You've played Sonic XS... now Shadow is XS too!!
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Shadow XS is an online Flash game published on the 4Kids TV website by 4Kids Entertainment in February 2005 to promote the then-airing anime series, Sonic X. The game looks and plays almost exactly like Sonic XS, starring Shadow the Hedgehog and having a noticeably increased difficulty.


Shadow the Hedgehog has kidnapped Amy Rose, and must traverse through the fiery environment and back to his hideout before Sonic the Hedgehog catches up to him.


Gameplay of Shadow XS.

Like Sonic XS, Shadow XS takes place in a 2D perspective, where the player controls Shadow the Hedgehog to run and jump from platform to platform, in an attempt to reach a gray door marked "Exit" under the time limit of 60 seconds. Rings are also featured as a collectible item scattered across the game, each increasing the player's points by one. Several E-23 Missile Wrist robots are positioned throughout the map, which fire horizontal lasers at Shadow. Should Shadow touch the robots or their laser fire, he will be pushed back a small distance. To combat the robots, the player can use the Ring Toss to throw Rings their way, effectively destroying them. The Ring Toss does not subtract from the player's total, and an infinite number can be tossed. Destroying robots also increases the player's point counter by one. Falling into the bottomless pit or running out of time will result in a Game Over.

Upon reaching the exit, the player able to submit their final score to the leaderboard and play again.


Button formation Movement
[←] Move left
[→] Move right
[↑] Jump
[Spacebar] Ring Toss



Playable characters

Non-playable characters



  • Every time the player presses the "Play Again?" button after completing the game or getting a Game Over, a new instance of the game's looped music track will begin playing over the older one, resulting in multiple duplicate audio tracks playing at once. This can only be fixed by rebooting the game.
  • If the player is hit by an E-23 Missile Wrist blast near a slope, it is possible for them to be pushed through the slope and fall out of the map.
  • If the player uses the Ring Toss while in the middle of a jump, they are able to jump again in midair without the double jump cheat. By repeating this, the player is able to jump indefinitely.


  • The platform sprites are taken from Neo Green Hill from Sonic Advance, modified to be red.
  • The Shadow sprite looks almost exactly like the "miniature Sonic" sprite from Sonic XS, with black fur being the only noticeable difference.
  • The game's main menu refers to Sonic as "Sonic Xs". This is most likely a sentence error.
  • Despite being mentioned in the main menu, neither Amy nor Sonic are seen anywhere in the game.




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