For the race course in Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing and Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed, see Shibuya Downtown.

Shiubuya DownTown is a tennis court featured in Sega Superstars Tennis and the signature court of Beat. It is located in Tokyo-to from Jet Set Radio.


Shiubuya DownTown is set the busy streets of Tokyo-to. Spectators watch while confronted by The Police Force. On the side of the net is Professor K who is DJing the event with Piranha and Corn by his side. The net itself is an orange plastic mesh barrier fence held up by traffic cones.


During missions, the net is replaced with a grind rail for Combo to grind on.

  • Collect Spray Cans: Simply collect a specific number of spray cans that Combo drops by before the timer ends. SWAT cops will come onto the course to delay the player.
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Tails tagging.

  • Tag Attack: Simple: Combo will throw specific coloured spray cans which shoot tennis balls from the amp. Knock the balls into their matching colors on the "graffiti" on the floor to paint it. The image must be 100% tagged before time runs out.
  • Avoid Rokkaku Police: Similar to "Collect Spray Cans", except no spray cans as the player cannot be touched by the police for 60 seconds.
  • Hit Combo: Hit Combo is grinding by with tennis balls from Professor K. Strike him three times in under 25 seconds.
  • Tag Attack: Tricky: Twice as difficult as "Tag Attack: Simple." 200% is required.
  • Singles Match: vs. Beat
  • Clean Up That Mess


  • The court appears to be located at Shibuya Bus Terminal, the tutorial stage of Jet Set Radio. The court is set up just by the bus stops and in front of the crossing bridge.

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