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This is script of the cutscenes in the Last Story of Shadow the Hedgehog.

Cutscene #1

[In the abandoned Westopolis, a newspaper is seen flying in the air. After zooming in, it tells about coming of the Black Comet.]

Newspaper: 50 year return of the Black Comet! Best View Tonight!

[Camera turns to the sky where a red glowing light is seen floating; the Black Comet itself.]

Cutscene #2

[Inside the Black Comet]

Shadow: Finally... I've got ALL the Chaos Emeralds! Now, I can uncover the truth about my past. [Emeralds float above him] All of it...

[Black Doom emerges out of the ground in front of Shadow]

Black Doom: Well done, Shadow... Our ritual can now commence as planned. Give me the Chaos Emeralds.
Sonic & friends: Shadow!
Shadow: Huh? [Turns around]
Sonic: Shadow, give me the Chaos Emeralds!
Eggman: Do not give the Emeralds to Black Doom, Shadow!
Rouge: They're planning to destroy the planet!
Black Doom: Hahaha... Ignorant fools. We're here to save the humans from their own demise. We offer... salvation.

[Camera turns to Shadow]

Shadow: What?

[Camera zooms in on Black Doom from the corner of the Emeralds]

Black Doom: Their greed, thirst for power and affinity for betrayal has them on a path of self-destruction. Their actions will lead to extinction of their species. We're here to save them from themselves... with our perfect order...

[Camera slides between the characters before returning to Black Doom]

Black Doom: Allowing them to live through their desperate lives in peace. Humans are a great energy source for us... they will be well kept.
Shadow & others: Whaa?!

[Chaos Emeralds float over to Black Doom]

Black Doom: Let us begin our ritual of prosperity. Chaos...Control!

[Black Doom uses a massively powerful Chaos Control, covering everything in a white light]

Shadow: This can't be happening!

Cutscene #3

[Above the Earth in space, the Black Comet is seen. It blinks out in a green light and appears again on above surface of the planet, over top of a city. The Black Comet then shoots out roots which burrow into the planet.]

Cutscene #4

[Inside the Black Comet]

Amy: What was that? What just happened?
Sonic: Those black creatures just warped the comet down to the surface using Chaos Control!
Rouge: No! That's impossible!
Shadow: That's why you needed the Chaos Emeralds.
Black Doom: Hahahaha... precisely. The comet's velocity isn't powerful enough to pass through another planet's atmosphere. The Emeralds amplify the space-time control powers of Chaos Control. We need them to charge to full power. It's the perfect plan. That's why I needed the professor to help me...
Shadow: What?!
Eggman: That's insane!

Cutscene #5

[Flashback, onboard the Space Colony ARK. Gerald Robotnik and Black Doom stand near a tube with Shadow inside it]

Black Doom: [Voice-over] The professor was in development of the ultimate life force but he needed my help. So we made a deal... I helped him and he promised to deliver me the SEVEN Chaos Emeralds. That's how you were created, Shadow. You would help us do both!

Cutscene #6

Shadow: Me!? I can't believe it! [Kneels down in shock]
Eggman: That can't be! He betrayed his own people for research!? For Black Doom?
Sonic: Big deal... we can't just stand here doing nothing!
Knuckles: Yeah... let's do this! I'll crush that cosmic rock ball! [Strikes a pose, then stops moving]
Sonic: Knuckles! What's wrong? Ughhhh!

[Suddenly, everyone in the scene stop moving]

Black Doom: A special weapon... this gas, once released is quickly absorbed into your blood stream. In a moment, total paralysis will hit your nervous system. The end is near, now. Hahahahaha...

[Black Doom summons the Death Leeches]

Black Doom: Ahhh... my dear offspring... Eat and devour these savory dishes!

[Death Leeches move in on the paralyzed victims, many of which can be heard yelling at the creatures as they can't fight back against due to the paralysis from the gas]

Sonic & friends: Help me! Stop it! Back off, you slimeballs!

[Shadow remembers his journey]

Commander: [In flashback] I will avenge those whose blood has spilled!
Shadow: [In flashback] Did I... die?
Black Doom: [In flashback] That's why you were created...
Maria: [In flashback] Please help me, Shadow.

[Shadow opens his eyes and stands up, spotting a Death Leech and abruptly stomping on it]

Black Doom: What?
Shadow: I am Shadow the Hedgehog. I've left the past behind me. No one can tell me what to do now! I will destroy you, Black Doom!!
Black Doom: I gave you life and THIS is how you repay me! The irony of it all is... I gave you life... NOW I'll take it back! Hahahaha...

[Black Doom leaves, Shadow follows]

Rouge: Shadow...
Sonic: You're our only hope now!

Cutscene #7

[Shadow reaches Black Doom]

Black Doom: Well done, Shadow, You've gone farther than I expected... I'm impressed!

