This article pertains to the beta elements from Shadow the Hedgehog.

Unused textures

  • An early menu screen, with the file called "003_gamemenu".
    • Expert Mode was originally called "Hard Mode".
    • Race Mode is listed but was not implemented in the final version of the game.
  • The GameCube Buttons of "X" and "Y" present are placeholder images.
  • A file called "/cdsFiles/BattleMode.txd" could be found in the Xbox version of the game which is an early version of the Battle Mode.
    • The text for "Battle Mode" is black but is light gray in the final version.
    • The placeholder images present are images of Glyphic Canyon.
    • A blue colored version of a Shadow Android can be seen as a sprite in the file, which is unseen in the final version of the game.
    • The sprite of the yellow version of a Shadow Android is present in the file, but is seen with a mustache and tie.
  • A file called "000_sega" shows the main Sega logo, but it is red instead of blue.
  • An unused "B Version" is found in the Main Menu's files.
  • The "Story Mode" and "Library" are out of proportion between the ones used in the final game, as the ones used are all capitalized.
  • There are eight unused mission icons relating to the Goal Rings/Chaos Emeralds.
    • The yellow Chaos Emerald for Digital Circuit and Goal Ring icons are still used in-game. However, they do not appear on the top left/right corner of the screen.
    • The Goal Ring almost looks as similar to the Rings icons for Tails' mission, but there are close differences compared side-by-side.
    • The Goal Ring's Mission icon is different than the one used in the pause menu, mostly the shading.
    • Knuckles has an icon of himself, but for reasons unknown. In the final game, the only character icon that exists is Sonic's.

Unused objects

Object filename, "SETObj", is unused. However, it has a full model, texture, animation, and game behavior coded for it. "setid.bin" has no stages linked to this object. However the data for the object can be found in Mad Matrix, labeled "WAKKA". The object is a large hollow hexagon that spins at a fixed rate. It resembles the hexagons found on the circuit paths, but much larger. There is no player collision with this object, suggesting it may have been decorative.

Unused audio content

Orange Light Frame

An unused SETObj is referred to by all of the characters in unused voice clips, except Maria. Its files are not present in the game. The voice lines exist in the PRS_VOICE_E.afs file, retrieved from the GameCube US version of the game. Stages that do not refer to this object are Lethal Highway, Central City, The Doom, The ARK, Lost Impact, The Last Way, and all of the boss stages. The object in question appears to function in a similar manner to a Dash Ring.

Clip Character Stage Text
Shadow All stages without reference "If I speed up and jump through that light frame, I can get some good distance."
Sonic Westopolis, Final Haunt "Get your speed up and jump within that orange frame and you'll get some serious air!"
Doom's Eye All stages as Shadow except Cryptic Castle, Circus Park, Iron Jungle and Lava Shelter "Run at high speed and jump within the frame of light ahead."
Rouge Digital Circuit, Death Ruins, GUN Fortress "Jumping within that orange frame at high speed will enable you to get an especially long jump."
Knuckles Glyphic Canyon, Black Comet "Run into that orange square and jump! If you time it right, you'll get extra distance!"
Amy Cryptic Castle "Run fast and jump inside that orange border to go really far!"
Dr. Eggman Cryptic Castle, Circus Park, Sky Troops, Iron Jungle, Lava Shelter "Jump with all your might inside of that orange frame!"
Charmy Prison Island "Run and jump inside of that orange square to get a super-big jump!"
Tails Circus Park, Air Fleet "If you run up and jump inside of that orange frame, you'll get a lot more distance than usual."
Omega Iron Jungle, Lava Shelter "Maintain high speed and jump within the orange frame to achieve a long-distance jump."
Espio Mad Matrix "That orange light frame up ahead will let you jump really far. All you have to do is to time your jump!"
Vector Cosmic Fall "That orange frame up ahead will send you out on a long jump if you run up and jump inside it!"

Sonic and Diablon

According to the voice clips, Sonic was going to have a health bar in his boss fight alongside the Diablon.

Character Stage Activation of the voice clip Text
Doom's Eye GUN Fortress Automatic Boss Hint #5 (Timer) "Destroy both that weapon and that blue hedgehog!"
Sonic GUN Fortress Diablon is defeated first "No way...!"
Commander GUN Fortress Sonic is defeated first "You won't get away with that, Shadow! It's time for you to meet GUN's ultimate weapon!"
Commander GUN Fortress Diablon receives damage for the first time "No! Diablon is supposed to be impervious to attacks!"
Commander Final Haunt Diablon receives damage for the first time (scrapped/early text) "No! Diablon is supposed to have the perfect defense!"
Doom's Eye GUN Fortress Sonic is defeated first "Good! Now, destroy that weapon!"
Doom's Eye GUN Fortress Diablon is defeated first "Good! Now, destroy that hedgehog!"

GUN Soldiers in Air Fleet

The GUN soldiers make several quotes when they appear in-game. However, several unused voice clips prove that they were planned to be seen in Air Fleet as well, as they mention protecting the President's escape pod. They never show up in the final version of the game, besides GUN robots.

Clip Text
Terrorist attack at aerial point 0501.
We are engaging black aliens on board.
Have any other entry points been compromised?
They're trying to destroy the escape pod.
The President should be alright.
Send out the cannon vehicles!
Do not let this ship fall into enemy hands.
Protect the President's escape pod.
This is our ship, men. Hold your ground!


