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Simpson the Cat from Sonic the Comic #49. Art by Nigel Kitching.

Simpson the Cat is a character that appears in the Sonic the Comic series published by Fleetway Editions. He is a black-and-white cat and a crew mate of Captain Plunder and the Sky Pirates. He is completely monochrome - even his tongue is grey. After helping Captain Plunder escape from prison, he became part of his new crew of Sky Pirates as the ship's cook (much to the crew's annoyance).


Plunder first met Simpson when they were chained up next to each other in the Highview Corrective Centre.[1] Simpson helped Plunder to escape, and subsequently joined his new crew of Sky Pirates (the old crew having been captured in an attempt to rescue Plunder).[2][3] He became the ship's cook. His antics frequently annoyed his shipmates, to the extent that some even told him to "drop dead." He didn't seem to mind.[4] Even when asked to cook live sea serpents, he seemed to enjoy his work.[5]

During Captain Plunder's press-ganging operations, Simpson had the task of hitting unsuspecting or unwilling marks over the head with a big stick, so that they could be dragged back to the ship for service. However, he frequently forgot his cues and misunderstood his instructions, as when prompted he struck Plunder over the head instead of the target.[6]


Simpson can be quite annoying, particularly to the hardened buccaneers that make up Captain Plunder's crew.

Powers and abilities

Simpson is capable of altering reality to cartoonish effect. This include removing the top of his head, taking his head completely off, using his tail for a club or a stick of dynamite, using an idea bulb for illumination, being squashed/stabbed/blown up without getting killed, and can generate objects by simply thinking them, and painting a black hole on the ground for an enemy to fall through.


  • He is a parody of cartoon cats such as Felix the Cat (whom he resembles) and Stimpy. He also resembles Oscar from the episode of Twisted Tales of Felix the Cat, "Phony Phelix". When writer and artist Nigel Kitching designed Simpson, the editor Richard Burton believed that the character was familiar and contacted Kitching to ensure that the character had not been ripped off.[7]
  • He is named after O.J. Simpson, a professional football player, football broadcaster and actor.[8][9]


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