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Shinies are collectibles found in Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric. They are shiny collectibles that are scattered throughout each level. There are a total of sixty-eight Shinies to be collected in the game.


Shinies include a range of shiny, if not random, items, such as eating utensils, old bottles and old door knobs.


Sonic retrieving a Shiny.

Shinies are the most difficult collectibles to be spotted in Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric as they cannot be directly seen by the player. To find a Shiny, the player must locate a Shiny trail and use Stomp at the end of said trail, which is marked with an X through the AVA, to collect it. There are a total of 68 Shinies to be found in the game.

The Shinies can be exchanged with Sticks for Crowns at Bygone Island which can then be used to purchase Team Upgrades.

Shinies Per Level

Level No.
Lyric's Tomb 2
Cliff's Excavation Site 10
Abandoned Research Facility 4
Lyric's Weapon Facility 4
The Pit 3
Bygone Island 15
Crater Lake 5
Slowpoke Isle 5
Ocean Purification Plant 5
Creeper Gorge 6
Sky Citadel 5
Lyric's Lair 4

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