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Early life

Fifty years before the events of Sonic Adventure 2, a top-secret project known as "Project Shadow" had begun on the Space Colony ARK. Led by Professor Gerald Robotnik, it was a government-sanctioned initiative to create "The Ultimate Lifeform," an immortal being that could be used for the benefit of the nation, likely in a militaristic fashion. While Gerald had initial misgivings to the purpose of the research he was assigned to, he realized that his results might be able to save his granddaughter, Maria. Suffering from the incurable disease Neuro-Immune Deficiency Syndrome, Maria only had a short time left to live, and Gerald was willing to do whatever it took to save her life. Going against his worries of stepping into territory man had no business playing with, the professor immediately began work, hoping that he could apply any newly-gained knowledge to find a cure to N.I.D.S.

Even with all the resources at his disposal, the professor was unable to make any significant progress. Without alerting anyone, Gerald decided to plead to the stars for help, contacting the Black Arms race, an alien civilization that lived upon the Black Comet, a celestial object that passed near the planet every fifty years. Its leader, Black Doom, offered to assist Gerald in his quest. He offered his blood - which ended up being the key to perfect the ultimate lifeform - in exchange for the seven Chaos Emeralds, which he would collect the next time he passed through. Knowing that the Black Arms' intentions were less than desirable, Gerald made the deal regardless, albeit with preparations to defeat the Black Arms with the cannon built into the ARK, and was able to successfully create Shadow the Hedgehog.

Once brought to life, Shadow immediately befriended Maria, and they became close during their short time together. Gerald, meanwhile, made precautions for the return of the Black Arms, ensuring that the Eclipse Cannon - an extremely powerful laser built into the ARK - was compatible with the seven Chaos Emeralds, so that when they did return with the Black Comet, humanity would be able to defend itself instead of bowing to their whims.

However, Gerald's progress was ruined when it was leaked to G.U.N. how he was able to create the successful prototype. During the meeting between Gerald and the Black Arms, one of the other children aboard the ARK had accidentally seen what transpired and reported back to those in charge. As ties between the ARK and the United Federation had already been strained, hearing the news of the dealings with an alien race scared those in charge. Afraid of the implications, it was decided to launch an invasion and put a stop to the work being done there.


Shadow hearing Maria's final wish before being sent to Earth.

What happened next was nothing short of madness, as G.U.N. troops descended onto the ARK, causing chaos and confusion wherever they went. Immediately they went after the Biolizard, which they thought was the successful "Project Shadow" prototype, and in the process of putting the creature into stasis, lost quite a few soldiers. From there they went about doing damage control, shutting down everything, getting everyone off the ARK, and killing those who resisted if need be. Knowing that the G.U.N. forces would be there at any moment, Maria convinced Shadow to enter an escape pod, her final wish to him that he give the people on the planet a chance to be happy. Wishing him goodbye, Shadow could do nothing as he watched the G.U.N. soldiers storm into the lab, firing a shot which would forever change the hedgehog's life as it ended the life of Maria Robotnik.

Learning of his granddaughter's death, Professor Gerald soon went mad with grief, swearing vengeance on humanity for taking away the only thing that ever meant anything to him. What is known is that both Gerald and the escape pod that held Shadow were gathered by G.U.N., Shadow having to be put to sleep in a stasis capsule within Prison Island, and Gerald being incarcerated and charged with the crimes that happened aboard the ARK. Before Gerald's incarceration and execution, he brainwashed Shadow,[5] altering his memories of what Maria wanted of him as her final wish so that he would carry out his plan once he was awoken. Gerald then left a note behind in his diary that encouraged the reader to release Shadow if they wanted to cause global destruction.

Sonic Adventure 2

Sonic2app 2016-09-24 15-26-13-103

Shadow meeting Sonic for the first time.

Shadow debuted in the game Sonic Adventure 2. Here, Dr. Eggman set Shadow free from a G.U.N. base on Prison Island, where he had spent approximately fifty years in suspended animation. In exchange, Shadow agreed to aid the doctor in his plans to take over the world; holding to himself his true intentions as wishing to get revenge for the death of his friend, Maria Robotnik, as he thought she wanted; it is strongly implied that his belief that Maria's final wish was revenge against humanity stemmed from Gerald Robotnik modifying Shadow's memories between Maria's death and Shadow's encapsulation. To achieve this, Shadow revealed the Eclipse Cannon to Dr. Eggman, who later destroyed half of the moon in a demonstration to the populace. Beforehand, he also stole the green Chaos Emerald from a bank, unknowingly also framing Sonic the Hedgehog for the deed.

He later participated in the second heist alongside Dr. Eggman and Rouge the Bat against Prison Island, where he would plant explosives throughout the island as part of their getaway, although his resemblance to Sonic also resulted in Amy Rose mistaking him for the latter. However, because Tails came to Amy's rescue from Dr. Eggman, he was forced to act fast due to the unexpected delay. In addition, after Rouge ended up getting caught and stranded in the containment area while recovering the four Chaos Emeralds, Shadow, largely because he realized that his plans of avenging Maria Robotnik would be for naught if Rouge perished in the explosion, rushed to get to Rouge and by extension the Chaos Emeralds.

After meeting Sonic for a second time, Shadow also believed that Sonic was trying to copy him. They fought to a stalemate before Shadow was forced to leave to rescue Rouge (with Sonic also learning from Eggman via Shadow's radio that the island was about to blow up), and just barely arrived at Rouge's location and used Chaos Control to warp himself, Rouge, the four Chaos Emeralds and presumably Eggman out at the last possible second. After the demonstration, needing the final Chaos Emerald to fulfill their plans, Shadow pursued Tails' plane at a canyon. Although he was unable to stop them, he nonetheless reported to Eggman that they are headed his way. When Eggman discovered the presence of two apparent emerald readings, and thus deduced Tails' plan of placing a fake Chaos Emerald into the cannon, Shadow departed, apparently to confront Sonic and Tails to stop them for interfering, although Eggman stopped him, wanting to deal with them personally. After Sonic was seemingly killed by Dr. Eggman via a rigged escape capsule, Shadow, witnessing the explosion, guessed that Sonic was only an ordinary hedgehog.

