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Sonic X
Sewer Search (transcript)

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This is the transcript of the Sonic X episode, "Sewer Search".

Narrator: Last time on Sonic X, while locked up in jail, Dr. Eggman worked overtime to set a treacherous trap for Sonic and friends. Hordes of household appliances soon developed menacing malfunctions, turning Chris' kitchen into a combat zone. As a vacuum robot threatened to clean Sonic's clock, Emel spun to the rescue, and a whole gang of gadgets were washed out. Sonic raced to route the remaining robots, but he and Knuckles were mobbed by mechanical marauders. Our heroes seemed headed for a crushing defeat 'til Chris' family helped turn the tide. Taking advantage of the confusion, Eggman escaped from jail and went into hiding to plot his next monstrous move. Can the devious doctor be stopped before he strikes again? Find out next on Sonic X!

[The opening theme plays]

[Scene: The White House]

[The President is pacing his office. He finally stops.]
President: Eggman escapes. The press'll have a field day, and I don't blame 'em. We napped the world's greatest menace, and let him slip right through our fingers. How could this have happened. We just have to do whatever it takes to find him.
[A shot of Eggman is shown.]
President: He's out there somewhere, dreaming up another scheme to take over the world. We have to capture him before he strikes again.
[He notices Topaz in the doorway.]
Topaz: I think it's got to be your number one priority, sir.
President: [Happily] Topaz!
[He also sees Rouge by the window.]
Rouge: He's probably hiding under a rock with the rest of the worms.
President: Hello, Rouge!
Topaz: Do you have any idea where Eggman might be, sir?
President: No, but we have agents everywhre looking high and low for him.

[Scene Change: An alley]

[Mr. Stewart is looking through his binoculars.]
Mr. Stewart: This won't be easy. Eggman could be anywhere.

[Scene Change: The White House]

President: If you two can track down Eggman and put him out of business, you can name your own reward.
Rouge: Really?
President: Gold, diamonds, rubies -- whatever you like.
Rouge: I love them all. They're bright and beautiful, like me.
Topaz: Oh, brother...
President: Just find Eggman.

[Scene Change: Chris' School, afternoon]

