Charles was captured by the Freedom Fighters, who took him back to Knothole, where they used a prototype De-Roboticizer to return him to normal. However, effects were only temporary, and Charles subsequently reverted back into his robotic self once again. When Chuck returned to Robotropolis, Sonic managed to restore Charles' free will permanently. Charles then decided to stay in Robotropolis where he would remain undercover as a spy for the Freedom Fighters, while pretending to still be a mindless slave, up until Robotnik's defeat.


Charles is a highly intellectual hedgehog and a remarkable knight which he gains the honorary title as "Sir" by the King. He also cares deeply for his family and the children, especially his nephew Sonic, Sally and their friends. He is a humanitarian who only wants to use his inventions for the greater good, which is why he dislikes Dr. Robotnik for using his inventions to overthrow and conquer Mobotropolis.

When he was roboticized, Charles' personality changed into that of a mindless robot. While under the influence of Robotnik's programming, Charles was shown to be wild and extremely hostile. When Sonic finally restored his uncle's free will, Charles regained his old personality.

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