The Shadow the Hedgehog Flash game

Shadow the Hedgehog Flash is an online flash game developed to promote Shadow the Hedgehog. The game was featured on the Shadow the Hedgehog game's websites before they were shut down.


The player controls Shadow the Hedgehog in a 2D environment. The player can move Shadow with the arrow keys and jump with the spacebar. The player encounters enemies from the video game, such as G.U.N troops and Black Arms aliens. Defeating enemies allows the player to pick up their firearm that can be fired by using the X key. The goal of the game is to reach the goal ring at the end of the level whilst collecting Rings and defeat enemies.

As well as the game, the main menu offers several other options, such as updates for Shadow the Hedgehog, a leaderboard for highscores and sending an e-postcard.


  • There was a version of the game featuring Act 2 but it was deleted from the Shadow the Hedgehog website. Only YouTube footage proves it existed.


Shadow The Hedgehog Flash

Shadow The Hedgehog Flash

Shadow the Hedgehog - minigame act

Shadow the Hedgehog - minigame act. 2

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