[School is out, and Chris and his three close friends leave the school.]
Students: (All right!) (School's out!) (Let's go play!)
Chris: I wonder what adventures Sonic's having today?
Helen: He sure is lucky. Sonic gets to travel all around having fun and helping people.
Danny: Chris, did Sonic tell you where he was runnin' off to today?
Chris: I asked him.
Frances: You did?
Chris: Yeah, he said he'd know where he was goin' when he got there.
Sonic: [Flashback] I'll see you later.
[He runs off, and the flashback ends.]
Helen: That's kind of funny.
Chris: That's Sonic.
[Helen chuckles. Then they see Cream, Cheese, and Emerl on the other side of the street.]
Cream: [Waves] Hi, Chris!
Chris: Hey, you guys! I didn't expect to see you down here!
[Soon the group is walking together.]
Cream: Cheese and I wanted to give Emel a tour of the neighborhood. Next we're planning to show off the park!
Chris: Cream and Cheese found this robot in my yard, and now he's staying at my house too.
Helen: That's cool.
[Emerl rubs his head. Frances points ahead.]
Frances: There's Mr. Stewart.
[Mr. Stewart is looking at one of the trees.]
Mr. Stewart: I wonder... This tree is huge. If the trunk is hollow, Eggman could be hiding inside.
[Mr. Stewart looks up into the branches of the tree before applying a stethoscope to the trunk. He then feels around the trunk with the tool. Then he stops when he hears the sound of moaning from within the tree. Suddenly Decoe and Bocoe leap out of the tree and take off running.]
Decoe: They are on our trail!
Bocoe: We must warn Dr. Eggman!
[They are soon out of sight.]
Mr. Stewart: Hey!
Danny: Mr. Stewart?
[Mr. Stewart sweatdrops and peeks around the tree. He quickly hides behind the tree, but the children spot him anyway.]
Chris: What's wrong, Mr. Stewart?
Helen: Are you playing hide and seek with somebody?
[Mr. Stewart thinks quickly and looks through his binoculars.]
Mr. Stewart: No. I'm bird watching!
Danny: Hey, let me see!
[Danny grabs the binoculars from Mr. Stewart and looks through them. He sees one of the streets.]
Danny: Whoa... You can see everything with these!
Frances: Danny, let me try!
[Danny gasps when he sees Eggman through the binoculars.]
Danny: Hey... There's Dr. Eggman! Looks like he's buying a book.
Chris: Really?
Mr. Stewart: My turn!
[Mr. Stewart takes the binoculars back from Danny and looks through them himself. Sure enough, Eggman is buying used books.]
Mr. Stewart: It is him.
Helen: Awesome! If we hurry, we can catch him!
Chris, Danny and Frances: Yeah!
[Mr. Stewart lowers his binoculars.]
Mr. Stewart: No, you can't. Uh, capturing Dr. Eggman is too dangerous. That's a job for the police. I'll phone the authorities and let them know. You kids should go home immediately. Do not go after Dr. Eggman, understand? Do not even think about trying it. Okay?
Cream: I think Mr. Stewart is right that we should all head home.
Chris: [Disappointed] ...Then let's go.
Danny: Later.
Frances: Bye-bye.
Helen: See ya.
Chris: Bye, Mr. Stewart.
[Chris leaves, and Danny, Frances, and Helen head off another way.]
Cream: Wait up, Chris!
[Cream, Cheese, and Emerl follow Chris. Soon Mr. Stewart is alone again. He once again looks through his binoculars.]
Mr. Stewart: I'll tail Dr. Eggman and try to figure out what his next move is.
[Mr. Stewart sees Eggman leave the bookstore and walk to the curb.]
Dr. Eggman: Yo, taxi!
[Mr. Stewart takes immediate action and leaps into his nearby car. However, it is revealed that the kids never really left, and they all hop into the back of the car with him.]
Mr. Stewart: [Angrily] Hey, what do you kids think you're doing here?! I thought you were all going home!
Helen: You can drive us all home... after we catch Dr. Eggman, of course.
Mr. Stewart: Uh... Great.
[He relents and drives off.]

[Scene Change: Thorndyke Mansion - Outside]

[Sonic is relaxing on the roof.]
Chuck: [Off-screen calling] Sonic!... Sonic!
[Sonic looks down to see Chuck calling to him.]
Chuck: Do you know if Chris had anything special to do after school today? He hasn't arived back home yet, and Cream and Cheese are also missing.
[Sonic instinctively darts off.]
Chuck: Hope they're OK...

[Scene Change: Station Square]

[Mr. Stewart’s car gains on Eggman’s taxi.]
Danny: The taxi's pulling over.
[The taxi stops, and Mr. Stewart parks just around the corner behind it. Eggman gets out of the taxi carrying two armloads of books.]
Chris: Where's he going?
[The taxi leaves. Eggman is nowhere to be found. The group gets out and searches for him.]
Chris: He got out, but he disappeared!
Helen: There are no fire escapes in this alley, and I don't see any doors.
[Mr. Stewart bends down and listens to the ground with his stethoscope.]
Helen: What are you doing, Mr. Stewart?
[Mr. Stewart hears the sound of Eggman descending a staircase underground, and promptly stands up.]
Mr. Stewart: Eggman's underground.
Chris: What?
Helen: Underground?
Danny: How'd he get there?
Mr. Stewart: Down there.
[There is an entrance to the sewer, where there is also a canal of water.]

