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This article pertains to the beta elements from Shadow the Hedgehog.

Unused sprites

Image Notes
An early menu screen is found in 003_gamemenu, with Expert Mode being called "Hard Mode" and a "Race Mode" being listed but was not implemented in the final version of the game.
  • The different Gamecube X Button.png & Gamecube Y Button.png present are just placeholder images.
Found in /cdsFiles/BattleMode.txd in the Xbox version of the game is an early version of the Battle Mode.
  • The text for "Battle Mode" is black but is light gray in the final version.
  • The placeholder images present are images of Glyphic Canyon.
  • A blue colored version of a Shadow Android can be seen as a sprite in the file, which is unseen in the final version of the game.
  • The sprite of the yellow version of a Shadow Android is present in the file, but is seen with a mustache and tie.
Found in 000_sega is the main Sega logo in red rather than the blue.
Shadow the Hedgehog Beta Elements.png
An unused "B Version" is found in the Main Menu's files.
Shadow the Hedgehog Beta Elements(1).png
An unused "Options" text, as the final version is capitalised.
Shadow the Hedgehog Beta Elements(2).png
The "Story Mode" and "Library" are out of proportion between the ones used in the final game, as the ones used are all capitalized.
Unused-mission sonic-01.png
Unused-mission sonic-02.png
There are eight unused mission icons relating to the Goal Rings/Chaos Emeralds.
  • The yellow Chaos Emerald for Digital Circuit and Goal Ring icons are still used in-game. However, they do not appear on the top left/right corner of the screen.
  • The Goal Ring almost looks as similar to the Rings icons for Tails' mission, but there are close differences compared side-by-side.
  • The Goal Ring's Mission icon is different than the one used in the pause menu, mostly the shading.
  • Knuckles has an icon of himself, but for reasons unknown. In the final game, the only character icon that exists is Sonic's.
Unused-mission sonic-03.png
Unused-mission rouge-01.png
Unused-mission rouge-02.png
Unused-mission omega-01.png
Unused-mission knuckles-01.png
Unused-mission vector-01.png
Shadow the Hedgehog Type0 GUN Soldier.png
Three unused variants of GUN Soldier palettes are normally unseen. One is shown in Digital Circuit, a stage normally housing only Gun Beetles, while the other two appear to be housed in Air Fleet which had GUN soldiers planned but were removed in the final build.
Shadow the Hedgehog Type3 GUN Soldier.png
Shadow the Hedgehog Type5 GUN Soldier.png

Unused objects

Hexagon object

Object filename, "SETObj", is unused. However, it has a full model, texture, animation, and game behavior coded for it. "setid.bin" has no stages linked to this object. However the data for the object can be found in Mad Matrix, labeled "WAKKA". The object is a large hollow hexagon that spins at a fixed rate. It resembles the hexagons found on the circuit paths, but much larger. There is no player collision with this object, suggesting it may have been decorative.


An unused tank is found in the game's files. The object is fully functional, just unfinished. It was meant to be a flippable object, as the player can grab it from the bottom as flip it, although the object flips awkwardly weird. There is even voice evidence of Doom's Eye and Knuckles talking about this object. According to their files, the tank seemed to have been planned for Central City. Where the object would have been placed would probably be next to one of the Black Oaks in the stage, acting similar to one of the flippable objects in Cosmic Fall.

Tanks do make a minor appearance during one of The ARK's cutscenes. It is unknown if this object is related to the scrapped tank vehicle Egg Monitor references in Iron Jungle's secret room.

Clip Character Transcript
Doom's Eye Move that piece of junk out of our way.
Knuckles We should be able to flip this tank back over by pushing on it.

Unused audio

Orange Light Frame

An unused "SETObj" is referred to by all of the characters in unused voice clips, except Maria. Its files are not present in the game. The voice lines exist in the "PRS_VOICE_E.afs" file, retrieved from the GameCube US version of the game. Stages that do not refer to this object are Lethal Highway, Central City, The Doom, The ARK, Lost Impact, The Last Way, and all of the boss stages. The object in question appears to function in a similar manner to a Dash Ring.

Clip Character Stage Transcript
Shadow All stages without reference "If I speed up and jump through that light frame, I can get some good distance."
Sonic Westopolis, Final Haunt "Get your speed up and jump within that orange frame and you'll get some serious air!"
Doom's Eye All stages as Shadow except Cryptic Castle, Circus Park, Iron Jungle and Lava Shelter "Run at high speed and jump within the frame of light ahead."
Rouge Digital Circuit, Death Ruins, GUN Fortress "Jumping within that orange frame at high speed will enable you to get an especially long jump."
Knuckles Glyphic Canyon, Black Comet "Run into that orange square and jump! If you time it right, you'll get extra distance!"
Amy Cryptic Castle "Run fast and jump inside that orange border to go really far!"
Dr. Eggman Cryptic Castle, Circus Park, Sky Troops, Iron Jungle, Lava Shelter "Jump with all your might inside of that orange frame!"
Charmy Prison Island "Run and jump inside of that orange square to get a super-big jump!"
Tails Circus Park, Air Fleet "If you run up and jump inside of that orange frame, you'll get a lot more distance than usual."
Omega Iron Jungle, Lava Shelter "Maintain high speed and jump within the orange frame to achieve a long-distance jump."
Espio Mad Matrix "That orange light frame up ahead will let you jump really far. All you have to do is to time your jump!"
Vector Cosmic Fall "That orange frame up ahead will send you out on a long jump if you run up and jump inside it!"

Sonic and Diablon

According to the voice clips, Sonic was going to have a health bar in his boss fight alongside the Diablon.

Clip Character Stage Transcript Activation
Doom's Eye GUN Fortress "Destroy both that weapon and that blue hedgehog!" Automatic Boss Hint #5 (Timer)
Sonic "No way...!" Diablon is defeated first
Sonic *Grunt sounds* Unknown
Commander "You won't get away with that, Shadow! It's time for you to meet GUN's ultimate weapon!" Sonic is defeated first
"No! Diablon is supposed to be impervious to attacks!" Diablon receives damage for the first time
Final Haunt "No! Diablon is supposed to have the perfect defense!" Diablon receives damage for the first time (scrapped/early text)
Doom's Eye GUN Fortress "Good! Now, destroy that weapon!" Sonic is defeated first
"Good! Now, eliminate that hedgehog!" Diablon is defeated first

GUN Soldiers in Air Fleet

The GUN Soldiers make several quotes when they appear in-game. However, several unused voice clips prove that they were planned to be seen in Air Fleet as well, as they mention protecting the President's escape pod. They never show up in the final version of the game.

Clip Transcript
"Terrorist attack at aerial point 0501."
"We are engaging black aliens on board."
"Have any other entry points been compromised?"
"They're trying to destroy the escape pod."
"The President should be all right."
"Send out the cannon vehicle!"
"Do not let this ship fall into enemy hands."
"Protect the President's escape pod."
"This is our ship, men. Hold your ground!"

Losing Rings

These are clips pertaining to a Hint Ring that would have told the player that they will lose ten Rings upon getting hit, or lose a life when there are none. Doom's Eye does explain about this in the E3 Demo, but the quote is different compared to the one in the final game. Omega, Vector, and Maria do not seem to have any files related to this voice clip, suggesting it was not meant to appear in The Doom, Iron Jungle, Lost Impact, Lava Shelter, or Cosmic Fall.

Clip Character Transcript
Shadow "I lose ten Rings every time I'm hit. Gotta make sure that I don't run out of Rings."
Sonic "If attacked, you'll lose ten rings. Be extra careful when you're out of Rings."
Doom's Eye "Do not run out of Rings, Shadow! Only death awaits you if you are hit without any in hand."
Rouge "You lose ten Rings if you get hit. If you run out of Rings, taking a hit will really ruin your day."
Knuckles "Taking damage means you'll lose ten Rings. Be careful that you don't get hit if you don't have any."
Amy "It's all over for you if you get hit and you're out of Rings. Makes sure to be careful."
Dr. Eggman "Without Rings, you'll be completely defenseless. Make sure you don't run out."
Charmy "If you're all out of Rings, you need to be extra, extra, careful."
Tails "If you get hit, you'll lose ten Rings. Make sure not to get hit when you run out."
Espio "Rings will keep you from getting injured. Make sure to hang onto some at all times."

Command Window

None of the characters talk about the Command Window in the final game, but they do talk about the Mission Window.

Clip Character Transcript
Shadow "The Command Window in the lower-right hand corner of the screen shows what actions I can do."
Sonic "Check out the Command Window in the lower-right hand corner to see what actions you can perform."
Doom's Eye "The window in the lower-right hand corner shows the moves, weapons, and vehicles at your disposal."
Dr. Eggman "The window in the lower-right hand corner lets you check special actions, weapons, and vehicles."

Charging the Gauge

Characters explaining how to charge one of the gauges during their respective boss battles with Shadow.

Clip Character Transcript Notes
Shadow "The space-time powers of Chaos Control should let me stop this thing from moving!" Likely was not used because all the boss fights in the game contain one partner for Shadow to guide and assist, in which the partner is usually the one mentioning the explanations. The only boss Shadow fights without partners by his side is Devil Doom, though other characters' voices and tips can still be heard.
Sonic "Charge your gauge by attacking Eggman, then use Chaos Control!" Although Sonic meets Eggman, he is never seen to fight him with Shadow in the main game.
Doom's Eye "Attack the enemy to awaken the dark power within you, and then unleash Chaos Blast to destroy everything."
Rouge "Keep hitting him to charge up your gauge, and then use Chaos Control to alter the flow of time."
Knuckles "Charge up your gauge by hitting him, and then you can use Chaos Control to alter the flow of time." Most likely referring to the Egg Dealer since Black Doom's boss fight is not encountered with Knuckles.
Amy "Keep hitting Eggman until your gauge is full. Then you can use Chaos Control."
Omega "Charge the Hero Gauge. Utilize Chaos Control to activate temporal slowdown."
Espio "Charge up your gauge and use the power of justice to unleash Chaos Control to slow the flow of time."
Vector "If you charge up your gauge, then the power of Chaos Control should freeze the enemy in its tracks."

Chaos Control

None of the characters explain more information about Chaos Control, even though these features are true in the game.

Clip Character Transcript Notes
Shadow "I can't risk losing track of my objectives by using Chaos Control too recklessly." Since Shadow is basically heading towards the Goal Ring most of the time, there really is no need for both this and the next quote below.
Shadow "I can press the PSObutton.png/Gamecube X Button.png/XboxB.png button to stop the teleporting when I get to where I need to be."
Sonic "Don't go to nuts when using Chaos Control or you might overshoot your target."
Sonic "Press the PSObutton.png/Gamecube X Button.png/XboxB.png button to stop where you need to."
Doom's Eye "Using the teleportation power of Chaos Control gives a possibility of losing sight of your targets."
Doom's Eye "Be cautious on your surroundings and press the PSObutton.png/Gamecube X Button.png/XboxB.png button to stop where necessary."
Rouge "Chaos Control can be very easy to overshoot an objective. So be careful, okay?"
Rouge "When you come across a target, press the PSObutton.png/Gamecube X Button.png/XboxB.png button to stop." The only way the player can overshoot an objective with Rouge is in Death Ruins as both Digital Circuit and GUN Fortress just head straight for the Goal Ring.
Knuckles "When you're using Chaos Control, it can be really easy to go too far too fast. So keep your eyes peeled."
Knuckles "Press the PSObutton.png/Gamecube X Button.png/XboxB.png button if you need to stop someplace."
Amy "When you're using Chaos Control, watch out. You might end up going so fast that you'll miss something." It's almost impossible to obtain Chaos Control in Cryptic Castle.
Amy "If you need to stop, just press the PSObutton.png/Gamecube X Button.png/XboxB.png button to cancel."
Dr. Eggman "Using Chaos Control might cause you to slip up and miss the targets I've set for you."
Dr. Eggman "Press the PSObutton.png/Gamecube X Button.png/XboxB.png button to stop before you accidentally go too far."
Charmy "Hey, you know your super fast Chaos Control move?"
Charmy "If you come across a disc, when using it, press the PSObutton.png/Gamecube X Button.png/XboxB.png button to stop yourself, okay?"
Tails "Chaos Control let's you move super fast. So make sure you don't end up going further than you'd like."
Tails "When you get near a target, press the PSObutton.png/Gamecube X Button.png/XboxB.png button to cancel your teleport."
Omega "Use of Chaos Control presents a risk of losing track of targets!"
Omega "Press the PSObutton.png/Gamecube X Button.png/XboxB.png button to cancel movement, when target is acquired."
Espio "Chaos Control is optimal for getting yourself in between the towers."
Espio "Press the PSObutton.png/Gamecube X Button.png/XboxB.png button to stop when your over your destination."
Maria "The power of Chaos Control granted to you by my grandfather should be used with great care."
Maria "Press the PSObutton.png/Gamecube X Button.png/XboxB.png button to stop some place so that you don't accidentally miss something."

Lock-on weapons

The lock-on weapons, such as the Big Worm Shooter and 8-Shot RPG, would have had their own dialogue for using them.