Clip Text Notes
What is this place?
Ahh! There are two versions of this clip. The one unused here is "all01_e04_rg" where she sounds more serious than compared to the one used.
What do you think you're doing? You're going to crash!
Go ahead and break that thing!
Try not to break that, all right?
Look down!
You lose 10 Rings if you get hit. If you run out of Rings, taking a hit will really ruin your day.
Hey, see those Rings? You know what to do.
You can make use of your hidden power by pressing the Triangle/Y Button when the gauges are full. Rouge does explain about the gauges in Digital Circuit, but she never explains what to do when they are full.
Awaking your sense of justice will let you to teleport with Chaos Control! Unleashing the power of evil lets you destroy things around you with Chaos Blast.
Keep hitting him to charge up your gauge, and then use Chaos Control to alter the flow of time.
Chaos Control can be very easy to overshoot an objective. So be careful, okay? The only way you can overshoot an objective with Rouge is in Death Ruins as both Digital Circuit and GUN Fortress just head straight for the Goal Ring.
When you come across a target, press the O/X/B Button to stop.
Chaos Blast is really powerful. So don't let any GUN soldiers get injured by friendly fire.
You can use your high speed Light Dash move by pressing the O/X/B Button when your near some Rings.
You can take out nearby enemies by pressing the X/A Button in mid-jump to perform a Homing Attack.
Time to time, make sure to stop and use the Left Analog/Control/Thumb Stick to look around.
Just to remind you, the Square/B/X Button is used for attacking and the O/X/B Button does other special actions.
Don't worry, you can make it if you jump as high as you can and grab onto the edge.
You know that you can change your mission character by going to the pause menu, right? You can also change it just by using the Directional Buttons/Control Pad/Directional Pad.
You know you can swap weapons right? Just press the O/X/B Button.
Press the O/X/B Button while running to perform your sliding move.
You know how to use those cannons, right? Just hop on in, line up the sights, and take out anything that comes your way.
The alien weapon looks like it can suck in Rings and small creatures. The Vacuum Pods are not present in any of the three levels.
How about borrowing it for a bit? It looks like you can operate it by using the Square/B/X Button.
You can pick up and throw things, like containers and bombs, by pressing the O/X/B Button.
Looks like you can take control of this GUN vehicle. Press the O/X/B Button to get in and out. To drive, use the Left Analog/Control/Thumb Stick to steer and use the X/A Button to speed up.
A GUN armored military vehicle. You should be able to break your way through no problem. Rouge never talks about the HMMWV.
You can use this to return to previous locations.
This place is a raging inferno, too. I think we should help out.
GUN appears to be conducting research on the alien creatures.
Pressing the O/X/B, while on top a save point, will teleport you to other save points you've touched.
That's a Dash Ring. Pass through it to gain a quick burst of speed. Dash Rings have no use in any of the levels.
This cage is locked. Look for some kind of switch, it's gotta be near by.
Grab onto the handle and use the reel to keep moving.
This container seems different from the others. I don't think it's breakable. The only Steel Container that the player sees with Rouge is used to get over the iron bars. Even without that, she never reacts to anything with this quote.
That container is too heavy to lift.
That's a bomb. Try not to get caught up in the blast. Bombs do not appear in any of the levels.
You can pick up that bomb and use it to attack the enemies.
This is a rocket. If you grab hold, it'll fly you off some place. Rockets do not appear in any of the levels.
This is a parachute. You can fire your weapons as you slowly descend towards the ground.
This is a switch. Might as well press it and see what happens.
That's a target switch. You can trigger it by firing your weapons at it.
You can use your Dark Spin along the terrorist's transport system by pressing the O/X/B Button.
The Red Streams on the wall work like the others. Just press the O/X/B Button while wall running.
Have you used a turret before? Use the O/X/B Button to get in and out, and use the Square/B/X Button to fire. Rouge never reacts to the turrets in GUN Fortress, other than explaining that it would not be as useful with an army of them.
That's an alien trap. If you shoot it, it should stop moving. Related to the black slabs. The voice clip gets cut off after "stop".
If you find the switch, you can turn that fan on. There is an air duct for GUN Fortress that acts like the fan, but there is no use out of it other than being in the player's way.
That's the terrorist's weapon stock pile. Use your Chaos Blast to clear it out.
Picking that up will charge your Hero Gauge to full. The Blue Cores remain absent in all three of the levels.
Picking that up will charge your Dark Gauge to full. The Red Cores remain absent in all three of the levels.
Putting out the fire will give your Hero Gauge a boost. Attack it near by, or use a wind source. No fire is located in any of the levels.
This is a special type of gas used by the terrorists. Inhaling it will increase your Dark Gauge. The gas is not located in any of the levels.
That's a Heal Unit. It has the ability to restore not only living things but robots as well. Heal Units do not exist in any of the levels.
While being healed by a Heal Unit, they immediately lose their will to fight.
Another useful purpose for the Heal Unit is to avoid engaging the enemy.
That's a GUN developed cage for capturing the terrorists. Whatever you do, don't destroy it.
The red fruits with thorns secrete a toxin. Make sure you don't touch them.
Just leave things here to them.
Looks like a full scale offensive attack.
There are GUN soldiers here too. No funny business now, Shadow. You won't like it when I get angry.
Watch out. There's another black alien combat squad over there.
If GUN is holding the line here, then we should help them out.
Looks like you're on GUN's most wanted list. I don't know what you did, but be careful.
GUN's combat robots have been equipped with anti-terrorist ballistic weapons.
Those red and black things are alien larva. Make sure you take them out. The black larva do appear in Death Ruins, but Rouge never reacts to them.
Those shields are even strong enough to deflect bullets. Only one GUN doldier has a shield, being in Death Ruins. Rouge never reacts to them.
GUN won't be happy about it, but you can use their sentry drones as footholds to get passed.
The bombs that the GUN Beetles drop have time detonation. So try to pick them up and use them yourself. It seems that the GUN Beetles were once planned to have bombs as an attack. This never exists in the final game.
That GUN robot is equipped with automatic tracking missiles. If it locks on, do your best to evade.
That's the GUN combat mech, Big Foot. It'll use its Gatling cannons and rockets to help us out.
Those Black Aliens' shields deflect firearms. Use a Homing Attack to take them out. None of the Black Arms have shields in any of the levels.
If your use your Homing Attack on that group of black birds, I think you can make it to the other side. These aliens are not present in any of the levels.
Those black birds are hurtling themselves right at us. So look out.
Those alien bird creatures can stir up whirlwinds, but you can avoid them easily by jumping. The Black Hawks are not seen in any of the levels.
That worm's skin seems impervious to all attacks. It's only vulnerable on it's head. Rouge does talk about the Black Worms, but this quote goes unused.
Shadow, try hijacking that Black Arm's flying device.
This is a hangar for special military craft.
I wonder what tomorrow has in store for us?
What a repulsive creature.
The ruins continue along this side as well.
When that plant is stunned, it turns into a seed. It looks like you can pick it up. You cannot pickup's the Killer Plant's seed.
I think you can lift up parts of this floor. There's got to be stuff underneath. Rouge tells the player how to lift objects instead of this quote.


