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The Shatterverse (シャターバース[1] Shatābāsu?) is a prominent location that appears in the Sonic Prime animated series. It is a name that Nine applied to the multiple realities, known as Shatterspaces, created by the destruction of the Paradox Prism. It is also considered a subsection of the multiverse. The Shatterverse contains both the Void, and all of the Shatterspaces linked to it.


  • The Void - The main hub of the Shatterverse, which features the Gateways to the Shatterspaces.
  • New Yoke City - A dimension ruled over by the Chaos Council. The red Shard is found here.
  • Boscage Maze - A dimension with a massive and expansive jungle. The green Shard is found here
  • The Grim - A barren dimension which was claimed by Nine. The purple Shard is found here.
  • No Place - A flooded dimension with a few islands, filled with pirates. The blue Shard is found here.
  • Ghost Hill - The ghostly and corrupted remains of the original Green Hill. The yellow Shard is found here, along with the blueprint for the Paradox Prism, called the Ghost Prism.

Each location is a distorted version of Green Hill, the universe that Sonic shattered in the episode: "Shattered." When he shattered the Paradox Prism, his crew and Dr. Eggman were affected, leaving each Shatterspace with a distorted version of them, except for New Yoke City, which had five Shatter Variants of Dr. Eggman known as the Chaos Council, and The Grim, which had none at all. Green Hill was only restored when Nine was able to use the power of the fully restored Paradox Prism to rebuild it and the other Shatterspaces.

Due to Sonic shattering the Prism, he is responsible for the creation of the Shatterverse and is capable of traveling through it by using either the power of the Prism Shards, or his signature speed, enhanced by the residual energy of the Paradox Prism that got stuck inside him. Other characters have tried to enter the Gateways, but haven't been able to due to not having the energy. However, residents of the individual Shatterspaces, like Tails Nine and Rusty Rose, are also capable of traveling across the Shatterverse by harnessing the Prism Shards' energy via technology, specifically, the Shatter Drives, or in Nine's case, the Shattercraft. On the other hand, through the use of Chaos Control, Shadow was able to prevent himself from having Shatter Variants like the other characters, but was instead left stuck in the Void, only being able to pass through the Ghost Hill Gateway and the tearing holes through the Shatterspaces, although he only ever entered The Grim.

The Shatterverse also appears to have a bottomless void, where anything that enters can never come back out. Shadow dropped one of the Chaos Emeralds (specifically the green one) down this void in Avoid the Void, seemingly losing it forever until "From the Top", via a time rewind back to moments before Sonic shattered the Paradox Prism.


  • Sonic and Shadow do not seem to have alternative selves in the Shatterspaces, unlike their friends whose counterparts are always together, with the exception of The Resistance, Rusty Rose and Nine, as Sonic is the one who shattered the Paradox Prism and absorbed the Prism Energy that he would willingly give up to fully restore the Paradox Prism, and Shadow used Chaos Control before it was broken, so as to not end up "shattered" himself.
    • It is currently unknown what the current status of the Shatterverse is, as when Sonic and Shadow came back to their universe, time reset itself moments before the former broke the Paradox Prism. Whatever this time reset only applies to their world or to everything else, resulting in the other Shatterspaces (excluding Ghost Hill, due to it being the original Green Hill) wiped from existence and the timeline, remains ambiguous. But at the end, Rebel talks about getting back to their home Shatterspaces, implying that the Shatterverse is still intact, but Sonic and Shadow can't interact with it unless the Prism shatters or its energy is used, but it doesn't explain why Nine said that the Gateway to Sonic and Shadow's dimension won't be there for long, but it implies that the Gateway will disappear and lose contact with the other Shatterspaces or that it won’t be part of it anymore due to the Paradox Prism being whole again.


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