Clip Character Transcript
Shadow "For weapons that lock-on, hold down the PSSquareButton.png/SNNBGAMECUBEDISCO.png/XboxX.png button to sight them in and then release it to fire."
Doom's Eye "Hold the PSSquareButton.png/SNNBGAMECUBEDISCO.png/XboxX.png button to lock on a target then release to fire."
Rouge "For lock-on weapons like that, hold the PSSquareButton.png/SNNBGAMECUBEDISCO.png/XboxX.png button to set your aim and then release it to fire."
Knuckles "Hold down the PSSquareButton.png/SNNBGAMECUBEDISCO.png/XboxX.png button and then aim your attack."
Dr. Eggman "Hold the PSSquareButton.png/SNNBGAMECUBEDISCO.png/XboxX.png button to lock that weapon's sights on a target and then release to fire."
Omega "Auto-lock projectiles can be used by pressing the PSSquareButton.png/SNNBGAMECUBEDISCO.png/XboxX.png button to sight and then releasing to fire."

Laser weapons

The laser weapons would have had their own dialogue for using them.

Clip Character Transcript Notes
Shadow Those optical weapons refract laser energy and scatter it in different directions. Interesting.
Sonic Those laser guns seem to be able to refract off the surface of things they hit.
Doom's Eye Our most elite soldiers carry optical refractor weapons that can strike multiple targets.
Knuckles Those lasers carried by the giants bounce off things. Be careful and watch out. It seemed like the Dark Oaks would have also had a laser gun.
Vector Watch out, those laser blasts can bounce off of walls! Try grabbing one for yourself if you can!

Steel Containers

Steel Containers are found throughout the game, but none of the characters bother explaining about it not being able to be broken or lifted.

Clip Character Transcript
Shadow I don't think I can break this.
Shadow I don't think I can pick this up.
Sonic There's no way you'll be able to smash that container.
Sonic That container is way to heavy to lift.
Doom's Eye That box cannot be broken, leave it.
Doom's Eye You are not strong enough to lift that box, leave it.
Rouge This container seems different from the others. I don't think it's breakable.
Rouge That container is too heavy to lift.
Knuckles You might as well just give up trying to break that container.
Knuckles That container is too heavy to lift.
Amy I don't think that container is going to break.
Dr. Eggman That box is too tough, just leave it alone.
Dr. Eggman That box looks rather heavy, forget about trying to lift it.
Tails That container seems indestructible.
Tails That container is extremely heavy. I don't think there's anyway to lift it.
Omega Indestructible container detected.
Charmy This thing's tough, I don't think you can break it!
Charmy That box is way too heavy. Just leave it there.
Maria This container is very sturdy. It seems that you won't be able to break it.
Maria That container is too heavy. I don't think you can lift it.
Espio This container is too strong to break.
Espio The box looks really heavy. There is no way you're going to be able to lift it.
Vector Looks like this container can't be broken.
Vector That container looks heavy. I bet you won't be able to lift it.

Wall running Red Slime

At one point in development, the player would have had to wall run to use the Red Slime on the wall. Although there is still Red Slime on the walls in the final game, none of the streams are alongside any walls Shadow can run on. It is possible this idea was scrapped due to difficulty reasons. Amy is the only one, besides Espio and Maria, who do not have this voice clip, suggesting that this feature was not planned to be in Cryptic Castle. However, Omega has the clip, suggesting it would have been used for Iron Jungle and/or Lava Shelter.

Clip Character Transcript
Shadow "It looks like I can use the red paths along the walls by pressing the PSObutton.png/Gamecube X Button.png/XboxB.png Button when wall running."
Sonic "You should be able to use the red paths while running by pressing the PSObutton.png/Gamecube X Button.png/XboxB.png Button."
Doom's Eye "You can use your dark Spin Dash on red streams that run along the walls by pressing the PSObutton.png/Gamecube X Button.png/XboxB.png Button."
Rouge "The red streams on the wall work like the others. Just press the PSObutton.png/Gamecube X Button.png/XboxB.png Button while wall running."
Knuckles "I think you can use the red paths on the wall by pressing the PSObutton.png/Gamecube X Button.png/XboxB.png Button while running along them."
Dr. Eggman "You can use the red streams on the wall by pressing the PSObutton.png/Gamecube X Button.png/XboxB.png Button when wall running."
Charmy "You can use the red slime while wall running by using the PSObutton.png/Gamecube X Button.png/XboxB.png button to zip right through it."
Tails "You can use the red liquid while wall running by using the PSObutton.png/Gamecube X Button.png/XboxB.png Button. Why not give it a try?"
Omega "Red areas on wall services can be used by pressing the PSObutton.png/Gamecube X Button.png/XboxB.png Button while running along the wall."
Vector "You can use the slime pathways on the wall by pressing the PSObutton.png/Gamecube X Button.png/XboxB.png Button when running past them."

Fans requiring Switches

None of the Fans in the game require a Switch to turn on, not to mention that most of the characters do not run into any Fans in the stages. Cryptic Castle features the only Fan that gets switched off, but requires the player to defeat both the Egg Pawns in order of it to turn on (in Expert Mode, the player just needs to find Cheese).

Clip Character Transcript
Shadow "I think I can turn this Fan on by activating some kind of Switch."
Sonic "It looks like that Fan isn't turned on."
Doom's Eye "Find the Switch to activate the wind current here."
Rouge "If you find the Switch, you can turn that Fan on."
Knuckles "Those propellers can probably be started with some type of Switch."
Amy "That Fan looks like it's been switched off."
Dr. Eggman "You need to turn on the Switch to this Fan."
Tails "Looks like you need to find a Switch to start that Fan."
Maria "That air condition unit won't turn on till you find a Switch."
Omega "Activate Fan by detecting the proper Switch."
Vector "It doesn't look like that Fan is switched on."

Heal Units

There are three quote descriptions about the Heal Units. Although the first one can be heard in Lethal Highway for Shadow, Sonic, and Doom's Eye, the other two are never heard. Maria also reacts to the Heal Units, but only the Heal Unit Server.

Clip Character Transcript
Shadow "Anyone who gets hit with this will temporarily lose their will to fight."
"Using Heal Units is perfect to avoid unnecessary fighting."
Sonic "People hit by a Heal Unit will be stunned and won't be able to fight for a time."
"If you don't have the urge to fight someone that's bugging you, just throw that capsule at them."
Doom's Eye "There is a component to this medicine that suppresses human's violent instincts."
"If my soldiers become to aggressive against you, just use a Heal Unit to suppress them."
Rouge "That's a Heal Unit. It has the ability to restore not only living things but robots as well."
"While being healed by a Heal Unit, they immediately lose their will to fight."
"Another useful purpose for the Heal Unit is to avoid engaging the enemy."
Knuckles "Throwing this at someone will heal them from any aliment."
"Being hit by a Heal Unit makes someone lightheaded and unwilling to fight."
"A Heal Unit's soothing powers can help you avoid fighting an opponent that you want to slip past."
Amy "If you toss this to an injured person, it'll heal them in no time."
"When a person is healed by a Heal Unit, they also lose their will to fight."
"When you don't want to fight an enemy, throw a Heal Unit at them. Then just sneak past them."
Dr. Eggman "That light capsule seems to have the power to heal people."
"This capsule doesn't just heal people, it also has a soothing effect on the self conscious."
"Using Heal Units to distract enemies can be a very helpful tactic when you're in a rush."
Charmy "Give this to someone who's hurt and it'll heal them."
"When someone is healed by a heal unit, they also get really calm for a while."
"Use a heal unit to stun people, and then you can run pass them without fighting."
Tails "This is a Heal Unit. It can heal anyone if you toss it at them."
"Being hit by a Heal Unit causes a person's vitals to drop and makes them lose the will to fight."
"Even if someone isn't injured, you can still use a Heal Unit to stun them so there's no need to fight."
Maria "That's a Heal Unit. If you throw it to someone that's wounded, it will heal them immediately."
"Heal Units do not just heal wounds, they also have the effect of greatly calming someone down."
"By using Heal Units, you can incapacitate those GUN soldiers without hurting them."
Omega "This is a Heal Unit, which can restore both organic and mechanical entities."
"The Heal Unit's side effect suppresses one's aggressive instincts."
"Use a Heal Unit to avoid enemy confrontation."
Vector "That's a heal unit! Toss it at an injured person and they'll recover immediately."
"In addition to its healing power, a heal unit also takes the person's willingness to fight."
"Even if someone's not injured, you can still use a heal unit to suppress their will to fight."

Gun Beetle's bombs

At one point in development, the Gun Beetles would have dropped bombs that the player could pick up and throw at enemies.

Clip Character Transcript
Shadow "I can use those bombs that the GUN robots are dropping."
Sonic "Pick up the bombs that the robots are dropping and use them at the black creatures."
Doom's Eye "Hmph! A high powered weapon. Shadow, destroy it from a distance and take its weapons."
Rouge "The bombs that the Gun Beetles drop have time detonation. So try to pick them up and use them yourself."
Dr. Eggman "You can pick the GUN robot's bombs before they explode and throw them back at them."
Charmy "That robot is giving out free bombs. Help yourself Shadow."
Tails "If you get to the Gun Beetles' bombs before they explode, you can pick them up and use them yourself."
Maria "It's a bit dangerous, but you can pick up the GUN sentry robot's bombs before they explode."

Shadow getting locked-on

There are quotes for what to do if the player gets locked on from an enemy. Omega does not seem to have this clip so it could be that this quote would have not been in Iron Jungle.

Clip Character Transcript
Shadow "That GUN robot is equipped with an automatic tracking missile."
Sonic "If that GUN robot locks onto you with its weapons, you've got to shake them off."
Doom's Eye "If that bipedal mech gets a lock on you, do not panic. Just concentrate on avoiding impact."
Rouge "That GUN robot is equipped with automatic tracking missiles. If it locks on, do your best to evade."
Knuckles "That GUN robot fires tracking missiles after a while. If it locks onto you, don't come near me!"
Dr. Eggman "That robot's auto-target missiles are highly accurate. Watch your step and don't slip up."
Charmy "That tough robot shoots missiles that won't leave you alone."
Tails "That GUN robot is armed with a auto-tracking missile system."
Maria "If you're targeted by a GUN missile, don't worry about me. Just run."
Vector "That robots' missiles follow their target. Watch where it's going and do your best to dodge."

Black Birds

Characters warning Shadow about either the Black Birds or Black Hawks when attacking.

Clip Character Transcript
Shadow "Those black birds are heading this way."
Sonic "Look out! That pack of Black Birds is dive bombing their way towards us!"
Doom's Eye "Do not underestimate them. They are far more than mere birds."
Rouge "Those black birds are hurtling themselves right at us. So look out."
Knuckles "Those Bird-like creatures are flying straight toward us! Get out of the way!"
Amy "Those bird monsters, they're coming right for us! Look out!"
Dr. Eggman "Those Black Birds are trying to reek havoc. Take them out now while you still can."
Tails "Those Black Birds are coming in on a High Speed Collision Course, watch out!"
Espio "Those black birds are doing everything they can to get in your way."
Vector "Those bird monsters are coming in on a dive bombing run. Don't let them get you."

Black Oak's description

Three quotes for each character, except Maria, Charmy, Rouge, Espio, and Omega, explaining how to defeat and dodge the Dark Oak. It seems that there were also weak points, such as the head and knee. However, anywhere around its body makes no difference.

Clip Character Text
Shadow When he swings his sword sideways, he'll be off balance.
I can avoid that hammer attack by jumping.
He looks vulnerable right after he attacks.
Sonic Shadow, when this big guy swings its sword to the side, he loses some of his footing!
Jump up to avoid that thing's hammer attack!
Shadow, after the giant attacks, that's your chance to counter!
Doom's Eye Our giant's swordsman has only one weakness. When he swings horizontally, his feet are vulnerable.
Do not get caught in our giant's attack. Stay out of his way and jump.
After the giant attacks, there is a brief opening to strike its knee. These pathetic humans are helpless.
Knuckles Go for the head, that's its weak point!
This big guy ends up off balance after swinging its sword sideways!
Jump to avoid the giant's hammer attack!
Dr. Eggman My analysis shows that when the giant swings his sword sideways, you have a clear shot at his feet.
It seems all you need to do is simply jump to avoid being hit by that giant's hammer.
According to my analysis, after the giant swings his weapon, he's vulnerable to attack.
Tails Shadow, when the alien sword giant swings his sword horizontally, that's your chance to hit him down low!
Shadow, you can avoid the giant's hammer attack by jumping!
Shadow, after the giant takes a big swing, that's your chance!
Vector When the giant swings its sword sideways, that's your chance to attack his feet!
Shadow! Jump to avoid the giant's hammer attack!
You have a chance to hit him right after he calms down. The great detective triumphs again!

Black Assassin's Refractor

Clip Character Text
Shadow I need to figure out the trajectory of that Laser Weapon.
Sonic He's using his refractor laser to sneak in his shots at us! Keep a sharp eye, Shadow!
Doom's Eye The refractor is our ultimate weapon, designed for our elite troops to strike from blind spots.
Knuckles That weapon he's using takes a second to aim. Use that time to figure out how to dodge it!

Air Saucer

Clip Character Text
Shadow I can steal that vehicle if I knock that creature off.
Sonic How about jacking that Black Creature's vehicle for a little joyride, what do you say?
Doom's Eye If you want to use one of our soldiers' Air Saucers, you will have to take it by force.
Rouge Shadow, try hijacking that Black Arm's flying device.
Knuckles If you can knock those aliens of they're vehicles, I think we can use them.
Eggman What are you holding back for? Knock out the alien and take it's flying disc for yourself.
Charmy Hey, no fair! I wanna ride on the flying disc too.
Tails I think you can probably use the vehicles, the Black Creatures are riding.
Vector Knock out the alien riding on the flying disc and take it for yourself.