[Scene Change: The sewer]

[Eggman finishes descending the staircase, where the Eggmobile is waiting. Meanwhile, Mr. Stewart drives down another staircase in the car. However, the canal is right in their way. However, Mr. Stewart presses a button that converts the car into a boat. The wheels fold into the car, and slot close over where they used to be. A fin extends out of the back, and the front becomes narrower and sleeker. Now they can drive harmlessly through the canal.]
Chris, Danny, Helen and Frances: (Hooray!) (All right!)
[Suddenly, Danny freaks out.]
Frances: What's the matter, Danny?
Danny: There's a lizard in the car!
Helen: Where?
[Frances and Helen look around.]
Danny: Right there.
[Sure enough, there is a small lizard on the back of the seat. Frances and Helen admire how cute it is. It licks its lips before leaping off. Danny breathes a sigh of relief.]
Helen: Danny, you don't really believe that harmless little lizard is going to hurt you.
Danny: You're not scared of lizards?
Helen: Of course not. I catch them all the time.
Danny: Oh really?
Chris: She catches snakes and bugs, too.
[Danny cringes as a shot of Helen stroking a caterpillar is shown.]
Danny: You must be crazy!
Helen: You're a baby!
Mr. Stewart: That's enough. This is no time to start an argument.
[Cream and Cheese are laughing.]
Mr. Stewart: Remember, we came to stop Eggman.
[Chris cries out as he sees the Eggmobile ahead of them. Mr. Stewart floors the gas pedal and chases it. Eggman sees them and laughs.]
Danny: Faster, Mr. Stewart! Don't let him get away!
Dr. Eggman: I'll stop them with my network.
[He presses a button, and the Eggmobile fires a net that threatens to ensnare Mr. Stewart's transformed car.]

[Scene Change: Outdoor Cafe]

[Topaz and Rouge are eating at an outdoor cafe.]
Topaz: How's your dessert?
Rouge: Dreamy.
[Sonic runs by.]
Topaz: Instead of eating, we should be looking for Eggman.
Rouge: I'm sure he'll turn up soon.
[Sonic passes them again.]
Rouge: Eggman's too full of himself to stay out of the spotlight long.
Topaz: That's true.
[This time, Topaz notices Sonic passing them again.]
Topaz: It certainly has gotten breezy. You don't suppose it's Sonic, do you?
Rouge: I'm sure it's him. I wonder what he's up to?
[Sonic runs by again.]
Rouge: Sonic!
[This time, Sonic stops.]
Rouge: Why're you whipping around like a tornado?
Sonic: I'm looking for Chris.
Topaz: How come?
Sonic: He never came home from school! Cream and Cheese are missing too!
Rouge: If you happen to run into Eggman, let us know.
[Sonic smirks before dashing off. Topaz and Rouge continue eating.]
Rouge: I think I'll have some coffee.
Topaz: Me too.

[Scene Change: Sewer]

