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The Shrink[1] (スモール[2] Sumōru ?, lit. "Small") is a Monitor power-up that appears in Knuckles' Chaotix and is the opposite to Grow. When obtained, this power-up shrinks the playable character down and decreases his speed and jumping abilities.


The monitors with Shrink feature a downward-facing yellow arrow on their screens.


Knuckles having the Shrink power-up.

In the gameplay of Knuckles' Chaotix, where two playable characters are present, only the character who picks up Shrink receives its effects. When picking up this power-up, the playable character shrinks down to half his normal size. While at this size, an arrow icon can be seen at the lower left corner of the screen, illustrating how long Shrink stays in effect.

While the character is shrunken, his running speed and jumping height are decreased. However, the playable character becomes lighter if the main playable character is gliding or climbing. Shrink lasts for twenty seconds, after which the character will return to his regular size.


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