Carrying the Killer Plant

According to these voice clips, the player could at one point carry the seed of the Killer Plant after stunning it. However, it just sits there, besides coming back out again. In Prison Island, the player could either throw the seed into enemies or throw it into one of the cells. However, even if this was used, the enemies are nowhere near the plant. Unless the player decides to not mess with the enemies, there is really no way for the player to do this action. As for the cells, they are too tall for any object to be throw inside.

Clip Level Character Text
Both Doom's Eye If the Killer Plant is stunned, it becomes a seed where upon it can spawn again elsewhere.
Prison Island Doom's Eye Throw the plant seed at the GUN soldiers.
Prison Island Charmy That scary plant turns into a seed that you can pick up, if you defeat it.
Prison Island Charmy Throw the plant seed into the prison cell.
Death Ruins Rouge When that plant is stunned, it turns into a seed. It looks like you can pick it up.

Boss wait quotes

If the player stands still long enough, without getting hit, a quote will be said by the character. There are quotes for boss battles too. While some can be heard without any problems, others are almost impossible to be heard. Although Chaos Blast/Chaos Control increases the chances slightly, it is only for a limited time or it is not possible to even get one at all. The only way the player can listen to these quotes in-game easily is by hacking.

Clip Boss Character Text
Black Bull Rouge I wonder what tomorrow has in store for us?
Black Bull Rouge What a repulsive creature.
Egg Breaker Amy Go and show that stupid robot who's boss!
Egg Breaker Amy This place give me the creeps...
Heavy Dog Doom's Eye Behold! Human greed!
Heavy Dog Doom's Eye Now do you remember? This is what human beings truly are.
Blue Falcon Doom's Eye Smash that pathetic weapon to pieces!
Blue Falcon Doom's Eye What is it that these humans really hope to accomplish?
Sonic & Diablon (GUN Fortress) Doom's Eye Heh! So this is mankind's most powerful weapon?
Sonic & Diablon (GUN Fortress) Doom's Eye Now, deliver swift judgement on them!
Sonic & Diablon Doom's Eye Worthless organism!
Sonic & Diablon Doom's Eye Finish him off!

Unused hurt quotes

In gameplay, none of the side characters who float in the air (Doom's Eye, Egg Monitor and Charmy) can get hurt whatsoever. However, all three characters still have voice clips accocited to when they are hit in gameplay.

Clip Character Text
Doom's Eye Rgh!
Eggman Ahh!
Charmy Ugh!

Obtaining an item

In the final game, the characters can automatically grab an item for the player, but they say nothing when doing it. However, in the early version of the game, the characters have voice clips assigned to this action:

Clip Character Text
Sonic Yes!
Doom's Eye Hmph!
Rouge Mmhmm.
Knuckles Yeah!
Amy Alright!
Eggman Got it!
Charmy I'll take that!
Tails Got it!
Maria Alright!
Omega Item obtained!
Espio Ok!
Vector Aha!


Clip Text Notes
Sonic: I can't believe those creatures are doing this!

Doom's Eye: Let the humans feel our wrath!

Most likely meant for the beginning, which the player cannot backtrack to.
Sonic: It looks like the GUN have taken possession of the Chaos Emerald.

Doom's Eye: Those human fools! They'll surrender the Chaos Emerald soon enough.

The Black Warrior is the one who has the Chaos Emerald that is locked up in a cage.

Sonic: Those aliens may think they're tough by using those lasers, but we'll have the last laugh.

Doom's Eye: Our laser barrage has those humans on their knees! Victory is ours.

Sonic: Watch out for those lasers!

Doom's Eye: Don't get near our lasers!

Seems like an early voice clip warning the player about the lasers
Sonic: GUN is engaged in combat with the black creatures.

Doom's Eye: Our soldiers are primed to take this area. Help them destroy those humans!

Shadow: I think I can use those footholds on the wall.

Sonic: Try getting onto those footholds, on the wall, before the lasers destroy them! Doom's Eye: Use those steps before the lasers target and destroy them.

Possibly relating to one of the secret keys.
Shadow: Hmm... I've gotta hurry or I won't make it.

Sonic: Shadow, you need to get across before it collapses. Doom's Eye: Shadow, hurry! Just don't stand there.

It seemed that a pathway would have to be made as soon as possible before getting destroyed.

Glyphic Canyon

Clip Text Notes
Shadow: That must be the Chaos Emerald that Knuckles mentioned.

Doom's Eye: Where are you going? You have been ordered to reawaken our temple! Knuckles: Hey, that's my Emerald! Wait, we still haven't taken care of those aliens who stole it!

None of these clips get used when the player gets near the Goal Ring.
Doom's Eye: Leave the human.

Knuckles: It looks like the alien's got'em.

Knuckles: These things give me the creeps. Most likely an early clip for the statues.
Doom's Eye: Use those bombs against the humans.

Knuckles: These bombs are a nuisance, find someplace to discard them!

It seems like the player could use either the bombs, like normal, or have the player somehow discard them.
Doom's Eye: Use your head and find a way.

Knuckles: That's one intense attack! I wonder if there's a practical use for that?

Shadow: This stone slab... There's a gap between it and the ground. Maybe I can use that to my advantage.

Doom's Eye: Those stone plates are part of our sacred temple! Do not touch them. Knuckles: You can flip those huge stone slabs and smash those aliens.

It seemed that Stone Slabs were once planned before being scrapped.

Lethal Highway

Clip Text Notes
Sonic: That vehicle is pretty tough. Personally, I wouldn't be caught dead in a car without windows. Relating to the Convertibles.
Sonic: GUN's blocked the road, just ignore them! Put the pedal to the metal and bust on through! Possibly related to the fences, before the fourth Checkpoint.
Doom's Eye: This is a Black Arms' transport. Do not worry, just go.
Sonic: Ah-ha! That tank just set a barrier up around itself. Supposed to be heard when the player first attacks the Black Tank.
Sonic: The barrier changes color as it weakens. Related to the Black Tank.
Sonic: If you get to close to the tank, it'll turn on it's thrusters and run you down! Watch out!

Doom's Eye: Maintain safe distance from the tank, or you'll risk injury.

The Black Tank does stop about twice, but it never does it constantly if that player gets up close.
Sonic: It looks like GUN has some Soldiers waiting in there.

Doom's Eye: A human military base, how quaint. Now, destroy it!

There seemed to be some small bases planned for Lethal Highway at one point.
Shadow: I can move this Slab of Roadway.

Sonic: Those slabs of road look movable. Doom's Eye: Hurl that slab at those human fools!

Talking about the slabs that Shadow can lift up and flip over. There is one next to a couple GUN Soldiers at the beginning, but the Hint Ring just tells the player how to lift it.
Shadow: I need to find someway to get up there.

Sonic: I think that something is up here. Doom's Eye: There is no time for detours. Continue moving forward.

Sonic: Alright, it's working! Keep going! The Black Tank taking some damage.
Sonic: It's getting weaker! The barrier's not gonna hold up forever! The Black Tanks when it has it's green shield.
Sonic: Just a little more, finish it off! The player almost defeating the Black Tank, having it with no shields left.

Cryptic Castle

Clip Text Notes
Amy: Oh, there's more of them! Relating to the ghost-like enemies.
Amy: Shadow, you can break through this door right?

Dr. Eggman: This door might be poorly made, but don't do anything to rash.

Related to the door at the beginning of the stage. However, it's impossible to get into it as the hint mark disappears. Although it is possible to glitch over the trigger, the Hint Ring is hardcoded to Shadow.

Prison Island

Clip Text Notes
Doom's Eye: Hahaha... The time has come for the soldiers to taste they're own medicine.
Doom's Eye: Human construction methods are sorely lacking.

Charmy: This is pretty neat. The jungle has grown together with the prison.

Doom's Eye: You need to take out the Soldiers first.
Charmy: I think you can still hit the bad guys in the cells from the outside.
Shadow: GUN has locked this door somehow.

Charmy: GUN's got this door locked.

The only thing that GUN locked is a cage. They never locked a door, as the one that is locked opens thanks to a Switch.
Shadow: If I can jump onto the GUN Panel over the river, I can get some distance.

Charmy: There's a jump panel over the river! I wonder where it will take you?

Doom's Eye: Use a weapon to shoot the cowards through those bars!

Charmy: Hey, how come the GUN soldiers are inside their own cells?

GUN is never inside their cells.
Charmy: Huh? Hey, did you see something shiny back there? Related to one of the top secret disks.

Circus Park

Clip Text Notes
Dr. Eggman: Ohohohoho!!!

Tails: Wah! Sigh, that scared the heck out of me.

Possibly related to the Roller Coasters?
Shadow: Looks like this room is another shooting gallery.

Dr. Eggman: Welcome to the special V.I.P. only shooting range! Here's your chance to get a bunch of Bonus Balloons! Tails: This is apperntly the VIP Shooting Gallery. It says "Bonus Balloon Bonanza" over there.

Relating to the Secret Door. However, it seemed that the secret room had a name too, as Tails said that the name of it is somewhere in the room. However, there is no sign or words that tell the area of the name said in-game.

Central City

Clip Text Notes
Doom's Eye: These smaller bombs were left here to distract the humans. Leave them. This quote would have played when Shadow gets near to the smaller bomb next to Knuckles at the beginning of the level. Although Knuckles mentions it, Doom's Eye does not.
Doom's Eye: Do you understand? The City Annihilator Bombs are only active for a few minutes. Shadow, you must set them off while the humans are distracted by the smaller bombs.

Knuckles: Like I mentioned before, the bombs will eventually detente. You need to disarm them before it's too late!

Possible quote about the time limit.
Doom's Eye: You have failed you mission! Supposed to play when the timer runs out.
Doom's Eye: These City Annihilator Bombs have been placed in high places around the city. Follow the beams of light, that the bombs are transmitting, and track them down! Do not delay. The 4th City Annihilator Bombs does not seem to be in a high place.
Knuckles: The whole area is covered with bombs, just what are these creatures planning to do?
Knuckles: It looks like all the citizens got out safely, but we still have to save the city!
Knuckles: I've seen a lot of ruins in my time, but this here takes the cake.
Shadow: As long as the large bomb doesn't take unsufficient impact, it won't detonate.

Doom's Eye: That is one of the City Annihilator Bombs. Detente it before it disarms. Knuckles: How stupid are those creeps? They forgot all about this huge bomb that's a dud.

None of the characters react to the first City Annihilator Bomb.
Doom's Eye: Pathetic humans. Why do they not concede the end of our existence?
Doom's Eye: The way that these humans exist on this miserable rock, how pathetic.
Doom's Eye: This is just the beginning. Now, the real invasion begins
Doom's Eye: Set off this City Annihilator Bomb while there is still time and humanity hopes disappear.
Knuckles: That Vacuum Gun can also suck up the gas those Black Creatures have released. It seemed that the gas would have been planned for this stage at one point.

The Doom

Clip Text Notes
Doom's Eye: Humanity creates things only to later destroy them. See what foolish creatures they are?

Maria: Oh no! How could they do this?

Reaction of what destruction happened in the Ark.
Doom's Eye: We are outside the residential area. Do not fall.

Maria: Power conduits run through on this side. The floor is exposed, so be careful.

Related to outside sections of the Ark.
Doom's Eye: In the end, the Ark is still the ultimate weapon
Maria: These bombs were invented here as well. They were created at low cost for peacekeeping purposes. Information on how the bombs were made.
Doom's Eye: Do not hesitate! Now go.
Doom's Eye: Those soldiers could come blasting through at any moment. Be on your guard.

Maria: GUN soldiers might blast though the walls again, so be on your guard.

The player runs into this more than once. It's unknown why this was never used.
Maria: I wonder if there are any Heal Units near by? Most of the Heal Units are close by, some being seen before the wounded researchers are found.
Maria: If there aren't any Heal Units near by, we can go back to the room where the Heal Unit server is. A similar, yet different, quote is used instead.

Sky Troops

Clip Text Notes
Doom's Eye: That is one of the foolish scientist's battleships, go! Use our turrets and blast him out of the sky! Like some objectives in other levels, Doom's Eye would have have told the player about the mission he needs to do. Since other quotes about it are used, this goes unused.
Doom's Eye: Where are you going, Shadow? That battleship is getting away! Similar to above. However, the Battleship cannot flee from the mission since there are five battleships and they are not chase sequences like the other ones, such as Air Fleet.

Mad Matrix

Clip Text Notes
Shadow: Ah!
Shadow: Looks like it's another color puzzle. Meant for the Yellow Tower. However, it doesn't play.
Doom's Eye: Go!

Espio: Hah!

Between these two, it's hard to know what this was intended to be used for.
Doom's Eye: The bombs are all outside! Go back.
Doom's Eye: How long to you intend to keep doing this? Find the exit.

Espio: So this is the inside of the Yellow Tower.

These quotes was most likely meant to be used, but they have different ones probably added by mistake.
Espio: I'm getting really dizzy here. I think I'm losing my touch.
Doom's Eye: Avoid the red defense wall.

Espio: Watch out for that red block!

Doom's Eye: Approaching defensive wall.

Espio: Another red block!

Doom's Eye: What is wrong? Can you not keep up with this pase?

Espio: Phew. I guess I'm a bit out of shape.

Shadow: I don't think I should step on that floor.

Doom's Eye: Do not touch that floor.

Espio: That floor looks booby trapped.

