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This character exists primarily or exclusively within the Sonic X continuity.
Information in this article may not be canonical to the storyline of the games or any other Sonic continuity.
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I am Shadow! Shadow the Hedgehog!

Super Shadow, "Showdown in Space"

Shadow the Hedgehog (シャドウ・ザ・ヘッジホッグ Shadō za Hejjihoggu?) is a character that appears in the Sonic X anime series and its comic series published by Archie Comics. He is an anthropomorphic hedgehog and the arch-rival of Sonic the Hedgehog. Shadow was created by Gerald Robotnik, and is the end result of Project Shadow. However, the project was closed, and Shadow was captured by G.U.N. and put into stasis on Prison Island after his friend Maria Robotnik was killed.

Fifty years later, Shadow was awakened from hibernation by Gerald's grandson, Dr. Eggman. Initially, Shadow's goal was to destroy the Earth and avenge Maria's death; but he ultimately decided to save humanity, which almost cost him his life. The hedgehog later returned to save the universe from destruction. He later joined forces once again with Eggman and Rouge the Bat during the galactic war with the Metarex.


Shadow is an anthropomorphic black hedgehog with red stripes on his quills, around the edges of his eyes and on his arms and legs. He has red eyes, a patch of white fur on his chest, a black nose, a tan muzzle, and small, triangular ears with tan canals. He also has five quills on his head, four of which curve upwards, and one that curves downwards, has two spines on his back and a short, pointy tail. For attire, Shadow wears white gloves with black cuffs and red tongues, and Air Shoes which, like his gloves, have black cuffs and red tongues. On each of his wrists and ankles he wears a single Limiter.




Fifty years ago, a top-secret project known as "Project Shadow" began on the Space Colony ARK.[1][3] Led by Professor Gerald Robotnik, it was a government-sanctioned initiative to create "the ultimate creature,"[3][4] an immortal being that Gerald hoped could be used for the benefit of the world.[5] After creating the prototype, Gerald was able to successfully create the finalized creature: Shadow the Hedgehog.[3][4]

Shadow watching the Earth alongside Maria, from "Shadow World".

Once brought to life, Shadow immediately befriended Maria Robotnik, Professor Gerald's granddaughter, and they became close during their short time together. Maria really wanted to visit the Earth, but because she suffered from an illness, she could never do it. Shadow also wanted to go to the planet to learn the meaning of his existence.[1] However, Gerald's progress with Shadow was ruined when it was leaked to G.U.N. of how he was able to create the successful prototype. Afraid of the implications, it was decided to launch an invasion of the ARK and put a stop to the work being done there.[6]

After G.U.N. troops descended onto the ARK, they caused chaos and confusion as they went about apprehending anyone involved in Project Shadow.[1][4] Knowing that the G.U.N. forces would be there at any moment, Maria convinced Shadow to enter an escape pod, her final wish to him being that he gave the people on the planet a chance to be happy.[1][5] Wishing him goodbye, Shadow could do nothing as he watched the G.U.N. soldier Mr. Schmitz storm into the lab, firing a shot which would forever change the hedgehog's life as it ended the life of Maria.[6]

Learning of his granddaughter's death, Professor Gerald soon went mad with grief, swearing vengeance on humanity for taking away the only thing that ever meant anything to him. Though just what exactly transpired is cloudy; what is known is that both Gerald and the escape pod that held Shadow were gathered by G.U.N., Shadow having to be put to sleep in a stasis capsule within Prison Island, and Gerald being incarcerated.[3][5] While imprisoned, Gerald brainwashed Shadow so that the hedgehog would ensure that his doomsday program onboard the ARK, which would wipe out humanity as his revenge, would be activated once Shadow awoke.[5]

