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You may be looking for Arrow of Light or Spear of Light.

Your shield of light should be able to stop whatever comes out of that hole then you can throw it back at him!

Amy Rose, Sonic the Hedgehog (2006)

The Shield of Light (光の盾 Hikari no Tate?) is a chaos power used by Super Silver in Sonic the Hedgehog (2006) during the battle with Solaris. It is a technique where Super Silver uses his amplified Psychokinesis to catch and throw back projectiles.


When performing this move, Super Silver uses his natural psychokinesis to form a large green shield of energy in front of him, which will grab any thrown projectiles that enters its radius. Once caught, Super Silver can then throw the projectile back at his foe with enough force to destroy Solaris' light shells. This is similar to Silver's Grab All technique, except due to his psychokinesis being greatly enhanced, he can extend his Shield of Light's radius much further, catch even the extremely powerful projectiles from Solaris and throw them back with much greater force.

For the player to perform the Shield of Light in gameplay, Super Silver's Super Gauge has to contain enough energy to catch at least one projectile. To catch a projectile, the player must hold down Xbox-Button-RT.png/R1. However, for each caught projectile, Super Silver's Super Gauge will be drained until it runs out of sufficient energy (which is after six projectiles), thus leaving Super Silver unable to pick any more up. The projectile can then be thrown back at Solaris with XboxX.png/Square. The direction the projectile can be directed with the control stick.


  • The Shield of Light is the only move used in the boss battle against Solaris with an Action Gauge that is prefilled and recharges on its own.

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