None of the floors have traps.
Doom's Eye: Touch these light panels so they are all the same color. Meant at the beginning of the stage. However, there is no way to get this as the Hint Mark vanishes when the first colored panel is done. Even if the player dies and respawns, with Doom's Eye, the area is locked up with no way to get in.
Shadow: This is the entry way to another Light Speed Circuit.

Doom's Eye: Use this electron corridor and look for the bombs.

Espio: We can hop on to another light corridor from here.

Death Ruins

Clip Text Notes
Doom's Eye: Some of our soldiers will remain here, keep moving!
Doom's Eye: Do not hesitate! Now go!

Rouge: The ruins continue along this side as well.

Shadow: There's something underneath this rubble.

Doom's Eye: Tear up this stone floor! Rouge: I think you can lift up parts of this floor. There's got to be stuff underneath.

Meant for the liftable objects.

The Ark

Clip Text Notes
Doom's Eye: That is one of our formations. Do not engage.
Doom's Eye: Do not hit any of the meteors.
Doom's Eye: The Black Volt can pulverize these space rocks.
Doom's Eye: Shoot and take out the barrier that is in our way. None of the barriers are in Shadow's way. Along with that, Doom's Eye usually tells the player to not waste time with them.
Doom's Eye: Do not fly too off course and avoid going in circles. Doom's Eye saying to try not to backtrack if the players misses a Defense Unit.
Doom's Eye: We can fly into the tunnel below. Possibly talking about the very last tunnel before the Goal Ring.
Doom's Eye: The accelerator devices will lead you on a different path. There seemed to be another path planned somewhere in the stage, possibly where the Dash Rings due to the words "Accelerator Devices" being mentioned.
Doom's Eye: Humans are approaching from below. Get the Black Volt ready to fire. The player would most likely see them immediately and start to attack before Doom's Eye even makes this quote.
Shadow: I need to find another one of those bird creatures to proceed ahead.

Doom's Eye: There should be a Black Volt in the area. Find it.

The player would've probably had to search for the Black Volt at one point. Due to how small the platforms are, it's not really hard to find one.

Air Fleet

Clip Text Notes
Doom's Eye: A human weapons depository. They have taken our army's possessions. They shall pay dearly for that.

Tails: This looks like a GUN's Weapons Cache. They've got alien weapons and vehicles stored too.

The Weapons Cache seemed to have vehicles and alien weapons at one point.
Doom's Eye: Jumping over those attacks should be no trouble. Relating to the Laser Turrets at the beginning of of the game, next to the locked door. The only way to get there, however, is with a well-time Spindash Jump on the side of the Checkpoint and then Triangle-Jumping on the way back.
Doom's Eye: Oh, our reinforcements have arrived.

Tails: Whoa!! Incoming Black Alien Gun Ship.

The Gun Ships, from the Black Comet stages, would have also appeared as enemy to defeat too.
Tails: Ah! They're firing at us from the sawed passage.
Doom's Eye: The Escape Pod seems to be heading for the lowest deck of this Battleship, do not let it get away.
Doom's Eye: Use one of our Air Saucers to proceed along this rail without getting hurt. Just like with the Laser Turrets, the same thing goes for the Air Saucer in the Secret Door.
Shadow: There's a space here between this grading and the floor, where I can slip my hands through.

Doom's Eye: Lift that grate off of the floor and use it to stop the humans. Tails: Do you think that you can lift that grading up?

There are only two of these objects in Air Fleet, but neither of them activate the quote probably because it just destroys the GUN Beetles, which Tails wants Shadow to avoid doing.
Shadow: I think this door opens with a switch.

Doom's Eye: There seems to be some device that'll open up this door. Tails: This door seems to be controlled by a switch.

None of the doors are controlled by a switch.

Iron Jungle

Clip Text Notes
Dr. Eggman: Watch this, Shadow! Witness my cannon as they annihilate those G.U.N. fools! It seems possible that at one point the Egg Balloon would aim directly at G.U.N. units and not just Shadow. In-game, G.U.N robots are immune to the Egg Balloon's projectiles and explosions.
Dr. Eggman: Ohohohohohoh! Look at those GUN fools burn, Shadow! This was probably scrapped as it being a little too violent, as the game was planned to be rated "T" before changing it. Even if this was used, there is no way G.U.N robots would be seen burning.
Dr. Eggman: Now hurry, Shadow. We don't have any time to waste! Since there is no actual time limit for the Dark mission, this clip may have been unnecessary other than to add more suspense to the stage.
Dr. Eggman: Don't worry. My robots have this door sealed shut.

Omega: Eggman's Robots have this door locked.

Different voice clip were used instead of these two.
Dr. Eggman: Get out of our way!
Dr. Eggman: The only way to get through this room is to take out all of my robots. Probably relating to the rooms with the elevator, which utilizes a different voice clip instead of this one.
Omega: Warning! Egg Balloon equipped with Bazooka! The Egg Balloon seems to be equipped with cannons rather than bazookas in the final game.
Omega: Incoming bombs from Egg Balloon. Take evasive action!
Omega: Egg Balloon's propulsion's system creating strong wind current. Must secure footing! It seemed that the propeller would have the same effects as a fan. Since the Egg Balloon would not make it to the player from behind, it goes unused. Along with that, there are no poles to hang onto during this action.
Omega: Fire those bombs at the Egg Balloon! Even if this was used, there is not enough distance for the bombs to reach the Egg Balloon.
Omega: Eggman robots incoming! Multiple attack formations detected!

Space Gadget

Clip Text Notes
Sonic: What's up? If you just sit there like that, the Emerald's mine. Meeting Sonic, in Space Gadget, a second time. It seems that the player would've met Sonic somewhere throughout the stage, just like all other characters. However, since this is a race, he is nowhere to be seen throughout the stage. (Same thing goes with the other one below)
Sonic: About time you got your engine up and running. Won't matter though, I'm still gonna win this race. Meeting Sonic, in Space Gadget, for a 3rd time.
Sonic: That Emerald's mine, Shadow. Choosing the mission in the Pause Menu. Shadow's quote, from the Neutral Mission, is played instead since both of them are basically the same thing except one is on a time limit.
Sonic: Come on! Catch me if you can. Possibly meant when switching to the character.
Doom's Eye: Your sense of up and down has been restored.
Doom's Eye: Our forces have already taken the area below. Do not mind them, press onward.
Doom's Eye: The Ark... Only Prof. Gerald can make an artificial planet, like this.
Doom's Eye: This is the source of the gravity switching device. Either Doom's Eye is talking about the device, the player touches to change gravity, or an actual power source for the devices to be funtional.
Shadow: Meteors are coming in from up ahead, I have to be sure I don't get hit.

Doom's Eye: Do not get hit by those meteors.

This would only fit at the end where the Chaos Emerald is.
Doom's Eye: The defensive barriers are preventing you from going any further. The Defense Units are never in Shadow's way.
Shadow: If I fall off here, then I'm space dust.

Doom's Eye: Do not fall here or you will vaporize in the Earth's atmosphere.

Shadow: I can use the monitor as a jumping point.

Doom's Eye: Use the display screen to proceed.

It is unknown what this would be since the monitors are used for Triangle Jumping.

Lost Impact

Clip Text Notes
Maria: Watch out for research experiments attacking from above. A different quote is used instead of this one in the final game.
Maria: Check the radar carefully, and track down the research experiments. The map would make it useless to search for the Artificial Chaos since they're not on there.
Maria: Research experiments keep on coming out from inside there. There seemed to be some sort of cluster of Artificial Chaos enemies the player would have to deal with. Instead, they are spread out everywhere.
Maria: Try destroying the device that the research experiments are coming out of. It seemed that there was some sort of spawner planned for Maria's mission in Lost Impact where the player would have to destroy the object the Artificial Chaos are continuously spawning out of. In the final game, this does not exist anywhere throughout the stage.

GUN Fortress

Clip Text Notes
Doom's Eye: Hmph! So the humans think they can surround us? Use that turret and destroy them.

Rouge: They're aiming at us from up above! How about you hop in that turret, and give them a little surprise?

There seemed to have been enemies planned above the player would have to shoot at in the turret.
Doom's Eye: This rail goes all the way down. Hold on tight to the pulley.

Rouge: It looks like that cargo transport rail is still operational. Grab onto the pulley and hang on.

None of the characters talk about the pulley.
Doom's Eye: The third point has been suppressed. After destroying the final node, the military might of this planet will be terminated It seemed that there were originally going to be four Mother Computers instead of just three.
Shadow: So, this is GUN's last remaining strong hold.

Rouge: This is a hangar for special military craft.

No such room exists.

Black Comet

Clip Text Notes
Doom's Eye: Be aware of the lasers above you.

Knuckles: Watch out for the laser beams, coming down from the ceiling!

It seemed that the Black Comet was going to have some laser beams, just like Westopolis.
Doom's Eye: My soldiers must've mistaken you for an intruder.

Knuckles: We're being shot at from above the bridge!

The third Checkpoint remains true for this quote. A similar one is true at the fifth Checkpoint, even though GUN is up there.
Knuckles: The Black Aliens have set the mines, they'll explode if you touch them. There are mines after the Black Slabs, but they aren't much of a huge threat.

Lava Shelter

Clip Text Notes
Dr. Eggman: Watch out for those jets of flame.

Omega: Flammable material detected. Warning!

Some fire rises from the ground but many of them do not harm Shadow.
Dr. Eggman: Get up onto the current through this exhaust duct.

omega: Use the thermal vents' gusts.

There's no exhaust ducts, nor currents. But there are fans.
Dr. Eggman: Those ledges have risen, along with the Lava.

Omega: These footholds are suspended due to the rise of the magma level.

Omega: Eggman's presence detected on radar. This way. Omega only appears at the beginning area of the stage and nowhere else. The only way to arrive here this is for the player to back track while grinding on the rails.
Dr. Eggman: This lava flow will prevent anyone from sneaking into my base!

omega: Another artificial cavern beyond here detected. Proceed.

At the very beginning of Lava Shelter if the Egg monitor is the active partner (thus replacing Shadow's intro line). Although normally unheard due to backtracking with the Egg Monitor an impossibility, this clip can be heard if glitches are used to restart at the beginning of the stage with the Egg Monitor as the already active partner.

Cosmic Fall

Clip Text Notes
Doom's Eye: The Ark is now crawling with Artificial Chaos. Do not give them any cause to attack you.

Vector: Man, these guys just won't quit!

Doom's Eye: Mmmm... You have failed me. Meant to play when the time runs out.
Vector: No, I'm to young to die! Although this clip is used, the voice line gets cut off after "No".
Doom's Eye: Grab hold of that bar!

Vector: Grab onto something, quickly!

There are no bars throughout the stage, not to mention there is not anything needed to grab onto at all.
Doom's Eye: You do realize what will happen if you were struct my those meteors?

Vector: Ah, stupid space rocks! Shadow, make sure they don't hit you!

There are no meteors in Cosmic Fall.
Doom's Eye: A shock-wave will raise the passage into position.

Vector: I think an explosive blast might knock this passage way into place.

A passage, probably the red door, would've had the player to throw a bomb, or some sort of explosion, at it to continue onward.
Doom's Eye: Do not be afraid of getting trapped by the door.

Vector: If that shutter closes on us, it's gonna hurt!

Likely talking about the red door, where the player could slide under. It would seem to function similarity to a Black Slab.
Doom's Eye: Those meteors burn, just like your hatred, Shadow. Blast them to pieces!

Vector: Those asteroids look pretty darn hot. Try blasting them with a gun or something.

Like mentioned before, meteors are never seen throughout Cosmic Fall.
Doom's Eye: The green fluid is concentrated energy, you must not touch it.

Vector: The green fluid, in this room, is probably something you don't wanna touch.

The Green Fluid, from Space Gadget, would have seemed to be in this stage to probably use Air Saucers to get across.
Doom's Eye: This human weapon is useful for eliminating meteors.

Vector: With this, we can blast these meteors to our hearts content.

Referencing the GUN Rifle Vehicle next to the last checkpoint, past the Goal Ring. Again, as mentioned before, there are no meteors in Cosmic Fall.
Vector: Thanks, Shadow! Supposed to play when the player finishes the objective. However, it never plays.

Final Haunt

Clip Text Notes
Doom's Eye: *Laughing Constantly* Unknown why this was recorded.
Doom's Eye: Stay away from the traps we have set!
Sonic: Do you think we can use that turret down there? Sonic does not react to the turrets, not to mention they are behind the Secret Doors.
Sonic: Watch out for the lasers on the wall! Possibly meant for the horizontal lasers in the room where the second Black Doom hologram is.
Doom's Eye: This image of me is meant to bait and trap intruders. Take another route instead.

Sonic: No way, this thing's a fake! It's only a hologram!

Relating to the Black Doom holograms
Doom's Eye: Raise up a pillar to use the red stream.

Sonic: There's some of that red alien slime stuff on the walls. You could make it to the other side, if there was something you could stand on there.

Possibly true in the room with the first hologram.
Doom's Eye: You cannot get here simply by jumping. You need to find another way.

Sonic: We're gonna have to use our heads to figure out a way up here.

The bridges or the colored walls seems to fit this clip.
Doom's Eye: Besides being a military weapon, our Vacuum Pods can be used in may different ways.

Sonic: Maybe those alien vacuum guns can be used as more than just weapons.

This is still true, but they never mention it.

The Last Way

Clip Text Notes
Eggman: Hurry up and find him!

Sonic: Shadow, can you hear me? He must've gone deeper inside!

