Shuffle shoddywork

Shoddy Work

Shoddy Work is a 2 vs 2 minigame in Sonic Shuffle.


On each team, the player on the bottom carries a wooden pallet with an outline of a shape on top, while the other player drops colored blocks onto the pallet. The teams must compete to recreate the shape as closely as possible. The top player presses DreamcastA to pick up a block. They must then rotate it with the analog stick if needed, and press DreamcastA to drop it or DreamcastB to reject it. The bottom player moves left and right to allow the block to fall into its desired place. The bottom player can also jump to reposition the previous block, and jump again to throw it out. Filling in the whole shape is not necessary; only the outline must be covered.

When the minigame ends, Dr. Eggman arrives to judge the results. He destroys the losing team's creation and awards 20 rings to the winning team.

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