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Sonic X
Showdown in Space/Transcript

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This is the transcript of the Sonic X episode "Showdown in Space".

Narrator: Last time on Sonic X, Chris was trapped on Space Colony ARK, but Sonic rocketed to his rescue. Soon, Eggman ambushed the hapless hedgehog and gave our hero the heave-ho. The devious doc issued an ultimatum: if he wasn't made supreme ruler, he'd pulverize the planet. But when Eggman fired up the Eclipse Cannon, he got a blast from the past. A recording from his grandfather, Professor Robotnik, revealed that he had his own plan to wipe out the world. Can Sonic save the globe from destruction? Or will Robotnik wreak his revenge? Find out next on Sonic X!

[Sonic X theme, "Gotta Go Fast" plays.]

[Space Colony ARK, hangar.]

Rouge: Topaz, I'm transmitting my report now. Over.
Topaz: Be careful, Rouge. That space colony is a dangerous place.
[Something shakes. Rouge notices something in front of her. Elsewhere, Sonic and Shadow are fighting each other. They ram at each other, causing a massive blast. Among the wreckage, Sonic notices a Ring.]
Shadow: You've interfered for the last time!
[Shadow jumps and launches a barrage of Chaos Spears at Sonic. Sonic dodges them and grabs the Ring. He then uses Spin Attack to knock out Shadow.]
Sonic: All right, Shadow. What's going on here?
Shadow: You'll find out. [The colony shakes again.] Sonic, you're time is running out! [Shadow leaves.]
Sonic: Wait! Huh? [Looks behind to see a timer counting down]
[Tails, Amy, Knuckles Chris and Mr. Tanaka arrive at the colony's control center.]
Eggman: He tricked me! My own grandfather tricked me!
[The Chaos Emerald pedestal closes.]
Knuckles: The Chaos Emeralds!
[Eggman growls. Gerald Robotniks video starts to play.]
Gerald: The countdown marking my final revenge has begun! In a few minutes, you will be destroyed! Space Colony ARK will hurdle through the atmosphere and crash into this planet with devastating force! [the video plays on Earth too] You have no time to prevent this disaster and absolutely no hope of survival! You're rulers took my granddaughter, Maria, from me. So I'm destroying everything you care about. Now you'll feel what I felt when I lost Maria! You'll see. You'll see. You'll see! [the video cuts]
Amy: Who is that guy? And what does he mean?
Eggman: That is professor Gerald Robotnik. He was a scientific genius and my grandfather.
[The video starts' playing again. The colony trembles.]
Knuckles: Hey, it feels like this place is breaking apart.
Rouge: Soon it's going to get a lot worse. I just checked the colony's propulsion system. The computers are locked, so we can't reverse course. Looks like there's nothing we can do.
[The mood goes sullen.]
Eggman: Grandpa, destroying a planet is one thing, but destroying your grandson is another.
Sonic: What's going on here?
Chris: Sonic!
Eggman: If you came here for a showdown Sonic, forget it. Soon, we'll all be vaporized.
Sonic: Come on, don't be such a quitter, Eggman. Maybe if we work together, we can out of this mess.
Eggman: [Takes a computer] When I hacked into the database on Prison Island, I found my grandfather's diary.
Chris: [Reads] "Revenge. That is all that matters to me now. When I began my research..."
[Overlaps to Gerald's voice]
Gerald: ...I only wanted to do good. That's why I worked to make the ultimate creature. But the leaders of the project worried that I'd use it to take over the world. So they seized my lab on Space Colony ARK. Then, they took Maria from me, and my life took on a new purpose. Instead of helping people, I would get revenge on them! Night and day I planned, so long after I am gone, my revenge will be complete.
Chris: [Continues] "I've done it. My greatest design is now complete. The Ultimate Creature, Shadow. My enemies, they've defeated me, but Shadow will carry out my orders without question. Now it sleeps, but one day in the future it will be reawakened. Shadow will bring total destruction."

[Earth, president's limo, day.]

President: Do we have any confirmation on this?
Christina: We just received an urgent message from the director of the space agency, Mr. President. Space Colony ARK is moving towards the planet at high speed. The impact will be catastrophic and will cause massive destruction.
President: But if that colony hits us, millions of lives is going to be lost.
Sam: [Thinks to himself] Good luck, Sonic. Even you're going to have trouble saving us this time.

[Elsewhere, day.]

[The police raids a house.]
Police: Freeze!
[A group of black suited men are baffled.]
Officer: This is a warrant for you're arrest. It took a long time, but the truth is out.
GUN Commander: A secret group inside the intelligence agency hid all records of Project Shadow. We didn't have a clue until Dr. Eggman hacked into their system and accessed the file.
Topaz: Good things do come from bad sometimes.

[Space Colony ARK.]