Tails: Shadow, can you hear me? Black Doom must be in the center of the Comet!

Knuckles: Can you hear me? He must've retreated into the deepest parts of the Comet!

Amy: Shadow, can you hear me? The alien leader has to be deeper inside there.

Rouge: Shadow, am I coming through? Black Doom is waiting for you in the chamber further up ahead.

The quotes are meant to play at the start of the stage. Only Eggman says the "Can you hear me" line, leaving the others to cheer Shadow on in the final game.
Eggman: Shadow, can you still keep going? I'm afraid I'm done.

Sonic: It's up to you, Shadow! Time to blast off at Sonic Speed.

Tails: Hurry, Shadow! If we don't hurry, we're gonna get swallowed up!

Knuckles: Don't worry about us just hurry up and defeat him!

Amy: Oh this is terrible! Shadow, do something!

Rouge: I'm... I'm ok. But the fate of the planet is in your hands.

Wait quotes which never play.
Shadow: Prepare yourself, Black Doom! Meant for when the player beats the stage. However, Shadow remains silent.
Eggman: Take over that turret and shoot down their craft! Try to lead them into the exploding mines. Though there is a turret before the first checkpoint, even if this was used, the craft does not move anywhere.
Amy: Now be careful under the bridge!
Sonic: After dashing along the wall, you need to use your dark spin! You can pull it off, Shadow! Referencing the red slime on the wall, for the player to use when wall running. However, it goes unused.
Shadow: I have to use this brace to get further down. There are no pulleys in both Final Haunt and Black Comet. Since all three stages are identical, the pulleys go unused here as well.
Tails: The lasers are closing in! Jump!
Knuckles: Watch how it moves up and down and time your slide so you don't get crushed! Meant for the black slabs. Hwever, none of them used in previous levels have the player slide under them before.
Knuckles: You need to use Chaos Blast to break down that wall! Even if this was used, the player can just Chaos Control past it if no invisible wall exists.
Rouge: That areas full of poison gas! Use the alien vacuum weapon to clear the air. A section full of poisoned gas was planned for this stage, with Shadow having to use the Vacuum Pod or the Egg Vacuum to clear though it.

Blue Falcon

Clip Text Notes
Black Doom: Do not pass beneath him or you will be exposed to aerial bombing. The player is underneath the boss to begin with, so this voice clip is seemingly pointless.
Blue Falcon: There you are! There's no where for the player to hide, not even on the pole.

Egg Dealer

Clip Text Notes
Omega: You can throw Eggman's bombs back at him.

Vector: When he drops bombs, try picking them off and dropping them back!

At one point in development, the player could have had Shadow throw the bombs back at Eggman. Interestingly enough, Knuckles does not seem to have this voice clip.
Omega: Watch for shadows when the mech is dropping Egg Pawn units.

Vector: When Eggman drops those smaller robots, watch the shadows to make sure you don't get skewered!

Explaining about Pawn Fever.
Vector: By activating the slot reels, you can turn his attacks against him. What we need to do is stop the final slot reel ourselves by hitting the button!

Devil Doom

Almost all of the voice clips below are wait quotes.

Clip Text
Black Doom: Rggahhhh!!!
Eggman: Don't give up, Shadow!
Sonic: Shadow, hang in there!
Tails: Look out, Shadow!
Knuckles: Shadow, squash him!
Amy: C'mon, don't give up!
Rouge: Shadow, it's up to you!


Clip Text Notes
I am the ultimate!
Just one more...
There should be two more.
I still need three more.
I need more than just one key. Related to the Secret Keys.
This looks like some sort of Switch.
That moving target looks like it's some kind of Switch that I need to activate. Only in Final Haunt. A Hint Ring is there, but Shadow does not react to it when touching it.
My Homing Attack has no effect. Hmm... I'll just have to find another way then.

Black Doom/Doom's Eye

Clip Text Notes
What is that?
Be aware of what you destroy.
Destroy everything that gets in your way!
Those foolish humans are no match for our superior weapons' technology.
If that bomb is triggered, the blast will take out the surrounding area.
You can pick up that bomb and use it to your advantage.
The electric current running through those floating weapons can burn flesh. Stay clear of them. They are seen in Digital Circuit and The Ark, but the voice clips never appear.
Those foolish soldiers think that they're weapons can harm us? Show them we're invincible.
Your Homing Attack will let you cross here easily. Our servants are here to serve our cause.
The Artificial Chaos' core component is it's head. It spawns those creatures to defend itself.
Shadow, be on your toes. That beast is precise and accurate with its piercing tentacles.
Approach with caution. It will use it's tentacles to snare anything it proceeds as prey.
Use the Artificial Chaos to cross to the other side There is not platforming with the Artificial Chaos in The Ark.


Clip Text Notes
Yahoo! A different variation of the voice clip (act01_p12_sn). The one that is used in the final game is "all01_e06_sn".
Ah-ha! Look what we've found!
Look out, we're gonna crash!
Whoa! You don't wanna slip here!
Try breaking that. No walls are available to break.
Hey, smash that thing!
Don't go crazy smashing stuff, ok?
Make sure you don't fall here either.
You can use those rings to use the Light Dash. Sonic does explain about the Light Dash, but instead explains the button prompts of how to use it.
Just use your Homing Attack and getting through here will be a snap.
Use the R2 Button/R Button/R Trigger to keep yourself facing forward while you move. Use it to help you fight. Sonic explaining about Strafing.
Press the O/X/B Button, while running, to do a cool sliding move.
Press the O/X/B Button when your near a container or bomb to pick it up, and then again to throw it.
While grinding, press the O/X/B Button for a shot of turbo speed. To jump off, just press the X/A Button. The only rail to grind, with Sonic on the player's side, is Lethal Highway. It wouldn't be safe for the player to jump off the rail, or any rail in fact.
Hey, that vehicle looks pretty darn tough. Try using it to run down those Black Creatures. Sonic talking about the HMMWV, which can be found behind the Secret Door of Westopolis. He never reacts to it, however.
Use the O/X/B Button to take over the Black Creatures' craft. Most likely the Air Saucer as it's the only ride-able vehicle in the game from the Black Arms.
Hey, cool! This thing just hovers right along. It doesn't look too sturdy though, so watch out.
Use the Left Analog Stick/Control Stick/Thumb Stick to move up and down. Hold down the X/A Button to speed up if you have to. Sonic explaining the controls about the Black Hawk.
Hmph! Those creatures sure are firebugs.
Hey, look! They're keeping the creatures alive in cages. Remains true in Lethal Highway, but does not use this quote.
Wow, look at the size of that thing! GUN means serious business.
An alien turret, huh? Not bad. Remains true in Final Haunt, but does not use this quote around any of them.
I think the soldiers are guarding that cage. Westopolis and Lethal Highway are the only stages with a GUN Cage, for Sonic. But they're not guarded by any soldiers.
That's a bomb, watch out for the blast! None of Sonic's stages have a bomb in it.
If you pick that up, you should be able to carry it with you and use it later.
When your parachuting, remember you can still move your hands and body a bit.
Betcha this switch does something.
That looks like a moving switch, try hitting it with something. The only moving switch in the game is Final Haunt. Although Sonic does talk about it, he uses a different quote instead.
Use the O/X/B Button to get in and out of that turret, and press the Square/B/X Button to fire.
If you hit that Black Slab with something, it should stop.
Stepping into that warps you into who knows where. Go for it. Sonic explaining about the Warp Holes.
Grab that to charge your Hero Gauge up to full. None of Sonic's stages have a Blue Core.
Hey, those are GUN Soldiers! Don't hurt them!
Man, looks likes they're going all out. Let's clear out before we get caught in a crossfire, Shadow.
That's a GUN Combat Robot, don't attack it! Sonic has never ran into a GUN Combat Robot.
Great. With those guys here, this place is covered. Leave things here to GUN and let's go.
It looks like the GUN Robots have secured this area already. You and I need to keep going.
Those are GUN Battle Robots, they're pretty tough. Sonic has never met these GUN Robots.
That worm is one of the Black Creatures! It's trying to attack from underground! The only enemy of the Black Arms, Sonic has never met in the game, is the Black Worms.
You won't be able to attack the shield-barring GUN Soldiers with firearms.
Be careful not to touch those things when they're discharging electricity.
Those alien bird creatures are lined up perfectly for you to use your Homing Attack to get across. Only true near the first shield switch, and Black Doom hologram, in Final Haunt.
Look out! That pack of Black Birds is dive bombing their way towards us!
It looks like that huge worm's weak spot is it's head!
It's like that worm can lock onto us and attack, be careful!
Shadow, look out! There's some strange shade moving around underground!
That guy can make himself disappear! Aim for where he's going to reappear. Sonic talking about the Black Assassins.


Clip Text Notes
This place looks dangerous! Be careful, ok?
Wow! Who would've thought something like this would be here? Tails quoting Shadow when finding a secret area.
Shadow, look!
Brace yourself for impact!
Watch out, don't fall.
Hey, try going down here!
Hey, can't you break that?
Go on and smash it!
Don't break that. It's unusual for hero characters to not tell Shadow to break something.
Hey, look down!
You could fall here too, watch yourself!
Look at that line of Rings. That's perfect for using your Light Dash, Shadow! Air Fleet would be the only one to fit this quote.
Chaos Blast will kill GUN Soldiers, as well as enemies, so make sure not to use it when they're around.
Hitting the X/A Button, in mid-jump, will let you perform a Homing Attack.
Shadow, I think you can use your Homing Attack to get past here.
Use the Right Analog/Control/Thumb Stick to move and zoom the camera.
It's kind of high, but if you jump as high as you can and grab onto the edge, you can make it up there.
Did you know that you can change mission characters just by pressing the Direction Buttons/Control Pad/Directional Pad?
Holding the R2 Button/R Button/R Trigger, while you move, will keep you facing forward. Tails talking about strafing.
Press the O/X/B Button, while running, to do your sliding move. Both stages have this feature, but Tails never mentions it.
That Vacuum weapon creates a high density artificial black hole to suck things in. None of the Black Arms in Air Fleet contain a Vacuum Pod on hand.
You've gotta try this thing out! Hold the Square/B/X Button and let her rip!
You can pick up and throw things, like Containers and Bombs, by pressing the O/X/B Button.
To lift up things that are on the ground, just press the O/X/B Button.
While grinding, press the O/X/B Button to gain speed. To jump off, just press the X/A Button. Both stages use this, but Tails never quotes it. It also wouldn't be safe to jump off while grinding on any rail besides just these two.
You can use one of those Saucers to get to places you couldn't before. Press the O/X/B Button to get on. Air Fleet is the only stage to have this feature, due to the electrified rails.
I know it's dangerous, but put those fires out!
It looks like GUN is doing research on the aliens. As if GUN is doing the research inside a Battleship.
This is a Black Creature's Turret. I wonder how they managed to build it? I wish I had time to study it. It seemed that Air Fleet was going to have a Cell Cannon at one point.
Pressing the O/X/B Button, while on top a Save Point, will teleport you to other Save Points you've touched.
That's a Dash Ring. It's a special device that'll speed you up if you pass through it.
This cage looks like it's locked. I wonder if there is some kind of switch nearby that'll open it?
I think you can open this cage by defeating those Black Creatures. The Black Arms have only locked doors, in Air Fleet, instead of cages.
It looks like you can move along with that reel, if you grab on. This remains true, yet never mentioned, in Air Fleet.
That's a bomb! It'll explode, so be careful.
You can pick up that bomb and carry it along with you.
You can still use your hands, and move around a little, when your parachuting. There really isn't nothing to shoot at with the Rocket in Circus Park.
This is a switch. I wonder what happens when you press it?
That's a target switch. You can trigger it by hitting it with something.
Press the O/X/B Button a top the Red Liquid. And you can move along it to get someplace else. This is true in Air Fleet. But, yet again, Tails never mentions it.
I saw some the aliens absorb that Red Slime in order to move. We should try it ourselves.
Shadow, I think that Chaos Blast may be strong enough to break it. Give it a try!
This is a Warp Hole. Stepping into it will teleport you someplace far away.
Picking that up will fill up your Hero Gauge. The Blue Cores remain absent in both Circus Park and Air Fleet.
Picking that up will fill up your Dark Gauge. The Red Cores remain absent in both Circus Park and Air Fleet.
Extinguishing the fire will raise your Hero Gauge a little. Try an attack to put it out.
Touching that Gas will increase the evil within you, and will fill up your Dark Gauge a little.
That cage is there for restraining the Black Creatures. Don't destroy it and let them out.
The Red Fruits with spikes on them are poisons. Don't touch them.
More GUN Mechs, huh? These guys must be serious.
How many of these mechs does Eggman have?
How come GUN is after you now, Shadow? What did you do?
Those small blobby things are some type of Black Creature. Make sure you don't overlook them.
Be careful not to get shocked by the GUN Beetles when they've activated they're electrical mechanism.
That Eggman's Robot is equipped with a shield that can deflect bullets. Take out the shield first. None of the Egg Pawns have shields in Circus Park.
Guns are useless against those shields. Use Homing Attacks instead. None of the Black Arms have shields in Air Fleet.
Look at those Bird-like creatures. If you use your Homing Attack, you can bounce off of them to get by.
The Whirlwinds, that those Birds create, are too wide to dodge. Try to jump over them.


