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Sonic X
Shadow World (transcript)

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This is the transcript of the Sonic X episode, "Shadow World".

Narrator: Last time on Sonic X, Sonic was locked up on Prison Island, a high-tech, totally escape-proof jail. But fortunately, his friends were able to stage a robot-busting rescue. Meanwhile, Dr. Eggman and his gang staged their own jailbreak -- a break-in. Their goal: to steal Chaos Emeralds to power up Eggman's ultimate weapon. With the island on the verge of destruction, Sonic challenged the mysterious Shadow to a showdown. Our heroes made an explosive escape, but what about those left behind? Could anyone survive that blazing blast? Find out next on Sonic X!

[Scene: Thorndyke Mansion - Chuck's lab.]

[The Thorndykes (excluding Chris), Sonic, and his friends are watching the news.]
News Reporter: After the explosion on Prison Island, an emergency search team searched for survivors. Fortunately, the team now reports that everyone made it off the island safely.
[Everyone breathes a sigh of relief.]
Sonic: I told ya not to worry. Chris must be okay.
Amy: But if he's not on Prison Island and he's not here... [Gasps]
[A shot of Shadow is shown.]
Amy: Shadow must have taken him to Eggman!
[Tanaka nods.]
Sonic: Don't worry. I won't stop looking 'til I bring Chris back home.
[He recalls the time Chris saved him from the pool.]
News Reporter: In related news, authorities are still searching for Sonic the Hedgehog, who is--
[Ella turns off the TV. Everyone is dumbfounded. Sonic stands up.]
Sonic: I'm gonna go find my friend Chris.
Amy: But the police are looking for you.
Sonic: Don't worry.
[He takes off from the room.]
Amy: I hope Sonic doesn't get caught again.
Tanaka: If we all search, perhaps we can find Chris.
Tails: Where should we look? Shadow probably brought Chris to Dr. Eggman's secret base. But we don't have any idea where it is.
Chuck: Tails has a good point.
Amy: Well, if we're gonna find Chris, we'll have to find that base.
Cream: Then let's start looking right away!
Cheese: Chao!

[Scene Change: Desert]

[Knuckles, who has been running, stops.]
Knuckles: I'm gonna get even with that bat!
[He then has a flashback of his first encounter with Rouge.]

[Scene Change: Angel Island - Flashback]

Knuckles: [As Narrator] She stole the Master Emerald from me!
[Rouge attempts to flee from Knuckles.]
Knuckles: Come back here!
[He punches Rouge into a tree. Her mask slips off, allowing Knuckles sees Rouge's face for the first time.]
Knuckles: You're... that girl!
[She instantly leaps back up as the flashback ends.]

[Scene Change: Desert]

[The ground shakes, throwing Knuckles to the ground. He stands back up and sees smoke rising in the distance.]
Knuckles: Sounded like a rocket.
[He runs up a sand dune and sees Eggman's pyramid base, and smoke rising from it.]
Knuckles: Eggman's base...

[Scene Change: Space]

[Chris appears to be on a space station of some sort. He is looking out the window.]
Chris: Whoa... It's hard to believe that I really traveled into space.
[He turns round to see Shadow behind him.]
Chris: And we're inside a space station?
Shadow: We call this place Space Colony ARK.
Chris: I never heard of it before.
Shadow: It was built fifty years ago by Professor Gerald Robotnik. It's been kept... secret.
[He looks out the window again]
Chris: Wow, a secret space colony!
[He turns back to Shadow.]
Chris: I wonder if I'm the only kid who's ever gone into space.
Shadow: You're not.
Chris: What? Then who was?
[Shadow appears conflicted, but does not answer.]
Chris: Hey, you know what? You look a lot like my friend Sonic. Are the two of you... related?
[Shadow's penetrating gaze causes Chris to tremble. However, in Shadow's vision, Chris' reflection in the window changes to an image of Maria.]
Shadow: Maria...