Sonic vs Shadow-0

Shadow and Sonic having a rematch.

Afterwards, Shadow stumbled upon Rouge's plan to steal the Chaos Emeralds, and deduced that she was in fact a spy for the President of the United Federations, although Rouge then unveiled a report from Gerald Robotnik regarding the Biolizard, claiming, it, not Shadow, was the actual Shadow. However, Shadow was forced to depart after Eggman mentioned an anonymous figure (Sonic) heading towards the Eclipse Cannon, although not before stating that he's still Shadow despite his memories possibly being fake, and that "the fake emerald is good enough for Rouge." He then discovers Sonic the Hedgehog at the area. Shadow, impressed at Sonic's capability of using Chaos Control despite using a fake Chaos Emerald, nonetheless stated that he cannot allow him to live before fighting on a collapsing bridgeway. In the last story, Eggman inserted the final Chaos Emerald, only to initiate a destabilization program on the ARK. Professor Gerald Robotnik then revealed that he had made this function to have revenge for Maria, and that the ARK would destroy the Earth. Sonic, Eggman, Rouge, Tails and Knuckles took a shortcut to the cannon's core so they could stop the Professor's mad plan.

Sonic2app 2015-10-22 15-07-18-562

Super Shadow.

Amy Rose then helped Shadow realize Maria's true wish. In a twist of fate, Shadow ultimately aided Sonic when realizing, with Amy's help, Maria's true wish, which was to save humanity. Meanwhile, Sonic the Hedgehog and Knuckles had reached the central core, where they reactivated the Biolizard. Notably, a scene from Gerald Robotnik's diary appeared again. After Shadow defeated the Biolizard, Knuckles used the Master Emerald to stop the Chaos Emeralds. But the Biolizard, being the prototype of Project Shadow, used Chaos Control to fuse with the ARK, continuing its fall. Then, Sonic and Shadow, in their Super States, destroyed the Biolizard. The Ultimate Lifeform prototype became a monster, codenamed Finalhazard. Using their powers, Shadow and Sonic defeated him and executed an enhanced Chaos Control which stopped the fall and warped the ARK. Afterwards, Shadow's energy was drained out and after falling to the Earth, he was presumed dead.

Sonic Heroes

Android or Hedgehog

Shadow in stasis.

In Sonic Heroes, Rouge discovers Shadow unconscious in a stasis pod located in the deepest part of one of Dr. Eggman's bases, after he was believed to be dead. As she activates the capsule, E-123 Omega begins to scan Rouge and the newly awakened Shadow, believing him to be a creation of Eggman. As Shadow awakens, Omega fires a round of guns at Shadow and Rouge. Shadow orders Rouge to step away while he takes on Omega, but Rouge steps in to break them up, quickly ending the skirmish. Shadow discovers that he has amnesia and cannot remember anything before his release, aside from his name and brief images of Maria Robotnik's death. He unwillingly joins forces with Rouge the Bat and the robot, E-123 Omega, to form Team Dark and find Eggman.

On their way to Eggman on Grand Metropolis, Shadow and his team meet up with Team Chaotix, and begin fighting against them as Rouge suspects them to be searching for "Eggman's treasure". Later, Shadow meets Dr. Eggman in a casino, asking him for his identity; however, Eggman (Neo Metal Sonic in disguise) denied that Shadow has "a past to remember". On another battle against one of Eggman's machines, Shadow discovers that there are clones of him much to his already established self-confusion. After giving it a brief break, Shadow, however, chose to proceed forward. Unbeknown to him, Neo Metal Sonic has collected Shadow's data while the hedgehog was fighting during that moment.

Vlc 2016-10-27 23-36-57-658

Shadow mocking Sonic.

In the jungle, Shadow confronted Sonic and his team of Knuckles and Tails. When they encountered each other, Shadow had no memory of Sonic, and asks Rouge about him. The two teams began taunting each other until Omega threatened Sonic and his team to destroy them. Shadow then started a fight against Sonic and his friends. When they made it to the Egg Fleet, Shadow made up his mind to defeat Eggman once and for all even if he is not truly the ultimate lifeform.

After Eggman was seemingly defeated, Shadow remarked that Rouge's desire to steal the Master Emerald from Knuckles as she was explaining her next plan is nothing strange for him. Shortly after that, Neo Metal Sonic revealed himself to them, and began transforming as Shadow, his teammates and the other teams are witnessing that moment. Having no other option, Shadow worked with everyone else to help defeat the monster, and gladly gives his Chaos Emerald to Sonic. After the final battle, Shadow is seen with E-123 Omega holding the defeated Metal Sonic.

Shadow the Hedgehog

In Shadow the Hedgehog, while being haunted by the thoughts of his past memories, Shadow witnessed an alien race known as the Black Arms arriving on Earth to invade, where Black Doom appeared before Shadow and told him to bring him the Chaos Emeralds "as promised" before disappearing. Fueled with the desire to seek out his past and find the truth behind Black Doom's words in hopes of uncovering his past, Shadow sped off to obtain the emeralds. Depending on the player's actions, Shadow goes through several possible paths that each contradicts each other.

Dolphin 2015-12-02 19-07-32-244

Shadow awakening after his creation.

