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This character exists primarily or exclusively within the Sonic the Hedgehog (TV series) continuity.
Information in this article may not be canonical to the storyline of the games or any other Sonic continuity.
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When Robotnik is defeated, we'll be together. Until then, I stay here.

— Sir Charles Hedgehog, "Spyhog"

Sir Charles Hedgehog,[1] also known as Uncle Chuck, is a character that appears in the Sonic the Hedgehog television series. He is an elderly anthropomorphic hedgehog, the uncle of Sonic the Hedgehog, a knight in service to the King of Mobotropolis, and the inventor of the Roboticizer. After Dr. Robotnik rose to power, Charles was roboticized and became one of the many Worker-Bots serving the evil doctor. After approximately eleven years in service to Robotnik though, Sonic managed to restore Charles' free will. Since then, he has started working as a spy for the Knothole Freedom Fighters.


Sir Charles Hedgehog Satam

Charles' Worker-Bot form, from "Ultra Sonic".

Charles is an elderly anthropomorphic hedgehog. He is as well very similar in appearance to his nephew, Sonic. He possesses light blue fur with bare peach skin on his arms, stomach and muzzle. He also possesses a thin line consisting of the characteristic three hedgehog quills that run from the top of his forehead and down the back of his head. He also has black eyes and possesses both periwinkle eyebrows and mustache. For attire, he wears white gloves and shoes similar to Sonic's, which are brick-red with two yellow straps.

In his roboticized form, Charles has a light periwinkle metal frame where his fur would be and dark yellow plating on the tip of his feet, around his ankles, his hands, parts of his arms, and his muzzle. His eyebrows and mustache have become pale tan and his eyes have changed: as a mindless Worker-Bot, his irises are red, but they change to maroon while his free will is in control. Other than that, his sclera are constantly black.


TV series[]


In the past, Charles lived in Mobotropolis, where he looked after his nephew, Sonic. Eventually, he was knighted by the King for his brilliant intellect, and he worked as an inventor. At some point, Charles invented the Roboticizer to help the elderly live longer. However, when Charles learned that roboticized people lost their free will, he destroyed the invention.[2]

On the 13th day of the year 3224, Dr. Robotnik made a coup and took over Mobotropolis, transforming the city into Robotropolis.[2] Charles, like most of the city's population, was roboticized and became a Worker-Bot in service to Dr. Robotnik. Although Charles could not join the Knothole Freedom Fighters, the Power Rings he invented proved to be very useful to their cause, especially for Sonic.[3]

Season one[]

Ultra Sonic 248

The robotic Charles attacks Sonic, from "Ultra Sonic".

Years later, the robotic Charles went with a group of Worker-Bots to the Crystal Mine. There, he was caught by Sonic. Being under Robotnik's influence, Charles tried to attack his nephew and turned on the alarm. However, he was restrained by Bunnie and Sonic turned off the alarm. The Knothole Freedom Fighters then gave Charles a Power Ring, which allowed to Charles regained his consciousness and free will. After saying hello to Sonic and his friends, however, he led them into the Crystal Mine where he showed them a massive Energy Crystal, which Dr. Robotnik's forces were intending to hoist out on that day. If that much Energy Crystal was removed, the Mobius' ecosystem would collapse. Charles thus went along with Sonic and Bunnie to take over the mine's Dinobot, while Sally, Rotor and Antoine attempted to get to the control center and take control of the crane that was extracting the Energy Crystal. After Charles, Bunnie and Sonic took control of the Dinobot, they used it to destroy the Energy Crystal. Afterward, the heroes began to escape the Crystal Mine. However, Charles could not come back to Knothole Village with them because the Power Ring's effects were wearing off, causing his mind to be taken over by Robotnik's programming again. Sonic did not want to leave him however, so his friends dragged him away from the aggressive Charles who wanted to attack them, and escaped onboard a train.[4]

Season two[]


Charles and Sonic after Charles' de-roboticization, from "Sonic Conversion".

