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Shadow the Hedgehog Official Soundtrack is a digital album containing the original soundtrack of Shadow the Hedgehog. Official Soundtrack retains the similarity from Sonic Adventure 2 Official Soundtrack and Sonic Heroes Official Soundtrack, as the album contains only "best-of" tracks from the original album. The soundtrack also features all vocal themes (except for "Almost Dead") from the vocal album as well.

Track list

  1. I Am... All Of Me
  2. System: Main Menu
  3. Event: Prologue
  4. Westopolis
  5. Glyphic Canyon
  6. Digital Circuit
  7. Waking Up
  8. Lethal Highway
  9. System: Select
  10. Boss: Black Bull
  11. Prison Island
  12. Death Ruins
  13. Sky Troops
  14. Event: To The World Of Memory
  15. All Hail Shadow
  16. Central City
  17. Boss: Blue Falcom[note 1]
  18. E.G.G.M.A.N. Doc. Robeatnix Mix
  19. Mad Matrix
  20. Lost Impact
  21. Event: Eclipse Cannon
  22. Cosmic Fall
  23. Boss: Black Doom
  24. The Chosen One
  25. Event: The World Came Crumbling Down - Between Dark And Dawn
  26. The Last Way
  27. Event: Hidden Memories
  28. Event: The Real Truth - Super Shadow
  29. Event: Finale
  30. Never Turn Back


  1. A misprinting of "Falcon".

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