Clip Text Notes
Oh, it looks like it's going to get pretty dangerous here. Watch out!
Shadow, over there!
We're falling! There are no falling sections.
Watch out, you're gonna hit something!
Try going up from here. Eggman uses this line in Cryptic Castle. It is unknown why Amy never does.
Hey, maybe you can squash that!.
You shouldn't break things like that. Amy never tells the player to not break things in the final version of the game.
I wonder what's down there?
Here we go again. Try not to fall, okay? There seemed to be more than one falling section in the early version of the game, judging by the voice clip.
It's all over for you if you get hit and you're out of Rings. Makes sure to be careful.
I think you can dash along those Rings with one of your special moves. A different quote is used instead of this in the final version of the game.
Keep hitting Eggman until your gauge is full. Then you can use Chaos Control. The filename does reference a boss, being Egg Breaker.
When you're using Chaos Control, watch out. You might end up going so fast that you'll miss something.
If you need to stop, just press the O/X/B Button to cancel.
Press the X/A Button while jumping to do a Homing Attack that'll let you squash the enemies.
Hey, do you think that using your Homing Attack will let you get by here?
If you need to look around, just use the Right Analog Stick/C-Stick/Thumb Stick.
If you jump as high as you can, and just grab hold of the edge, you can probably make it up there. There are no ledge grabs that the player has to jump high enough to get to.
To get underneath narrow spaces, press the O/X/B Button while running to slide. There is a narrow space to slide under, for a secret, at the 6th Checkpoint.
Try using the O/X/B Button to lift up things that are on the floor. The only time the player can do this is before the first Checkpoint and before the Goal Ring. Amy does react to the first one, but uses a different quote instead in the final version of the game.
You can press O/X/B Button while grinding to gain some speed. Jump off by pressing the X/A Button. There are rails in the level, but Amy never talks about this. Interestingly, no other character says that the player can jump off the rail.
Shadow, get on! No vehicles are in Cryptic Castle.
Shadow, you've got to help put out that fire.
Is it really right for us to be keeping the aliens in cages like this? The Black Arms are not in cages for this level.
After you touch a save point, you can start over from there if you mess up. So don't worry.
If you go through the middle of that ring, it'll boost you on up ahead. Dash Rings are not found throughout Cryptic Castle.
This cage is pretty sturdy. I wonder if there is some kind of switch that will open it up? There are no cages related to be used by switches.
I think those GUN soldiers are keeping this cage shut tight. There are no GUN soldiers in Cryptic Castle.
Hey, do you think that the Black Creatures are guarding this cage? The only cage for this would be to one of the Secret Keys. Amy never reacts to it, however.
Hey, why don't you grab onto that? I think you can use it to keep going. There are no pulleys in this level.
I don't think that container is going to break.
I-Is that a bomb? Watch out, it's gonna explode! There are bombs in this level, but Amy does not react to them like this in the final game.
Hey, do you think you can throw that bomb?
It's some kind of switch. I wonder what it does? Switches are used in the level, but Amy never reacts to them.
That flying device looks like it's some sort of switch. Try hitting it with something. There are no flying switches in Cryptic Castle.
The big weight that's going up and down might stop for a little bit if you shoot it.
That fan looks like it's been switch off. There is a fan before the 6th checkpoint, but Amy never reacts to it.
I've got a bad feeling about that pile of stuff, Shadow. Use your Chaos Blast to destroy it.
Oh, that key looks so pretty. Neither Eggman nor Shadow react to the keys, so this goes unused for Amy.
That's a Warp Hole. Going in it will warp you somewhere. There are no Warp Holes in Cryptic Castle.
Those spheres will instantly charge your Hero Gauge to full. The Blue Cores remain absent in Cryptic Castle.
Those spheres will instantly charge your Dark Gauge to full. The Red Cores remain absent in Cryptic Castle.
Touching this gas will make you evil and it'll raise your Dark Gauge. Stay away from it. There is dark gas near the 5th Checkpoint. However, Amy never reacts to it.
If you toss this to an injured person, it'll heal them in no time. There are no Heal Units nor injured GUN soldiers in Cryptic Castle.
When a person is healed by a Heal Unit, they also lose their will to fight.
When you don't want to fight an enemy, throw a Heal Unit at them. Then just sneak past them.
That cage was built to hold in the black monsters. Makes sure you don't break it. GUN is not present in Cryptic Castle.
Those red thingies that look like fruits are poisonous. Stay away. These are in the level, but Amy never reacts to them.
Look, it's the aliens! Shadow, you have to stop them!
These guys just don't know when to quit! Shadow, help!
No surprise that Eggman's fortress is well protected with his robots. Don't waste your time fighting them.
Eggman seems to be pretty set on driving the aliens out too.
The Eggman robot with the shield can't be taken down by bullets. Just leave it and run! The Egg Pawns do not have shields in Cryptic Castle.
Those aliens' shields can deflect almost every weapon. Shadow, try to beat them with Homing Attacks. The Black Arms do not have shields in Cryptic Castle.
Those bird monsters, they're coming right for us! Look out! The Black Hawks do not go after the player, even if the player is riding one.
Those bird monsters are sending out boomerang-like bursts of wind! Jump out of the way!
Oh, there's more of them! Relating to the ghost-like enemies.
Shadow, you can break through this door right? Shadow reacts to this before meeting Amy. Upon breaking the door, the hint mark disappears.
Go and show that stupid robot who's boss! Since the Egg Breaker still attacks Shadow, even when further away, the player is unable to listen to this quote here and below. One can use Chaos Control, but it rarely come up. The only way to hear this is cheat codes for the Hero/Dark Gauge.
This place give me the creeps...