[Eggman has Mr. Stewart and his party trapped in a cell. Eggman laughs.]
Helen: Excuse me. How come you're carrying around all those books?
Dr. Eggman: I'm doing some research for my new attack plan.
Chris: What are you planning on doing?
Dr. Eggman: It's going to be big. You shouldn't be so nosy, kid, especially when you're trapped in a sewer.
[Decoe and Bocoe enter.]
Decoe and Bocoe: Dr. Eggman!
Dr. Eggman: What do you two boltheads want?
Bocoe: Look!
Decoe: We found this inside the car.
[Decoe pours out the briefcase's contents, which include Mr. Stewart's stethoscope and binoculars. Mr. Stewart pales.]
Bocoe: It must belong to him. [To Mr. Stewart] Why do you have this equipment? Are you a spy?
Mr. Stewart: Uh... Of course not!
Dr. Eggman: Then what are you so nervous about?
Danny: I thought spies were supposed to be cool, not wimpy.
Frances: I know. Try to imagine Mr. Stewart as a spy.
[A shot of Mr. Stewart walking onto the screen, then shooting at it, is shown - a reference to James Bond. Mr. Stewart appears nervous.]
Dr. Eggman: Professional spies stay cool under pressure. He's shaking like a goldfish in a shark tank. Sorry to leave you, but I have to prepare my next mind-blowing attack. Toodleoo.
[Eggman leaves, leaving Decoe and Bocoe to guard the cell. Mr. Stewart breathes a sigh of relief.]
Decoe: Why are you acting so relieved?
[Mr. Stewart looks back up.]
Decoe: Maybe he is a spy after all.
Mr. Stewart: I'm a school teacher.
Frances: It's true. He used to be our teacher 'til he got transferred.
Mr. Stewart: There. You see?
Chris: Hey, can you guys tell us about this new attack Dr. Eggman's planning?
Decoe: You will not get any information out of us!
Bocoe: You will never talk! Because Dr. Eggman never tells us anything.
[Tears appear in their eyes.]
Decoe: We get no respect.
Bocoe: And no time off, either. We'd better go dry our tears before we rust.
[They leave.]
Mr. Stewart: Those two should get their bolts tightened.
[Chris and Helen mumble their agreements.]
Cream: We should try to get out while nobody's guarding us.
Mr. Stewart: Helen, may I borrow this?
[He removes a hairpin from Helen's hair, and uses it to pick the lock. The door opens. He places a finger to his lips.]
Mr. Stewart: Come on. We have to move fast.
[Soon, they are escaping together.]
Chris: Wouldn't it be cool if it turned out Mr. Stewart really is a spy?
Frances: In your dreams.
[However, they stop when they see a wall right in front of them. The number 1 is indented in it.]
Danny: I guess we're trapped.
Mr. Stewart: Not yet.
[He walks over to one of the giant doorposts. The others look on in confusion.]
Mr. Stewart: Let me show you a little chemistry experiment.
[He pulls out two small containers and pours the two liquids in the larger container.]
Mr. Stewart: When I mix the acid in the blue bottle with the chemical solution in the brown bottle, the reaction is very interesting.
[He sets the larger jug down by the doorpost and runs back to the children.]
Mr. Stewart: Now stay back!
[The jug explodes, causing the door to slide upwards, amazing the children.]
Danny: It did it!
[The group hurries through the the door (Cream and Cheese at a slower pace), but the children are dismayed when they see a second sealed door blocking their path. Mr. Stewart pulls out his laptop and connects it via USB to a panel in the wall. He then types on the laptop.]
Mr. Stewart: The only way to open this electronic lock is to find the password.
[Mr. Stewart opens a password detection program and runs it. The tab changes to the Input Password screen.]
Mr. Stewart: Got it!
[However, an image of Eggman's face over a red field covers the screen.]
Mr. Stewart: Eggman?
Chris: So all you have to do is type in "Eggman" to open the door?
Mr. Stewart: No, Chris. That would be too easy. Something's not right...
Helen: Why not?
Mr. Stewart: [Grim] It's a trap.
[There is a shot of Mr. Stewart typing on the computer. The image of Eggman is replaced by Trigger Device Release. Suddenly the door explodes.]
Mr. Stewart: [To himself] I can't take the chance to put the kids in danger. [Out loud] We'll have to get this door open another way.
Chris: But how?
[Mr. Stewart turns to the children, a grim look on his face.]
Chris: Maybe we should try knocking!
Helen: It would be easy to get out if we could only reach Sonic.
[Chris nods. Then he spots something atop the second door.]
Chris: Hey, look! Bokkun!
[Cream follows Chris' gaze to Bokkun, who is sleeping on top of the door.]
Cream: He must know how to get us out of here.
Chris: Helen, what if we...
[He whispers something to Helen.]
Helen: OK.
[They begin talking loudly to distract Bokkun.]
Helen: I don't know how she does it, but Ella makes the most delicious apple pies in the world!
[Bokkun stirs.]
Chris: You haven't had apple pie 'til you've tasted Ella's apple pie!
[Bokkun is wide awake.]
Bokkun: Apple pie?
[A shot of apple pie is shown. Bokkun's mouth waters.]
Bokkun: Can I have some?
Helen: You can only taste Ella's apple pie if you go to Chris' house.
Chris: Go tell Ella you saw me here and that I sais she should give you some pie.
Bokkun: You bet I will! Ooh, apple pie, here I come!
[He leaves. The others are surprised at the turn of events.]
Chris: If he tells Ella we're here, then she'll let Sonic know too.
Helen: And he'll come save us!
Chris: That's right.

