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Sonic X
Shadow World

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"Shadow World" is the thirty-sixth episode of the anime series, Sonic X, as well as the fourth episode in the Shadow Saga. It first aired on 7 December 2003 and 20 November 2004 in Japan and the United States respectively.



Races and species:



Japanese version

English version

  • "Gotta Go Fast" - Opening theme (USA and CAN)
  • "Sonic X" - Opening theme (AUS, NZ and UK)
  • "Gotta Go Fast" (shortened) - Closing theme


The episode starts off with a news report saying that there were no injured survivors after the destruction of Prison Island, leaving Sonic's friends relieved. Amy suspects that Shadow has transported Chris with Eggman and Sonic immediately leaves in order to search for Chris although he is still targeted by the police. The gang all proceed to look for Eggman's secret base. Meanwhile Knuckles is running through a desert and then flashes back to his recent encounter with Rouge who has stolen the Master Emerald. The ground suddenly shakes and Knuckles moves further only to discover Eggman's pyramid base.

Chris is then seen inside Space Colony ARK along with Shadow. Chris wonders if he's the first kid to have ever gone to outer space to which Shadow replies he is not. Chris notes that Sonic and Shadow look alike and asks if they were related by receives no answer except for a stare, leaving Chris scared. Staring out through the window, Shadow receives another flashback to his past: he, Maria and Gerald being chased by the GUN soldiers. Eventually Shadow is trapped inside a capsule and Maria was there, asking Shadow to fulfill her promise which were the last words before Shadow is sent to Earth in the capsule. Shadow vows to have revenge over humanity. Meanwhile Eggman, Decoe and Bocoe began to prepare the Eclipse Cannon and threatens the President that he will use it unless the population surrenders. Knuckles battles Egg Golem while Tails adapts the X-Tornado to fly into space to rescue Chris.

Eyecatch cards

Regional differences

  • Shadow's flashback about the ARK and running with Maria ends when she presses the lever to launch the capsule to Earth. In the Japanese version her body is seen hitting the floor after pulling the lever.
  • The gun firing is reduced in Shadow's flashback about him and Maria.
  • In Shadow's flashback about him and Maria, Shadow could not hear what Maria was saying due to explosions and being placed in a tube in the Japanese version. In the English version, this scene was cut.
  • One shot of Eggman sending the town a message about blowing up the moon is removed in the English dub due to the presence of a sign advertising beer.
  • In the English dub, Knuckles says he knows that Shadow took Chris into space. In the original dub however, he does not say that. This is why Tanaka was happy to see Chris alive later.
  • A faint vintage effect is added to the flashback of Knuckles fighting Rouge in the English dub.
  • In the Italian version, the narrator summarizes the previous episode during the opening theme.
    • For this reason, in the version broadcasted on Italia 1, that used a different opening, the summary was completely cut.
    • This error was partially corrected in the publication on Netflix, where the audio track with the opening theme of Jetix remained but with the corrected video.

Title in other languages

Language Title Translation
Japanese 宇宙からの脅迫 The Threat From Outer Space
Chinese 來自宇宙的威脅 The Threat From Outer Space
French La menace de l'espace The threat from space
German Schattenwelt Shadow world
Italian Il mondo di Shadow / Il cacciatore di tesori The world of Shadow / The treasure hunter
Spanish La trampa del Universo The trap of the universe
Russian Угроза из космоса The threat from space


Differences from Sonic Adventure 2

  • Sonic was alone as he viewed Eggman firing the Eclipse Cannon from Space Colony ARK in the episode, while in the game, he viewed it together with Tails and Amy. In the episode though, Tails and Amy were together on the X Tornado during this event.
  • Eggman gives the President 12 hours for his response to the doctor's threat instead of 24 hours like he did in the game.
  • Sonic and Tails do not interrupt Eggman's threats to the President in this episode like they did in the game.
  • Shadow, Rouge, and Eggman do not attempt to confront Sonic and his friends when the heroes headed to Eggman's desert base in the episode as they did in the game. Instead, they remained at Space Colony ARK throughout the entire episode.
  • In the episode, Bokkun activates the Egg Golem instead of Eggman in the game. The Egg Golem is operable with a remote control in the episode whereas no such device was seen for its game counterpart which would seem that it operated on its own accord under Eggman's command.
  • The locked door leading to the shuttle room of Eggman's pyramid base was destroyed by the Egg Golem's punch in the episode instead of opening it with keys found by Knuckles in the game (which occured prior to the heroes' confrontation with the Egg Golem).
  • The Egg Golem is not destroyed in the episode like it was in the game; it would be seen again two episodes later.
  • In the episode, Tails does not visit Eggman's desert base until the heroes dealt with the Egg Golem and found the base's shuttle room while in the game, Tails accompanied the rest of the heroes in the entirety of their visit at the desert base.
  • In the episode, both Sonic and Knuckles fight the Egg Golem whereas in the game, Sonic does so himself while Knuckles fought against King Boom Boo.