After successfully gathering all of the Emeralds, Shadow was confronted by Black Doom, who commanded him to give up the emeralds so that they can begin the 'Ritual Of Prosperity'. Sonic the Hedgehog and the others, including Dr. Eggman, then arrived and told Shadow not to listen to the alien leader. After it was revealed that Black Doom wished to harvest humans as an energy source, he took the Chaos Emeralds from Shadow and used Chaos Control to warp the Black Comet down to the surface of the planet. Black Doom then explained that he helped Professor Gerald create Shadow, but only in return for the Chaos Emeralds, which were needed to bring the comet down to the surface, before he paralyzed everyone with a special gas and left them to be devoured by his alien offspring. Due to having the same blood as Black Doom, Shadow was the only one not affected by the gas and continued forward as he finally put his past behind, swears to never let anyone manipulate him again, and is determined to destroy Black Doom.

Dolphin 2015-12-02 19-22-09-847

Shadow looks back at his past and moves forward.

Black Doom fled, leaving behind Shadow, the only hope for the planet. Shadow caught up with Black Doom and suddenly was attacked by mind control. Black Doom told him that he could control him as they had the same blood running through their veins. Just then, Team Chaotix activated a film showing a sane Professor Gerald Robotnik sometime before the raid on the ARK. In the video, he told him that he was the only hope for the planet. It was revealed that the only way to defeat the Black Arms was to destroy the Black Comet using the Eclipse Cannon. As the video ended, Maria stepped into the frame and gave Shadow the inspiration he needed to break through Black Doom's control. Black Doom escaped and prompted Shadow to use the Chaos Emeralds to become Super Shadow and fight the alien leader. Black Doom, now in his Devil Doom form, fought Shadow but was defeated. Shadow then used a super-powered Chaos Control to warp the Black Comet back into the planet's orbit and tear it apart with a blast from the Eclipse Cannon. Onboard the ARK and with the world now safe, Shadow looked at a picture of Maria and Gerald before tossing it away, resolving to put his past behind him and choose to move forward.

Sonic Battle

Sonic vs Shadow

Shadow confronting Sonic.

In Sonic Battle, Shadow tries to convince Sonic that Emerl is a threat, but Sonic refuses to believe him, forcing Shadow to fight Sonic. Sonic wins, but Shadow still warns him about the unknown dangers the "Gizoid" represents. Rouge the Bat saves Shadow while they are investigating Dr. Eggman's secret base and takes him back to her home. Shadow talks about how the people of Earth must destroy him and Emerl if they ever want peace, still believing that he is a weapon. It is revealed, however, that he ultimately has the heart and soul of Maria Robotnik, implying he could not be the enemy of humanity.

Sonic the Hedgehog (2006)

Vlc 2016-06-22 15-39-09-546

Shadow being informed about his mission in White Acropolis, Sonic the Hedgehog (2006).

In the 2006 game Sonic the Hedgehog, Shadow is a playable character and has his own storyline and a new enemy called Mephiles the Dark. In this game, his story intertwines with those of Sonic and a new character, Silver the Hedgehog. In this role, Shadow, now a GUN agent, is dispatched to Dr. Eggman's base at White Acropolis to rescue their agent (Rouge), who was last contacted 26 hours prior. After storming the base and taking out the robots in the outer perimeter, he started the mission upon being briefed. However, by the time he arrived at the main gate, he encountered Rouge who at the same time opened the gate, to which he explained to a surprised Rouge that he had orders directly from the President to rescue her. Afterwards, Shadow was asked by Rouge whether he wanted to know what she was sent to retrieve. Shadow did not care, as he was only sent to rescue her. On the way to the extraction point, they were ambushed by several Eggman Robots, including the Egg Cerberus.

Upon arrival, he learned the history of Kingdom Valley, including the Solaris Project. He and Rouge encountered the new villain, Mephiles the Dark when the Scepter of Darkness falls and shatters (as Shadow rescued Rouge from freefall when she and the scepter were knocked away by Eggman). Mephiles, who had been sealed inside the Scepter of Darkness, was subsequently released with the relic's destruction, adopting Shadow's appearance due to absorbing his shadow. Shadow and Rouge were then sent to the future as part of Mephiles' "one way ticket to oblivion," and shortly after their discovery, encountered Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles, who had themselves been transported to the future. Shadow then told Sonic that the only way to return to the present is to find two Chaos Emeralds and then perform Chaos Control together. Shadow and Rouge then found the Green Chaos Emerald but also discovered Omega's husk. Shadow then discovers that Omega's on standby mode. As they are unable to do anything for him, Shadow and Rouge reluctantly leave Omega behind. They then rendezvous with Sonic's group. Upon discovering that another Chaos Emerald was near the volcano, Shadow and Sonic proposed to locate it. Upon finding the Chaos Emerald, they fought Iblis, a fiery monster within the volcano. After the dispatching of the monster, Shadow proceeded to use Chaos Control with Sonic, opening a wormhole to their present. Before Shadow could rejoin Rouge and the others, he noticed Mephiles' presence nearby and pursued him. Shadow followed Mephiles to a volcanic platform and questioned the demon whether he was responsible for the world's destruction. Mephiles revealed that in the aftermath of Iblis' destruction of the world, Shadow had been labeled as the enemy of mankind due to his perceived role in the disaster and their fear of his power. He showed Shadow the Shadow of that time period, held in stasis. However, despite the shock of this revelation, Shadow refused to join Mephiles, informing him that he "controls his own destiny." He fought Mephiles to a stalemate until Omega, who had awakened to fulfill Rouge's request from the present to aid Shadow in the future, intervened. The two then chased after Mephiles, but he escaped from their presence.

E-123 Omega and Shadow

Shadow and Omega having returned to their time frame.