Eggman: The energy from the Chaos Emeralds have transformed the Eclipse Cannon into a megabomb. If it detonates, the blast will be more massive than a supernova.
Tails: The energy from the Chaos Emeralds is also what's pushing us towards the planet. We have to get the Emeralds and deactivate them somehow.
Sonic: Knuckles!
[Everyone turns to look at him]
Knuckles: Huh? What? Why me?
Rouge: Because, you can control all the Chaos Emeralds with that.
Knuckles: The Master Emerald! I can use it to shut off the power.
Tails: There's still time to keep the space colony from crashing, but we have to hurry, we'll only reach the Chaos Emeralds if we all work together.
Sonic: I'll lead the way. Stay on my heels and do your best to keep up the pace.
Eggman: Let's get to the Chaos Emeralds, before it's too late. Remember, if we fail, an entire planet will perish, and so will we!
[Sonic, Knuckles, Decoe and Bocoe take the Master Emerald, while Tails, Rouge and Eggman make their way to open a path for them. Rouge and Eggman take out defenses and Tails uses a lever to open a way. As the way for Master Emerald opens, a wave of space dust gushes. Knuckles punches into a wall to keep others from going with the dust. As the dust settles, they keep going. At the observation deck, Amy, Chris and Mr. Tanaka wait.]
Amy: I hope they make it in time!
Chris: I wish there was something we could do to help Sonic and the others.
Tanaka: Sonic will get them to the Chaos Emeralds in time.
Shadow: Don't bet on it.
Chris: Huh? Shadow!
[Shadow smirks. Chris walks to him.]
Tanaka: Master Chris!
Chris: Please Shadow! You can help save us all.
[Shadow widens his eyes slightly with a baffled expression.]
Chris: You believe that the only reason for you to be here is to get revenge, but think about it. When I was in trouble back at Prison Island, you decided to save me.
[Chris puts his hands on Shadow's shoulders.]
Chris: Deep down you know you were made to help others and that's the reason you finally rescued me.
Shadow: Hands off! [Punches Chris away with great force]
Amy: No, Chris! [Tanaka stops her] He needs help! [Tanaka shakes his head]
Shadow: It's useless. I made a promise to Maria and I'm keeping it.
Chris: Shadow, getting revenge won't bring Maria back.
Shadow: So what?
Chris: There's still time to stop this Shadow. Please, you have to listen to me! How can you blame people alive today for things that happened 50 years ago? Can't you see it's not fair!?
Shadow: Don't talk to me about fair! Not after what happened here! Maria was my only friend, but your rulers sent soldiers to take her away from me. I tried to save her, but there were too many for me to stop. I never saw poor Maria again. Maria wasn't a threat to anyone. All she wanted was to visit you planet, but she never had the chance.
Chris: Please listen. It's true there are some bad people in the world, but most people are good. I know you'd agree with me if you only got to know them, just like Maria wanted to. [grows weaker] Shadow please. Maria would want you to be friends with people.
[Suddenly, Shadow has flashback of the true promise he made to Maria.]
Maria: Shadow, please promise me, that you help people, and be friends with them!
Shadow: Maria!
Maria: I'm sure you'll be very happy down there Shadow. I only wish I could along with you. The world looks so beautiful from up here in space. But my grandfather says, the people who live there have to face many problems. That's why you we're created, to help those people, and to be their friend.
[The flashback ends. Chris gets weaker and collapses, but Shadow grabs him. Having come to a realization, Shadow sheds silent tears, which Amy notices. Tanaka takes Chris to his arms.]
Shadow: He was right about Maria. She did want me to help the people of your world. [Smiles]
[Elsewhere, Sonic, Knuckles, Decoe and Bocoe reach the heart of the Eclipse Cannon. The place is like an exact replica of the Chaos Shrine.]
Knuckles: Up there!
[Suddenly, the chamber quakes, and a massive lizard, the Bio Lizard, drops down, blocking the way, before letting out a terrifying roar. Decoe and Bocoe startle and shiver in fear, tears gushing from their eyes.]
Knuckles: Calm down. I'm not going to let that monster get a hold of the Master Emerald.
[Shadow appears in the chamber, eyes locked on the beast.]
Shadow: Leave that thing for me.
Sonic: Shadow!
Shadow: You and the others take care of the Chaos Emeralds, and I'll distract it.
[Sonic and Shadow nod to each other. Shadow charges at the Bio Lizard.]
Sonic: Let's go!
[Sonic and Knuckles ran ahead while Decoe and Bocoe carry the Master Emerald to the shrine. Shadow keeps fighting the Bio Lizard. As soon as the others reach the top of the shrine, the Master Emerald is placed in the very center, as bolts of energy erupt from all sides.]
Knuckles: I must remember. "The seven Chaos Emeralds are the servers. Our hearts intensify their power. The controller serves to unify the Chaos."
[Drops of sweat are seen on a tired Knuckles' head.]
Sonic: You can do it Knuckles.
Knuckles: [Takes a deep breath] Master Emerald, I need you to help me. Please stop the Chaos Emeralds!
[The Master Emerald starts to glow, and after evading several bolts and ricocheting past them, Shadow uses a Spin Attack on the Bio Lizard, causing it to feel great pain. The Chaos Emeralds shut down and fall.]
Knuckles: All right!
Decoe: Good work!
[A bellowing roar reverberates throughout the chamber.]
Decoe, Bocoe, and Knuckles: Huh?
Sonic: Huh?!
[The Bio Lizard vanishes.]
Knuckles: It's gone.
Shadow: [Appears] Chaos Control!
[The colony starts to tremble violently.]
Bocoe: What is happening!?
Decoe: We are still heading towards the planet!
Eggman: [Over radio] Come in Sonic! Do you read me? That monster is still alive! It attached itself to the outside of the space colony. It's pulling us towards the planet!
[Sonic and Shadow look at each other. They close their eyes and the Chaos Emeralds start to glow and circle around them. In a moment the two hedgehogs have transformed into Super Sonic and Super Shadow. They fly off. Sonic appears at the observation deck.]
Amy: Sonic!
[Sonic approaches weakened Chris and places his hand on his cheek, healing him. He then teleports outside with Shadow and the superpowered hedgehogs engage the Final Lizard.]
Shadow: Let's give our best shot!
Sonic: All right! We can go in at full speed and finish it off!
[The hedgehogs charge at the lizard. On Earth, the situation is getting desperate.]
Christina: The space colony is still rushing towards us, Mr. President. We are only minutes away from impact.
[President groans.]
Sam: Hey, what's that?
[All three exit the limo to see the Space Colony ARK and Super Sonic and Super Shadow.]
Christina: Soon, the space colony won't be able to escape the planet's gravity! It will be impossible to stop it from crashing!
Sam: Come on, Sonic, you can stop it!
President: Let's hope, but I'm afraid no one can save us from disaster now.
[On the Space Colony ARK observation deck, everyone is hoping for Sonic and Shadow to triumph.]
Amy: You have to defeat that monster, Sonic! We're all depending on you!
Chris: [Weakly] Sonic... Shadow...
Rouge: Topaz, do you read me?
Topaz: Yes, Rouge. What's going on there? I don't understand what Sonic's up to.
Scarlet: That large red object is actually Space Colony ARK, glowing as it re-enters the atmosphere. For 50 years, it's existence was kept a secret. In the course of our investigation, we uncovered a conspiracy within our intelligence services that now threatens the survival of this planet. Our only hope lies in the bravery of two hedgehogs, who are now fighting for all of us!
Cream: Please, Sonic!
Cheese: Chao chao!
Boccun: Sonic, gooo!
[Sonic and Shadow make a united charge at Final Lizard's life support system. The hit causes the Final Lizard to be destroyed, but the colony enters the atmosphere. Sonic and Shadow barricade themselves in front of it.]
Sonic: You're stopping right here!
Shadow: Argh!
[As Sonic and Shadow attempt to stop the space colony, their friends encourage them.]
Tails: You can do it, Sonic!
Eggman: Give it all you got, Shadow!
Rouge: If you fail, the entire planet will be destroyed!
Knuckles: Toughen out, you guys!
Amy: You can do it!
Cream: We know you can!
Chris: Sonic!
Maria: Shadow! [Shadow sees Maria's image in his mind.] Those people need you Shadow!
Shadow: I am Shadow!! Shadow the Hedgehog!! [Takes off his limiters, unleashing his full power] You ready?
Sonic: You bet! Here we go! [Sonic unleashes his full power.]
Shadow: Chaos...!!
Sonic: ...Control!!
[Sonic and Shadow unleash Chaos Control, engulfing the colony in a bright light. It disappears.]
Shadow: Maria! I did it! For you!
[The colony reappears, stopped. 50 seconds remained. On Earth, everyone celebrates.]
Christina: The space agency reported in. They say the space colony has moved back to a stable orbit.
President: Thank goodness.
Christina: Sonic could be charged with violating space agency regulations.
Sam: You know, after all Sonic's done for the planet, I don't think the voters would like that very much. Don't you agree?
President: Yes, I suppose you're right.