Later, Charles would work on the Shriek-Bot. Having seen Charles during a mission to the hangar, Sonic wanted to approach him, but he was detected by Dr. Robotnik and had to run away. When Charles later resumed work on the Shriek-Bot, Sonic came back and made him grab a Power Ring. Regaining his free will once more, Charles came with Sonic to Knothole Village to be de-roboticized. There, Sonic, Sally and Rotor tried to treat him with the De-Roboticizer, only for the machine to get damaged. As Charles then reverted back to an aggressive Worker-Bot again, the heroes were forced to imprison him in a cage until they could fix the De-Roboticizer. After Sonic brought them the parts they needed, Charles was de-roboticized. Afterward, he went on a walk with Sonic and told him that he was aware of what was happening to him all the time, but he could not do anything about it. Returning to Rotor's workshop, he explained to Rotor what their De-Roboticizer would need. When Charles later worked with Antoine to improve the De-Roboticizer, Tails came to them. At that point however, the De-Roboticizer's effects wore off, causing Charles to revert back to a mindless Worker-Bot. He subsequently kidnapped Tails and Antoine, and destroyed the De-Roboticizer. He then began to flee from Knothole with Antoine and Tails. While in the swamp, however, he made a pool of Mega Muck to catch Sonic with while preparing a vehicle for himself which he could use to return to Robotropolis in. When Sonic later arrived and fell into the Mega Muck, Charles took Tails and Antoine with him, with the intention of returning to the blue hedgehog. However, after landing in Robotropolis, Sonic caught up with Charles and told him to fight Robotnik. Succeeding through sheer force of will, Charles regained control of his mechanical robot. Charles then decided to stay in Robotropolis and act as a spy for the Freedom Fighters, even though Sonic wanted to take him back to Knothole. When Swat-Bots then began to approach, Charles hid Tails and Antoine, and pretended to catch Sonic. However, he let go of Sonic after the Shriek-Bot arrived, which allowed Sonic to destroy the Shriek-Bot.

Charles later left a message for the Freedom Fighters at a special point, which said that Dr. Robotnik was moving the Roboticizer somewhere else. He did not know exactly where yet, however, but promised that he was going to inform them as soon as he found out. Later, Dove came to Charles with a message from Sally, who said that she could not find Sonic anywhere. Charles thus met with Sally, Bunnie and Ducly in Robotropolis and began to search for Sonic all over the city. When they could not find him however, Charles and Sally disguised themselves as Tech-Bots and snuck into the facility where people awaiting for robotization were kept. When they could not find Sonic there however, Charles was certain Sonic was okay, as he doubted that Robotnik would roboticize Sonic without announcing it. After a while, Charles and Sally found an amnesiac Sonic in the company of Snively, who intending to use Sonic to locate Knothole. Charles thus told Sally to go back and warn Freedom Fighters while he investigated the matter. Later, Charles found out that Sonic had been hit by a Memory Scrambler, which meant that they could restore his memory using a Power Ring. Charles thus went to Knothole and informed the heroes of what he had found out. Later, Charles joined Tails and Sally in a race to the Lake of Rings in order to catch the next Power Ring that was due to emerge. With Tails getting the Power Ring in time, the heroes used it to restore Sonic's memory. Afterward, while Sonic stopped Snively's invasion of Knothole by using the Memory Scrambler on him, Charles and Sally canceled the incoming Stealthbot squadron's attack on Knothole. The group then went to Robotnik's headquarters where they changed the location of Knothole to the Great Swamp and fled just as Dr. Robotnik returned.[5]

Roboticization SatAM

Chuck being roboticized by Robotnik, from "Blast to the Past, Part 2".

Charles's history was later slightly altered when Sonic and Sally went back in time with the Time Stones to stop Dr. Robotnik before he rose to power. In the past, while Charles worked in his lab, young Sonic and Sally would bother him, so he asked them to go outside. He then met the present-day Sonic and Sally, who warned him of Robotnik's coup and the consequences it would have. Upon hearing that Robotnik was using the Roboticizer to enslave people, Charles went to check his computer and discovered that the plans for his Roboticizer had been stolen by Robotnik. After a while though, young Sonic and Sally showed up, and Charles helped cover for their present-day counterparts by telling the children that they were their distant cousins. Soon after, the Sonics returned from a race of theirs, and present-day Sonic informed then that he had seen tanks and Hover Units move through the street. When Sally then asked Charles about the date, it turned out that Sonic and Sally had arrived too late and that Robotnik would carry out his coup today. Charles, Sonic and Sally subsequently went to a small hut on the outskirts of Mobotropolis, where they waited for Rosie. When she finally arrived with young Antoine, young Rotor and young Bunnie, Charles told her that if something extraordinary happened, she should take the children to Knothole. Afterward, Charles organized an audience with the King for the present-day Sonic and Sally. Meeting up with the King, Charles explained to him that the heroes had come from the future to warn him about Robotnik's conspiracy. However, it was too late. immediately after, Robotnik's forces surrounded the palace and all those gathered inside.[2] Charles told Sonic to take Sally and run away while he took care of the Swat-Bots by distracting them. While he managed to ensure Sonic and Sally's escape, he was caught himself. He was later lined up for roboticization, along with young Sonic, young Sally and the other children. Soon after, Charles was roboticized, just like in the original timeline, but present-day Sonic and Sally managed to save the children and lead them to Knothole.[1]