Shadow searched for Rouge near the warehouse docks after her disappearance from GUN's contact. After briefly talking to her, he left, determined to find Dr. Eggman and find out who Mephiles was (as Eggman's robots were hunting Mephiles down and mistook Shadow for him). Upon meeting the doctor, Shadow learned a vital clue to Mephiles' possible origins: that it pertained to the accident during the Solaris Project, and was offered more information on the project in exchange for capturing Mephiles. Shadow later interfered with Silver's ambush of Sonic and fought him. Due largely to his use of Chaos Control, he managed to overpower Silver. However, when Silver's use of Chaos Control interfered with his, he informed Silver, who had been trying to kill Sonic to prevent his apocalyptic future from occurring due to Mephiles' suggestions, that Mephiles had in fact been trying to eliminate the past, and suggested that he accompany him to the past if they are to discover the truth of what happened ten years prior. Shadow then entered the area just as the accident occurred, and checked on the Duke's body, although he soon witnessed the birth of both Iblis and Solaris. Shadow then pursued Mephiles, although not before being handed the Scepter of Darkness by the Duke to seal Mephiles, while Silver went after Iblis, rendezvousing briefly to get by a switch in their paths. Shadow then proceeded to use Chaos Control when cornering Mephiles, and then sealed him in the scepter, although not before the latter threatened that he will die in the future. He then returned to the future, informing Silver that he's leaving the scepter behind because he already knows its fate.

A minute of truth

Shadow being informed that Omega is the one who seals him in the future.

He then requested that Rouge contact GUN to see what the scepter was made out of, hoping to recreate it. However, as GUN was unable to find anything in the database regarding the scepter, they instead had to find someone with archaeological knowledge on the object. They then rescued an archaeologist, who informed them that it would appear at a priest's fountain by lighting black flames, which Shadow accomplished via his Chaos powers. He then rendezvoused with Omega upon learning that the latter had cornered Mephiles. By the time he and Rouge arrived, however, Shadow discovered that Omega had furiously driven Mephiles off. Omega then admitted that Shadow, in the future, is sealed away by the reprogrammed Omega, and explained to Rouge why he did so. Shadow then returned to Soleanna, also taking out several of Iblis's and Mephiles' henchmen that had invaded the city from the desert. In gratitude, Lord Regis, acting under temporary authority after Eggman had kidnapped Elise a third time, opened the way to the desert. Deducing that Mephiles needed at least one Chaos Emerald to reform with Iblis into Solaris and devour time, Shadow headed to some ruins that Mephiles was headed to, most likely because a Chaos Emerald was nearby. However, he found Mephiles getting the Emerald in the ruins' inner sanctum. When asked once more to join Mephiles, Shadow exposed what Mephiles' true plans were. After which, they then fought in an intense battle.

Wmplayer 2016-08-25 17-16-41-310

Shadow and the others witnessing Sonic's revival.

Although Shadow, Rouge and Omega ultimately won, Shadow's attempt to seal him failed due to Mephiles time traveling to his encapsulation and absorbing Shadow's power via his shadow, alongside his gaining of a Chaos Emerald (In the Japanese version, Mephiles said that since he had absorbed Shadow's power through the latter's shadow, Shadow cannot seal him again). Undeterred, Shadow, upon declaring to the newly created Mephiles clones that he will fight as he always had even if the world declares him to be his enemy, and proceeded, alongside his allies, to plow through the Mephiles clones with his full power backing him. Ultimately, it was for naught, as Mephiles nonetheless gained ahold of the seven Chaos Emeralds (an event Shadow briefly witnessed immediately after slaughtering the clones when the yellow and green Chaos Emeralds glowed intensely) and merges with Iblis, becoming Solaris. Shadow also discovered that Mephiles had killed Sonic to ensure Iblis' release (due to his sealing of Iblis inside of Elise weakening due to crying), and so, proceeded to find the Chaos Emeralds to revive Sonic. Afterwards, with Super Sonic's help, he turns into Super Shadow and joins him along with Super Silver to defeat Solaris. The events of the game are then erased and do not occur, possibly leaving his future open.

Sonic Rivals series

Sonic Rivals

Shadow appears in Sonic Rivals as a playable character, alongside Sonic, Knuckles, Silver and Metal Sonic. Summoned to a strange island by Dr. Eggman via a cryptic transmission asking for his aid, Shadow is able to successfully locate Eggman, but once he mentions the cryptic message to the doctor, Eggman denies it. The mystery continues to unfold itself as Rouge warns him of an impending danger and upon stumbling across a secret about Eggman, her transmission is cut short. Shadow continues his quest to uncover the truth about Dr. Eggman.

Upon encountering him several times, Eggman admits that he is Doctor Eggman Nega who plans to take a picture of the entire world (thus trapping it in a card) within his camera. The real Doctor Eggman is eventually rescued who escorts Shadow to Nega's space station to stop Nega's ultimatum. Along the way, he is assisted by Silver and Sonic. After defeating Eggman Nega, Rouge is finally rescued. Shadow also appears on four of the 150 collectible cards in the game.

Sonic Rivals 2

Shadow also appears in the sequel to Sonic Rivals, Sonic Rivals 2. He is confronted by Metal Sonic and Eggman via a speaker in Metal Sonic, and tells him that he needs help. Before he can ask questions, he and Metal Sonic find Espio and Silver. Curious as to why Silver has returned to the present, Shadow begins to follow Silver while Metal Sonic follows Espio. Eventually, Shadow forgets to ask the Doctor why he is helping him and just continues to work with Metal Sonic. Shadow discovers that Eggman Nega is trying to release the Ifrit with the seven Chaos Emeralds. He enters the Chaotic Inferno Zone to press a switch inside the dimension to seal the Ifrit in its own dimension and after engaging it in a battle, he and Metal Sonic proved to be victorious but they are trapped in the process. Metal Sonic tears himself open to reveal a Chaos Emerald, and Shadow uses Chaos Control to warp them back to their own dimension.

Sonic Free Riders


Shadow in Sonic Free Riders.

In Sonic Free Riders Shadow entered the World Grand Prix with Rouge the Bat as "Team Dark". While Rouge was only interested in the large cash prize and treasure that was given to the winners, Shadow's only interest was testing racing skills.