Shadow Saga

Fifty years later, Dr. Eggman awakened Shadow when he attacked Prison Island.[3] The hedgehog demonstrated his abilities, destroying the Hot Shot.[7] Shadow then manipulated Eggman into following his plan for wiping out the Earth, which in fact was programmed into him by Professor Gerald.[5] Shadow later stole a Chaos Emerald from an art gallery and destroyed a Gun Beetle group. He also incorporated Sonic into the crimes. Shadow later personally revealed himself to the blue hedgehog and showed him what he could do. After defeating Sonic, Shadow teleported away and returned to Eggman's base. There, the doctor personally congratulated him. Rouge the Bat soon after joined their alliance as well.[7] Later, Shadow, Rouge and Eggman attacked Prison Island. This time, their task was to steal three consecutive Chaos Emeralds. There, Eggman distracted the military robots, while Shadow and Rouge had to get into the base, put an explosive charge and run away with Emeralds. However, the plan was interrupted by Amy Rose, who mistook Shadow for Sonic. Eggman let his team go though, promising to take care of the girl. Shadow put up the bomb as planned and Eggman told him to set it for ten minutes because of the delay that Amy caused. Shadow was then about to leave the island, only to learn that Rouge was in danger because she was locked up in a warehouse with Chaos Emeralds. Shadow intended to return to the base, but Sonic attacked him on the way. Both of them fought a balanced duel this time until Eggman informed Shadow that the base would blow up in a moment. Shadow thus teleported to the base of Prison Island to save Rouge. However, Christopher Thorndyke jumped in with him. There, Shadow saw Maria in Chris and decided to save both him and Rouge for now. Shadow thus took the Chaos Emeralds and teleported himself, Rouge and Chris to the Space Colony ARK, just before the Prison Island blew up.[8]

A threat from space soon came when Dr. Eggman and his robots flew to the Space Colony ARK. There, they reactivated the Eclipse Cannon and fed it with the six Chaos Emeralds they had gathered. Shadow then saw Eggman blow up half of the moon with his new weapon. The doctor subsequently gave the world twenty-four hours to announce their surrender to the Eggman Empire.[1]

Super Shadow and Super Sonic stopping the Space Colony ARK, from "Showdown in Space".

Sonic and his friends soon after appeared on the Space Colony ARK. From there, Shadow and Chris watched Eggman shoot Sonic out into space in a capsule that exploded, convincing Shadow and Chris that the blue hedgehog had died. Shadow then went to the ARK's main computer and caught Rouge in data theft. In response, Rouge showed him the printout from Project Shadow. According to this information, two capsules containing the ultimate creature were fired from the ARK, but none of them were found, meaning Shadow might not be who he considered himself to be. However, the hedgehog did not care about it, because he knew that he had to fulfill the promise made to Maria. Shadow then went to the Eclipse Cannon, because Eggman had informed him that someone wanted to destroy the cannon. It turned out Sonic was the culprit, who had survived his earlier ordeal because he was able to use Chaos Control with a false Chaos Emerald to teleport out of the capsule. Shadow then engaged Sonic in a fight that seriously damaged the Eclipse Cannon.[4] In the end, Sonic defeated Shadow using a Ring, and the Eclipse cannon was neutralized. By then however, Gerald's doomsday program had been activated, making the ARK head towards Earth to destroy it. Knowing everything had gone as planned, Shadow simply awaited the ARK's inevitable collision with Earth.[5] However, Chris tried to convince him to help stop the ARK, prompting Shadow to beat up Chris for asking this of him after what the world did to Maria.[9] However, Chris soon reminded Shadow of the real words of Maria, who wanted people to live their happily in peace. Coming to his senses, Shadow went to stop the ARK. Shadow subsequently turned his attention to the Bio Lizard when it tried to stop Sonic and Knuckles from stopping the ARK's collision course by deactivating the Chaos Emeralds with the Master Emerald. Although Shadow seriously damaged the Bio Lizard, and the emeralds were stopped, the Bio Lizard used Chaos Control to merge with ARK and becoming the Final Lizard.[5]

Thanks to the Final Hazard, the colony was still directed to collide with Earth. Shadow and Sonic thus used the Chaos Emeralds to transform into Super Shadow and Super Sonic. Together, they destroyed the Final Lizard, but the ARK had already begun entering the atmosphere. To stop the ARK, the heroes performed a join Chaos Control and teleported the Space Colony back into space. After that, Shadow lost consciousness in space, and was presumed dead by everyone.[5]

Metarex Saga

Shadow having returned after his presumed death, from "Trick Sand".