[Scene Change: Flashback]

[Shadow's penetrating gaze causes Chris to tremble. However, in Shadow's vision, Chris' reflection in the window changes to an image of Maria.]
Soldier: Stop them! We can't let them get away!
[The scene changes to show Shadow in an escape pod. Maria runs up to a control panel.]
Maria: Listen, Shadow. I want you to promise me... please.
Shadow: No, wait!
[Soldiers begin banging on the door.]
Maria: Whatever happens, remember I'll always be your friend, Shadow. We always talked about going to visit the planet one day. But it looks like you'll have to go there without me. Sayonara, Shadow the Hedgehog.
[She pulls a switch and immediately collapses. The escape pod is jettisoned into space.]

[Scene Change: Space Colony ARK]

Shadow: [To himself] They'll pay for what they did. Every one of them.
[Chris having overheard Shadow is surprised.]

[Scene Change: Eggman's base]

[Bocoe and Decoe place the Chaos Emeralds into a project Eggman is working on.]
Decoe: The Emeralds are set!
Bocoe: All six are in place and ready to power the cannon!
[Eggman is working with a wrench below them. He grunts.]
Dr. Eggman: Where's the blasted plug?
[Rouge is standing nearby.]
Rouge: This junk heap's the ultimate weapon? Maybe it makes everybody laugh so hard they surrender.
Dr. Eggman: The Eclipse Cannon draws its energy from Chaos Emeralds, and generates enough firepower to destroy an entire planet.
Decoe: Is that true? It can really destroy a planet?
Bocoe: You know he always exaggerates.
Dr. Eggman: I can hear you!
Decoe: Never mind, haha!
[Rouge wipes part of the Eclipse Cannon with one finger, then blows the dust off.]
Rouge: This antique works?
Dr. Eggman: Just you wait and see. I'm going to be the ultimate big shot. [Laughs]

[Scene Change: Station Square]

[Danny and Frances are walking Helen down the street.]
Danny: What's up with Chris? I called to say hello and left a message for him, but he never called me back.
[They stop]
Frances: Nobody's heard anything from Chris for a long time now.
[Danny nods. Sonic runs past them.]
Helen: Hey, was that...?
Danny: Yeah, that was--
[Frances covers Danny's mouth.]
Danny: Hey, what are you doing?
[A police officer is standing dangerously close to them. Danny again nods, and Frances removes her hand.]
Helen: [To the police officer] Oh, look at that!
[She points to the sky to distract the officer from Sonic, who is still visible.]
Helen: Isn't the sky pretty?
Police officer: Yeah. It's gonna be a beauty of a sunset.

[Scene Change: A small house]

[Mr. Stewart and Scarlet Garcia arrive at the house. The former glances at a paper he is holding.]
Mr. Stewart: This is it.
Scarlet: It might be difficult getting him to talk, considering the way his life fell apart after he got mixed up in Project Shadow. If we push too hard for this story, he may not tell us anything.
[Inside, Jerome Wise is sitting down to eat.]
Jerome: French fries for lunch...
[Scarlet and Mr. Stewart enter.]
Scarlet: I beg your pardon, sir. Does a Mr. Schmitz live here?
Jerome: You must mean the old guy. He sleeps there.
[He gestures to the room behind him.]
Scarlet: Thank you.
[They head to the room, only to find it empty. Mr. Stewart feels the bed.]
Mr. Stewart: It's still warm. He just left.
Scarlet: Let's wait for him.

[Scene Change: Station Square]

Announcer: The count is full as--
[The image of a baseball game on a TV is replaced by the image of a laughing Eggman. The X-Tornado flies past the big screen in Station Square. Ella and Chuck are also watching from inside Chuck's lab. Sonic stops outside a house and watches one of the TVs.]
Dr. Eggman: This is an Eggman update. I'm here to bring you an explosive surprise.
Sonic: What's he up to now?
Dr. Eggman: Look in the sky.
Sonic: The sky?
[Sonic looks up and sees nothing but the moon.]