Charles later got into Dr. Robotnik's headquarters with the aid of Sonic and Dulcy and installed an eavesdropping bug in the air duct. After returning to his hideout, he overheard Robotnik's conversation with Snively about how he was going to attack Dragon's Nest. As such, Charles called upon Dove and sent Sonic and Sally a message that told them to warn Dulcy. Later, Sonic met up with Charles, who had overheard Robotnik's plans. According to Charles, Robotnik was escorting a kidnapped Mother Dragon to the dragon Roboticizer. Thanks to the combined efforts of Charles, Sonic, Sally and Dulcy though, the heroes rescued the Mother Dragon and defeated Robotnik, along with the traps he had set for them.[6] Later, Charles sent Dove to Knothole with an urgent message for Sonic that told him to come to him immediately. After Sonic arrived, Charles told him that he had gotten a broadcast from Dr. Robotnik, who was bringing all his commanders in for the upcoming Doomsday Project. Charles thus decided to follow the first meeting regarding this mysterious project that was to take place soon.[7] Charles later recorded one side of a conversation between Robotnik and Snively. He then called Sally and Dulcy to Robotropolis, and gave Sally a floppy with the recorded conversation on it. As it turned out, Snively was supervising the excavations at Drood Henge, which contained the Deep Power Stones, which Robotnik would surely use for his Doomsday Project. Sally wanted to look up information about the stones on Nicole, but found herself cut off from that information. Charles then explained to her that the King had implemented various time-locks in Nicole to keep her from accessing sensitive information until she came of age.[8]

Robotnik interrogating Chuck

Charles getting interrogated by Robotnik, from "Spyhog".

While later working in one of Robotnik's factories, Charles left his position to download information on the new Fuel Tankers that were delivering fuel to the Doomsday Machine. During this, he was almost caught by Snively, but he managed to cover his actions up. Soon after, Sonic came to Charles in his hideout with a chili dog for him. Sonic then offered him to return to Knothole, but Charles refused because his mission was not over yet. Later, he sent the Knothole Freedom Fighters information about the Fuel Tanker convoy that was due to set off from Robotropolis. Sometime later, Charles and Sonic tried to eavesdrop on the conversations in Robotnik's headquarters, only to discover that the eavesdropping bug was damaged. Charles thus planned to set up a new one. This time, Sonic helped him by distracting the guards in front of Robotnik's warehouse. Charles then snuck into the air duct. Eventually though, he came across Antoine. Getting scared by Charles' sudden appearance, Antoine fell out of the air duct and was captured by Snively. Charles thus told Sonic to save the interrogated Antoine before he cracked and began telling Snively their secrets. After putting on a new bug, Charles returned to his hideout. There, he overheard that Snively had managed to find Antoine's weak point. After saving Antoine, Sonic left Chuck in order to hand Antoine over to Dulcy. In the meantime, Charles returned to his hideout. A moment later, however, Swat-Bots entered his hideout and arrested him. Charles was then brought to Robotnik, who, using a special device to make him speak, began interrogating Charles. Sonic, however, saved Charles and got him away from Robotnik. Afterward, Sonic wanted Charles to come back to Knothole with him since his cover had been blown. Charles, however, had prepared for such an eventuality and led Sonic, Sally and Bunnie to his backup hideout. There, he showed them his Tech-Bot disguise which would let him sneak around undetected. Although Sonic pleaded for him to come home with him, Charles had decided to stay in Robotropolis until Robotnik was defeated. He then said goodbye to Sonic and asked Sally and Bunnie to look after him. He would then shed a tear as Sonic and his friends took their leave.[9]

