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The Shield Hunter[1] (シールドハンター Shīrudo Hantā?) is an enemy that appears in the Sonic the Hedgehog series. It is a mass-produced robot model deployed by the Guardian Units of Nations, and is a part of the Hunter series. Unlike other models in its series, the Shield Hunters put emphasis on both defense and offense.


Nearly identical to the Laser Hunters, the Shield Hunters are blue, white, yellow, red, and black humanoid robots with a top-heavy upper torso. They have a flat head with no neck, a single red eye, and a drop-shaped blue cap covering it. On their torso, they have red and blue chest plating with the number "02" on the left side and G.U.N.'s symbol on the right. They also have thin legs with large kneecaps, thick forearms, a hand on the left arm, and a rifle identical to the Laser Hunters' on their right arm. What distinguishes them are the tall red shields emblazoned with the number "02" they each wield.

Certain Shield Hunters have different designs depending on the stage. Those in Crazy Gadget have red shields and the number "01" emblazoned on both their chest and shield, although in the GameCube version, the number "02" is emblazoned on both their chest and their shield. The Shield Hunters in Security Hall have black shields with the number "02" emblazoned on both their chest and shield.

In the Dreamcast version, the protruding part of their shields is wide and the steel frames around the edges are narrow. In the GameCube version and later re-releases, the shields are made more rectangular and their steel frames are clearer.


A Shield Hunter attacking Rouge, from Sonic Adventure 2.

By comparison, the Shield Hunters are encountered less frequently than the Gun Hunters. Unlike other Hunters series units, the Shield Hunters never drop down from above or appear in standby mode. Instead, they remain in one spot from where they take aim at the player. When destroyed, each Shield Hunter awards the player with 200 points.

In gameplay, the Shield Hunters' shields can deflect any frontal attack without taking damage. Like the Laser Hunters, when engaging the player, the Shield Hunters lock onto the playable character when they are within range and charge their rifle briefly before firing a laser. As they charge their laser however, the Shield Hunters cannot change their shots' trajectory, giving the player the opportunity to evade them. Also, charging lasers make them put their shields down, leaving them vulnerable.

To destroy the Shield Hunters as Sonic and Shadow, the player must use either the Light Speed Attack or the Somersault on them. As Dr. Eggman or Tails, the player must attack them when their shields are down. Finally, as Knuckles and Rouge, they must attack them from behind.

The Shield Hunter can be found in the following stages:

Character Stage
Normal mode Hard mode
Sonic Crazy Gadget City Escape
Crazy Gadget
Tails N/A Prison Lane
Mission Street
Shadow Final Chase Radical Highway
White Jungle
Final Chase
Rouge N/A Security Hall

In other media


Sonic X

A Shield Hunter in Sonic X.

In the anime series Sonic X, the Laser Hunter appeared during the Sonic Adventure 2 adaptation saga. In this media, they were constructed after the Perfect Chaos incident to combat Dr. Eggman's forces. However, they were never actually seen deployed or in use.

Books and comics

Archie Comics

In the Sonic the Hedgehog comic series and its spin-offs published by Archie Comics, Shield Hunters appeared as robots utilized by the Guardian Units of the Nation in their war against the Eggman Empire.





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