[Scene Change: Space Station ARK]

[Eggman, Rouge, Bocoe, Decoe, and the Eclipse Cannon are now aboard Space Station ARK.]
Dr. Eggman: I'm coming to you planet-bound bumpkins live from outer space! [Laughs] Let me show you the true power of the Eggman Empire!
Chris: What's Eggman gonna do?
[Shadow grins, which makes Chris nervous.]
Dr. Eggman: Now, let's have a blast.
[Eggman presses a button. Everyone on Earth stares in shock as the Eclipse Cannon is revealed. Eggman snickers as the cannon begins charging. Then it fires a giant laser beam that destroys half the moon.]

[Scene Change: The X-Tornado]

Cream: The moon was so pretty! Why did Dr. Eggman wreck it?
Amy: It takes huge amounts of energy to do that much damage.
Tails: Chaos Emeralds... If Eggman's got enough of them, he can use their power to make a super weapon!
[Tails' own Emerald, the yellow one, begins glowing.]

[Scene Change: Space Station ARK]

Chris: With that much power, Eggman can blow up any planet he wants!
Rouge: Eggman wasn't lying about the Eclipse Cannon. It is the ultimate weapon.
[Eggman laughs.]

[Scene Change: Station Square]

Dr. Eggman: That came from my Eclipse Cannon, and if you don't surrender to the Eggman Empire within twenty-four hours, I'll blow your planet away!
Sonic: I gotta find a way to stop him!
[He looks back up at the damaged moon.]

[Scene Change: Space Colony ARK]

[Chris and Shadow are looking down at the earth.]
Shadow: Today it's finally going to come to an end.
Chris: Huh?
[Shadow glances at Chris. There is a moment of silence as they continue to watch the sunrise.]
Chris: Shadow, why did you bring me here?
[Shadow does not answer. In his vision, Chris changes to Maria, and a flashback begins.]

[Scene Change: Space Colony ARK - Flashback]

[Maria approaches Shadow, who is looking down at the earth.]
Maria: Are you going to stare out that window all day, Shadow?
Shadow: I've seen photographs from down on the surface, but I wonder what it's like to be there. What is it like to see the sky above your head? I'd like to visit there and find out.
Maria: Me too.
Shadow: Maybe I can find some answers down there. Professor Robotnik said I'm here to do something important, though he never told me what that means. And something tells me that it's connected with that planet...

[Scene Change: Space Colony ARK, morning]

Rouge: [Off-screen] Don't you ever smile?
[He looks up to see Rouge.]
Rouge: Hi, Chris.
Chris: Hello, Rouge.
Rouge: [To Shadow] Aren't you glad to see me, Shadow?
[Shadow starts to walk away]
Rouge: I love it when you give me the silent treatment.
[But Shadow has already walked into another room.]
Rouge: What's with Mr. Sunshine?

[Scene Change: Thorndyke Manor - Outside]

[Tails and Chuck are working on the X-Tornado.]
Chuck: Almost done. I hope these modifications work so we can go save Chris.
Tails: But one Chaos Emerald isn't gonna give us enough power to make all the way into space.
Chuck: But one is all we've got, Tails!
Tails: We've got two.
[Tails holds up a Chaos Emerald and another Emerald that looks similar to it.]
Chuck: You... made a copy of an Emerald?
Tails: It isn't a perfect copy, Chuck, but the power it produces is almost the same.
Chuck: Come on, let's try it out!
[Tails loads them into a compartment.]

