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A painfully indecisive man who happens to harbor a secret. Someone dressed in black has been snooping around his house lately. Or maybe not; Shuifon is sort of hazy about the details.

— Directory, Sonic Unleashed (Xbox 360/PlayStation 3)

Shuifon (シュイフォン Shuifon?) is a character that appears in Sonic Unleashed. He is a human resident of Chun-nan and a former practitioner of Linshao Kung Fu who retired when he was unable to find a successor.


Xbox 360/PlayStation 3

In his younger days, Shuifon was a mighty practitioner of Linshao Kung Fu. Unfortunately, his skills were too great and was unable to find anyone worthy to raise as his pupil and successor. Distraught and dishonored, Shuifon abandoned martial arts and denied participation in any form of fighting from then on. In the following time afterwards, Shuifon remained quite gentle and reposed, but when people asked him to participate in anything physical or dangerous, Shuifon would become both nervous and indecisive, fearing that he could reveal too much about his past.

During the events of Sonic Unleashed, Shuifon learned that the village elder, Zonshen, had gone missing, and became very worried about Zonshen's safety. When Sonic the Hedgehog and Chip arrived in Chun-nan, Shuifon was initially startled when they greeted him, but then explained to them that Zonshen was gone and that he feared he could have been attacked by a panda. As Sonic and Chip promised to look for Zonshen, Shuifon told them that it would be a big help and guided them to the Entrance Stage. When Sonic and Chip later returned with Zonshen, Shuifon suggested to Sonic and Chip that they could take a rest, but then heard that they had to report to Professor Pickle, to which Shuifon replied that they were really busy fellas.

Soon after, Badniks began to surround the village, something which left Shuifon on the edge. When Sonic and Chip later returned to Chun-nan, Shuifon was once again startled by them when they greeted him before telling them not to do that. Shuifon then explained in his defense, that he thought that Sonic and Chip were one of the robots and claimed that he would otherwise never be afraid of robots. After Sonic and Chip returned from forcing Eggman's robots out of the area, Shuifon told them that he thought that they always seemed caught up in something. Shuifon also expressed his desire to come with them, but as Sonic and Chip looked weirdly at him, Shuifon told them not to do that as he was thinking of it.

At some point afterwards, Shuifon became possessed by Dark Gaia's Minions, which caused Shuifon to resume his Kung Fu persona during the night, where he would announce to Sonic and Chip whenever he met them at night that he was the world's greatest Kung Fu master and that he would take anyone on, but would later return to normal during the day. During the day, Shuifon would tell Sonic and Chip that he felt strange when nighttime came, but would then assume that Sonic and Chip had no idea of what he was talking about.

For an unspecified amount of time, Shuifon continued to shift between his moods between daytime and nighttime, until he was exorcised by Sonic the Werehog and Chip. As he recollected himself, Shuifon wondered about what he was doing, and was surprised to hear from Sonic and Chip that he called himself a Kung Fu master.

After being exorcised, Shuifon found himself confronted by Sonic and Chip who asked him about his earlier claim to be a Kung Fu master, but Shuifon dismissed them. Eventually though, Shuifon admitted that he had studied Kung Fu, but lied that it was only a little and that it was not worth mentioning. Sonic, however, asked Shuifon to teach him Kung Fu, but Shuifon claimed that he had nothing to teach, as he did not believe that Sonic could handle being his student. However, as Sonic refused a "no" from him, Shuifon saw that Sonic was determined and would not give up, and agreed to take him up as his pupil. Shuifon warned him though that his training would not be easy as Kung Fu meant hard work.

As the first half of Sonic's training, Shuifon had to train Sonic in flexibility. He thus gave him a task to test his flexibility. After Sonic completed his task and had picked up the moves, Shuifon was impressed and concluded Sonic's sessions for the day. The next day, Shuifon was ready for the last stage of Sonic's training. Once Sonic arrived, Shuifon explained that true strength lied in sheer unequaled speed rather than in the muscles, and told Sonic to show him how fast he was. After Sonic demonstrated his speed, Shuifon was very impressed and announced to Sonic that he had done well and that he had nothing left to teach him. Having found a pupil worthy to be his successor, Shuifon announced Sonic the successor to the secret art of Linshao Kung Fu, before telling him his past. Shuifon then told Sonic that it was up to him to use what he had learned for justice and right.

Shuifon later watched on in horror with the rest of his village as Dark Gaia began to cast the world into darkness while maturing into Perfect Dark Gaia, but rejoiced as the world returned to normal following Perfect Dark Gaia's defeat at the hands of Super Sonic and the Gaia Colossus.

Wii/PlayStation 2

At some point, Shuifon received a Moon Tablet from the village elder Zonshen, though he was not sure what it was. Later, during the events of Sonic Unleashed, Shuifon learned that Zonshen had gone missing and became very worried about Zonshen's safety. When Sonic the Hedgehog and Chip first arrived in Chun-nan, Shuifon was startled by the duo when they greeted him, as he was lost in thoughts. After Shuifon explained the situation about the elder and the village, he excuse himself as he had to leave Sonic and Chip to join the search for Zonshen.

As he was wondering where the Zonshen could be, Shuifon was met by Sonic and Chip again. As Shuifon heard they would help in the search, Shuifon gave Sonic and Chip a hint of where to look by explaining that the only place they had not looked was at the Sacred Shrine and gave them direction to there. As Shuifon thanked Sonic and Chip for helping them, Shuifon remembered the Moon Tablet and gave it to Sonic and Chip, telling them to give it to Zonshen as he thought the elder wanted it back.

When Sonic and Chip later found and returned with Zonshen, Shuifon was relieved to have Zonshen back. Afterwards, Shuifon told Sonic and Chip that they were eternally grateful to them and told them that they had earned a rest. However, Sonic and Chip revealed that they had to find the Gaia Temples, but Shuifon told them that he had not heard of such a thing and that Zonshen should be the one they should talk to about that.

Shuifon later watched on in horror with the rest of his village as Dark Gaia began to cast the world into darkness while maturing into Perfect Dark Gaia, but rejoiced as the world returned to normal following Perfect Dark Gaia's defeat at the hands of Super Sonic and the Gaia Colossus.


  • The spelling of "fon" does not exist in Standard Chinese, so his name would be more accurately written as "Shuifeng".
  • Linshao Kung Fu is probably meant to reference Shaolin Kung Fu.


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