At an unknown point in time, Dr. Eggman had located Shadow's unconscious form, and recovered him. Bringing him aboard the Crimson Egg, Eggman placed Shadow's body in a rejuvenation capsule, powered by a Chaos Emerald, in hopes of reviving him. When Rouge the Bat, who had stowed away on the Crimson Egg, snuck into the secret laboratory, hoping to find a Chaos Emerald, she happened to encounter Shadow's capsule. Confused, she was confronted by Eggman, who simply remarked she had "stumbled upon his shadowy little secret". Later on, Shadow began to regain consciousness, and having sensed the purple Chaos Emerald, awoke, bursting out of the capsule, and grabbing the red Chaos Emerald used to rejuvenate him. Using Chaos Control, Shadow warped to the battlefield where Sonic and Co. were combating a Metarex. Shadow managed to save Chris Thorndyke, whose plane was out of control, and rammed into the Metarex controlling the illusions, destroying it. Claiming the purple Emerald, the heroes looked upon Shadow in awe and surprise at his survival. Shadow glanced at Chris, who had said his name, before he warped away. Appearing back on the Crimson Egg in front of Eggman and Rouge, with two Chaos Emeralds in hand, Shadow collapsed, having exhausted his power.

Rouge and Shadow at Molly's grave, from "A Revolutionary Tale".

Upon waking up, Shadow had no clear memory of his mysterious past. The loss of his Limiters meant that he used up all of his energy quickly until Chris returned the one that was lost at the ARK (and a copy, since only one was recovered) in Episode 63. When he transformed into Super Shadow, he released all his energy and was knocked out. In episode 68, he seems to have an image of Maria in his mind. In that same episode, Eggman visits the people of a planet the Metarex are warring with, including one orange-haired female teenager by the name of Molly. Shadow and Rouge meet her, and at the end of the French/Japanese version of the episode, Molly was killed by the Metarex. Shadow erects a makeshift grave for her, and Rouge notes that she was similar to Maria. In the English dub, Molly is seen flying off into the sky and instead of making her a grave, Shadow says that he will miss her and he is worried about her being all alone out in space. Realizing that Chris and Sonic were right about Eggman, Shadow gave the Chaos Emerald to Rouge and left.

Shadow was joined by Rouge in exploring various galaxies together. While exploring, Shadow and Rouge discovered a fake Chaos Emerald in the middle of nowhere. They became shocked to see that Leon and his friends were in trees as the Metarex lied to them about joining them. Shadow got some information from Leon as he told him and Rouge that it was not too late to end the Metarex for good. Through the information, Shadow and Rouge discovered that the Metarex were using Cosmo as a spy as they aboard the Blue Typhoon to get rid of her. However, Shadow and Rouge failed to get Cosmo due to the efforts of Tails along with the rest of the gang. Although they discovered that they were right about Cosmo, Shadow and Rouge saw that the others did not care about that as they knew she was their friend no matter what. Shadow thought they were being fools for trusting Cosmo. Chris explained that he was probably right, but at the same knew that her being a spy was not her fault. Before leaving, Shadow got a message from Bokkun that Eggman, Decoe and Bocoe had been captured by the Metarex.

Despite this, Shadow was left at Cosmo's home planet while Rouge joined Sonic and his friends in their fight against the Metarex. Shadow was approached by Vector and the rest of the Chaotix as they offered their help in getting him there to battle the Metarex, which he accepted. After arriving, Shadow worked his way through the Metarex to battle Dark Oak. However, Shadow could not get to Dark Oak. He then decided to help Sonic and everyone fight the Metarex together.

In the last episode of Sonic X, it is unclear what happened to Shadow after managing to stop time for the heroes. However, he is seen putting a flower on Molly's grave, which confirms that he is still alive, although this is in the Japanese version only. Also, Rouge suspected that Eggman knew what actually happened to Shadow.

