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Sonic Boom: Shattered Crystal
Shadow Canyons

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Shadow Canyons is the third area in Sonic Boom: Shattered Crystal. Located on an unspecified island, it is a dry desert with canyons (hence its name) and mining equipment. When Team Sonic followed Amy's trail to the Shadow Canyons, they met Shadow who was being controlled by Lyric.


Shadow Canyon World Map

Shadow Canyon's World Map.

Shadow Canyons is an orange desert isle covered with rickety stone pillars and steep canyons full of deathtraps and enemies. The only vegetation are dead trees and desert bushes, and most of the fauna is scorpions. Curiously, broken remains of Driller Worms litter the passages. Also, various mining constructions are found throughout the canyons.

The adventure level takes place in the canyons amidst a mining settlement. A dry wind always blows through here and the sky is overcast by dust. Here, extensive, and often thick, metal scaffolds with sophisticated components are build everywhere, forming a network of paths. In addition, there are mine carts, artificial water streams and wooden walls similar to those in the wild west. On the canyon peaks are mineshafts leading into large, but dark caverns with underground rivers, mine carts, stalactites, lit torches, and the buried remnants of forgotten Driller Worms.


Having arrived in Shadow Canyons, Sonic and Knuckles heard of Tails' multitasking skills as the young fox learned where Amy had been from her logs. Upon reaching the other end of the canyon, Team Sonic found Shadow, who was acting rather peculiar, and when Sonic tried talking to him, the black hedgehog acted like he was an agent of Lyric and attacked the heroes.

After Sonic knocked out Shadow, Team Sonic learned that Shadow remembered nothing of what he had done after encountering Lyric. Analyzing a broken device Shadow had on him, Tails found out it was a Mind Control Device Lyric had used to control Shadow. Suddenly, the device turned into a holographic phone through which Lyric threatened everyone. Lyric then revealed upon Sonic's inquire that he was currently probing Amy's mind for the location of the Crystal Shards which would grant him omnipotence. As Lyric ended his transmission, Shadow ran off alone to get revenge on the rogue Ancient for using him. Hoping to find more clues about Amy, Sonic lead his team into an ancient city.


Shadow Canyons' adventure level, like the others, is divided into two parts (the foreground and background) that run parallel to each other, which can be traveled between with the Slingshot. Standard gimmicks here include Bounce Pads, Boost Pads, Enerbeam Swings, Rails and disappearing platforms. Hazardous obstacles in Shadow Canyons include pits with moving gears, red panels with blowtorches, and water streams. Touching such obstacles will damage the player and return the characters to an earlier position. Shadow Canyons also has collectibles scattered about which unlock extra content if collected and breakable obstacles that give extra Rings.

Like other adventure levels, Shadow Canyons' has several character-specific gimmicks for the playable characters. These include dash blocks for Sonic, Air Vents and Sea Fox sections for Tails, Burrow spots for Knuckles, and Boomerang Switches for Sticks.


Shadow Canyons

Shadow Canyons is the area's only adventure level. The foreground is set in a mining town, while the background is set inside the mines. It becomes available after obtaining eight Sonic Badges.

At the start, go down the path on the right to find a Slingshot and use it. From there, go left to reach some Air Vents and follow them to a Burrow spot which lead to a Slingshot. Use it and follow the path on the right. Eventually, the player has to scale some platforms to reach a Slingshot. Use the Slingshot, go left on the upcoming path, climb some platforms and Burrow to reach a path on the left leading to the next Slingshot. After using the Slingshot, go left on the next path to reach the next one.

After using the Slingshot, go down the left path and scale some platforms to enter a series of Burrowing spots. At the second spot, the player's target will be the Slingshot in the room concealed below. Use the Slingshot and follow the path on the right to arrive at the goal.

Reward system
Requirement Reward
Reach goal Sonic Badge
Get six Blueprints Sonic Badge
Get five Crystal Shards Sonic Badge
Reach goal with 100 Rings Token
Reach goal in 06:40 min Token

Worm Tunnel

Main article: Worm Tunnel

The Worm Tunnel is a bonus level where the player must race to the end of an obstacle course while dealing with Driller Worms. It becomes available after clearing Shadow Canyons and obtaining ten Sonic Badges.

Reward system
Requirement Reward
Reach goal Sonic Badge
Reach goal with 250 Rings Token
Reach goal in 02:00 min Token

Shadow Canyons Race

In Shadow Canyons Race, the player has their second rival race. It becomes available after clearing Shadow Canyons and obtaining eleven Sonic Badges. For this race, the player controls Sonic. Here, the player must race Shadow through the canyons and beat him to the goal to proceed.

Reward system
Requirement Reward
Reach goal Sonic Badge
Reach goal with 255 Rings Token
Reach goal in 01:35 min Token

Q-N-C's Toy Shop

Main article: Q-N-C's Toy Shop

This building is the local shop owned by Q-N-C. Here, the player can trade Tokens for toys and display their current collection. It becomes available after clearing Shadow Canyons.


  • When using the Slingshot in Shadow Canyons, the player is always either flying into a mineshaft in the background when going into the mines or through a window in a wooden wall after exiting the mines.


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N/A (Shadow Canyons 1) Richard Jacques 4:29
Shadow Canyons 1
N/A (Shadow Canyons 2) Richard Jacques 4:24
Shadow Canyons 2