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Time for you to disappear, Iblis Trigger!

— Silver, before the fight against Sonic

Silver the Hedgehog is a boss of Sonic the Hedgehog (2006), fought in the Sonic and Shadow Episodes. Sonic fights him after completing Dusty Desert, and Shadow fights him after completing Radical Train.

Boss battle


Sonic vs Silver.

At the beginning of the battle, the player should quickly hit Silver first, scoop up the Rings in the center of the arena, then get out of the way as Silver launches his first attack. The player should stay clear of the crates to prevent Silver from using them and his Psychokinesis against the player. When Silver starts to charge up an attack, the player should run and slide into the psychic hedgehog. The kick attack will knock Silver to the ground, giving the player an opprotunity to move away before he recovers and tries to launch any nearby crates, chairs or tables at Sonic. The player must repeat this pattern of either kicking Silver or using Sonic's Homing Attacks to bounce off his head. After six hits, Silver will be defeated.

Advanced users technique: The player can attack Silver while he is levitating. The player should run around until he does this, which will temporarily leave him vulnerable.


The battle between Shadow and Silver.

Before engaging Silver, the player should pick up some safety Rings. There are two lines of Rings on the conveyor belts that stretch through the middle of the arena, as well as Rings Item Boxes under the crane towers. The player should avoid trying to attack Silver when he is not holding an object using Psychokinesis, as doing so will allow Silver to grab Shadow instead. Silver will freeze the player in midair, then fling the player across the arena. Should the player hit the wall, they will lose their Rings. The player has a few seconds to recover them and flee the area, and if the player stays in the same place for too long, Silver will rush up and grab the player with PK again. When Silver is using PK to lift things he can throw, he is vulnerable. As soon as the player sees Silver lifting barrels, they should rush him and smash into him with a Homing Attack. Once Silver is knocked down, the player must run away to another part of the arena before he recovers and grabs Shadow. The player can also lure Silver to run near a train cargo before destroying it, which will cause damage to Silver upon its destruction.

Advanced users technique: The player can attack Silver while he is levitating. The player should run around until he does this, which will temporarily leave him vulnerable.


  • This battle was made infamous due to Silver's line when grabbing the player with his psychokinesis. ("It's no use! Take this!")
  • This boss battle contains a particular glitch infamous among players, when Silver grabs hold of the player and slams him into a wall. Normally, the player would lose rings and has to escape before Silver gets a chance to grab them again. Sometimes, the player would instead constantly gain a Ring back just as Silver prepares to give the final blow. Since it is impossible to die this way, the player is stuck on an endless loop being grabbed by Silver over and over again. To add to that, if Silver is too close to the player while they are against the wall, the player will not have a chance to escape when he catches them and throws them against the wall and Silver will continue to use his psychokinesis until either the player loses a life or they are stuck in the loophole while regaining their Ring and are forced to restart.
  • In the battle in Sonic's story, Silver has the Heart of Wind Level Up Item, as he can use the Teleport Dash.
  • In the description of Sonic's boss battle with Silver in Sonic the Hedgehog: Official Game Guide, there are images showing an explosive crate and Silver using Psycho Shock during the boss battle. Neither of these subjects are seen during the battle in the final version of the game.
    • However, this object layout can be seen in the promotional screenshots of the game. Suggesting that it was changed before the final release of the game and that the official guide is using an earlier build of the game to describe the arena.
  • Though Silver can grab the player with Psychokinesis when fighting against him, the player cannot do the same when playing as Silver against other playable characters in boss fights.
    • However, the player can grab other characters in multiplayer.



Name Artist(s) Length Music track
[Boss] VS. Character Hideaki Kobayashi 3:39


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