[Shadow walks towards Black Doom]

Black Doom: But you still don't understand, do you? The future we offer is the only option for these humans.
Shadow: I've heard enough! You're boring me to death, Black Doom! You're going down!
Black Doom: [Laughs] Such bravado for a little hedgehog! I thought you were different from the rest... but maybe not. We are more alike than you think... the same blood runs through our veins.
Shadow: This can't be... Uugghh... [Clutches head in pain and falls down] Just... who are YOU?
Black Doom: Don't you know? You were created from my blood...
Shadow: Wha... what!?
Black Doom: That's right... You are a part of me... do you feel that? I can control you... You can cannot escape me... nor can you escape your past! Hahahahaha...
Shadow: Damn you! NO, it's not true!

Cutscene #8

[Onboard the Space Colony ARK, Team Chaotix are hacking the ARK's database]

Charmy: Espio... are you in yet??
Vector: [Pushes Charmy away] Quiet, Charmy! Espio, we need you to focus 'cuz if we don't hurry all the data we recovered will be lost.
Espio: Easier said than done... who signed me up for this anyway?
Charmy: That's it... I'll do it... get out of the way!
Vector: Get back here you idiot!

[Charmy hits the computer very hard, causing it to work]

Chaotix: Hey it's working!

[The computer shows a video of Professor Gerald Robotnik]

Cutscene #9

[Inside the Black Comet, in front of Shadow and Black Doom]

Gerald (video): Shadow, my son.
Shadow: Professor...?
Black Doom: What is this!
Gerald (video): If you're listening to this then the worst has happened... you need to know the truth. The government plans to shut down this research facility.

Cutscene #10

[Inside the headquarters of Guardian Units of Nations]

Gerald (video): The government plans to cease all of our research... and imprison all who know about you. I made a terrible mistake, Shadow. It's all my fault... making contact with that comet.
Commander: Professor Gerald...?
Gerald (video): Now, listen very carefully...

Cutscene #11

[Inside the Black Comet. Sonic and his friends are still paralyzed.]

Gerald (video): In 50 years, the Black Comet will return... they plan to harness it's powers to destroy this planet! The only way to stop them... was to develop a way to use the very power they intended to use against them.
Eggman: That's it! It's brilliant!

Cutscene #12

[Inside the Black Comet, in front of Shadow and Black Doom]

Gerald (video): Shadow... it's up to YOU and only YOU can stop them! I developed the Eclipse Cannon... It's the only weapon that can destroy that Black Comet. Shadow, you are the only hope... to save mankind as we know it. The future of this planet depends on... YOU!

[Maria enters the video.]

Maria: Don't worry, grandfather. Shadow and I will protect this planet. Right, Shadow?
Black Doom: Gerald.. you fool!

[Videos disappears on Black Doom's order]

Black Doom: Shadow is already in my control... What's this?!

[Shadow stands up]

Black Doom: Well, well, well... seems like you're immune to my mind control.
Shadow: You have no control over me, Black Doom! I now understand why I am here... I made a promise and I'm here to keep it! Today, I put my past behind me!

[Shadow leaps up to kick Black Doom, but the alien disappears, leaving the Chaos Emeralds behind]

Black Doom: Have it your way, Shadow. So be it... be prepared to meet your maker! Your past, present and future ends here... TODAY! Prepare to die! Say goodbye Shadow as you witness my true wrath!

[Shadow uses the Chaos Emeralds to become Super Shadow and flies out of the Black Comet]

Cutscene #13

[Super Shadow stands on top of the Black Comet.]

Super Shadow: Only one thing left to do... [Flies to the bottom of the Black Comet] To put the past behind me!! Chaos... Control!!

[Super Shadow teleports the Black Comet into space. The Eclipse Cannon opens and fires at the comet, shattering it to pieces.]

Cutscene #14

[In Westopolis, Sonic and his friends watch the Black Comet's destruction]

Tails: YEAH... He did it! The Black Comet is destroyed!
Sonic: Shadow... That was SWEET!
Rouge: I hope he's OK.
Amy: I'm sure he's fine, Rouge. After all, he is Shadow!
Eggman: How about giving me back those Chaos Emeralds now?
Knuckles: Hey, get back here you creep!

[Knuckles begins chasing after Eggman while the others watch, laughing]

Cutscene #15

[Inside the GUN headquarters, personnel at the various consoles are raising their arms and cheering in victory as the monitors show the destruction of the Black Comet]

President: How ironic... After the way we all treated him, he save us all in the end. We were all wrong about the professor.
Commander: ...
President: Let us pay homage to Professor Gerald. Let's work to ensure peace and prosperity for a brighter future! What do you say, Commander?
Commander: Excellent idea, Mr. President.

Cutscene 16

[Inside the Space Colony ARK, Shadow holds an old picture of Maria and Gerald Robotnik]

Shadow: Goodbye forever... Shadow the Hedgehog.

[Shadow throws away the picture while walking away]

[Cue end credits with "Never Turn Back" by Crush 40 playing]

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