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Sonic Prime
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"Shattered" is the first episode of the Sonic Prime television series. It premiered on 10 December 2022 in Sonic Speed Simulator, then on Netflix on 15 December 2022.


A collision with the Paradox Prism sends Sonic to a parallel world called New Yoke City, where the dull environment looks oddly familiar.[1]



Races and species:






Sonic dashes across Green Hill, giving a recap about his friends, Shadow, and Dr. Eggman. He runs over to an open cave where he meets up with Tails, Amy, Rouge and Knuckles, who all complain that he arrived late for a fight against Eggman.

Eggman explains his plan to take the Paradox Prism out of the ground, and sends his Badniks out to stall Sonic and his friends. Sonic dashes towards Eggman to stop him from stealing the Paradox Prism, but inadvertently shatters it, sending him into the Shatterverse's Void.

Sonic briefly floats there until he lands into New Yoke City, an alternate world where Eggman won. He expresses brief short-term amnesia before being put in danger by the ongoing traffic, resulting in him nearly being killed.

He escapes traffic, and sees his shoes are overloaded and crackling with power. He asks the people nearby where he is, though they all ignore him. He noticed a sign that said "Welcome to New Yoke City. You're welcome.", with him questioning where the beaches and palm trees were. He then spotted alternate versions of Big the Cat and Froggy, and he thinks they're the original Big and Froggy, expressing joy over seeing them again, though they don't recognize him.

An Eggforcer spots Sonic as an unidentified person, and flies towards him, scaring away Big and Froggy. Sonic struggles to fight the Eggforcers, since his shoes keep making him go at super speed that he can't fully control, though he eventually beats them. He is confused at the fact that there are no Flickies inside.

He then goes up to the high ground, managing to lure the Eggforcers that were chasing him into a building under construction, destroying them. He then commented on how New Yoke City was everything he hated all in one place. Upon seeing a familiar archway, he then began running to see if what he feared was true. He then ran up a building, creating a small sonic boom before surveying New Yoke City from above where he sees several locations from Green Hill, and realizes that New Yoke City is Green Hill.

He has a flashback to a previous battle, where he is fighting against one of Eggman's robots alongside his friends. Tails realizes that the fight is a trick, and warns Sonic, who ignores Tails after Eggman insults Tails for his mutation. Sonic attacks the robot, triggering a massive explosion beyond Sonic’s capabilities, releasing a huge earthquake upon a nearby mountain.

Sonic opens up the cockpit to find it empty, but that there is a small device inside. He later brings the device to Tails, who is in his lab. Tails identifies it as a Speed Amplifier, explaining that large blast, though wondering why Eggman would want Sonic's powers enhanced.

Rouge enters through the open door and explains that she believes a crystal called the Paradox Prism was nearby, buried in the bedrock of Green Hill, and that the shockwave may have been a way for Eggman to unearth it. They head to tell Amy and Knuckles.

Flash forward to present time, Sonic lands on a rooftop and realises that, in order to fix things, he had to find Tails, so he sets out to find him. Unbeknownst to him, he is watched again by a mysterious hedgehog, but this time, with a mysterious man. The hedgehog then confirms that Sonic, aka, the "unidentified running organism" had outrun the Eggforcers, with a course set for Dr Babble's district. Sonic is then confronted by Dr. Babble himself inside his mech suit, upon his arrival. After managing to open the hatch, Sonic was surprised to see a baby, thinking that Dr. Eggman had somehow became a baby. Once Sonic sees who he thinks is Tails, he is chased by Dr. Babble, though Sonic is able to narrowly escape though a pipe. Unbeknownst to him, Renegade Knucks and Rebel Rouge watch from atop a building, musing on how he could help the Resistance. Sonic then sees who he believes is Tails again, in an alleyway behind a train station, and follows him. He finds a door with a digital lock over it, and enters the code "1992" to open it, which was the code to Tails' Lab.

Sonic opens the door and greets the fox, who takes offense to the name Tails, and starts to fight Sonic, believing he is a threat. Sonic tries to reason with the fox, who calls himself "Nine," as he has nine tails due to the addition of several mechanical ones. In their fight, Nine is almost hit by a train, though Sonic saves him, and they sit down.

Sonic explains the day he met Tails, saving him from a group of bullies and that they became fast friends. Nine explains that while he was always being picked on, Sonic simply wasn’t there, and he was beaten up for years, and never had any friends, until he built a set of mechanical tails to fight back.

Nine slowly warms to Sonic's kindness, but Sonic's shoes start to smolder, and eventually singe the soles and the bottom edge of the red material. Nine takes him to his lab, where he attaches Regulators onto the top of Sonic's gloves and on the back of his shoes, stabilizing the low-level energy that's inside Sonic and altering his attire's design. He takes them for a test run, but runs into Dr. Babble, who captures Sonic and Nine. Knucks and Rebel watch, and decide to try and help the two.