Clip Text Notes
Danger ahead! Advise caution!
Location undetectable by radar! Related to a secret room.
Item discovered!
Radar signature detected ahead!
Descending. The parachute is in Iron Jungle, but Omega reacts to it with the Egg Balloon instead.
Brace yourself for impact.
Beware, dangerous footing.
Follow route downward.
Destructible object detected. There are no walls that are breakable in either level.
Destroy all Eggman devices. This could not be related to any of Eggman's robots as "devices" are objects.
That is not an item of Eggman's manufacturer's.
Charge the Hero Gauge. Utilize Chaos Control to activate temporal slowdown.
Use of Chaos Control presents a risk of losing track of targets!
Press the O/X/B to cancel movement, when target is acquired.
Use of the R2 Button/R Button/R Trigger will prevent losing sight of your target.
Pressing the O/X/B Button while running will allow you to perform a Slide. There are no narrow spaces for Shadow to slide under.
Eggman's robots and the GUN have cannons that can be used to devastate this area. Neither Eggman nor GUN have cannons. GUN, however, has a turret.
Auto-lock projectiles can be used by pressing the Square/B/X Button to sight and then releasing to fire.
Pick up and propel containers and bombs by using the O/X/B Button.
To jump to adjacent rails while grinding, choose your direction with the Left Analog/Control/Thumb Stick! This is only possible in the beginning of Lava Shelter. However, there is no way to backtrack to that area besides cheats.
Use teleport device to go back! The Egg Balloon is at the end of the level, if heading towards the bottom area where the 2nd rail is. Other than that, this would be useless either way.
Shadow, use that.
This turret has superior fire power, but may not be sufficient to defeat Eggman. The only time Omega talks about the turret is when he tells Shadow to use it to attack the Egg Balloon.
This turret's cannon is constructed with unknown technology. Cell Cannons are not found, most purposely for Iron Jungle.
Nearby Ring device allows for significant acceleration. Related to the Dash Rings.
This cage is locked. Search of a release switch. The only cages that are locked are held by GUN.
Unknown movement device detected.
Indestructible Container detected.
Explosive devices detected ahead. Stay clear of its blast radius. Related to the bombs.
Ordnance can be utilized as a handheld weapon!
During Parachute Decent, firearm usage and body movement is possible. Omega reacts with different quote when attacking the Egg Balloon.
Switch detected. Try activating it. There are no switches in either Iron Jungle nor Lava Shelter.
Target switch detected. Fire at it to break and activate it. Target switches are not found in either level.
Travel along those red lines is possible by pressing the O/X/B Button! The Red Slime trails are not anywhere in either level as the Black Arms are nowhere to be seen.
Red areas on wall services can be used by pressing the O/X/B Button while running along the wall. Even if the Red Slime was used in this way, the walls are mostly useless with this action.
Turret accessible. Use the O/X/B to embark and disembark. Use the Square/B/X Button to fire. Omega tells the player to use it to attack the Egg Balloon. He never explains about how to use it.
Firing a weapon at the moving black object will make is stop moving temporarily. There is a black slab at the end of the level, but it would be useless to shoot at it anyways since it is used as a platform.
Activate fan by detecting the proper switch. The fan is used for Lava Shelter, but there are no switches to activate it as it is on automatically.
Unknown substance destructible by Chaos Blast.
This Warp Hole will allow instant teleportation to another location. The Warp Hole would be mostly useless in either level.
Hero Gauge power maximizer detected. The Blue Cores are absent in both levels,
Dark Gauge power maximizer detected. The Red Cores are absent in both levels,
Inhaling this gas will cause your Dark Gauge to increase. Gas is not located anywhere in either level.
This is a Heal Unit, which can restore both organic and mechanical entities.
The Heal Unit's side effect suppresses one's aggressive instincts.
Use a Heal Unit to avoid enemy confrontation.
Toxins detected in alien vegetation. The red fruit is not present in either level as the Black Arms do not appear. This is the only quote where Omega mentions the word "alien".
Combat mech unit sighted. No Eggman alliance detected.
Multiple GUN combat mechs sighted. Enemy forces contained.
GUN mech unit detected ahead. Model type matches previously encountered units.
Targets acquired. Destroy all robots.
Stay clear. Leave Eggman's robots to me!
Fall back. Targets acquired.
Eggman's mass produced Shadow Androids detected.
Anti-ballistic shield detected. Eggman's robots must be destroyed by unarmed attacks. None of Eggman's robots are carrying shields in either level.
Homing Attacks are ineffective against this fake Shadow. Try a different means of attack.
Flammable material detected. Warning! None of the objects can be caught on fire.
Use the thermal vents' gusts.
These footholds are suspended due to the rise of the magma level.
Eggman's presence detected on radar. This way. Omega only appears at the beginning area of the level and nowhere else. The only way to arrive here this is for the player to backtrack while grinding on the rails.
Another artificial cavern beyond here detected. Proceed. Omega only appears at the beginning area of the level and nowhere else. The only way to arrive here this is for the player to back track while grinding on the rails.
Target acquired. Engaging combat mode. Meant for the Egg Breaker. The subtitles still exist, but Omega remains silent.
You can throw Eggman's bombs back at him. Meant for the Egg Dealer. It seems that the player could throw the bombs at the Eggman. In the final game, they explode in just a matter of seconds.
Watch for shadows when the mech is dropping Egg Pawn units.
Warning! Egg Balloon equipped with Bazooka! The Egg Balloon seems to be equipped with cannons rather than bazookas in the final game.
Incoming bombs from Egg Balloon. Take evasive action!
Egg Balloon's propulsion's system creating strong wind current. Must secure footing! It seemed that the propeller would have the same effects as a fan. Since the Egg Balloons would not make it to the player from behind, it goes unused. Along with that, there are no poles to hang onto during this action.
Fire those bombs at the Egg Balloon! Even if this was used, there is not enough distance for the bombs to reach the Egg Balloon.
Eggman robots incoming! Multiple attack formations detected!


