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Simon was a member of the Dark Legion and the surrogate father of Julie-Su and husband of Floren-Ca. Simon has red fur, blue eyes, peach skin and cybernetic left arm.


Simon and his wife Floren-Ca were close to the family of Grandmaster Luger and his wife Mari-Su. They watched Luger and Mari-Su's daughter Julie-Su growing up as a toddler, and it saddened them to see her being shunned and ignored by her half-brother Kragok and half-sister Lien-Da. Following Mari-Su's death and Luger's disappearance, Kragok and Lien-Da erased Julie-Su's memories and tasked Simon and Floren-Ca with looking after her, giving them strict instructions not to tell Julie-Su of her origins.

Later, Kragok and Lien-Da schemed on a means to get rid of Simon. Because he had worked directly for Moritori Rex as his aide, simply having him assassinated was not an option. Thus, they dispatched him with a poorly-equipped detachment of troops on a mission, but Simon managed to survive. Simon and his wife raised Julie-Su almost eight years and she became the daughter they never had, but Julie-Su was taken away from Simon and Floren-Ca when she was thirteen, and she became a member of the Dark Legion.

Simon eventually reunited with Julie-Su while she was searching the old ruins of the Dark Legion's base on Angel Island. Upon discovering him, Simon told her of her past and her memories which had been wiped away by her half-siblings. (SSS: #11)

Simon was later captured along with Floren-Ca and Julie-Su by the Dark Legion and brought on board the Battle Cruiser as prisoners before the Quantum Beam was fired. While imprisoned, Julie-Su mentioned how she felt she couldn't stand being locked up much longer. Simon replied things could be much worse, and that the Dark Legion "aren't renowned for their hospitality". The conversation was broken up when Lien-Da came in and brought Julie-Su to the bridge. The three were later set free after Knuckles agreed to work with the Dark Legion. (StH: #100, SSS: #14)

Knuckles managed to pull some strings within Echidnaopolis and find an apartment for Simon, Floren-Ca and Julie-Su, once Dimitri had begun open discussions with the High Council of Echidnaopolis to reunify their people. Simon told Knuckles it was a kind yet unnecessary gesture as he and his wife would have been comfortable remaining on the Battle Cruiser, though Knuckles responded saying it was unlikely given that Dimitri's health began to fail and the Legion would likely not last after his death. (StH: #114)

Weeks later, following Knuckles' death at the hands of Mammoth Mogul, Simon and his wife appeared at Knuckles' funeral with Julie-Su. (StH: #121)

Simon death

Simon dying in an Egg Grape

The following year, Simon, like numerous other members of the Dark Legion and echidna civilians, became a victim of the Egg Grape Chambers. (StH: #141)


Unlike most Dark Legionnaires, Simon is rather nonviolent and kindly, particularly towards Julie-Su. His affection towards her is such that he was willing to leave the Dark Legion, risking severe punishment for betrayal.


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