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Race Shadow to the end of the level while destroying enemies and collecting Rings on the way. Try for the high score!

— "How To Play" menu

Shadow the Hedgehog Flash is an online Flash game released in 2005 to promote Shadow the Hedgehog. The game was featured on the Shadow the Hedgehog websites before they were closed.



Action mode

Button formation Movement
[←]/[→] Move left/right
[↑]/[M]/[F]/[X] Shoot
[SPACE] Spin Jump

Driving mode

Button formation Movement
[←]/[→] Move left/right
[↑]/[↓] Move up/down
[M]/[F]/[X] Shoot



Gimmicks and obstacles


Playable characters



Shadow the Hedgehog Flash features only one stage: a 2D rendition of Westopolis.

Act 1

The objective is to reach the Goal Ring at the end of the level whilst collecting Rings, platforming and defeating enemies. There are various Springs and platforms the player can use to avoid bottomless pits and navigate the level. Containers also appear, but only as obstacles that Shadow has to jump over. The player encounters enemies from the Shadow the Hedgehog game, such as GUN Soldiers and Black Warriors. Enemies can be defeated by performing a Spin Jump above them, after which they drop a weapon that can be picked up and used against other enemies. GUN Soldiers drop Pistols and Sub Machine Guns, while Black Warriors drop Light Shots and Flash Shots. All of the weapons have unlimited ammunition.

Act 2

The player controls Shadow, equipped with a Sub Machine Gun as he endlessly rides his motorbike, the Dark Rider, down the highway of Westopolis. The player’s goal is to last as long as possible to rack up the score until their limited health eventually diminishes, while dodging debris and cars, combatting incoming Black Hawks, and occasionally battling Black Tank mini-bosses. Shadow can move up, down, left or right as the bike automatically propels forward on the road.

Other modes

As well as access to the game, the main menu offers several other options:

  • Email updates for Shadow the Hedgehog
  • A leaderboard for high scores
  • A message menu for sending a promotional e-postcard.







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