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This character exists primarily or exclusively within the IDW Publishing continuity.
Information in this article may not be canonical to the storyline of the games or any other Sonic continuity.

Sonic... Everyone... Thank you. We made a good future. May your time stay peaceful, too.

— Silver the Hedgehog, Sonic the Hedgehog #31

Silver the Hedgehog is a character that appears in the Sonic the Hedgehog comic series and its spin-offs published by IDW Publishing. He is an anthropomorphic hedgehog from the future, and an ally of Sonic the Hedgehog.


Silver is a very light gray (almost white) anthropomorphic hedgehog with white fur on his chest surrounding his neck, gold eyes and peach skin. He has a black nose on his muzzle, two large spines at the back of his head, while on the front of his forehead there are five distinct spines flared up and back, the two final ones covering up most of his small, triangular ears. He also has a short, pointy tail.

For attire, he wears white gloves with cyan circles with lines sticking out of the bottom leading to his golden bracelets accented in cyan. The tops of his boots are of a similar fashion with a red gem set in gold. The rest of his boots are navy blue with a white stripe down the center, cyan toes, and gray soles.



Originating from the future, Silver experienced first-hand the effects of Dr. Eggman's conquest of the world during Sonic's time, which resulted in everyone from his time living in fear and choking on polluted air. Silver thus went back in time to stop the Eggman Empire. After arriving, he joined the Resistance in their war against the Eggman Empire.[2]

The Eggman War

During the Eggman War, Silver found himself in a deadly pinch more than once. Each time however, he was saved by the legendary Guardian Angel, whom he became a fan of.[2]

After Eggman and his empire were defeated, Silver left the Resistance and returned to his time. Upon his return however, he discovered that everyone from his time were gone. All that was left were water and sparse metallic plant life. Silver thus went back to Sonic's time to find out what had happened and prevent it.[2]

The Fate of Dr. Eggman

Silver fighting E-107 Theta, from Sonic the Hedgehog #8.

Back in Sonic's time, Silver heard from Amy that the Resistance was looking for clues in Eggman's bases that could tell them what Neo Metal Sonic, who had taken over as leader of the Eggman Empire and was aiming to conquer the world, was up to. Silver thus went to help Sonic in an Eggman base. There, he came to Sonic's aid when a Spina attacked him. They also discovered that the Guardian Angel was nearby when she sniped a Spina sneaking up on them, which excited Silver. After Silver told the oblivious Sonic about the Guardian Angel, he let him in on his reason for returning to the past. The two then found the Guardian Angel, who retreated into the shadows when Silver tried talking to her. Sonic, however, convinced the Guardian Angel to trust them, and she introduced herself as Whisper. The trio then centered the center of the base together, where they fought E-107 Theta and a horde of Spinas. During the fight, Silver saved Whisper when she was down. Theta was then destroyed by Sonic. With this, Whisper trusted Silver and Sonic a little more. After Whisper was kept from destroying a computer, Silver took a look at the Eggnet and discovered Neo Metal Sonic's horrific plan. Silver and Sonic subsequently contacted Resistance HQ, telling Knuckles and Amy to call in everyone.[2]

Battle For Angel Island

Afterward, Silver returned to Resistance HQ. There, Silver and the Resistance's other allies were informed of what he and Sonic had discovered: that Neo Metal Sonic had conquered Angel Island, which he had turned into a flying fortress, and secured the Master Emerald for himself on the island. Eventually, Silver was assigned to help two of the assembled group's factions with breaking the Egg Fleet's control over Angel Island while Sonic and Knuckles confronted Neo.[3]

On the way to Angel Island, Silver spent the time playing cards while Tangle messed with him. As soon as their ship approached Angel Island however, the Egg Fleet shot it down. Fortunately, Silver and his allies got off the ship before it crashed. Upon arriving on Angel Island, Silver was instructed to "wreck stuff", prompting him to start tearing incoming Egg Pawns apart.[3] Soon after, Silver helped Tails hijack an Egg Fleet battleship by holding back the Egg Pawns on the bridge.[4]

Silver rescuing his allies, from Sonic the Hedgehog #11.