When Sonic wakes up to a bright light, causing his eyes to water, he sees Rusty Rose, who he believes to be Amy. She introduces him to the Chaos Council (consisting go Dr. Done-It, Dr. Deep, Dr. Don't, Dr. Babble and Mr Dr. Eggman), who decide to test him and figure out what he is. After a series of easy tests and Sonic running at high speeds inside what he called a "hamster ball" after seeing how Rusty Rose was powered by Birdie, Nine finds out that Sonic's energy matches what powers the city until Sonic pushed his powers more, supercharging the Chaos Council's systems and forming a blinding light.

Sonic begins to hallucinate, and sees a sequence of flashbacks before he fought Eggman in the cave, ending with a memory of him locked in a battle with his rival: Shadow the Hedgehog.

Regional differences[]

  • In the Mandarin Chinese dub, Dr. Babble is heard crying out his only other intelligible line in the series, calling "我是谁" ("Who am I?") as he is being introduced.

Title in other languages[]

Language Title Translation
Chinese (Simplified) 支离破碎 Fragmented
Chinese (Traditional) 碎成片片 Shattered into pieces
Croatian Uništen Destroyed
Czech Na cucky In shambles
Danish Ødelagt Destroyed
Dutch Verwoest Broken
Finnish Pirstaleina In fragments
French Sur les ruines On the ruins
German Zerbrochen Broken
Greek Χίλια κομμάτια A thousand pieces
Hebrew מנופץ לרסיסים Shattered to pieces
Hindi हताश Desperate
Hungarian Összetörve Crushed
Indonesian Hancur Berkeping-keping Shattered into pieces
Italian Un mondo a pezzi A broken world
Japanese くずれた世界 Collapsed World
Korean 산산조각 난 세상 Shattered World
Malay Hancur Shattered
Norwegian Knust Shattered
Polish W rozsypce In disarray
Portuguese (Brazil) Em mil pedaços In a thousand pieces
Portuguese (Portugal) Mundo estilhaçado Shattered World
Romanian Praf și pulbere Dust and dust
Russian На осколки Into pieces
Spanish (Latin America) Destrozado Shattered
Spanish (Spain) Un mundo hecho añicos A shattered world
Swedish Splittrad Split
Thai โลกพังทลาย The world collapses
Turkish Paramparça Shattered
Ukrainian Розбитий світ Broken world
Vietnamese Vỡ vụn Broken


  • This episode shares its English name with a story arc featured from Sonic Universe #87-#90.
  • The password on Tails' Lab is "1992", a reference to the release year of Sonic the Hedgehog 2, where Tails debuted.
  • If "Dynamics" is turned on when watching the episode in Sonic Speed Simulator's World Premiere, different things will happen in the experience, like when the Paradox Prism is shattered, the Paradox Prism in the theatre area will begin shining brightly, or when Sonic causes a blue earthquake, the grass in the theatre area will suddenly turn blue and emit blue lightning for a short period of time before turning back to grass. Another example is whenever Sonic is brutally attacked, rings will scatter into the game, giving players time to stock up before they disappear. One last example is when Eggman commands his army to "crush them all". The second he says this, Badniks will appear in the theatre, allowing players to join in on the fight.
  • The backstory to when Sonic and Tails met for the first time is identical to the one seen in Sonic Origins.
  • Renegade Knucks calling Sonic "the blue streak" is possibly a reference to the line, "Blue streak speeds by," from the intro for the Sonic the Hedgehog television series.
  • This is the longest episode of Sonic Prime, being the only double-length episode. Its extra length is the reason why Season 3 only has seven episodes as opposed to the eight that the other seasons have, because it counted for two out of the twenty-four planned episodes.[2]
  • When Dr. Eggman is introduced, there are two coloured lights behind him: purple and yellow. This may have foreshadowed the fact that the yellow and purple Shards of the Paradox Prism would not be seen in the first season.
  • Also, when Eggman says the line "Just in time to watch me claim the Paradox Prism and transform your disgustingly green world into something more... me.", his face is reflected through the center of the Paradox Prism (where the Shard from The Grim is located), and, after Sonic shattered it, there would be four crystals (the Prism Shards) seen in the explosion, so that scene with Eggman could have foreshadowed that there would be five Shards, not just the four.
  • The scenes of Knuckles, Rouge, Amy and Tails attacking Eggman's forces before the scene where Sonic gets hit by a Caterkiller and loses his Rings are partially reused/referenced in future episodes: for Knuckles and Amy, it's in "Second Wind", for Rouge, it's in "A Madness to Their Methods", and for Tails, it's in "Ghost of a Chance".
  • The footage of Sonic holding his head and says "That's a sonic boom of a headache." is reused/reanimated in "Home Sick Home".