When the World Grand Prix started, Shadow and Rouge were fifteen minutes late to the opening ceremony. When they arrived, Omochao complained about their tardiness, but Shadow remarked that he had no interest in formalities. Discontent with the rule that three members were required for a team, but accepting it nonetheless, Team Dark chose their third teammate, an E-10000B, on a whim. At the races, Team Dark was insulted by their first opponent, Team Babylon. However, Shadow mocked his opponents in return as his team kept beating them.

After defeating Team Babylon, Shadow and his team faced Team Heroes. Though Sonic praised Shadow's earlier performance, Shadow replied that his opponents were no challenge for him. During their face-offs, E-10000B began to overheat, but Shadow showed the robot no sympathy. Insisting to continue the competition anyway, Shadow faced off against Sonic in a final race and won. Having beaten Team Heroes, Shadow told Sonic that he would never beat him.

In the finals, Team Dark faced Team Rose and was just one race away from winning when E-10000B began to smoke. However, Shadow kept pressuring the robot to continue. The two teams then quickly began arguing over how Shadow and his team treated their teammate. In the end, E-10000B was moved to the repairing department, while Shadow and Rouge had a final race with Team Rose by themselves. After beating Team Rose, Shadow and Rouge went for the Grand Prix Headquarters unannounced and took the cash prize and treasure themselves. As they were leaving though, Omochao informed them that they had only taken the dummy drops for the display and that the real prize was locked away, meaning they had to attend the award ceremony to get it.

Near the end of the World Grand Prix, Team Dark and the other teams came down with an equal amount of victories, and Shadow came to the award ceremony with the others to collect their prize. Once there, they were all told by Dr. Eggman (under his alias King Doc) that they had one more race against his Gear-jockey robots. Shadow quickly saw through Eggman's ruse, but the doctor had them race anyway. After the race, however, Eggman revealed himself and announced that that he had been collecting all the data on the racers in the Grand Prix with his E-10000 to make the ultimate Extreme Gear that he could use for his own agenda and challenged them all to a race. After beating Eggman though, Shadow noticed that E-10000B was spewing out a lot of smoke. Metal Sonic then revealed himself as the one controlling E-10000B and passing fake data to Eggman, explaining for the doctor's loss.

Shadow and the others then watched as Metal Sonic challenged Sonic the Hedgehog to a race, which the robot lost. Afterwards, it was revealed that Eggman never had any prize to give to the winners of the World Grand Prix. However, Shadow remarked that it was nothing new to him, just like the doctor's other schemes.

Sonic Colors (DS)


Shadow in Asteroid Coaster of Sonic Colors

In the Nintendo DS version of Sonic Colors, Shadow was at Asteroid Coaster seeking information when he found Sonic and Tails, and gave Sonic a mission to test out if Sonic was still capable of fighting Dr. Eggman. After the mission, Shadow declined any hint of concern for the duo, but Sonic took it as a compliment.

Reuniting with E-123 Omega, Shadow and his friend discovered secret amusement ride of Eggman's. On their way to investigate, they were joined by Sonic and Tails. They arrived at a lab where Tails discovered records of an experiment called Project "Mother" on the computers. Shadow was disappointed they did not find more to help, but Sonic just was just happy to find something and left. Omega then asked why Shadow gave Sonic information, to which Shadow said he was just happy to let Sonic do all the racing around. Omega found this hard to understand since Shadow and Sonic were equals, but Shadow just replied that data would not tell him everything, leaving the automaton stumped.

Sonic Generations

Shadow & Rouge (Sonic Generations)

Shadow motivating the Sonics to defeat the Time Eater.

Shadow appears as a rival boss in the game Sonic Generations. Like all the other characters in the game, Shadow is sucked into the White Space by the Time Eater. After completing all acts in the Dreamcast era, Shadow can be found in the City Escape hub. When found, he is waiting for Sonic, stating that he neither knows nor cares where they are, as long as he gets a chance to finish Sonic. He has a unique rival battle, where the two have to race each other on a looped pathway to and gain Power Cores to unleash special attacks. The battle is won when one depletes the other's ring count whilst using a special attack.

Shadow appears later on to motivate both Sonics, alongside Rouge and the all the other characters after their initial defeat against the Time Eater. After the Time Eater is defeated, Shadow shows up at Sonic's birthday party along with all the other characters. He is the only character who does not wave goodbye to Classic Sonic and Classic Tails in the end.

Sonic Forces

Shadow vs Infinite Episode Shadow

Shadow defeats the Jackal Squad's leader.

Several months prior to Sonic Forces, Shadow was on his way to Eggman's Facility to raid and destroy the base. Along the way, he annihilated the Jackal Squad defense unit and defeated their captain, whom Shadow told to never show his face to him again, before heading in to destroy the facility.

A couple of months later, Shadow and his team went on a reconnaissance mission regarding a suspicious Eggman base. After being informed by Rouge that Omega went ahead of him, Shadow headed out to join up with him. After Omega, who attacked the base instead of investigating it stealthily, lost all communications with Rouge however, he went in search of the robot at his last recorded coordinates.[6] There, Shadow met Infinite, a mysterious being who had just defeated Omega. As Infinite ridiculed Omega, Shadow demanded answers from the unfamiliar entity. It was then that Infinite revealed that he was the Jackal Squad's captain, and that his loss to Shadow drove him to get assimilated with Eggman's finalized Phantom Ruby prototype so he could never be as weak as he once was. Infinite then promptly repaid Shadow by trapping him in an illusion via the Phantom Ruby prototype's properties. Shadow ultimately escaped both the illusion and the doomed facility they were in, although not before learning that Infinite planned to overpower Sonic with his newfound abilities. About a month later, Shadow learned from Rouge that Sonic was in trouble, although he was seemingly unable to make it in time to help Sonic as he was overpowered by Infinite in the City and taken to the rebuilt Death Egg, leaving the world to assume him dead and lose hope of defeating Eggman quickly.