When Master Overlord (a transformation Neo Metal Sonic had achieved with the Master Emerald) attacked the battleship, Silver joined his allies in a midair assault on Master Overlord, whom they forced closer to Angel Island (which was in freefall due to the absence of the Master Emerald) while Knuckles focused on removing the Master Emerald from Master Overlord's body. During the battle, Silver and his team got shaken off Master Overlord, but Silver managed to rescue everyone using his psychokinesis. Knuckles subsequently got the Master Emerald away from Master Overlord and brought it back to Angel Island, returning the island to the sky while Master Overlord powered down to normal. With the battle over, Silver brought everyone down to Angel Island where he thanked Whisper for her aid.[5]

As everyone got ready to leave Angel Island onboard a repaired Egg Fleet battleship, Silver and Blaze would chat with each other. When Sonic then came to check up on them and hear their next move, Silver revealed after hearing Blaze's plans that he was staying in Sonic's era for the time being, as he had a nagging feeling that the future he escaped from was still going to happen and that the real threat had not passed yet. Silver and Blaze were then left to themselves while Sonic checked on the others.[6]

Victory Garden

Silver later tried to grow vegetables in a garden in Emeraldville Ruins after receiving the suggestion from Amy. He did not succeed in growing anything however, though he tried very hard. When Blaze later came to him, she burnt the ground and told him to use the ashes to fertilize the soil. She then explained to him that the land on which he wanted to grow plants was acidified and heavy as a result of the bombs that were dropped here. Following Blaze's orders, Silver eventually managed to get his garden to flourish thanks to her help.[1]


Silver tosses Metal Sonic aside, from Sonic the Hedgehog #14.

After the battle for Angel Island, Silver continued his search for the looming doom threatening the future.[7] Eventually, he met an informant who told him of an Eggman base on Frozen Peak before vanishing. Teaming up with Sonic, who was looking for leads on the whereabouts of Dr. Eggman, who was up to something, the two hedgehogs traveled to Frozen Peak's Eggman base, which was teeming with activity. Before they could attack however, Metal Sonic ambushed them. During the subsequent fight, Metal Sonic got saved by Dr. Starline, whom Silver recognized as his informant. Introducing himself, Starline revealed himself as the one behind their present concerns and that he had staged this encounter to test himself against Sonic. Eventually, Silver and Sonic engaged Starline and Metal Sonic. While Silver managed to remove Metal Sonic from the battlefield, Sonic ended up getting sent through a portal and over a cliff, prompting Silver to follow Sonic through the portal. After saving Sonic, he and Silver hurried back to Starline, whom Sonic pinned down. Starline then gave them a code to a vault in the base with details on Eggman, prompting Silver to go check it out. When Silver entered the code however, he instead activated a bomb, which was Starline's real plan, just as Sonic came to stop him. Fortunately, Silver was able to protect himself and Sonic from the explosion using his psychokinesis. However, the explosion took its toll on Silver, whom Sonic brought to Restoration HQ to recuperate.[8]

Crisis City

Silver rescues Sonic, from Sonic the Hedgehog #20.

Silver soon recovered from his injuries and was called to action after he got word of the Zombot outbreak in Sunset City. He traveled there with Tails in the Tornado. As soon as Silver arrived on the scene, he used his psychokinesis on the many Zombots that surrounded Sonic (who was partially infected himself) and Omega. After clearing a path for Sonic to retreat, Silver allowed Tails to grab Omega's head from his damaged body and released the Zombots. As soon as this happened, Shadow, who had fully become a Zombot, lunged at Silver but the latter narrowly dodged his attack. He then retreated with Tails. Back at Restoration HQ, Sonic thanked Silver and Tails for their help, which left Silver to remind Sonic that he still owed him one. Sonic then moved on and asked if Dr. Eggman's Metal Virus fitted the cause of his metallic description of his future, to which Silver was now sure of and hoped that his presence would stop the virus from destroying the world. Sonic also asked about Zombots, though Silver stated that he could not find anyone in the future and hoped not to find out why. Tails soon told the two that he created a device to read Sonic's biometrics as he ran to give more insight as to how his speed combated the Metal Virus. However, he also stated that the computers in the HQ would not be able to read that kind of data and planned to go to his lab in Central City instead but was wary that he may get attacked by Zombots. Silver proposed to cover him, despite the risk that he may be called elsewhere but Sonic took Silver up on his optimism.[9]

The Last Minute

While Tails went off to Central City with Tangle and Whisper, Silver went to Ice Paradise to help with the Zombot outbreak that occurred there. He found the area on fire and continued to fight against the Zombots to the best of his efforts. He was later contacted by Tangle who asked for back-up in Central City but Silver had to decline as he was still dealing with the outbreak in Ice Paradise.[10]

All or Nothing

Silver and Espio discuss the Deadly Six, from Sonic the Hedgehog #25.

