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Quotation1 Deep inside the darkest of woods, Silent Forest offers maze-like caverns, tumbling temples and crocodile-filled swamps to try and stop Sonic the Hedgehog in his path. Quotation2
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Silent Forest (サイレントフォレスト Sairentoforesuto?) is the fifth world of Sonic Lost World. This level features two variations of the stage; a forest-themed zone and a haunted-castle themed zone.[2]

In the Nintendo 3DS version of Sonic Lost World, the player can find Iron Material in the zones if the player finishes the stage successfully.


Wii U/PC version

Zone 1

The first Zone has Sonic traversing tubular planetoids that mostly consist of harmful swamps full of Surprise Crocodiles that will ambush Sonic, and rafflesias that serve as stepping stones. The later parts of the Zone are full of Grind Rails for Sonic to grind along on, providing he watches out for classic Badniks such as Cluckers, Dragonflies and Mushmeanies, as well as Minecarts and more Surprise Crocodiles. The Crimson Eagle also makes a return. The Crimson Wisp and its Color Power, the Crimson Eagle, appear in this zone as well.

Zone 2

These spikedballs are always on the way

Sonic in Zone 2.

Like the other zones in Sonic Lost World, Silent Forest has a different zone-themed level in the zone. The tone of Silent Forest switches into a haunted-themed area, but a forest is seen in the background. The music also changes considerably from jungle-like to tango. This zone also features a section for Sonic as a potential ‘stealth’ section in which Sonic has to navigate a zone without being spotted by Zor's robotic owl, giant non-anthropomorphic owls, and stone pig obstacles. Being spotted by Zor's owl will result in an instant death. The Magenta Wisp and its Color Power, the Magenta Rhythm, appear in this zone. At the end of the zone, Sonic will have to fight Zor in his robotic owl.

Zone 3

Zone 3 takes place in a frozen tunnel system/cavern, much like the 3rd Zone of Windy Hill. However, the floors of the tunnels are frozen itself, making maneuvering much more difficult, and jumping more dangerous. Dozens of stalagmites and stalactites populate the tunnels (and hidden caverns beneath). When approached, they launch from their current position to the floor (or ceiling), posing a threat to Sonic. Cluckers armed in path-blocking vehicles, and Bombs are littered throughout the area, so even more precision and grace is required to make it out alive. The Cyan Wisp is used in this zone.

Zone 4

This zone takes place at an old ruins. Towards the end of the level, the rooms are dark and the player can only see the silhouettes of Sonic, the enemies and the scenery. While in this state, Sonic will not be able to use Homing Attack to target on enemies. Light switches are scattered throughout this portion of the level and they will turn the lights on for a few seconds. Sonic confronts Zor at the end of the zone. The Yellow Wisp is used in this zone.

Nintendo 3DS version

Zone 1

This is a giant maze filled with flower cannons and teleportation switches, somewhat similar to the Nintendo 3DS version of Frozen Factory Zone 2. There are two areas of this stage that one must go to before heading to the Capsule. At the beginning, there are three flower cannons, with the left one being accessible. To get to these areas, the player must jump into the flower cannons, which will send him/her to its respective area, skydiving. There are areas that one needs the Gray Wisp to scale up, and switches that only the Gray Quake can activate. Once the player gets through the first area, the player is sent back to the beginning of the stage, but all Rings that may have been collected respawn, and the left flower cannon has closed. However, the right cannon opens, and it sends the player to the second area. After the second area is complete, he/she returns to the beginning, where the center and final flower cannon opens. It sends him/her to the final section, which has the Capsule. The Gray Wisp is used in this zone.

Zone 2

This zone is a massive grinding stage, with some land in-between grinding sections. The majority of this stage consists of jumping from rail to rail, trying not to fall off or get hit by Badniks, however, there is a parkour/platforming section. Most of the land sections are areas where you need to defeat enough Badniks to progress. Near the end of this stage, there are electric rails which can only be used without being harmed is if the player has Invincible, Super Sonic, a Thunder Shield, or the Ivory Wisp. The Ivory Wisp is used in this zone.

Zone 3

Zone 3 is set in the ruins above the canopies like Silent Forest Zone 2 from the Wii U/PC version. A great deal of this Zone has Sonic grind on Grind Rails and cross disappearing bridges suspended above a massive chasm with few pieces of land between them, with the occasional Spinner that Sonic must attack to reach distant rails. Most of the pieces of land require the player to defeat Badniks, or to perform parkour to cross chasms to proceed. Near the end of the Zone, the player will cross electrical rails that will harm them unless they use Ivory Lightning or a Lightning Shield.


SonicRunners SilentForest

Silent Forest as it would have appeared in Sonic Runners.

  • Not counting Hidden World and the DLC levels, this is the only world in Sonic Lost World that did not appear in Sonic Runners. It was planned to appear, however. It was more than likely scrapped very late into development or even planned for a future event before the game shut down, as the level's assets are present in the game's files. Upon being loaded into the game, the level appears finished, aside from missing music and a few textures.[3]


Name Artist Length Music Track
Silent Forest - Zone 1 Tomoya Ohtani 4:39
Silent Forest - Zone 1
Midnight Owl Tomoya Ohtani 5:06
Midnight Owl
Island Relics Tomoya Ohtani 3:29
Island Relics


Silent Forest Zone 1 - Sonic Lost World

Silent Forest Zone 1 - Sonic Lost World


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