[Space Colony ARK.]

[Eggman leaves the colony in a shuttle.]
Eggman: [Over radio] My grandfather was truly a genius. Ever since I was a lad, he was my one true hero. I always wanted to become a great scientist like him. But he shouldn't have gone and try to destroy the planet How could he do something so wrong?
Tails: I don't know. But you helped us all to save the world.
Eggman: I'm so happy the planet was saved. Now I can conquer it and establish my empire!
Amy: Huh? You still want to take over the world?
Decoe: Affirmative!
Bocoe: You're welcome to join us, if you like.
Tails: No, thank you.
[Eggman laughs. Sonic enters the observation deck.]
Tails, Amy and Chris: Sonic!
[Sonic smiles]
Chris: [Walks up to Sonic] Where's Shadow?
[Sonic shakes his head. He gives one of Shadow's Limiters to Chris.]
Rouge: You know, maybe professor Robotnik wanted Shadow to stop his crazy plan all along.
Sonic: We'll never know. But in the end Shadow sacrificed everything to save us all.
[Chris sheds a tear that drops on the Limiter.]
Rouge: He sure did.
Sonic: Come on Chris. Let's head back. Space is fine, but I like my feet on the ground.
Tails: The rocket's ready! It's time to go!
[Everyone leaves the observation deck and as it's lights go out, Sonic looks into it one last time.]
Sonic: Sayonara, Shadow the Hedgehog.
[Sonic leaves.]