A match in Shadow's Speed Demon.

Quotation1.svg Press the GameboyA.png Button while jumping to dash! Quotation2.svg
— Introduction instruction, Sonic Battle

Shadow's Speed Demon, also referred to as just Speed Demon, is a mini-game featured in Sonic Battle, exclusively for the game's multiplayer function. It is unlocked after clearing Shadow's episode in Story Mode. Here, anyone from two to four players, each with their own Game Boy Advance system, can play together. Howeever, only one Sonic Battle Game Pak is needed to serve as the host.


Shadow's Speed Demon is centered around a typical racing game. The entire mini game takes place on a stretch of road in an environment that resembles Radical Highway from Sonic Adventure 2. When starting Shadow's Speed Demon, the playable characters will run side-by-side until the race is initiated. After that, the player's objective is to reach the goal ahead of their opponents. The players can keep track of their positions in the race via a small bar on the HUD that show their icons according to how far they have gotten on the racing course. While running, the playable characters can jump, and pull off a midair dash during jumps that lets them accelerate greatly.

Along the racing course are both gimmicks and obstacles. In terms of obstacles, there are construction barriers; if the playable characters runs into one of them, they will be slowed down and lose any momentum they may have built up. These obstacles can either be jumped over or maneuvered around. In the gimmicks department, Shadow's Speed Demon features both Dash Panels, which give the player a small boost in speed when touching them, and Ramps, which can launch the playable characters into the air for a short time, allowing them to get over the construction barriers ahead of them and leave their opponents in the dust. Both gimmicks are especially effective if the playable character has built up momentum before-handed.

Shadow's Speed Demon has no time limit; instead, the first player to reach the goal will be declared the winner.

To move around the playable character, use Controlpadds.png and to jump, press GameboyA.png. Also, to perform the characters' midair dash, press GameboyA.png during a jump.

List of playable characters

When beginning Shadow's Speed Demon, the players are given one out of four playable characters, with the character assigned being based on the player's number. The different characters given to the players are as follows:


  • When reaching the goal in Shadow's Speed Demon, NiGHTS can be seen flying by in the background.

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