[Scene Change: The small house]

[Mr. Stewart and Scarlet leave the house, labeled the Bucket Hotel.]
Scarlet: Maybe he's spotted us coming and it scared him off.
[Little do they know that they are being watched by armed GUN agents.]
Bokkun: Sonic ran over here!
[Several police officers follow the source of the voice. Bokkun points down an alley.]
Bokkun: He went this way!
[Bokkun laughs as the officers chase the hedgehog.]
Police Officer: You won't escape, pal!
[But Sonic manages to elude them.]
Sonic: Guess I lost 'em.
[Then the sound of fighting meets his ears.]
Sonic: What's that?
[Sonic races over and sees Knuckles, who has just finished off an onslaught of GUN robots.]
Knuckles: Where've you been?
Sonic: Hey, how's it going, Knuckles?
Knuckles: Not bad, except I'm in the middle of a battle right now.
Sonic: Whoa, boy!
[They take on the GUN robots together.]
Sonic: It's lucky my reflexes are quicker than Knuckles' temper.
[But the more robots they destroy, the more arrive. Just then, Tanaka arrives on a motorcycle. He yells a battle cry as the GUN robots pursue him. Cream opens a manhole nearby.]
Cream: He's only distracting them. Quick, follow me!

[Scene Change: The President's limousine]

[Eggman is on the screen behind the President.]
President: Tell me what your demands are, and perhaps we can work out an agreement.
Dr. Eggman: [Laughs] Mr. President, that's very reasonable of you. I only have one demand to make if you want to escape my wrath. And if you fail to comply, I have one penalty. Either you agree to become part of my Empire, or else.
President: Or else what?
Dr. Eggman: Your entire planet will be blown to bits. Well? What is your answer?
[The President buries his head.]
President: I can't!
Dr. Eggman: You can't what?
President: I can't give you an answer. Not yet.
Dr. Eggman: You're just stalling trying to give your military enough time to organize a counterattack against me. It is useless to resist. I expect your answer within twelve hours.
[As Eggman vanishes from the screen, the President falls onto his knees.]
President: What can I do? Twelve hours is not enough time to stop him from destroying the planet.
[Sam Speed knocks on the glass, then straightens his cap.]
Sam: Y'know, there is a bright side to all of this, Mr. President.
President: What might that be?
Sam: If the planet is destroyed, you won't have to worry about balancing the budgey any more.

[Scene Change: Desert]

[Tanaka is driving Sonic, Knuckles, Amy, and Cream across the desert.]
Sonic: So you found Eggman's base, but did you find out what happened to Chris?
Knuckles: Shadow took him up into space, and I think the bat who stole the Master Emerald was with him too.
Sonic: Really?
Knuckles: I'll teach her a lesson.
Tanaka: There is Eggman's base.
[Tanaka stops the jeep. Soon they are riding an escalator up to the entrance of Eggman's pyramid base.]
Amy: This place could be dangerous, so be careful, Cream and Cheese.
Cream: We will, Amy.
Cheese: Chao!
Sonic: Stick with Mr. Tanaka.
[Topaz is monitoring their progress.]
Topaz: Sonic and the others are entering the base. I'll follow them in.

[Scene Change: Eggman's base]