The Rescue Shuttle for the survivors of Ice Paradise went down to the Zombots. Silver was unable to rescue anyone and ended up getting injured during the event. Silver instead went to Angel Island to meet up with the Restoration as it was their final safe haven. There, he found Dr. Eggman talking about how all the Zombots would disintegrate approximately two hundred years into the future, which he confirmed to everyone as it described his current future. Amy rushed to Silver's side and he told her how he failed his mission in Ice Paradise; when Silver thought his time may be doomed because of his failures in the present, Eggman asked if he was always this melodramatic only to have Amy snap back at him, saying that he did not get to judge. Later outside, Silver and the others tried to come up with ideas on how to counteract the virus. Espio suggested using Chaos Control, only for Silver to state that Shadow was better at it than him and the move only moved a target over a limited range and could not change things. Eggman instead came up with the idea to use the Warp Topaz, as if they had Super Sonic charge it with his power, they would be able to warp the virus away with one swoop. Starline protested against it due to its instability and decided to leave and create a solution on his own; instead, Eggman, with Metal Sonic's help, removed Starline's glove that had the Warp Topaz attached to it, fired him and had him thrown out via a Warp Portal. Following this, Eggman surmised that Rouge would be able to steal the two Emeralds that were on the Faceship from Zavok; Espio noted that it left five Zeti left to deal with but Silver felt confident that they would be able to overwhelm them so long as they had each other. The group realized that they would have to split up and ambush the Deadly Six all at once since there was a risk that one could contact the others should they get a sense of their plan. While Eggman thought to work on a "Multi-Portal Generator" to help the others reach their destinations, Tails thought it would be best if everyone had a backup in case someone turned into a Zombot; from this, Amy was prompted to call in the Babylon Rogues to increase their numbers.[11]

Silver gleefully watched Eggman and Tails build a Multi-Portal Generator using the Warp Topaz so that they could go and fight the Deadly Six. Sonic returned from his run and had come up with a plan for who should be assigned with who and what Zeti they should go after. He explained to Silver that he will head off with Whisper to take on Zor, explaining that they should handle him at a distance due to him being described as "weird"; Silver happily accepted the mission and looked forward to working with Whisper once again. Once Eggman and Tails managed to get the coordinates set in, Silver and Whisper went off into the Warp Portal that would lead them to Zor. The two arrived in Orchardville and watched Zor act gloomy on his owl mech. Silver explained that he would grab him with his powers while Whisper covered him from a distance, which she accepted. Silver restrained the Zeti, demanding the Chaos Emerald so that his actions would not affect his future. Zor instead broke out of Silver's hold and took a liking to being responsible for a ruined future.[12]

Silver destroys Zor's owl mech, from Sonic the Hedgehog #28.

Zor had actually recognized Silver from spending time on Eggnet and was interested in him being from the future. While the Zeti had his shadow clones attack Silver, he expressed happiness again in knowing that the future would be in ruin due to him. The hedgehog told him that he was messed up and asked him how he could be this way, a question which the Zeti reversed, asking how Silver could be so disgustingly selfless and heroic; Silver told him that it was due to his faith in others and believing that things would get better. He also mentioned that he had a "guardian angel" watching over him. Following this, Zor is hit in the chest by a laser shot from Whisper the Wolf's Variable Wispon, removing his Chaos Emerald. This catches Zor off guard and makes him lose concentration over the shadow clones that were holding Silver. Now free, Silver grabbed the Chaos Emerald and destroyed Zor's owl mech, forcing him to fall onto the ground below. As Silver and Whisper fled the scene, Zor called out after them saying that they could not leave him surrounded by Zombots they were supposed to be heroes. When Silver and Whisper arrived back on Angel Island, along with most of the other survivors, they found that Zavok had found their location, drawing nearer to the island in the Faceship. He had led a large horde of Zombots to the location as well. Sonic turned to Silver, saying that as he came from a future where they had failed in stopping the Metal Virus, they would need to take advantage of the one thing that was not there before; Silver accepted, stating that Sonic just needs to tell him what he wants him to do. Thanks to the efforts of Rouge, the Faceship was brought down and fell into the ocean, crashing down onto the horde of Zombots. This did not stop Zavok as he simply emerged from the rubble and transformed into Giant Zavok with his Chaos Emerald. As retaliation, he shot a fireball at the island with his mouth. He then grabbed a large handful of Zombots and threw them onto the surface to deal with the survivors, which included a number of familiar faces to Silver.[13]