Archie Comics

In the Sonic X comics published by Archie Comics, Shadow was once mentioned by Sonic when referencing the events of the Sonic Adventure 2 adaptation arc of the anime series.

He is later seen in the final issue of the series in a stasis tank located in Dr. Eggman's base, implying Eggman saved him from his fall from the ARK.

Game appearances

Shadow XS

In Shadow XS, Shadow has kidnapped Amy Rose and must traverse the fiery environment to reach his hideout before Sonic catches up to him.


Shadow is extremely arrogant, blunt, aloof, cold, aggressive, brooding and very loyal to whomever he is serving and determined to whatever cause he is fighting for. He is anti-social and does not speak or smile much. However, he often smirks when being sure of himself, or if he thinks lowly of someone. But deep down, he does have a heart. He cares for those who cared for him such as Maria, Molly, Rouge and Chris Thorndyke and often follows their goals in his own fashion no matter what the cost is. He can be caring to Sonic by showing up and saving Sonic when he needs it the most and genuinely respects him as a rival. Because of his past though, Shadow rarely trusts anyone besides himself. Even when he does, he prefers not to have them get too close to him, lest tragedy should impact him again.

Shadow is easily the most self-sufficient of all the characters. However, his lonesome and arrogant attitude also puts him apart from the other characters. Nevertheless, Shadow can at times be ruthless. For example, when he learned of Cosmo's true mission, he set off to kill her. Shadow, however, did this to try to protect the universe, implying that while he has a good motive, the means used to achieve it are only acceptable to him.

Shadow firmly believes that he is the "Ultimate Life Form" and almost all other life forms are lesser beings and thinks that no one can stand a chance against him. Despite this, he respects a worthy opponent and likes to see someone give him a challenge, apart of why he respects his arch-rival, Sonic.

Shadow only talks when it is absolutely necessary and dislikes being in groups, preferring solitude. Shadow often thinks teamwork is unnecessary because he can handle everything on his own. However, he will help his allies when needed.

Shadow is often depressed about the loss of Maria which is why he keeps to himself, but his relationship with Maria is obvious as he goes to great lengths to protect the planet and keep her dream of peace and prosperity alive. He has also been seen protecting other characters, for example Sonic, Chris, Molly, and Rouge, proving that while his attitude makes him seem like a careless person, he does have some compassion.

Powers and abilities

Shadow attacking one of the Metarex warships.

Shadow is easily one of the most powerful characters in the series. He is extremely fast, capable of matching Sonic's and move at such velocity that he releases yellow energy discharges in his wake that he can use against enemies. As examples of his speed, Shadow could move both Molly and Rouge away from a large explosion in less than a second and can even dodge laser barrages.[5][10] He is also very agile and has incredible jumping skills that allows him to jump hundreds of meters into the air.[10] Furthermore, Shadow can use his vast super speed even in space, attacking and moving freely, something even Sonic cannot do.[10]

Shadow holding back one of Final Mova's heads, from "The Light in the Darkness".

Shadow has a significant degree of physical strength as he could push back against one of Final Mova's heads single handed. His body is also able to resist incredible punishment, such as being slammed into solid surfaces and even survive from being struck by powerful laser cannons or by Sonic's charged Spin Attack. By removing his Limiters from his wrists, Shadow can access his full power, which enhances his overall power so drastically that he can single-handedly destroy an entire Metarex fleet. However, using his full power for too long drains his stamina to the point where he will be rendered unconscious.

Shadow at full power, from "The Light in the Darkness".

Shadow is naturally able to tap into the arcane powers of any nearby Chaos Emerald (fake or not) and utilize their chaos energy to empower himself and use a variety of Chaos Powers, and has a special connection to both them and the Master Emerald.[7][11] In "Shadow Knows," he is seen unleashing a blast of energy to destroy some security robots.