Clip Text Notes
It gets dangerous past here, be on your guard.
A secret room? There are no secret rooms in any of Knuckles' stages.
Ah, you found that before I did.
What the?
Hey, Shadow, look at that!
Slow down, your gonna crash!
Be sure not to fall, ok?
Crush that thing.
Hey, don't break that! None of the Hero Characters tell Shadow not to break a certain object.
Hey, take a good look below you!
Not again! Make sure you don't fall, alright?
You should be able to use the Light Dash near those Rings.
Press the O/X/B Button when one of the two gauges is completely full.
Calling on the power of justice let's you teleport using Chaos Control! The power of evil is the sheer destructive force of Chaos Blast.
Make sure the troops don't get caught in the explosion when you use Chaos Blast.
You can do a Homing Attack on nearby enemies by pressing the X/A Button while jumping.
Maybe you can use your Homing Attack here.
Use the R2 Button/R Button/R Trigger to keep facing forward while you move, it's useful when your fighting enemies.
Press the O/X/B Button, while running, to master your sliding move.
Those aliens have got some weird weapon that sucks up Rings and other small things The Vacuum Pods are in Central City, but Knuckles never explains how to use them.
It looks like you can use it by holding down the Square/B/X Button.
For really big things, press the O/X/B Button to grab hold of the bottom and then hoist it up.
Press the O/X/B Button, while grinding, to get some extra speed.
Try pressing the O/X/B Button to hop onto one of those alien saucers.
Check it out, it's floating! Make sure you don't break it thought.
Hey, it looks like that creature has some attack power too. Now let's it kick some butt! The Black Volt can be rode on in the Secret Door Section, but he never mentions about that.
I think this is a GUN Vehicle. It doesn't look too fast, but it can probably jump pretty high.
Wanna go for a ride, Shadow?
Looks things are heating up around here. How about cooling things down, Shadow?
Heh, looks like some of those aliens have been captured. Serves them right.
An alien weapon... Let's smash this thing up too.
That ring-like thing will give you a quick boost, give it a shot.
Maybe there's a switch or something that will open this thing up.
That's a box for keeping Special Weapons. If you found this one, that means there are more.
That looks like a Bomb, don't get caught in it's blast. There is a bomb in Glyphic Canyon, but there's no real use out of it for Knuckles to say this quote.
It looks like you can probably throw that bomb!
What kind of vehicle is this? Do you think you can use it?
Try activating that Switch. There are no Switches in any of Knuckles' stages.
I bet breaking that moving thing will trigger something.
You can use that alien red slime to get places. Just stand on top of it and press the O/X/B Button. The Red Slime is used once in the Black Comet, but it's never standable.
Getting that orb will max out your Dark Gauge. The Red Cores remain absent for Glyphic Canyon, Central City, and the Black Comet.
That gas was put here by the aliens. Touching it will increase your Dark Gauge.
That's a GUN Cage for holding Black Creatures, stay away and don't break it.
The Red Fruits are poisonous, don't touch them.
Looks like GUN is helping to fight off the aliens too, don't get in they're way.
It looks like the soldiers have got things in hand here, let's go!
The Black Creatures... Let's show'em what we've got!
Humph, now what are they trying to do? Let's not give them the chance whatever it is!
These guys don't know what's good for'em, I hope they at least make this fight interesting!
Looks like the troops have got things in hand here!
What, so now GUN is after you too? Oh well, good luck.
Those are GUN Battle Robots equipped with guns so be on guard!
Watch out! That alien seems to be different from the others! Possibly talking about the Artificial Chaos.
That GUN Battle Robot has Gatling Cannons and Rockets, that'll help clean up those creeps in no time.
Use a series of Homing Attacks, to get to the other side, by using those bird creatures.
Don't even try to outrun those Whirlwinds, just jump over them!
This guy's big, but he's got no stamina. After he latches out, that's your chance to attack!

Dr. Eggman

Clip Text Notes
There's trouble ahead, use extra caution!
Shadow, look at that!
What are you doing?! You're going to crash! Likely pertaining to Vehicle controls.
You can break that, no problem.
Smash that thing to bits!
Falling here looks like it'd be a one way trip. Likely pertaining to the corresponding Hint Bubble.
The remaining targets that I've set for you are shown in the upper-right hand window. This is only true for Sky Troops. All other stages, such as Circus Park and Lava Shelter, show the missions on the top left.
Doing good things will fill up the Blue Gauge and doing evil things will fill the red one. Once the gauges are full, then you'll be unstoppable, Shadow. This tutorial Hint Bubble is never encountered with the Egg Monitor. Even so, this clip may have been removed due to Eggman's definitions of "good and evil" deeds possibly confusing the player, as some stages can classify Egg Pawns as either Good or Bad units and will fill up the corresponding appropriate gauge.
The Triangle/Y Button unleashes your true inner strength if pressed when one of your gauges is full, Shadow. Both the Gamecube and Xbox controllers have the Y button mapped for Shadow's Chaos Power use.
Your heroic power is the teleport ability of Chaos Control. Your dark power is the explosive destructive force of Chaos Blast. The hint bubble pertaining to the two Shadow powers. This hint bubble is not encountered with the Egg Monitor.
Your Chaos Blast has a large blast area. Don't use it when any of my robots are around. Egg monitor never comments on Shadow's Chaos Blast anywhere, neither are there Red Cores encountered by Egg monitor to comment on.
Press the X/A Button while jumping to do your Homing Attack. Both the Gamecube and Xbox use the A button so one of those system clips is identically used for the other system.
Don't forget that you can control the camera by moving the Right Analog Stick/C-Stick/Right Thumb Stick. Camera control tutorial.
Use the Square/B/X Button to attack. The O/X/B Button will let you do other actions.
You can use the Pause Menu to swap your current mission character. But did you also know that you can use the Directional Buttons/Control Pad/Directional Pad?
You can swap your weapon with another one that's on the ground by pressing the Circle/X/B Button. Egg monitor never encounters this tutorial Hint Bubble with Shadow.
If you hold down the R2 Button/R Button/R Trigger you can keep facing forward while you move about.
Press the O/X/B Button while running so you can slide underneath narrow gaps. None of the stages Eggman is in has any gaps to slide under.
Use the Left Analog Stick/Control Stick/Left Thumb Stick to pick which direction to jump when you want to switch rails. The only Grind Rails to display this ability with Eggman in the stage is Lava Shelter. However, it is at the beginning of the stage, past the Egg Monitor's encounter. Backtracking there is normally impossible without cheats or glitches.
That fire's no concern to you. Just forget about it. No disposable fire is available in any of the stages the Egg Monitor is in. As a result, the associated Hint bubble goes unused.
GUN must've constructed some kind of military robots to capture these Black Creatures.
This is supposed to be impressive? The turrets from my battleship are 100 times this size!
That ring is an acceleration device. Give it a try! Eggman explaining about the Dash Rings.
There's a switch that will open this cage. There are no cages that require a switch in any of the stages Eggman is in.
If you wanna open this cage, then defeat those Black Creatures. Neither Cryptic Castle nor Sky Troops related to the Black Arms.
That's a bomb. If your careful with it, you can use it to attack the enemies.
You can use that bomb as something to throw later.
This switch must do something when you press it. There are no switches in any of the stages Eggman is in.
Shoot that floating switch. There are no floating switch either.
My research shows that the moving Black Slab can be stopped with some gun fire. There is a Black Slab at the end of Iron Jungle, but it has no affect when being shot.
My research indicates that your Chaos Blast should be able to destroy this matter.
My analysis shows that this field of light is a space time distortion device, use for instant warping. Eggman explaining about the Warp Holes.
That light will fill up your Hero Gauge, Shadow. The Cores are absent in the stage Eggman is in.
That light will fill up your Dark Gauge, Shadow. The Cores are absent in the stage Eggman is in.
Those alien cages have the GUN insignia on them. Don't let the Black Creatures out. GUN and the Black Arms cannot be together when Eggman is in the stage.
Those bizarre Red Fruits are some kind of alien vegetation. They're also very toxic. Red Fruits appear in Cryptic Castle, but this line goes unused.
G.U.N.'s tried to copy my designs, sadly I might add. Get rid of those worthless things. There is no evidence that G.U.N. robots are originally from Eggman's designs. Unknown if Eggman is referring to just a single specific design or multiple (if not all) G.U.N robots in general.
They don't know when to give up, do they? Shadow, show them we mean business.
Aha! The Black Creatures. Shadow, crush them!
Look up ahead, there's more of them! Be careful.
Ahhh! See my lovely army put to it's test. Shadow, let's go and lend them a hand. Eggman never insists of lending the Egg Pawns a hand.
Ohoho! So GUN has taking a liking to you now, have they?
Those look like GUN Battle Robots. Pretty strong ones too, from what I've seen. Eggman never interacts to them as they are located in Circus Park.
What's this? Some kind of alien worm! And it escapes by burrowing it's way underground! Neither Cryptic Castle nor Sky Troops have a Black Worm in the stages.
According to my data, the Giant has been dread for close combat. Hoho, and they're ridiculously strong. The Black Oaks can be found in Sky Troops, but Eggman never talks about them.
My Egg Pawn's shield makes it invincible. Guns are useless. Mad Matrix is the only stage to have Egg Pawns with shields.
Those Black Birds can create a Whirlwind-like Shock wave. Try jumping over them. Eggman does meet the Black Hawks, but never talks about they're attacks.
Shadow, go for the head. That's its only vulnerable point of attack. Most likely talking about the Black Worms.
The smaller worms that are winding through the air can follow you. Get out of their way. Comment about the Black Worm's projectiles. Egg Monitor does not encounter any Black Worms.
I'm detecting some kind of lifeform underneath where that shadow is. Referring to underground Black Worms, which Egg Monitor never encounters ingame.
My Shadow Android was made impervious to Homing Attacks in order to combat Sonic. The statement about invulnerability towards Homing Attacks is only partially true. Utilizing proper timing, some Homing Attacks can actually inflict some damage towards Shadow Androids. It is also worth noting that Eggman never mentions Sonic throughout the entire game.
What are you holding back for? Knock out the alien and take it's flying disc for yourself. None of the Black Arms encountered with the Egg Monitor ride Air Saucers. The Air Saucer in Lava Shelter is unmanned.
*Grunt Sounds* Six grunt sounds for the Egg Breaker and Egg Dealer fights. On the Egg Breaker, whenever the player attacks him, are remained silent while the Egg Dealer is just heard with Eggman saying "Stop that" and "Hey". (There are 6 of the same clips)
W-What?! No, this can't be! Rgh, Guah, Agh! This voice line is used, but the last grunt noise is never heard as the results screen comes immediately after. (There are 3 of the same clips)


Clip Text Notes
What is this place?
Ahh! There are two versions of this clip. The one unused here is "all01_e04_rg" where she sounds more serious than compared to the one used.
What do you think you're doing? You're going to crash!
Go ahead and break that thing!
Try not to break that, all right?
Look down!
Hey, see those Rings? You know what to do.
You can make use of your hidden power by pressing the Triangle/Y Button when the gauges are full. Rouge does explain about the gauges in Digital Circuit, but she never explains what to do when they are full.
Awaking your sense of justice will let you to teleport with Chaos Control! Unleashing the power of evil lets you destroy things around you with Chaos Blast.
Chaos Blast is really powerful. So don't let any GUN soldiers get injured by friendly fire.
You can use your high speed Light Dash move by pressing the O/X/B Button when your near some Rings.
You can take out nearby enemies by pressing the X/A Button in mid-jump to perform a Homing Attack.
Time to time, make sure to stop and use the Right Analog/C-Stick/Thumb Stick to look around.
Just to remind you, the Square/B/X Button is used for attacking and the O/X/B Button does other special actions.
Don't worry, you can make it if you jump as high as you can and grab onto the edge.
You know that you can change your mission character by going to the pause menu, right? You can also change it just by using the Directional Buttons/Control Pad/Directional Pad.
You know you can swap weapons right? Just press the O/X/B Button.
Press the O/X/B Button while running to perform your sliding move.
You know how to use those cannons, right? Just hop on in, line up the sights, and take out anything that comes your way.
The alien weapon looks like it can suck in Rings and small creatures. The Vacuum Pods are not present in any of the three stages.
How about borrowing it for a bit? It looks like you can operate it by using the Square/B/X Button.
You can pick up and throw things, like containers and bombs, by pressing the O/X/B Button.
Looks like you can take control of this GUN vehicle. Press the O/X/B Button to get in and out. To drive, use the Left Analog/Control/Thumb Stick to steer and use the X/A Button to speed up.
A GUN armored military vehicle. You should be able to break your way through no problem. Rouge never talks about the HMMWV.
You can use this to return to previous locations.
This place is a raging inferno, too. I think we should help out.
GUN appears to be conducting research on the alien creatures.
Pressing the O/X/B, while on top a save point, will teleport you to other save points you've touched.
That's a Dash Ring. Pass through it to gain a quick burst of speed. Dash Rings have no use in any of the stages.
This cage is locked. Look for some kind of switch, it's gotta be near by.
Grab onto the handle and use the reel to keep moving.
That container is too heavy to lift.
That's a bomb. Try not to get caught up in the blast. Bombs do not appear in any of the stages.
You can pick up that bomb and use it to attack the enemies.
This is a rocket. If you grab hold, it'll fly you off some place. Rockets do not appear in any of the stages.
This is a parachute. You can fire your weapons as you slowly descend towards the ground.
This is a switch. Might as well press it and see what happens.
That's a target switch. You can trigger it by firing your weapons at it.
You can use your Dark Spin along the terrorist's transport system by pressing the O/X/B Button.
Have you used a turret before? Use the O/X/B Button to get in and out, and use the Square/B/X Button to fire. Rouge never reacts to the turrets in GUN Fortress, other than explaining that it would not be as useful with an army of them.
That's an alien trap. If you shoot it, it should stop moving. Related to the black slabs. The voice clip gets cut off after "stop".
That's the terrorist's weapon stock pile. Use your Chaos Blast to clear it out.
Picking that up will charge your Hero Gauge to full. The Blue Cores remain absent in all three of the stages.
Picking that up will charge your Dark Gauge to full. The Red Cores remain absent in all three of the stages.
Putting out the fire will give your Hero Gauge a boost. Attack it near by, or use a wind source. No fire is located in any of the stages.
This is a special type of gas used by the terrorists. Inhaling it will increase your Dark Gauge. The gas is not located in any of the stages.
That's a GUN developed cage for capturing the terrorists. Whatever you do, don't destroy it.
The red fruits with thorns secrete a toxin. Make sure you don't touch them.
Just leave things here to them.
Looks like a full scale offensive attack.
There are GUN soldiers here too. No funny business now, Shadow. You won't like it when I get angry.
Watch out. There's another black alien combat squad over there.
If GUN is holding the line here, then we should help them out.
Looks like you're on GUN's most wanted list. I don't know what you did, but be careful.
GUN's combat robots have been equipped with anti-terrorist ballistic weapons.
Those red and black things are alien larva. Make sure you take them out. The black larva do appear in Death Ruins, but Rouge never reacts to them.
Those shields are even strong enough to deflect bullets. Only one GUN soldier has a shield, being in Death Ruins. Rouge never reacts to them.
GUN won't be happy about it, but you can use their sentry drones as footholds to get passed.
Those GUN Sentry Beetles have a high voltage defense mechanism. This is true in Digital Circuit, but she never mentions it.
That's the GUN combat mech, Big Foot. It'll use its Gatling cannons and rockets to help us out. Big Foot vehicles are never seen utilizing both Gatling cannons and rockets at the same time during gameplay. Both weapon types are separate vehicles.

