Sewer Warps,[1] also referred to as Rapid Transports,[1] are objects that appear in both versions of Sonic the Hedgehog Spinball. Sewer Warps are a type of transport devices set on the background walls in certain levels, which can transport the player from one section to another.


Sewer Warps appear in Toxic Caves/Toxic Pools, Lava Powerhouse and The Machine (where they are titled as Rapid Transports). For each level, their design and appearance matches that of the environment, possessing different shapes and types of hatches. The Sewer Warps in Toxic Caves/Toxic Pools even show tongues after usage.


When the player gets in front of a Sewer Warp, it opens and pulls Sonic inside of it before closing. Sonic is then transported to another Sewer Pipe in another section in the level, where it opens up and deposits him in that location. Several Sewer Warps only function if the player has activated certain targets close by though. At The Machine, many Sewer Warps are located inside high-speed warp tubes.

Regardless of their usefulness, it is only certain Sewer Pipes that can transport Sonic; those Sewer Pipes that serve to deposit Sonic when using a useable Sewer Pipe cannot be used for transport. If the player tried to use them, they will just drop Sonic back into the arena.

Besides helping the player, the Sewer Pipes also serve another role; In ihe steam areas of Lava Powerhouse, numerous Cluckbirds emerge from Sewer Warps and fly around the section.


  • In The Machine, depending how much the player has progressed in the level and how many Chaos Emeralds there has been collected, after losing a life, the Sewer Warp on the center ceiling of the lower pinball arena will transport the player to certain section where the player can continue without needing to reach to the section separately.
  • In Sonic Advance, there are void-type obstacles in Casino Paradise Zone, which can transport the player to another section.


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