Clip Text Notes
I'm pretty sure there's trouble up ahead. Be careful!
Hey, check it out! Jackpot!
What the heck?
Whoa, what's that?
Hey, you're going to crash!
It's dangerous here, try not to fall!
Bust that thing to pieces, would ya?
Smash that thing and get it out of your way!
You shouldn't break that.
Looks like you don't wanna fall in here either, look out!
You should be able to use your Light Dash on those rings.
If you charge up your gauge, then the power of Chaos Control should freeze the enemy in its tracks.
Press the O/X/B Button to run along a row of rings, when your near one.
Bet you can use your Homing Attack here.
The Right Analog Stick/C-Stick/Thumb Stick will let you look around you.
It might be a bit high, but if you jump as high as you can, I think you can make it.
When there's enemies ahead of you, hold the R2 Button/R Button/R Trigger to keep your aim set on them/
Hey, don't you think you can use your Triangle-Jump to hop up between these walls?
To get through tight spaces, press the O/X/B Button, while running, to slide!
Watch out, those laser blasts can bounce off of walls! Try grabbing one for yourself, if you can!
Press the O/X/B Button and then chuck things, like containers and bombs. Vector explaining about picking up and throwing objects.
Things on the floor, that look unmovable, can probably be lifted up using the O/X/B Button.
Hey, how about trying to fly that bird-like thing? Hit em' real hard and press the O/X/B Button to get on. Although the Black Hawks are in Cosmic Fall, none of them are able to be can be ridden.
Use the Left Analog Stick/Control Stick/Thumb Stick to fly. Pressing up will make you descend, and pulling back will make you fly up. Also, if you X/A Button, you can speed up a little. Give it a try. Vector explaining the controls of the Black Hawk.
That thing seems pretty weak. I don't know how much of a beating he can really take. Watch his health in the lower right hand corner of the screen. Try to keep em' out of harms way. Vector telling the player about being careful of the Black Hawk's health.
Use this to go back.
Hey, try using that.
Hey Shadow, let's go for a little ride.
Check out that huge fire. Do you really think we should just leave it like this? There is no fire located anywhere in the level.
This is like some weird alien zoo.
Go through that ring. It'll give you a huge boost of speed. Vector explaining Dash Rings.
This cage is locked up tight. Maybe some kind of switch will open it up?
It seems like those GUN soldiers are protecting this cage. There are no cages in Cosmic Fall.
Those Black Creatures are some how keeping this cage from opening. There are no cages in Cosmic Fall.
This has got to be here for a reason. Grab onto it and see where it leads.
Looks like this container can't be broken.
That container looks heavy. I bet you won't be able to lift it.
Hey, that looks like a bomb! I think it's ready to explode!
Shadow, you can use this bomb to throw at those guys!
You can still move and fire your weapons a bit while you are descending, using the parachute.
It's a switch, give it a try!
That's a target switch. You can trigger it by breaking it! There are no target switches in Cosmic Fall.
Press the O/X/B Button to use the enemies' red slime pathways. These are used, but he never reacts to them.
It might be kind of gross, but we should try following along that slime.
You can use the slime pathways on the wall by pressing the O/X/B Button when running past them.
How about using that turret? Press the O/X/B Button to get in and out and use the Square/B/X Button to fire.
It doesn't look like that fan is switched on.
Use your Chaos Blast to blow this junk away.
Aha! A key! I'll bet this means there's treasure around somewhere! Since Shadow nor Doom's Eye react to keys in Cosmic Fall, this goes unused.
It looks like this is some sort of warp point.
Grabbing that will give you a full hero gauge.
Grabbing that will give you a full dark gauge.
Watch out for that gas! If you inhale it, it'll make your dark gauge fill up!
That's a heal unit! Toss it at an injured person and they'll recover immediately.
In addition to its healing power, a heal unit also takes the person's willingness to fight.
Even if someone's not injured, you can still use a heal unit to suppress their will to fight.
Those spiky alien fruits look like they really hurt. Stay away.
Looks like they needed the big guns for this one, we should just slip on by.
Those sure look like the same GUN robots we've seen before. Don't get in their way, got it?
Hey, those must be the Black Creatures. Should we go teach them a lesson?
There seems to be a swarm of them coming around here! I got a bad feeling about this.
Nothing we do seems to stop these aliens from coming and coming!
GUN's got quite a fight on their hands. Wanna help them out?
GUN weapons are set to kill those who try to sneak aboard the Ark!
Those GUN robots are heavily armed. Did you forget to pay your taxes or something?
What the? Those nasty little boogers are part alien too. Guess we'll have to take care of them as well.
I heard that those water monsters were GUN biological weapons, but the aliens are controlling them.
That robots' missiles follow their target. Watch where it's going and do your best to dodge.
You already know that bullets are useless against those aliens' shields. You need to fight them head on!
Do you think you can use your Homing Attack to bounce off of those bird creatures and get across?
Those bird monsters are coming in on a dive bombing run. Don't let them get you.
You have to jump over those boomerang bursts of wind!
When the giant swings its sword sideways, that's your chance to attack his feet!
Shadow! Jump to avoid the giant's hammer attack!
You have a chance to hit him right after he calms down. The great detective triumphs again!
Those little pests keep gathering around the big guy's head. The head's gotta be his weak point. You need to thin that crowd out so you can get a clear shot, got it?
That's Artificial Chaos! It can use it's feelers to thrust out and attack. Watch out.
If you get too close, he'll start whipping his arms all around. Stay back for your own good.
If you want to use that water monster for homing attacks, don't destroy it all.
Knock out the alien riding on the flying disc and take it for yourself.
Man, these guys just won't quit!
Grab onto something, quickly!
Ah, stupid space rocks! Shadow, make sure they don't hit you!
I think an explosive blast might knock this passage way into place.
That's an Ark transport device. Does it still work?
If that shutter closes on us, it's gonna hurt!
Those asteroids look pretty darn hot. Try blasting them with a gun or something.
The green fluid, in this room, is probably something you don't wanna touch.
With this, we can blast these meteors to our hearts content.
Thanks, Shadow!
When he drops bombs, try picking them off and dropping them back! Meant for the Egg Dealer.
No, I'm too young to die! Although this clip is used, the voice line gets cut off after "No".