In a last ditch effort plan to get rid of the Metal Virus once and for all, Sonic requested that Metal Sonic fly him to Zavok, which Eggman permitted, while Silver carried the Chaos Emeralds. Zavok told Sonic to give up and began throwing hordes of Zombots at them; this did not slow Metal Sonic down as he simply flew around them. Zavok then fired a large fireball at Sonic and Metal Sonic, only for the latter to activate his Black Shield in protection. Zavok tried to grab the duo but was stopped by Silver using his psychokinesis. Metal Sonic attempted to fly Sonic directly to the final Chaos Emerald on Zavok's chest, only for the Zeti to blow them downwards to the Faceship wreckage. The robot managed to carry Sonic upward again, only for Zavok to use his electromagnetic his powers on Metal Sonic to prevent him from advancing. Nonetheless, Sonic ran up Zavok's body and managed to pull out the Chaos Emerald from his chest while calling on Silver. The force taking out the Emerald caused Sonic to fall. Silver flew to Sonic with the rest of the Emeralds as his infection nearly completed and Zavok clasped his hands around them. With the power of the Emeralds, Silver and Sonic became Super Silver and Super Sonic, with the latter completely burning off his infection. Super Sonic proceeded to beat back Zavok, forcing him into his regular form. With the Warp Topaz in hand, Super Sonic opened up a Super Warp Portal to the sun while Super Silver used his enhanced psychokinesis to remove the Metal Virus from every living infected thing on the planet. When the Topaz began to spin out of control, the duo flew around the planet many times at super speed with to quicken the process. After Super Silver detected that all of the Metal Virus had been sent into the sun, Super Sonic tried ditching the Warp Topaz through the Super Warp Portal. This only backfired and created a large explosion that threw Silver back onto the island. When Tails, Knuckles and Amy checked up on and helped Silver up, the hedgehog told them that the Metal Virus was completely destroyed but stated that Starline was right in the sense that the Warp Topaz could not handle that amount of power. He continued, saying that Sonic tried to get rid of the Warp Topaz through the Super Warp Portal but the resulting blast created a green gate of energy in the sky, with Sonic himself nowhere to be seen.[14]

Out of the Blue

Silver returns to a new restored future, from Sonic the Hedgehog #31.

When Zavok attempted to attack the civilians down below, Silver carried the Chaotix down so that they could restrain him. Silver was able to use his psychokinesis to keep Zavok in place and prevent him from moving. Soon, once Metal Sonic tried escaping with Orbot and Cubot, Vector asked Silver to grab him. The hedgehog could not as he was focusing on Zavok and instead asked Shadow to lend a hand. However, once Silver looked up, he saw that Shadow had already taken off after him. Some time later, Silver returned to his time period in hopes that things went back to normal. Arriving at a restored city, Silver thanked Sonic and the others for their help in creating a good future and hoped that their time stays peaceful as well.[15][16]


Silver is an optimistic, young hedgehog who has a strong sense of justice. This personality trait is what motivates him to head back into the past in order to correct the future and help his people at whatever the cost.[13] However, he is somewhat over-eager and naïve, which makes him prone to making decisions without fully thinking things through. Somewhat awkward when dealing with others and a bit socially clumsy, he has a tendency to hide behind a façade of bravado. Having suffered from loneliness for a very long time, Silver also has a hard time grasping the notion of someone preferring to stay alone.[2]