Although Rouge does comment on the Big Foot Type B, a different voice clip is used instead.

Those Black Aliens' shields deflect firearms. Use a Homing Attack to take them out. None of the Black Arms have shields in any of the stages.
If your use your Homing Attack on that group of black birds, I think you can make it to the other side. These aliens are not present in any of the stages.
Those black birds are hurtling themselves right at us. So look out.
Those alien bird creatures can stir up whirlwinds, but you can avoid them easily by jumping. The Black Hawks are not seen in any of the stages.
That worm's skin seems impervious to all attacks. It's only vulnerable on it's head. Rouge does talk about the Black Worms, but this quote goes unused.
Shadow, try hijacking that Black Arm's flying device.


Clip Text Notes
Oh, it looks like it's going to get pretty dangerous here. Watch out!
Shadow, over there!
We're falling! There are no falling sections.
Watch out, you're gonna hit something!
Try going up from here. Eggman uses this line in Cryptic Castle. It is unknown why Amy never does.
Hey, maybe you can squash that!.
You shouldn't break things like that. Amy never tells the player to not break things in the final version of the game.
I wonder what's down there?
Here we go again. Try not to fall, okay? There seemed to be more than one falling section in the early version of the game, judging by the voice clip.
I think you can dash along those Rings with one of your special moves. A different quote is used instead of this in the final version of the game.
Press the X/A Button while jumping to do a Homing Attack that'll let you squash the enemies.
Hey, do you think that using your Homing Attack will let you get by here?
If you need to look around, just use the Right Analog Stick/C-Stick/Thumb Stick.
If you jump as high as you can, and just grab hold of the edge, you can probably make it up there. There are no ledge grabs that the player has to jump high enough to get to.
To get underneath narrow spaces, press the O/X/B Button while running to slide. There is a narrow space to slide under, for a secret, at the 6th Checkpoint.
Try using the O/X/B Button to lift up things that are on the floor. The only time the player can do this is before the first Checkpoint and before the Goal Ring. Amy does react to the first one, but uses a different quote instead in the final version of the game.
You can press O/X/B Button while grinding to gain some speed. Jump off by pressing the X/A Button. There are rails in the stage, but Amy never talks about this. Interestingly, no other character says that the player can jump off the rail.
Shadow, get on! No vehicles are in Cryptic Castle.
Shadow, you've got to help put out that fire.
Is it really right for us to be keeping the aliens in cages like this? The Black Arms are not in cages for this stage.
After you touch a save point, you can start over from there if you mess up. So don't worry.
If you go through the middle of that ring, it'll boost you on up ahead. Dash Rings are not found throughout Cryptic Castle.
This cage is pretty sturdy. I wonder if there is some kind of switch that will open it up? There are no cages related to be used by switches.
I think those GUN soldiers are keeping this cage shut tight. There are no GUN soldiers in Cryptic Castle.
Hey, do you think that the Black Creatures are guarding this cage? The only cage for this would be to one of the Secret Keys. Amy never reacts to it, however.
Hey, why don't you grab onto that? I think you can use it to keep going. There are no pulleys in this stage.
I-Is that a bomb? Watch out, it's gonna explode! There are bombs in this stage, but Amy does not react to them like this in the final game.
Hey, do you think you can throw that bomb?
It's some kind of switch. I wonder what it does? Switches are used in the stage, but Amy never reacts to them.
That flying device looks like it's some sort of switch. Try hitting it with something. There are no flying switches in Cryptic Castle.
The big weight that's going up and down might stop for a little bit if you shoot it.
I've got a bad feeling about that pile of stuff, Shadow. Use your Chaos Blast to destroy it.
Oh, that key looks so pretty. Neither Eggman nor Shadow react to the keys, so this goes unused for Amy.
That's a Warp Hole. Going in it will warp you somewhere. There are no Warp Holes in Cryptic Castle.
Those spheres will instantly charge your Hero Gauge to full. The Blue Cores remain absent in Cryptic Castle.
Those spheres will instantly charge your Dark Gauge to full. The Red Cores remain absent in Cryptic Castle.
Touching this gas will make you evil and it'll raise your Dark Gauge. Stay away from it. There is dark gas near the 5th Checkpoint. However, Amy never reacts to it.
That cage was built to hold in the black monsters. Makes sure you don't break it. GUN is not present in Cryptic Castle.
Those red thingies that look like fruits are poisonous. Stay away. These are in the stage, but Amy never reacts to them.
Look, it's the aliens! Shadow, you have to stop them!
These guys just don't know when to quit! Shadow, help!
No surprise that Eggman's fortress is well protected with his robots. Don't waste your time fighting them.
Eggman seems to be pretty set on driving the aliens out too.
The Eggman robot with the shield can't be taken down by bullets. Just leave it and run! The Egg Pawns do not have shields in Cryptic Castle.
Those aliens' shields can deflect almost every weapon. Shadow, try to beat them with Homing Attacks. The Black Arms do not have shields in Cryptic Castle.
Those bird monsters are sending out boomerang-like bursts of wind! Jump out of the way!


Clip Text Notes
Danger ahead! Advise caution!
Location undetectable by radar! Related to a secret room.
Item discovered!
Radar signature detected ahead!
Descending. The parachute is in Iron Jungle, but Omega reacts to it with the Egg Balloon instead.
Brace yourself for impact.
Beware, dangerous footing.
Follow route downward.
Destructible object detected. There are no walls that are breakable in either stage.
Destroy all Eggman devices. This could not be related to any of Eggman's robots as "devices" are objects.
That is not an item of Eggman's manufacturer's.
Use the Right Analog Stick/C-Stick/Right Thumb Stick to view your surrounding area.
Use of the R2 Button/R Button/R Trigger will prevent losing sight of your target.
Pressing the O/X/B Button while running will allow you to perform a Slide. There are no narrow spaces for Shadow to slide under.
Eggman's robots and the GUN have cannons that can be used to devastate this area. Neither Eggman nor GUN have cannons. GUN, however, has a turret.
Pick up and propel containers and bombs by using the O/X/B Button.
To jump to adjacent rails while grinding, choose your direction with the Left Analog/Control/Thumb Stick! This is only possible in the beginning of Lava Shelter. However, there is no way to backtrack to that area besides cheats.
Use teleport device to go back! The Egg Balloon is at the end of the stage, if heading towards the bottom area where the second Grind Rail is. Other than that, this would be useless either way.
Shadow, use that.
This turret has superior fire power, but may not be sufficient to defeat Eggman. The only time Omega talks about the turret is when he tells Shadow to use it to attack the Egg Balloon.
This turret's cannon is constructed with unknown technology. Cell Cannons are not found, most purposely for Iron Jungle.
Nearby Ring device allows for significant acceleration. Related to the Dash Rings.
This cage is locked. Search of a release switch. The only cages that are locked are held by GUN.
Unknown movement device detected.
Explosive devices detected ahead. Stay clear of its blast radius. Related to the bombs.
Ordnance can be utilized as a handheld weapon!
During Parachute Decent, firearm usage and body movement is possible. Omega reacts with different quote when attacking the Egg Balloon.
Switch detected. Try activating it. There are no switches in either Iron Jungle nor Lava Shelter.
Target switch detected. Fire at it to break and activate it. Target switches are not found in either stage.
Travel along those red lines is possible by pressing the O/X/B Button! The Red Slime trails are not anywhere in either stage as the Black Arms are nowhere to be seen.
Turret accessible. Use the O/X/B to embark and disembark. Use the Square/B/X Button to fire. Omega tells the player to use it to attack the Egg Balloon. He never explains about how to use it.
Firing a weapon at the moving black object will make is stop moving temporarily. There is a black slab at the end of the stage, but it would be useless to shoot at it anyways since it is used as a platform.
Unknown substance destructible by Chaos Blast.
This Warp Hole will allow instant teleportation to another location. The Warp Hole would be mostly useless in either stage.
Hero Gauge power maximizer detected. The Blue Cores are absent in both stages,
Dark Gauge power maximizer detected. The Red Cores are absent in both stages,
Inhaling this gas will cause your Dark Gauge to increase. Gas is not located anywhere in either stage.
Toxins detected in alien vegetation. The red fruit is not present in either stage as the Black Arms do not appear..
Combat mech unit sighted. No Eggman alliance detected.
Multiple GUN combat mechs sighted. Enemy forces contained.
GUN mech unit detected ahead. Model type matches previously encountered units.
Targets acquired. Destroy all robots.
Stay clear. Leave Eggman's robots to me!
Fall back. Targets acquired.
Eggman's mass produced Shadow Androids detected.
Anti-ballistic shield detected. Eggman's robots must be destroyed by unarmed attacks. None of Eggman's robots are carrying shields in either stage.
Homing Attacks are ineffective against this fake Shadow. Try a different means of attack.
Target acquired. Engaging combat mode. Meant for the Egg Breaker. The subtitles still exist, but Omega remains silent.


Clip Text Notes
I'm pretty sure there's trouble up ahead. Be careful!
Hey, check it out! Jackpot!
What the heck?
Whoa, what's that?
Hey, you're going to crash!
It's dangerous here, try not to fall!
Bust that thing to pieces, would ya?
Smash that thing and get it out of your way!
You shouldn't break that.
Looks like you don't wanna fall in here either, look out!
You should be able to use your Light Dash on those rings.
Press the O/X/B Button to run along a row of rings, when your near one.
Bet you can use your Homing Attack here.
The Right Analog Stick/C-Stick/Thumb Stick will let you look around you.
It might be a bit high, but if you jump as high as you can, I think you can make it.
When there's enemies ahead of you, hold the R2 Button/R Button/R Trigger to keep your aim set on them.
Hey, don't you think you can use your Triangle-Jump to hop up between these walls?
To get through tight spaces, press the O/X/B Button, while running, to slide!
Press the O/X/B Button and then chuck things, like containers and bombs. Vector explaining about picking up and throwing objects.
Things on the floor, that look unmovable, can probably be lifted up using the O/X/B Button.
Hey, how about trying to fly that bird-like thing? Hit em' real hard and press the O/X/B Button to get on. Although the Black Hawks are in Cosmic Fall, none of them are able to be can be ridden.
Use the Left Analog Stick/Control Stick/Thumb Stick to fly. Pressing up will make you descend, and pulling back will make you fly up. Also, if you X/A Button, you can speed up a little. Give it a try. Vector explaining the controls of the Black Hawk.
That thing seems pretty weak. I don't know how much of a beating he can really take. Watch his health in the lower right hand corner of the screen. Try to keep em' out of harms way. Vector telling the player about being careful of the Black Hawk's health.
Use this to go back.
Hey, try using that.
Hey Shadow, let's go for a little ride.
Check out that huge fire. Do you really think we should just leave it like this? There is no fire located anywhere in the stage.
This is like some weird alien zoo.
Go through that ring. It'll give you a huge boost of speed. Vector explaining Dash Rings.
This cage is locked up tight. Maybe some kind of switch will open it up?
It seems like those GUN soldiers are protecting this cage. There are no cages in Cosmic Fall.
Those Black Creatures are some how keeping this cage from opening. There are no cages in Cosmic Fall.
This has got to be here for a reason. Grab onto it and see where it leads.
Hey, that looks like a bomb! I think it's ready to explode!
Shadow, you can use this bomb to throw at those guys!
You can still move and fire your weapons a bit while you are descending, using the parachute.
It's a switch, give it a try!
That's a target switch. You can trigger it by breaking it! There are no target switches in Cosmic Fall.
Press the O/X/B Button to use the enemies' red slime pathways. These are used, but he never reacts to them.
It might be kind of gross, but we should try following along that slime.
How about using that turret? Press the O/X/B Button to get in and out and use the Square/B/X Button to fire.
Use your Chaos Blast to blow this junk away.
Aha! A key! I'll bet this means there's treasure around somewhere! Since Shadow nor Doom's Eye react to keys in Cosmic Fall, this goes unused.
It looks like this is some sort of warp point.
Grabbing that will give you a full hero gauge.
Grabbing that will give you a full dark gauge.
Watch out for that gas! If you inhale it, it'll make your dark gauge fill up!
Those spiky alien fruits look like they really hurt. Stay away.
Looks like they needed the big guns for this one, we should just slip on by.
Those sure look like the same GUN robots we've seen before. Don't get in their way, got it?
Hey, those must be the Black Creatures. Should we go teach them a lesson?
There seems to be a swarm of them coming around here! I got a bad feeling about this.
Nothing we do seems to stop these aliens from coming and coming!
GUN's got quite a fight on their hands. Wanna help them out?
GUN weapons are set to kill those who try to sneak aboard the Ark!
Those GUN robots are heavily armed. Did you forget to pay your taxes or something?
What the? Those nasty little boogers are part alien too. Guess we'll have to take care of them as well.
I heard that those water monsters were GUN biological weapons, but the aliens are controlling them.
You already know that bullets are useless against those aliens' shields. You need to fight them head on!
Do you think you can use your Homing Attack to bounce off of those bird creatures and get across?
You have to jump over those boomerang bursts of wind!
Those little pests keep gathering around the big guy's head. The head's gotta be his weak point. You need to thin that crowd out so you can get a clear shot, got it?
That's Artificial Chaos! It can use it's feelers to thrust out and attack. Watch out.
If you get too close, he'll start whipping his arms all around. Stay back for your own good.
If you want to use that water monster for homing attacks, don't destroy it all.
That's an Ark transport device. Does it still work?


