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Sid is a character that appears in the Sonic the Comic series published by Fleetway Editions. He is an anthropomorphic dog and the accomplice of Tone.


Sid mostly resembles a humanoid Bearded Collie who is slightly less chubby than Tone. He has white-tan fur and hair with brown ends, and has neck-long hair covering almost his entire head except for his black snout and mouth. For attire, he has only been seen wearing an alien disguise which includes a white coverall with a round yellow collar, white gloves with yellow cuffs, black and yellow boots, and a green alien mask with big and completely black eyes and small antennas.


Originally, Sid and Tone was a pair of "losers." One day, however, they discovered an ancient chest full of gold jewelry in a cave in the Rocky Valley Zone. Deciding to keep it for themselves rather than sharing with others, Sid and Tone constructed a life-size model UFO out of paper-mâché and dressed up as aliens in an attempt to scare people away from the cave, so that they could then sell the gold bit by bit without raising suspicion.[1]

Before they could retrieve the gold, Sid and Tone found Amy Rose and Tekno the Canary arriving at the cave. Wearing their disguises, Sid and Tone tried to make them leave by shooting that them, but the two girls managed to tunnel into the cave with Tekno's boring machine. Sid and Tone soon after found them, where they revealed their plans before they would kill them. Amy however, managed to trick Sid and Tone into thinking that the gold was actually fake "geek's gold" from an old movie set called "Cave of Gold." Blaming each other for falling for fake gold, Sid and Tone began fighting until Sid made Tone caused a cave-in with his ray gun, which they all barely escaped. Now believing that the treasure was worthless, Sid and Tone decided to leave rather than dig it up, leaving it for Amy and Tekno to claim.[1]


Sid is very greedy, preferring to keep a chest full of gold to himself and Tone by the "finders, keepers"-rule rather than sharing it with the people of the Zone, and would go as far as to kill others to ensure it. While proven himself sneaky, Sid is rather gullible, easy falling for Amy's claims that their treasure was fake.[1]

Powers and abilities


Sid held a red and green alien-like ray gun which could shoot yellow laser blasts. He wields it with enough proficiency to keep both the battle-experienced Amy and Tekno pinned down.[1]



Tone is a long-time companion of Sid and the two worked together to ensure they could keep the treasure of gold they found to themselves. However, he does not fully trust Tone as when Amy tricked them into thinking the treasure was fake, he instantly blamed Tone for being gullible enough to fall for fake gold and it quickly escalated to a violent fight between them. Even as the cave came down on them, they continued to argue.[1]


  • Sid and Tone may be named after the SID tone sound chip, used for producing the chiptunes for the Commodoe 64.


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