Despite his faults, Silver is a very kind-hearted, brave, selfless and daring individual who is ready to risk his life for others, being ready to jump into the face of danger no matter the danger, as he is willing to quickly put himself on the line to help his allies and friends. Silver's strong capacity for kindness has allowed him to make friends with many people, even those who are isolated, such as Whisper the Wolf.[2]

Silver also has a passion for plants and has established his own garden in the Emeraldville Ruins, explaining that in his future prior to the Zombot apocalypse, the vegetation was not all that lush. Also, during his visits to Sonic's era, he often marvels at the beauty of nature that is almost beyond his comprehension.[1]

Powers and abilities

Silver using his psychokinesis, from Sonic the Hedgehog #8.

Silver's main power is his psychokinesis, the ability to manipulate the environment around him with the power of his mind. Whenever using his psychokinesis, Silver and the targets he affects get surrounded in a cyan aura.[2] With it, Silver can telekinetically lift, throw, hold and move objects (or people) easily,[2] and even immobilize enemies.[8] With enough focus, he can even catch multiple targets at once.[5] He can also form constructs out of psychokinetic energies, like lassos and force-fields for protection and encasing targets.[8] Silver can also use his psychokinesis on himself, thereby allowing him to hover and fly.[2]

Additionally, Silver mentions being able to use Chaos Control to warp targets, though he notes that Shadow is more skilled with the ability than him. [11]

Super Silver

Main article: Super Silver (IDW)

By absorbing the seven Chaos Emeralds, Silver can transform into Super Silver. While in this state, Silver's innate talents are vastly increased. In addition, he gains the power of high-speed fight without having to use his psychokinesis.


While his psychokinetic powers can hold a vast amount of stuff, Silver does have a limit to how many objects he can hold in a psychokinetic grip.[4] He also has trouble telekinetically grabbing multiple targets at once over greater distances with his psychokinesis, and must concentrate greatly in order to pull off such a feat.[5] He similarly cannot telekinetically grab targets that move too fast for him to focus on.[8]


Sonic the Hedgehog

Sonic the Hedgehog is one of Silver's good friends and allies. While Silver's awkwardness at times clashes with Sonic's more level-headed and cool-headed demeanor, which prompts Sonic to tease Silver, they are nonetheless faithful allies who put a lot of trust in one another. They also work well together in combat and have often saved each other's lives.[2][8][9]

Whisper the Wolf

Silver is a big fan of Whisper the Wolf, who saved his life many times during the Eggman War. Originally knowing her only as the legendary "Guardian Angel," the very idea that she was in the area was enough to get him overexcited. When he finally met Whisper however, Silver scared her off with his over-eagerness and intrusiveness. This confused Silver, as he did not understand why anyone would want to be lonely based on his own experiences and because he believed they could get along because they were on the same side. However, he came to understand that she preferred solitude. When Silver later saved Whisper's life, he praised her team of Wisps and told her that he would be proud to be considered a part of it, which Whisper partially admitted.[2] The two once again proved to be dependable allies during the Metal Virus plague, where they worked together to defeat Zor of the Deadly Six and retrieve the Chaos Emerald that was in his possession.[13]

Blaze the Cat

Silver and Blaze the Cat both come from alternate realities. Despite this, they are good friends. While Blaze often agrees with Sonic that Silver can be too melodramatic, Blaze is nonetheless willing to help him out. Notably, she helped him with his garden in the Emeraldville Ruins. At first, Silver was shocked when Blaze burned his garden to the ground, but he trusted her judgment nonetheless and soon discovered that this was exactly what his garden needed to thrive.[1]


Silver first met Zor during the Zombot apocalypse. Their personalities stand in stark contrast to each other; while Silver is a bright optimist who only wants to help others and ensure a happy future, Zor is a gloomy pessimist who likes to inflict suffering on himself and others and ensure a gruesome future. As such, both of them are unable to understand the other's attitudes. Silver himself considers Zor to be rather twisted, and the latter does not understand why Silver can be so heroic and selfless. However, Silver's faith in his victory, his belief in a better future and trust in his friends allowed him to defeat Zor. After defeating Zor, Silver left him to the Zombots, departing without sharing a farewell with him.[13]





Silver’s use of profanity, from Sonic the Hedgehog #8.

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