Shadow has fearsome combat skills, as seen in his first encounter with Sonic and during his raid on the Blue Typhoon when he was able to fight his way through a weakened Sonic, Knuckles (though Shadow is shown to struggle a bit when he fought against Knuckles), and Tails. He was also shown fighting his way through a large fleet of Metarex soldiers, destroying them all. In addition, Shadow shows above-average intelligence, such as when fighting Scarship he realized a head-on attack wouldn't work. He then switched for some more advanced tactics and instead decided to shake the ship apart from the inside by striking its body at incredible speed.

Shadow's Spin Attack.

With just one Chaos Emerald, he can induce Chaos Control to stop time, warp himself through space. He can also create multiple Chaos Spears or merging them to create one slide of chaos energy to increase its attack power.[12] He is also able to use Spin Attack for both offensive and defensive maneuvers, but does not use it to the same extent as Sonic.


Shadow is able to use the seven Chaos Emeralds' power to transform into his super form, Super Shadow. In his super form, Shadow possesses theoretically infinite speed and strength, along with flight and virtual invulnerability. All of his chaos abilities are also increased to an incalculable level; he once uses Chaos Control to stop the Planet Egg's explosion, which according to Eggman, would have destroyed the entire universe.


Rouge the Bat

Shadow annoying Rouge for not letting her get the Chaos Emeralds, from "A Revolutionary Tale".

Rouge first established the business transactions for helping Eggman and Shadow find the Chaos Emeralds. The two did not work well at first. After losing his memory, Shadow did not trust Rouge the first time they teamed up with Chris in order to search for the Chaos Emeralds, Rouge wanted to take the Chaos Emeralds all to herself by coming with the idea to split up, Shadow loathed the idea knowing he couldn't trust her. Rouge realized he was smarter than she thought and ran off. However, during their partnership, Shadow and Rouge started to cooperate with each other better. Thus, Rouge is the closest person Shadow has, since Maria passed away.

Shadow is shown to care about Rouge. When he noticed her running to the Chaos Emeralds and found out that she was going to be hurt, Shadow went and saved her and told her not to do that again. In one episode, in the Japanese version, he also gratefully thanks Rouge for helping him. He also saved her along with Chris, when the bomb on Prison Island was about to explode. Likewise, when Shadow was fighting the Metarex out in space, Rouge was worried about the possibility of him dying. Proving that despite their initial conflict, Shadow and Rouge genuinely respect and care for the well-being of one another. Rouge also seems to give him reminiscence of Maria.

Sonic the Hedgehog

Shadow running with Sonic, from "Shadow Knows".

Sonic is Shadow's arch rival. When they first met, Shadow showed interest in meeting Sonic, noting their similarities and mocked him as a weak opponent as he was able to defeat Sonic in combat. However, he later changed this view about Sonic after seeing Sonic using Chaos Control. Shadow got impressed by Sonic and had come to respect him as a rival, ever since. After remembering Maria's true wish, Shadow helped Sonic and his friends and fought with Super Sonic to stop the Space Colony Ark from destroying the earth.

When he appeared in the Metarex Saga, Shadow did not know Sonic and his friends because of his amnesia. Because of this, he fought against Sonic and his friends with Eggman. After Molly's death, Shadow realized that Sonic was right about Eggman's evil plans and therefore left Eggman to defeat the Metarex himself. After knowing about Cosmo's secret about being a spy for the Metarex, Shadow defeated him only to kill Cosmo to prevent her from sending information to the Metarex. In the battle with Final Mova, Shadow showed some respect to Sonic and they worked together to defeat Final Mova and he charged himself with Sonic in Sonic Power Cannon despite the damage that the power could do to him only to help Sonic to defeat the Metarex once and for all. He also knocked out Sonic to prevent him from risking his life to save the galaxy. Overall, there is always tension between Shadow and Sonic, but they have as well some respect for each other and Shadow will puts his differences with Sonic aside to help Sonic against any powerful enemy that come in their way.

Dr. Eggman

Eggman thanking Shadow, from "Shadow Knows".