Shadow saves Sonic from his replica counterpart.

Shadow eventually discovered an imposter was wrecking havoc in his name. This imposter turned out to be a heartless and soulless replica created by Infinite, who served as a soldier in the Eggman Army, alongside replicas of Metal Sonic, Chaos and Zavok. This replica, along with the others and Infinite, allowed the Eggman Empire to conquer over 99% of the world. Six months later, when Sonic confronted the Shadow replica in Sunset Heights, Shadow destroyed his replica when it tried to attack Sonic, using his Chaos Control to freeze time right before the replica could strike and delivering a roundhouse kick to take it out in one hit. Linking up with the Resistance, Shadow revealed to them the true nature of Infinite's replicas and virtual reality powers, and joined the Resistance in the war against the Eggman Empire. He had Rouge collect intelligence regarding where they could locate Eggman's files on the Phantom Ruby and its power source, leading to Classic Sonic and Tails hitting the Chemical Plant for the data.

Eventually, Shadow took part in the final battle between the Resistance and the Eggman Army at the Eggman Empire Fortress, which the Resistance sought to break into in order to destroy the reactor powering the Phantom Rubies and win the war. Just as Shadow and the others got pushed back by Infinite however, Omega, fully operational again, came and distracted the villain. After that, Infinite put Eggman's endgame into effect: using his Phantom Ruby prototype, he created a virtual sun above the planet to drop on the Resistance with and kill them all. While Shadow awaited the outcome however, the sun was neutralized by the Avatar. Shadow then reengaged the Eggman Army while Sonic and the Avatar defeated Infinite and destroyed the Phantom Rubies' reactor. However, when Eggman entered the battlefield with a Death Egg Robot armed with the original Phantom Ruby, which was powered by the mech itself, the doctor began producing thousands of replicas that threatened to overwhelm Shadow and the Resistance. Fortunately, Shadow and the Resistance were saved when Sonic, Classic Sonic and the Avatar destroyed the Death Egg Robot, causing the Eggman Army's replicas to vanish and leaving the Resistance as the winners of the war.

In the aftermath, Shadow, alongside Sonic's other allies, bid farewell to Classic Sonic as he returned to his own world, and vowed to rebuild the world. Afterwards, back at the Resistance HQ, he watched the Avatar leave to go on their own adventure after the Resistance got disbanded.

Team Sonic Racing

In Team Sonic Racing, Shadow and his team joined Dodon Pa's Grand Prix alongside Dr. Eggman and his team. However, Team Dark's true intentions for joining the Grand Prix was to investigate Dr. Eggman.[7] In that Grand Prix awaited opponents like Team Sonic, Team Rose and Team Vector. For the races, Shadow received the Dark Reaper to race in.

During a race between Team Dark and Team Sonic, Shadow focused solely on Sonic as they raced neck-to-neck in their speed-type racecars. Eventually however, Dr. Eggman intruded on the teams' race in order to compete against them on his own as a "special guest" (which Dodon Pa permitted despite knowing it was a lie). After Eggman began gaining the lead, Shadow, his team and Team Sonic all agreed to put their feud aside and work together to keep Eggman from winning the race. Instructing his team to follow Team Sonic's example (only better), Shadow received a Slingshot speed boost from his team that allowed him to pass Eggman alongside Sonic. Shadow and Sonic would afterward pass the finish line while the other racers took care of Eggman with a combined Wisp power-up assault. However, Dodon Pa was too busy watching Eggman's beating to see which one between Sonic and Shadow crossed the finish line first. As such, the two hedgehog decided to have a rematch.[8]


Shadow stating his reasons for being in the Grand Prix.

Eventually, Shadow met Sonic after a race, who wanted to know if he was working with Dr. Eggman. Shadow replied grimly that he was only in the Grand Prix to stop whatever evil plans Eggman was cooking up. However, the two hedgehogs' egos soon clashed, and Shadow and Sonic ended up challenging each other to a race. Afterward, they agreed that they had to watch out for both Dodon Pa, whose motivations for hosting the Grand Prix was a mystery, and Eggman. Soon after, Shadow learned that Eggman and Dodon Pa were seemingly working together. Since they did not know what the pair was up to though, the heroes decided to keep racing for now. Later, Eggman would sent hundreds of Eggpawns after the racers. As Shadow set out to slag the robots with his team, he would end up competing with Sonic over who could beat the most Eggpawns. Later, after it was revealed that Dodon Pa was a good guy and that he was using the Grand Prix to gather information for his corporation's Ultimate Energy Engine, which Dodon Pa wanted to use for philanthropic purposes, Shadow came to Sonic and reminded him that they still had Eggman to worry about.

Soon after, the heroes learned from Big that Eggman had kidnapped Dodon Pa and brought him to the Final Fortress. Wanting to rescue Dodon Pa, Shadow and co. went to the Final Fortress. There, Eggman had them compete in a number of races with Team Eggman and his army of Eggpawns in exchange for Dodon Pa, not knowing Eggman was using them to gather the Ultimate Team Energy needed to finish the Ultimate Energy Engine. Once the engine was complete, Eggman stole it from Dodon Pa and incorporated it into his monster machine. Shadow and his crew subsequently faced the monster machine, and beat it in a race. However, the monster machine soon after went crazy and drove into the Final Fortress's core. As the Final Fortress crashed, Shadow and his comrades were forced to abandon their cars and evacuate the airship while Team Sonic saved Dodon Pa. Down on the ground, Shadow was reunited with Team Sonic when they arrived with Dodon Pa. Just as the Grand Prix seemed over since the cars had been destroyed when the Final Fortress crashed, Dodon Pa decided to give everyone new cars, thus allowing Shadow and his allies to race once more.