Clip Text Notes
I've got a bad feeling about this. Watch your step as you proceed.
Looks like somebody wanted to keep this place hidden. Mad Matrix has no hidden areas.
Good job finding that.
What in the world?
Shadow, look!
Brace yourself!
Slow down, you're gonna crash!
Make sure not to fall!
Looks like you can get down from here. All the towers in the game force the player to go upwards. There are no lower sections in Mad Matrix.
You should be able to break that.
Destroy that thing!
Try not to break everything in sight, ok?
Be careful where you step.
Rings will keep you from getting injured. Make sure to hang onto some at all times.
See that line of Rings up ahead? Try using your special move.
Charge up your gauge and use the power of justice to unleash Chaos Control to slow the flow of time.
Chaos Control is optimal for getting yourself in between the towers.
Press the O/X/B Button to stop when your over your destination.
Pressing the O/X/B, near a row of rings, will let you use the Light Dash move. The light speed dash is used at the Red Tower, but does not mention about it.
You're gonna need your Homing Attack to get through this mess. There is no platforming related to the Homing Attack.
The Right Analog Stick/C-Stick/Thumb Stick can be used to check your surroundings.
It might not look like it, but that jump is just low enough that you might be able to make it. Excluding the Red Tower's Secret Key, there are no platforms that are low enough for Shadow to have to jump at a further distance.
You can get though narrow spaces and neutralize enemies by sliding. Try running and pressing the O/X/B Button. There are no narrow spaces for Shadow to slide under.
Use the O/X/B Button to pick up bombs and containers, and then you can throw them at enemies.
This device lets you go back to places that you've already been. There's no point in this as the player can go into the tower and activate it without having to backtrack.
Shadow, how about hopping in for a ride? There are no vehicles in Mad Matrix.
Clear your mind of idle thoughts and let fire be quelled... Sorry, just thinking out loud.
Using those Rings will give you a midair speed boost.
This cage is locked tight. Look for some mechanism to open it. There are no cages in Mad Matrix.
This cage looks like it's been sealed by someone.
This strange cage. I think those black creatures have it sealed.
Hmm... looks like this handle is part of some sort of device. Why not try it?
This container is too strong to break. Related to the Steel Creates. These are seen, but Espio does not react to them.
The box looks really heavy. There is no way you're going to be able to lift it.
I sense gunpowder in that object up ahead, stay clear of it. Related to the bombs, which are not seen in the level.
Try throwing that bomb into that cluster of enemies.
This is a switch. It must be hooked up to some type of mechanism.
That floating device looks like it's some kind of switch. Try hitting it with something.
You should be able to stop that moving weight with some gunfire.
I'm getting a bad feeling from that thing. I think your Chaos Blast can take care of it though.
The stench of evil! Shadow, if you inhale that gas it'll fill up your dark gauge. There is no gas found in Mad Matrix.
They've gotten through to here too. Guess we got some exterminating to do.
Those small lifeforms are black creatures too. Better get rid of them now before they mature.
Looks like that worm is an expert at burying itself in the ground. Don't let it get away. Espio does react to the Black Worms, but says a different quote in the final game.
It looks like that giant worm's head is its weak spot. Shadow, it's all up to you.
At first glance, it doesn't look possible. But I'll bet you can use those birds to make your way across.
Those black birds are doing everything they can to get in your way. The black birds do appear in the warp holes, but they do not bother Shadow as they fly right past him.
So this is the inside of the Yellow Tower. This quote was planned to be used, by a different one was added by mistake.
I'm getting really dizzy here. I think I'm losing my touch.
Watch out for that red block!
Another red block!
Phew. I guess I'm a bit out of shape.
That floor looks booby trapped. There are no floors that have traps.