[Amy tries to hammer down the door, but to no avail.]
Amy: No luck.
[Tanaka notices a keyhole in the door.]
Tanaka: There is a keyhole, which must mean there is a key somewhere.
[Everyone turns to Knuckles.]
Knuckles: Hey! Why are you looking at me?
Sonic: Well, you're a treasure hunter. Can't you find it?
Knuckles: Ah! No way! A key isn't a treasure!
[Everyone closes in on Knuckles.]
Tanaka: A real treasure should not have any difficulty finding something as simple as a key.
Amy: How do we know you haven't been pretending to be a treasure hunter all this time?
Cream: Maybe Knuckles is a treasure, but is just not a very good one.
Knuckles: Fine. I'll look.
[He storms away from them and searches for the key.]
Knuckles: This is exactly why I like to work alone!
[He runs into Bokkun]
Bokkun: I hope you know you're trespassing, Knuckles.
Knuckles: [Waves hand] I don't have any time to play games with you, Bokkun. Scram!
Bokkun: If you don't leave on your own, I'm gonna have to make you leave!
Knuckles: Oh yeah?!
[He is about to punch Bokkun, but stops and calmly walks past him instead.]
Knuckles: [To himself] No. I have to go find that key.
Bokkun: I warned ya!
[He pulls a remote out of his bag.]
Bokkun: Go clobber him, Egg Golem!
[Suddenly, the ground shakes, and Knuckles comes running back.]
Cream: Knuckles found the key already?
Sonic: 'Fraid not.
[Knuckles is being chased by the Egg Golem.]
Sonic: Looks like Knuckles ran into some trouble - about fifteen tons of it!
[Bokkun is riding the Egg Golem.]
Bokkun: Let's gove this a try!
[The Egg Golem attempts to punch Knuckles, but he dodges, and the door is punched down instead.]
Knuckles: I got the door open. Now are you happy?
Sonic: I guess.
Bokkun: Here's the spin cycle!
[The Egg Golem spins its arms, knocking Knuckles into the wall.]
Sonic: I'll stop that thing!
[Sonic leaps onto the Egg Golem and runs against its spinning arms.]
Bokkun: Here's the clap trap!
[The Egg Golem claps its hands on Sonic, then slams him into the Egg Golem's head before throwing him down. Bokkun laughs.]
Bokkun: Nice going! You really hammered those guys!
[But Sonic and Knuckles get back up.]
Sonic: Have you had enough?
Knuckles: Yeah, I think we can finish it off now.
[The Egg Golem spins its whole body as Sonic spins toward it.]
Bokkun: Give 'em a headbutt again!
[Knuckles attacks the Egg Golem's legs. He and Sonic attack the Egg Golem at the same time, causing it to fall over. Sonic dusts his gloves.]
Sonic: Well, that was easy.
Knuckles: Piece of cake.
Bokkun: Not so fast! Ha!
[The Egg Golem stands up.]
Sonic: Give it up, Bokkun!
Bokkun: No way! Look what I got!
[The Egg Golem reveals that it is holding Topaz.]
Knuckles: Oh, great. Why is she here?
Bokkun: Hahahaha!
[Tanaka threatens Bokkun with karate while Cream takes his remote.]
Bokkun: Hey, no fair! Gimme back my controller!
Amy: Finders keepers! [giggles]
[Cream presses various buttons, which causes the Egg Golem to drop Topaz and chase Bokkun. He is barely able to keep ahead of the Egg Golem's stomping feet.]
Bokkun: Leave me alone!
[The Egg Golem chases Bokkun outside. It attempts to punch him but hits a pillar instead. Bokkun is chased into the distance.]
Bokkun: No! Don't chase me, motor-brain!
[Back inside, Tanaka is holding Topaz bridal-style.]
Tanaka: I hope that brute did not harm you, miss.
Topaz: I'm fine.
[Outside, Tails locates the pyramid.]
Tails: There's the base.
[The top of the pyramid opens.]
Tails: I'll land inside.
[Tails lands inside the pyramid and climbs out of the X-Tornado.]
Tails: I did it, Sonic! I adapted the X-Tornado so we can take it into space!
[He frowns when he sees how many people there are.]
Tails: Uh... We might have a little problem, though... It only seats four.
Amy: If you're bringing Chris back, only two of us can ride with you.
Tails: Yeah, that's right...
Sonic: Then let's take this space shuttle.
[He gestures to a giant rocket nearby.]
Tanaka: I agree with Sonic.
Knuckles: Yeah.
Tails: Guess I did all that work for nothing...
Amy: What about Cream and Cheese?
Topaz: Well, I could take care of them.
Tanaka: Thank you, miss.
Topaz: Sure.
Sonic: Okay, then let's get going!
[Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Amy, and Tanaka are now inside the shuttle.]
Countdown: 10. 9. 8. 7. 6. 5. 4. 3. 2. 1. Ignition!
[The shuttle takes off.]
Sonic: [To himself] Hang on, Chris... Hang on.
[The shuttle disappears into space. The credits roll.]