Other game appearances

Sonic Pinball Party

In Sonic Pinball Party, Shadow's name appeared on the list of participants that took part in the Egg Cup Tournament.

Sonic Riders series

Sonic Riders

Shadow is a playable character in the game Sonic Riders for Free Races who can be unlocked after beating the Hero Story Mode. He is a Speed type character, with his default Extreme Gear, Darkness, which he uses to skate like his default shoes. His Level 1 Attack is "Energy Ball," which temporarily stuns a nearby opponent; the Level 2 attack is "Back Kick," which makes an opponent temporarily lose his or her balance, and the Level 3 attack is "Chaos Control," which freezes a nearby opponent so that Shadow can easily pass them. He plays no role in the story, though.

Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity

Shadow uses his gb

Shadow the Hedgehog on the Black Shot.

He appears in the sequel Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity as a speed character and his default Gear is called the Black Shot. Again, he is unlocked by completing the Hero Story. Once again, he plays no role in the story.

Sonic Storybook Series

Sonic and the Secret Rings

In Sonic and the Secret Rings, Shadow appears as a playable character in Party Mode. He can be unlocked by obtaining thirty Fire Souls.

Sonic and the Black Knight

In Sonic and the Black Knight, Shadow appears as a playable character in Battle Mode. He can be unlocked in Battle Mode by clearing the "Defeat the Boss: Sir Lancelot" mission in Deep Woods. In gameplay, he has the same moveset as Sir Lancelot, Shadow's alternate reality doppelganger from the world of Camelot. He also wields Arondight during battle and his Soul Surge is Chaos Punishment.

Mario & Sonic series

Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games

Shadow also appears in Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games as a speed character along with Sonic, Yoshi, Princess Daisy, and Metal Sonic (who was not in the first of the series).

Like all other characters, Shadow has five missions and one bonus:

  • Don't let Sonic pass you in 100m
  • Throw three times that the total of them is at least 220m in Javelin throw
  • Collect all stamina in Cycling
  • Use special attack as a final move in dream fencing
  • Use items to all your opponents in Dream race
  • Defeat Luigi in dream shooting

Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games

He also appears in the game's sequel, Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games. Shadow helps Mario and Sonic make a deal with Rouge and open a gate in Sparkleton with Chaos Spear after they beat him in a Dream Ski Cross Racing match during the DS Adventure Tour. He later goes on to help defeat Bowser and Dr. Eggman.

Mario & Sonic at the London 2012 Olympic Games

Shadow stats

Shadow's stats in Mario & Sonic at the London 2012 Olympic Games(Wii version only)

Shadow makes a return in Mario & Sonic at the London 2012 Olympic Games. He is a Speed type character in the game.

Mario & Sonic at the Sochi 2014 Olympic Winter Games

Shadow reappears in Mario & Sonic at the Sochi 2014 Olympic Winter Games. He is once again a Speed type character.

Mario & Sonic at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games

Shadow appears in Mario & Sonic at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games. He is a Speed type character.

Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020

Shadow is once again set to appear as a playable character in Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020.

Super Smash Bros. series

Super Smash Bros Brawl

Shadow is an Assist Trophy in Super Smash Bros Brawl, found after Sonic becomes a playable character. Shadow activates Chaos Control when he is used, slowing down the user's opponents. He also appears as a sticker:

Name Image ID Description
Shadow Shadow Trophy 535 Shadow the Hedgehog is a black hedgehog who resembles Sonic. He was created by Dr. Eggman's grandfather, Gerald Robotnik, to be the ultimate life-form. Not only does he look like Sonic, but he has equal abilities. He has great skill with the space-time warping technique called Chaos Control. To reach his goals, he'll use any means necessary.
Image Name Page ID Area of Effect Effect User
Sonic Art Assets DVD - Shadow - 6
Shadow The Hedgehog (Sonic Adventure 2: Battle) 274 685 Specials:Direct Attack +20 Sonic

Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS and Wii U

Shadow reappears in Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS and Wii U with the same role he had in Super Smash Bros. Brawl.

Wii U Trophy
Name Picture Description
Shadow the Hedgehog ShadowSSB4model NA: Engineered to be the ultimate life-form by the brilliant Professor Gerald Robotnik, this black hedgehog appears very much like Sonic. He has a dark side, however. In Smash Bros., he uses Chaos Control to warp space-time, slowing every fighter down except the player who summoned him.

PAL: A black hedgehog created by Professor Gerald Robotnik to be the Ultimate Lifeform. Though he looks a lot like Sonic, he's ruthless and will do anything to achieve his goals. In this game, he uses Chaos Control to warp time and space, slowing down everything around whoever summoned him.

Unlock: Clear the Event "All-Star Battle: Secret" on Hard difficulty.

Nintendo 3DS Trophy
Name Picture Description
Shadow the Hedgehog ShadowTheHedgehogTrophy3DS NA: Engineered to be the ultimate life-form by the brilliant Professor Gerald Robotnik, this black hedgehog appears very much like Sonic. He has a dark side, however. In Smash Bros., he uses Chaos Control to warp space-time, slowing every fighter down except the player who summoned him.

PAL: A black hedgehog created by Professor Gerald Robotnik to be the Ultimate Lifeform. Though he looks a lot like Sonic, he's ruthless and will do anything to achieve his goals. In this game, he uses Chaos Control to warp time and space, slowing down everything around whoever summoned him.

Unlock: Clear Solo 100-Man Smash with all characters.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Shadow is set to return as an Assist Trophy in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. He now holds a green Chaos Emerald in his hand. Like his previous appearances, Shadow performs Chaos Control to slow down the opponents of the fighter that summoned him. However, in this game there is a brief second phase that completely stops the opponents. His visual distortion is green and is much more apparent with lightning also striking around him. In addition to this, Shadow appears as a spirit. He is an Ace class primary spirit and is an Attack Type.