Clip Text Notes
Oh, looks like I found something. Charmy taking the credit of the player finding a secret area.
Hidden treasure, hidden treasure!
Not that I'm worried or anything, Shadow, but make sure you don't fall.
You need to go down, down! There are no platforms that lets the player go downwards.
Come on! Squash that thing!
Smash it up, come on!
Wait a minute, were we supposed to break this?
Sure looks strange down there, doesn't it?
Don't slip up, okay?
If you're all out of Rings, you need to be extra, extra, careful.
Try using those Rings for a nice quick burst.
Hey, you know your super fast Chaos Control move?
If you come across a disc, when using it, press the O/X/B Button to stop yourself, okay?
Don't let your evil red special power hurt any of the GUN robots by mistake, okay?
If you press the O/X/B Button near a row of rings, you can zoom right along them.
Jump and then press the X/A Button again, and you'll hit enemies automatically!
How about bouncing your way up through here?
The Right Analog Stick/C-Stick/Thumb Stick let's you move the camera around!
I don't have any troubles getting up here, Shadow. But for you, you have to jump as high to jump as high as you can!
Hey, did you know you can change your mission character by using the Direction Buttons/Control Pad/Direction Pad?
Boxes and bombs can be picked up and tossed with the O/X/B Button.
I think you can grind your way along this.
To go faster while you're grinding, try pressing the O/X/B Button.
We can go back with this!
Hey, Shadow, use that.
Shadow, Shadow, let's go for a little ride!
Wee! Turret, turret... I wanna give it a shot!
This is a save point. Make sure that you touch it, got it?
This cage won't open, huh? Think there might be some kind of switch for it? No cages need to be activated with switches.
This cage won't open. Someone must've locked it, huh? Relating to the GUN cages. One does exist in the level, but Charmy never reacts to it.
Hey, it looks like that train is some kind of strap. Grab on!
This thing's tough, I don't think you can break it!
That box is way too heavy. Just leave it there.
Look, it's a bomb! Watch out, it's dangerous. There are no bombs throughout Prison Island.
Take this bomb and toss it over there for a big BA-BOOM!
There's something inside that balloon. I bet it's something really cool! Balloons are only found in Circus Park.
Hey, it's a switch. I wonder what it does?
Hmm... I think it's a good idea to smash up that fuzzy machine.
Look, it's that slime stuff again. Hop on into it and spin away!
You can use the red slime while wall-running by using the O/X/B Button to zip right through it.
Whoa, check out that turret! Use the O/X/B to get in and out, and the Square/B/X Button to shoot. Turrets are not in Prison Island.
If you hit that big slamming thing, I think it might stop for a bit.
Shadow, this thing is giving me the creeps. Use your Chaos Blast to blow it away!
If you step into that sparkly portal, it'll warp you someplace else. The Warp Holes do not appear in Prison Island.
Shadow, your Blue Gauge will fill up completely if you get that. The red orb is in the level, but the blue one remains absent.
If you touch that gas it'll turn you evil, Shadow.
Give this to someone who's hurt and it'll heal them.
When someone is healed by a heal unit, they also get really calm for a while.
Use a heal unit to stun people, and then you can run pass them without fighting.
That little prison cage-thingy has aliens inside. Don't break it open.
A GUN robot! Cool!
Everyone's trying so hard to fight. Shouldn't we help them out?
Hey, weren't you in trouble with these guys before? What did you do to get them so mad at you?
Those flying GUN robots are lined like a flight of stairs. There are no top paths in Prison Island as Jump Panels are used instead.
Shadow, look out! Those sparks will fry you into a crisp! There is no electricity in Prison Island.
That robot is giving out free bombs. Help yourself Shadow. Relating to Jack Bommer, Egg Pierrot and Egg Bommer. However, Eggman is the only one who has these kind of enemies.
That tough robot shoots missiles that won't leave you alone.
Those alien shields can block bullets, Shadow. You're gonna have to take them down yourself. Shields are not present in this level.
Hey, no fair! I wanna ride on the flying disc too.
Hey, how come the GUN soldiers are inside their own cells?
That scary plant turns into a seed that you can pick up, if you defeat it. It seemed that the player could carry the Killer Plants when they are defeated. However, this never happens in the final game.
Throw the plant seed into the prison cell. Even if this was used, there is not enough height for Shadow to throw it into the cell.
I think you can still hit the bad guys in the cells from the outside.
GUN's got this door locked. The only thing that GUN locked is a cage. They never locked a door, as the one that is locked opens from the switch.
There's a jump panel over the river! I wonder where it will take you?
Isn't the jungle so exciting?