Charles later came to the Great Unknown, where he met up with Sonic, Sally, Tails, Dulcy and Antoine. When it turned out that Sonic had failed to destroy the Doomsday Machine, Chuck proposed using the Deep Power Stones. Since the Freedom Fighters already had one, Charles added that Sonic should be able to get the second stone, which Robotnik kept in Robotropolis. While Sonic retrieved the stone, Charles helped Sally track down the underground tunnel connected to the Doomsday Machine, through which Doomsday Pods were being transported. Later, after the Doomsday Machine was destroyed and Dr. Robotnik was defeated, Chuck returned to Knothole to celebrate their victory.[10]


Charles is a highly intellectual and clever person and an outstanding knight which he gains the honorary title as "Sir" by the King.[1] He is very devoted to his family and the children, especially his nephew Sonic, Sally, and their friends. He is as well a humanitarian who only wants to his intellectual potential to make inventions that serve the greater good.[2] It is for this reason that he dislikes people who use his inventions for evil purposes.[1]

When he was roboticized, Charles' personality changed into that of a mindless robot. While under the influence of Robotnik's programming, Charles was shown to be wild and extremely hostile. When Sonic finally restored his uncle's free will, Charles regained his old personality.

Powers and abilities[]

Charles has a genius-level intellect, which he has used to create various inventions. His most significant work is the Roboticizer, a machine capable of transmuting animals and their organic parts into robotic equivalents, although at the cost of the recipient losing their free will.[2] In addition, Charles has invented smaller gadgets, such as sharp needles that can paralyze robots.[1] He is also very clever and has prepared for various situations, which has allowed him to efficiently spy on Dr. Robotnik, even after he had his cover blown.[9]


Sonic the Hedgehog[]




In other media[]

Archie Comics[]

Charles Hedgehog

Uncle Chuck, from Sonic the Hedgehog #254.

In the Sonic the Hedgehog comic series and its spin-offs published by Archie Comics, Charles Hedgehog was the quiet and brilliant brother to Jules Hedgehog. A genius in robotics and bio-technology, he also could whip up a mean chili dog. Charles was one of Nate Morgan's best students and knighted young for his contributions to the Kingdom of Acorn.

Very shortly after the birth of Sonic the Hedgehog, Jules was gravely injured. As peace returned to Mobotropolis, Sir Charles threw himself into developing a new type of medical technology―the Roboticizer. In an attempt to save Jules' life, Charles made him the first test subject for the Roboticizer and, while his life was saved, he was turned into the first Robian. After Jules' wife, Bernadette Hedgehog, became a victim of the Roboticizer as well due to Julian Kintobor's secret machinations, Sir Charles, mortified that his invention had ruined his family, abandoned the project to Julian and took to raising Sonic and running a chili dog stand. After Dr. Robotnik's conquest, Sir Charles moved the stand to the outskirts of Old Mobotropolis to provide food to the refugees. As Dr. Robotnik's control of the region tightened, Charles was arrested by SWATbots under pretense and he was roboticized. Sonic made numerous efforts to rescue his beloved uncle, who regained his free will and joined the Spy Network for a time. Ultimately, however, intervention from the Bem would return Charles and most other Robians back to normal.

In the reality created after the Super Genesis Wave rebooted the multiverse, Charles became a close figure to Sonic the hedgehog (albeit not his biological uncle). Much like before, he served the Kingdom of Acorn and invented the Roboticizer, only for Dr. Eggman to steal it and use it for his own nefarious purposes. After the Eggman Invasion, Charles helped evacuate the children of Mobotropolis to Knothole Village. There, some of the children grew up to become the Freedom Fighters, with Charles serving as one of their allies.

Sonic Underground[]

Chuck Underground

Chuck, from "Beginnings".

In Sonic Underground, Chuck is Sonic the Hedgehog's adoptive uncle. Following Dr. Robotnik's takeover, Chuck became a high-ranking member of the Freedom Fighters stationed in Robotropolis. When Sonic's adopted parents was arrested by Robotnik, Chuck took Sonic in and raised him on his own. Chuck eventually got Sonic into join the Freedom Fighters, and the two of them worked together on sabotaging Robotnik's factories. He was eventually captured by Swatbots and roboticized shortly after Sonic found his siblings Sonia and Manic.


  • In an interview with series producer Robby London, he revealed story editor Len Janson named Uncle Chuck after his late partner, Chuck Menville, the father of Scott Menville, who had passed away in the early 90s.[citation needed]

See also[]


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