When Dr. Eggman released Shadow from his capsule, Shadow respectfully bowed to Eggman and thanked him, and also told him that he will do whatever he will tell him to. Eggman orders Shadow to help him get all of the Chaos Emeralds. However, after he found out his true promise to Maria, he stopped obeying him and sacrificed himself to save the world. However, Shadow helps Eggman again in Season 3 against the Metarex or Sonic due to losing his memory, believing that Eggman knows about his past. However he left him after Molly's death and decided to fight the Metarex alone.

Maria Robotnik

Shadow and Maria imagining themselves under a tree, from "Showdown in Space".

Maria Robotnik is shown to be like Shadow's big sister. They were both born and raised on the Space Colony ARK, and shared the dream of going to visit the planet Earth, shown best in a flashback Shadow has where he's talking to Maria. He states: "What's it like to see the sky above your head? I want... to find out." However, when Project Shadow was shut down, Maria decided that she had to set Shadow free, and released him to Earth. Apparently, the last thing Shadow saw in that space station was Maria being shot and killed by a soldier. Shadow then spent his time after being awakened planning to avenge her by destroying the humans, which is why he showed Eggman the Eclipse Cannon. He often has hallucinations of Maria, such as seeing her reflection standing next to his on any glass surface, or hearing her plead to him when Chris was asking for help. Chris reminds Shadow of Maria with his kind-hearted ways.

Christopher Thorndyke

Chris begging Shadow to help Sonic, from "Showdown in Space".

Chris seems to remind Shadow of his late friend, Maria. He saved Chris, along with Rouge, just before Prison Island explodes. After he takes them to the ARK, Shadow keeps a close eye on Chris. When Chris begged Shadow to help Sonic save the world, Shadow repetitively beat him up to make him stop talking and after some time, explained his hatred for the humans after they killed Maria. However, Chris was determined to remind Shadow of what Maria truly wanted: For him to protect the people of Earth and always watch over them. In the end, he succeeded which lead to Shadow showing remorse for his actions and later sacrificing himself. Shadow later saved Chris, along with Cosmo, in season 3 as repayment for Chris returning Shadow's Limiters to him, though this is only displayed in the Japanese version.


Shadow's first infiltration with the Metarex was in "Trick Sand". After sensing that a Chaos Emerald exists in the nanite Metarex, he quickly awoke and teleported to the said enemy's location to destroy him. Until finally witnessing that Eggman is using him for his deeds, he kept destroying the Metarexes under Eggman's instructions to give the Chaos Emeralds to him, so that would make the doctor reveals the hedgehog's forgotten past to him.

Upon Molly's death at the hands of the Metarex, in the Japanese version, Shadow took it his mission to fulfill Molly's dream and reveal the truth about the Metarex.[13] Since then, Shadow developed a sturdy hatred against them, even going to kill Cosmo after knowing that she was a spy for them all that time.[14] Later on, Shadow went to attack the Metarex's main battleship, destroying every Metarex soldier to find Dark Oak.[15]


Molly talking with Shadow, from "A Revolutionary Tale".

Molly had a great impact on Shadow. However, he acted annoyed and disapproving to her at first, but she still tried to get along with him. Molly told him that he reminded her of a hero named "The Black Wind". However, Shadow was bothered as he did not consider himself a hero.

Despite this, Shadow acknowledged and respected her motivation. When she fought against the Metarex herself to achieve her goal, Shadow helped her so her sacrifice would not go to waste. When her own people betrayed her for the Metarex, he tried to encourage her to keep fighting, although it failed as she let the Metarex kill her. Shadow also felt depressed after she died, and made a small grave for Molly after defeating the Metarex, staying there with Rouge for awhile, before leaving in grief. However, in the credits of the Japanese version of episode 78, Shadow was seen visiting Molly's grave again, placing a rose in front of it.


Cosmo talking with Shadow, from "Teasing Time".

Shadow and Cosmo has had very few interactions. At first, Cosmo only heard of Shadow shortly after his return. When Cosmo was kidnapped by Black Narcissus along with Christopher Thorndyke, Shadow came to rescue them while Sonic had turned dark in the meantime. Then, he pointed out Cosmo's recklessness for facing Black Narcissus alone.