Clip Text Notes
It's dangerous past here. Maybe you should turn back. Everywhere you go, in either level, is danger. There is no reason why this clip would be used.
Shadow, look!
Shadow, wait up! All characters can teleport to Shadow when the player gets a certified distance.
Shadow, we're going to crash!
Shadow, do you think you can break that? Walls are breakable, but she reacts to them.
Shadow, can you get rid of that?
Please, do not damage the Ark. There is no way to damage the Ark, aside from the objects placed throughout the level.
Make sure to look below you. There are no sections to having to watch out for objects below the player since both levels are mostly linear.
That path of Rings is perfect for you to use your Light Dash, Shadow!
The power of Chaos Control, granted to you by my grandfather, should be used with great care.
Press the O/X/B Button to stop some place so that you don't accidentally miss something.
Shadow, please don't let innocent people get caught in your Chaos Blast.
Shadow, you can run along a row of Rings if you press the O/X/B Button when your near them. The only fitting area for this would be in red corridors, but they are close enough together to use Shadow's Triangle Jump.
Shadow, can you try using your Homing Attack to get past here? The only section this would fit is at the fifth Checkpoint, next to the last red corridor. However, she says a different quote in the final version instead.
Use the Right Analog Stick/C-Stick/Thumb Stick if you need to look around you.
Shadow, I know you can make that jump. Try reaching up to grab onto the edge. There are no sections or pathways high enough that Shadow has to ledge grab on.
You can use the R2 Button/R Button/R Trigger to face forward while you move around.
Shadow, I wonder if your jumping abilities will let you get on up between these walls?
You can get through tight spaces by sliding. Just press the O/X/B Button while running. There are sections that Shadow can slide under, but Maria uses a different quote in the final game.
You can pick up and throw things, like containers and bombs, by pressing the O/X/B Button.
I think you can lift those really large objects. Try pressing the O/X/B Button if it looks moveable. These are seen in both levels, but Maria never says a thing about them in the final game.
Shadow, why don't you try sliding along that? Rails are seen in the secret area of The Doom, but they are very short.
You can speed up, while grinding, by pressing the O/X/B Button.
This vehicle should be working. Press the O/X/B to get in and out. The X/A is the accelerator and the Left Analog Stick/Control Stick/Thumb Stick will let you steer. Related to the GUN vehicles.
Use this teleporter to go back to locations you've passed.
Shadow, I wonder if you should use that?
Shall we get in?
Oh no. Look at that fire. Please, you've got to put it out.
Why don't you try using that Ring to leap over to the other side? A Ring cannot let the player do such an action.
There's a switch someplace that will release the lock on this cage. There are no switches to open cages.
This cage has been locked by the GUN soldiers. There is a GUN cage, but it's very small and it is guarded by one GUN soldier.
It looks you can move along using that handle, Shadow. The pulleys are used in both levels, but they only lead to secret areas.
This container is very sturdy. It seems that you won't be able to break it.
That container is too heavy. I don't think you can lift it.
This is a switch, but I don't know what it's for. This would fit for The Doom's Secret Door.
There's a target switch. You can turn it on by hitting it. The levels mostly take place inside. There is not enough room for there to be a target switch.
That air condition unit won't turn on till you find a switch. It seems that a switch would turn on the fans at one point. In the final game, they are on automatically.
This Warp Hole will teleport you easily to another location. Neither The Doom nor Lost Impact have a Warp Hole.
Shadow, this will make your Hero Gauge full. The Blue Cores are not present in either stage.
Shadow, this will make your Dark Gauge full. The Red Cores are not present in either stage.
Don't just leave the fire burning! If you hit it with something, you'll be able to extinguish it.
Shadow, be careful. Touching that gas will corrupt your soul! There is no dark gas in either level.
That's a Heal Unit. If you throw it to someone that's wounded, it will heal them immediately. Heal Units are placed throughout The Doom, but the only time Maria talks about them is when the player finds a wounded researcher or the Heal Unit server.
Heal Units do not just heal wounds, they also have the effect of greatly calming someone down.
By using Heal Units, you can incapacitate those GUN soldiers without hurting them.
Everyone is trying so hard to keep the defensive lines.
They found us again!
It looks like they've got enough robots to secure this area.
It looks like additional robots are being sent in to protect this area.
Shadow, those soldiers are all going to die if you don't help them.
Why do we have to fight amongst one-another like this?
Even bullets can't penetrate those GUN shields. There are shields inn both levels, but Maria never reacts to them in the final game.
It looks like you can use the GUN sentry robots as a way to get through. This is used in The Doom, but a different quote is used in the final game instead.
Those GUN defense robots have a powerful electric current running through them. Be careful.
It's a bit dangerous, but you can pick up the GUN sentry robot's bombs before they explode. It seemed that the GUN sentry robots were planned to have bombs as an attack that the player can pick up and throw. In the final game, the Jack Bommer, Egg Pierrot and Egg Bommer are the only ones with this attack.
If you're targeted by a GUN missile, don't worry about me. Just run.
Oh no! How could they do this?
Power conduits run through on this side. The floor is exposed, so be careful. Related to outside sections of the Ark.
These bombs were invented here as well. They were created at low cost for peacekeeping purposes.
GUN soldiers might blast though the walls again, so be on your guard. The player runs into this more than once in The Doom. It is unknown why this was never used.
I wonder if there are any Heal Units near by? Most of the Heal Units are close by, some being seen before the wounded researchers are found.
If there aren't any Heal Units near by, we can go back to the room where the Heal Unit server is.
This used to be just a normal passageway, but now I'm just terrified by it. There are no secret passageways in either level.
Watch out for research experiments attacking from above. A different quote is used instead of this one in the final game.
Check the radar carefully, and track down the research experiments. The map would make it useless to search for the Artificial Chaos since they're not on there.
Research experiments keep on coming out from inside there. There seemed to be some sort of cluster of Artificial Chaos enemies the player would have to deal with. Instead, they are spread out everywhere.
Try destroying the device that the research experiments are coming out of. It seemed that there was some sort of spawner planned for Maria's mission in Lost Impact where the player would have to destroy the object the Artificial Chaos are continuously spawning out of. In the final game, this does not exist anywhere throughout the level.

Unused multiplayer content

Unused Sonic multiplayer voice clips

At one point, it seemed that Sonic was planned for multiplayer purposes, but was scrapped in early development. Some Japanese voice clips still remain, along with two unused 2PEVENTs. Some of the voice clips refer to the unused Race Mode.

Clip Text Translation
行くぜ! Let's go!
Let's do it! Let's do it!
さ、 始めよぜ Come on, let's get started!
ちょーっとは楽しわせてくれよ Just let me have some fun for a bit!
今度は本気で行くぜ! This time, I'm going for real!
走ることならだれにも負けないぜ! I won't lose to anybody if it comes to running!
どうした? これが終わりか? What's wrong? Is that all?
さあ ここからが勝負だ Come on, the fight is just getting started!
See you! また相手してるぜ! See you! I'll hang with you again!

Unused animations


Shadow the Hedgehog Unused 2PEVENT 0960 and 0961

A large amount of unused animations exist mainly for Shadow, including some that were ported over from Sonic Heroes.

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