Sega Superstars series

Sega Superstars Tennis

In Sega Superstars Tennis, Shadow is a playable character that can be unlocked after completing the last mission in the Sonic the Hedgehog world. He plays tennis with other Sega characters.

Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing

Shadow 31

Shadow as he appears in Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing.

In Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing, Shadow appears as a playable character. In this game, he is available from the beginning of the game. For the racing in this game, he is driving the Dark Rider, a modified G.U.N. motorcycle with the Black Arms insignia on the fuel tank.

In gameplay, Shadow has low speed and average turbo-boost, but his acceleration and maneuverability are at a very high level. His All-Star Move, "Super Sonic", lets him turn him into Super Shadow. In this state, Shadow can fly down the tracks while launching exploding Chaos Spears at everyone that gets into his line of fire.

Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed

In Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed, Shadow appears as a playable character again. The player can unlock him by spending thirty-five stars in the World Tour. For the racing in this game, he is driving an experimental G.U.N vehicle that has tank treads instead of wheels, which can transform into a boat, a plane, or a car, depending on the surrounding terrain. In order to test his vehicle's raw power, Shadow entered the race.[9]

In gameplay, Shadow has high speed and boost, above-average handling, and low acceleration. His All-Star Move lets him perform the Chaos Blast, which can inflict damage to any racer or obstacle set on the track. He also has two stickers in the game; one can be unlocked by winning a race with him, and the other can be unlocked by sending a certain amount of challenges.

Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood

Shadow 26

Shadow in Sonic Chronicles.

Shadow appears in Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood where he first searched for Omega who disappeared looking for Eggman's robots. The first fight against Shadow takes place in Mystic Ruins, though, depending on the player's choice of dialogue, Sonic may not have to fight him. If, however, the player chooses the more hostile dialogue options, Sonic will have to fight Shadow. The second encounter happens when the team reaches Blue Ridge Zone. At the start of the battle, Shadow states that while he can't outrun Sonic, he can outfight him. After suffering damage at the hands of Sonic and his team, Shadow flees from the scene. Sonic is the only one fast enough to catch him, so once Sonic catches up, the two have a showdown without the rest of the group. When Sonic ultimately wins, Shadow remarks that Sonic "has been practicing."

At first, Shadow only joins Sonic's team to help find Omega, but when he finds out that Omega was attacked by the Nocturnus, he remains with the party to help defeat them. If Shadow happens to be included in Sonic's team when they are about to face Commander Raxos, Shadow states that he can see many ways out this situation for himself but not for the others, possibly meaning he could simply use Chaos Control to escape leaving the others to their fate. In combat, Shadow deals medium attack power and has medium armor and is as quick as Sonic, allowing him three attacks per round.

When Omega joins the team, they can work together to use "Focus Field." When Rouge the Bat is in the party, the three can use "Metal Storm," which sends Omega through the air like a missile at the enemy. Shadow can team up with Sonic to use a move called "Atomic Strike," in which the two hedgehogs use Spin Dashes to circle around all of the enemies to create an electrical field.

Sonic Jump series

Sonic Jump (2012)

In Sonic Jump (2012), Shadow was supposed to be released as a playable character in an update, but was later scrapped. Despite this, Shadow holds a record of 5650m in every stage of Arcade Mode, placing first on the preset leaderboards.

Sonic Jump Fever

In Sonic Jump Fever, Shadow appears as a playable character. In this game, he can be unlocked after either collecting 300 Shadow Character Tokens or paying 900 Red Star Rings for him. In gameplay, Shadow is armed with the Chaos Spear. The power-ups he can utilize in this game include the Shield, Stun, Spring Shoes and Magnet.

Shadow also appears on the game's preset leaderboards, placing sixth in each Zone. When playing a Zone, a destructible monitor containing Shadow's portrait will appear if his score has been passed.

Sonic Dash

In Sonic Dash, Shadow makes an appearance as a playable character. In this game, he can be only be unlocked by completing Sky Sanctuary Zone. On 25 October 2019, Shadow was rereleased as Vampire Shadow, a character previously featured in Sonic Forces: Speed Battle, as part of a Halloween event.

Sonic Runners series

Sonic Runners

Sonic Runners Shadow 2

Shadow in Sonic Runners.

In Sonic Runners, Shadow is a playable Speed Type character. In gameplay, he can perform a triple jump and boosts the Score Bonus by 75%.

During the "Birthday on Windy Hill" event, Shadow saved Team Sonic's life when Dr. Eggman lured them into a trap. Gruff as ever, Shadow destroyed Eggman's Death Egg drone with his Chaos Blast and sent the doctor off. However, Shadow rejected Team Sonic's offer to join them in their confrontation with Eggman. While having no interest in going to Sonic's subsequent birthday party, he had Rouge give Sonic his regards.

Sonic Runners Adventure

In Sonic Runners Adventure, Shadow is a playable character that can be unlocked by spending 2000 Rings upon reaching level 5 in Green Hill. He retains his triple jump and the Speed/Dark-type from the predecessor, with the "Dark" bonus here changing enemies into Golden enemies (which count as two normal enemies point-wise) for a limited time.

Sonic Forces: Speed Battle

In Sonic Forces: Speed Battle, Shadow is a playable character who was added to the game's roster in the version 1.0.1 update. He has the following stats that are applied in gameplay:

Rarity Speed Acceleration Strength Utilizable items
Super Rare 10/10 9/10 3/10

On Halloween 2018, Shadow was re-released as "Vampire Shadow", a variant character of Shadow dressed in a vampire costume based on Halloween Shadow from Sonic Runners, as a part of the 2.4.1 update. This character has the following stats that are applied in gameplay:

Rarity Speed Acceleration Strength Utilizable items
Special 10/10 8/10 4/10

Sonic Racing

Shadow is an unlockable playable character in Sonic Racing. He becomes available by reaching League 7 in the game and races in the Dark Reaper.


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