However, after Shadow finds out that Cosmo was a Metarex spy, he went after her in attempt to kill her before the Metarex finds out information about Sonic and his friends.[14] Although he threatened Cosmo at first, he still showed some sign of remorse in the Japanese version. When she asked why he tried to kill her, he replied that it's better for her if she does not find out and told her to close her eyes right before he was about to finish her. But after Sonic and his friends found out what was going on with Cosmo, Shadow still did not trust Cosmo and deemed Sonic and his friends as fools for trusting a spy.

Despite this, Shadow still helped Cosmo and Team Sonic to defeat the Metarex later and no longer had any intention of killing her. He even seemed surprised that she was willing to die for the safety of the universe.





"Good evening. I must say, it’s a pleasure to finally meet you face to face, Sonic. We do look alike. It’s uncanny."
—Shadow meeting Sonic for the first time, "Shadow Knows"
"I will show you my power, Doctor."
—Shadow demonstrating his power to Dr. Eggman, "Shadow Knows"
"I have a feeling I should make myself scarce. Goodbye, Sonic. It certainly was a great pleasure."
—Shadow after beating Sonic and escaping the police, "Shadow Knows"
"I won’t let anyone stand in my way. Least of all you, Sonic."
—Shadow thinking, "Shadow Knows"
"If it is true that all of my memories are not my own, they are still all that I have."
—Shadow to Rouge, "Robotnik's Revenge"
"Ah, yes. I can well understand your love of speed, Sonic. But now your high-speed adventure... must come to an end."
—Shadow to Sonic before fighting him, "Robotnik's Revenge"
"Don't talk to me about fair! Not after what happened here! Maria was my only friend, but your rulers sent soldiers to take her away from me. I tried to save her, but there were too many for me to stop... I never saw poor Maria again. Maria was never a threat to anyone, all she wanted was visit your planet, but she never had the chance."
—Shadow explaining his grudge against humanity, "Showdown in Space"
"Well, sure I liked her. She was a good kid."
—Shadow about Molly, "A Revolutionary Tale"
"You won't talk me out of getting rid of you so don't try!"
—Shadow putting Cosmo off, "The Cosmo Conspiracy"
"All set. Let's finish this!"
—Shadow towards Sonic shortly before transforming into Super Shadow.
"Sorry friend, but I'm taking over. After all we wouldn't want you to hurt yourself, now would we?"
—Shadow to Sonic after knocking him out, "So Long Sonic"


  • Shadow is usually seen to have a missing quill in his "hairstyle" as compared to the games, similarly to Sonic, who is shown to only have three quills.
  • Shadow uses the third least amount of "English" in the Japanese version. Right behind Vector and Charmy, the latter only using it once.
  • At the end of season three in the English dub, it leaves a cliff hanger of Shadow's whereabouts but it is implied that Eggman is aware of what happened to him.
  • When Shadow is first shown running, he runs like Sonic rather than himself. This was probably to confuse the audience into thinking it was Sonic instead of Shadow because, at the time, he was not officially introduced.
  • The jets of Shadow's shoes were not present in his shoes in the pilot of Sonic X. Later in the series, the jets make an appearance.
  • Shadow appears to be able to sense chaos energy: in "Trick Sand," an image of the purple Chaos Emerald appears in Shadow's mind after he awoke from his capsule, and he teleported himself to the location where Sonic and his friends were fighting a Metarex over it.
  • In the European Spanish dub of Sonic X, Shadow's name is "Sombra el Puercoespín," which translates to "Shadow the Porcupine".[16] This was a mistranslation and corrected on season 3 in which he also was refered by his Ensligh name as well, thus making his name "Shadow (el erizo)" which translates to "Shadow the hedgehog".
    • As in the Latin Spanish dub, Shadow's name is "Sombra el Erizo," which translates to "Shadow the Hedgehog".[16]

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