Clip Text Notes
I've got a bad feeling about this. Watch your step as you proceed.
Looks like somebody wanted to keep this place hidden. Mad Matrix has no hidden areas.
Good job finding that.
What in the world?
Hah! Unknown as it's not used when Espio attacks (Filename under "all01_e06_es")
Shadow, look!
Brace yourself!
Slow down, you're gonna crash!
Make sure not to fall!
Looks like you can get down from here. All the towers in the game force the player to go upwards. There are no lower sections in Mad Matrix.
You should be able to break that.
Destroy that thing!
Try not to break everything in sight, ok?
Be careful where you step.
See that line of Rings up ahead? Try using your special move.
Pressing the O/X/B, near a row of rings, will let you use the Light Dash move. The light speed dash is used at the Red Tower, but does not mention about it.
You're gonna need your Homing Attack to get through this mess. There is no platforming related to the Homing Attack.
The Right Analog Stick/C-Stick/Thumb Stick can be used to check your surroundings.
It might not look like it, but that jump is just low enough that you might be able to make it. Excluding the Red Tower's Secret Key, there are no platforms that are low enough for Shadow to have to jump at a further distance.
You can get though narrow spaces and neutralize enemies by sliding. Try running and pressing the O/X/B Button. There are no narrow spaces for Shadow to slide under.
Use the O/X/B Button to pick up bombs and containers, and then you can throw them at enemies.
This device lets you go back to places that you've already been. There's no point in this as the player can go into the tower and activate it without having to backtrack.
Shadow, how about hopping in for a ride? There are no vehicles in Mad Matrix.
The Red Light will fill up your Dark Gauge. Only the Blue Cores exist in Mad Matrix.
Clear your mind of idle thoughts and let fire be quelled... Sorry, just thinking out loud.
Using those Rings will give you a midair speed boost.
This cage is locked tight. Look for some mechanism to open it. There are no cages in Mad Matrix.
This cage looks like it's been sealed by someone.
This strange cage. I think those black creatures have it sealed.
Hmm... looks like this handle is part of some sort of device. Why not try it?
I sense gunpowder in that object up ahead, stay clear of it. Related to the bombs, which are not seen in the stage.
Try throwing that bomb into that cluster of enemies.
This is a switch. It must be hooked up to some type of mechanism.
That floating device looks like it's some kind of switch. Try hitting it with something.
You should be able to stop that moving weight with some gunfire.
I'm getting a bad feeling from that thing. I think your Chaos Blast can take care of it though.
The stench of evil! Shadow, if you inhale that gas it'll fill up your dark gauge. There is no gas found in Mad Matrix.
They've gotten through to here too. Guess we got some exterminating to do.
Better to be safe than sorry. Battling Eggman's robots is more trouble than it's worth.
Those small lifeforms are black creatures too. Better get rid of them now before they mature.
Looks like that worm is an expert at burying itself in the ground. Don't let it get away. Espio does react to the Black Worms, but says a different quote in the final game.
It looks like that giant worm's head is its weak spot. Shadow, it's all up to you.
At first glance, it doesn't look possible. But I'll bet you can use those birds to make your way across.


Clip Text Notes
Oh, looks like I found something. Charmy taking the credit of the player finding a secret area.
Hidden treasure, hidden treasure!
Not that I'm worried or anything, Shadow, but make sure you don't fall.
You need to go down, down! There are no platforms that lets the player go downwards.
Come on! Squash that thing!
Smash it up, come on!
Wait a minute, were we supposed to break this?
Sure looks strange down there, doesn't it?
Don't slip up, okay?
Try using those Rings for a nice quick burst.
Don't let your evil red special power hurt any of the GUN robots by mistake, okay?
If you press the O/X/B Button near a row of rings, you can zoom right along them.
Jump and then press the X/A Button again, and you'll hit enemies automatically!
How about bouncing your way up through here?
The Right Analog Stick/C-Stick/Thumb Stick let's you move the camera around!
I don't have any troubles getting up here, Shadow. But for you, you have to jump as high to jump as high as you can!
Hey, did you know you can change your mission character by using the Direction Buttons/Control Pad/Direction Pad?
Boxes and bombs can be picked up and tossed with the O/X/B Button.
I think you can grind your way along this.
To go faster while you're grinding, try pressing the O/X/B Button.
We can go back with this!
Hey, Shadow, use that.
Shadow, Shadow, let's go for a little ride!
Wee! Turret, turret... I wanna give it a shot!
This is a save point. Make sure that you touch it, got it?
This cage won't open, huh? Think there might be some kind of switch for it? No cages need to be activated with switches.
This cage won't open. Someone must've locked it, huh? Relating to the GUN cages. One does exist in the stage, but Charmy never reacts to it.
Hey, it looks like that train is some kind of strap. Grab on!
Look, it's a bomb! Watch out, it's dangerous. There are no bombs throughout Prison Island.
Take this bomb and toss it over there for a big BA-BOOM!
There's something inside that balloon. I bet it's something really cool! Balloons are only found in Circus Park.
Hey, it's a switch. I wonder what it does?
Hmm... I think it's a good idea to smash up that fuzzy machine.
Look, it's that slime stuff again. Hop on into it and spin away!
Whoa, check out that turret! Use the O/X/B to get in and out, and the Square/B/X Button to shoot. Turrets are not in Prison Island.
If you hit that big slamming thing, I think it might stop for a bit.
Shadow, this thing is giving me the creeps. Use your Chaos Blast to blow it away!
If you step into that sparkly portal, it'll warp you someplace else. The Warp Holes do not appear in Prison Island.
Shadow, your Blue Gauge will fill up completely if you get that. The red orb is in the stage, but the blue one remains absent.
If you touch that gas it'll turn you evil, Shadow.
That little prison cage-thingy has aliens inside. Don't break it open.
A GUN robot! Cool!
Everyone's trying so hard to fight. Shouldn't we help them out?
Hey, weren't you in trouble with these guys before? What did you do to get them so mad at you?
Those flying GUN robots are lined like a flight of stairs. This is shown in early footage of the game for one of the top pathways, but it was replaced with a pulley instead.
Shadow, look out! Those sparks will fry you into a crisp! There is no electricity in Prison Island for the GUN Beetles.
That tough robot shoots missiles that won't leave you alone.
Those alien shields can block bullets, Shadow. You're gonna have to take them down yourself. Shields are not present in Prison Island.


Clip Text Notes
It's dangerous past here. Maybe you should turn back.
Shadow, look!
Shadow, wait up! All characters can teleport to Shadow when the player gets a certified distance.
Shadow, we're going to crash!
Shadow, do you think you can break that? Walls are breakable, but she reacts to them.
Shadow, can you get rid of that?
Please, do not damage the Ark. There is no way to damage the Ark, aside from the objects placed throughout the stage.
Make sure to look below you. There are no sections to having to watch out for objects below the player since both stages are mostly linear.
That path of Rings is perfect for you to use your Light Dash, Shadow!
Shadow, please don't let innocent people get caught in your Chaos Blast.
Shadow, you can run along a row of Rings if you press the O/X/B Button when your near them. The only fitting area for this would be in red corridors, but they are close enough together to use Shadow's Triangle Jump.
Shadow, can you try using your Homing Attack to get past here? The only section this would fit is at the fifth Checkpoint, next to the last red corridor. However, she says a different quote in the final version instead.
Use the Right Analog Stick/C-Stick/Thumb Stick if you need to look around you.
Shadow, I know you can make that jump. Try reaching up to grab onto the edge. There are no sections or pathways high enough that Shadow has to ledge grab on.
You can use the R2 Button/R Button/R Trigger to face forward while you move around.
Shadow, I wonder if your jumping abilities will let you get on up between these walls?
You can get through tight spaces by sliding. Just press the O/X/B Button while running. There are sections that Shadow can slide under, but Maria uses a different quote in the final game.
You can pick up and throw things, like containers and bombs, by pressing the O/X/B Button.
I think you can lift those really large objects. Try pressing the O/X/B Button if it looks moveable. These are seen in both stages, but Maria never says a thing about them in the final game.
Shadow, why don't you try sliding along that? Rails are seen in the secret area of The Doom, but they are very short.
You can speed up while grinding by pressing the O/X/B Button.
This vehicle should (still) be working. Press the O/X/B button to get in and out. The X/A Button is the accelerator and the Left Analog Stick/Control Stick/Left Thumb Stick will let you steer. Related to the GUN vehicles. Only one appears within a stage Maria is in and it is completely optional. Even so, it is hardly needed at all as there is very little places to drive in.

(Note: Maria adds in the word still in both the Xbox and GameCube versions.)

Use this teleporter to go back to locations you've passed.
Shadow, I wonder if you should use that?
Shall we get in?
Oh no. Look at that fire. Please, you've got to put it out.
Why don't you try using that Ring to leap over to the other side? Representing the Dash Rings, seen outside The Doom.
There's a switch someplace that will release the lock on this cage. There are no switches to open cages.
This cage has been locked by the GUN soldiers. There is a GUN cage, but it's very small and it is guarded by one GUN soldier.
It looks you can move along using that handle, Shadow. The pulleys are used in both stages, but they only lead to secret areas.
This is a switch, but I don't know what it's for. This would fit for The Doom's Secret Door.
There's a target switch. You can turn it on by hitting it. The stages mostly take place inside. There is not enough room for there to be a target switch.
This Warp Hole will teleport you easily to another location. Neither The Doom nor Lost Impact have a Warp Hole.
Shadow, this will make your Hero Gauge full. The Blue Cores are not present in either stage.
Shadow, this will make your Dark Gauge full. The Red Cores are not present in either stage.
Don't just leave the fire burning! If you hit it with something, you'll be able to extinguish it.
Shadow, be careful. Touching that gas will corrupt your soul! There is no dark gas in either stage.
Everyone is trying so hard to keep the defensive line.
They found us again! Likely for when G.U.N. soldiers would appear busting through walls or landing near doorways in The Doom.
It looks like they've got enough robots to secure this area.
It looks like additional robots are being sent in to protect this area.
Shadow, those soldiers are all going to die if you don't help them.
Why do we have to fight amongst one-another like this?
Even bullets can't penetrate those G.U.N. shields. There are shields inn both stages, but Maria never reacts to them in the final game.
It looks like you can use the G.U.N. sentry robots as a way to get through. This is used in The Doom, but a different quote is used in the final game instead.
Those G.U.N. defense robots have a powerful electric current running through them. Be careful.
This used to be just a normal passageway, but now I'm just terrified by it. There are no secret passageways in either stage.

Unused multiplayer content

Sonic voice clips

At one point, it seemed that Sonic was planned for multiplayer purposes, but was scrapped in early development. Some Japanese voice clips still remain, along with two unused 2PEVENTs. Some of the voice clips refer to the unused Race Mode.

Clip Text Translation
行くぜ! Let's go!
Let's do it! Let's do it!
さ、 始めよぜ Come on, let's get started!
ちょーっとは楽しわせてくれよ Just let me have some fun for a bit!
今度は本気で行くぜ! This time, I'm going for real!
走ることならだれにも負けないぜ! I won't lose to anybody if it comes to running!
どうした? これが終わりか? What's wrong? Is that all?
さあ ここからが勝負だ Come on, the fight is just getting started!
See you! また相手してるぜ! See you! I'll hang with you again!

Unused animations

A large amount of unused animations exist, mainly for Shadow, including some that were ported over from Sonic Heroes.

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