[Scene Change: Station Square]

[Bokkun emerges from the sewer through a manhole.]
Bokkun: Apple pie... Apple pie...
[He looks around.]
Bokkun: Which way now?
[Sonic runs by him, causing him to spin uncontrollably. Sonic then returns to Bokkun.]
Sonic: Hiya, Bokkun. Where you going?
Bokkun: I saw Chris in the sewer and he sent me to his house for some pie.
[The swirls vanish from Bokkun's eyes.]
Sonic: The sewer? I didn't think of looking underground.
[Sonic starts to climb down the manhole.]
Sonic: Eggman's probably there. Will you give a message to Topaz and Rouge for me, pal?
Bokkun: No.
Sonic: [Enticing] If you like Ella's pie, you'll love her strawberry shortcake.
Bokkun: Strawberry shortcake?
[A shot of strawberry shortcake is shown. Bokkun's mouth waters again.]
Bokkun: Will she make me one?
Sonic: [Nods] If you deliver my message.

[Scene Change: Outdoor Cafe]

[Topaz and Rouge are now enjoying ice cream at the cafe.]
Topaz: The chocolate's even tastier than the vanilla.
Rouge: Dee-licious.
[Bokkun lands nearby.]
Bokkun: I have a message from you two from Sonic. ... He's in the sewer.
Topaz: [To herself] He's in the sewer?

[Scene Change: Sewer]

[Chris, Danny, and Frances pound on the door.]
Mr. Stewart: It's no use. You're just wasting your energy. We have to think of something else.
Dr. Eggman: There's no escape!
[The group turns to see Eggman and his hench-bots in his newest robot: the Egg Spider.]
Frances, Danny and Chris: Eggman!
Dr. Eggman: Heheheh! My Egg Spider will soon have you insects wrapped up in a web of misery!
Mr. Stewart: Back off!
Dr. Eggman: Let's nix this nerd!
[Eggman extends one of the Egg Spider's claws towards the group. But the newly-arrived Sonic Homing-attacks the robot, throwing it off balance.]
Frances, Danny and Chris: Sonic!
[The Egg Spider promptly stands back up.]
Dr. Eggman: Blast you!
[Sonic destroys the first claw that speeds his way. The second claw pins him against the wall.]
Chris: Sonic!
[Eggman chuckles when Sonic unsuccessfully tries to free himself.]
Topaz: [Off-screen] Hang on, Sonic!
[Sonic turns to see Topaz and Rouge running his way. Rouge leaps into the air.]
Rouge: Screw Kick!
[She Screw Kicks the claw, destroying it and allowing Sonic to escape.]
Sonic: Thanks!
[Emerl's eyes glow.]
Dr. Eggman: I've had it with that hog! Fire!
[The Egg Spider stands on its back legs, and its chest opens, unleashing a swarm of missiles on Sonic. Sonic and Rouge manage to dodge them. A determined Cream steps forward.]
Cream: Copy Rouge, Emerl!
[To Cream's surprise, Emerl copies Rouge's Screw Kick ability and uses said move to break through the door.]
Cream: Emerl broke down the door.
[Emerl lands on the ground. The others are surprised at what Emerl just accomplished. Then he uses a Screw Kick and spins towards Eggman. Emerl strikes the Egg Spider, destroying it.]
Mr. Stewart: Let's go! This way, everybody!
[Chris, Danny, Frances, and Helen run through the destroyed door.]
Mr. Stewart: We have to hurry!
[Cream, Cheese, Emerl, and Mr. Stewart leave. The Eggmobile rises from the smoke.]
Dr. Eggman: Sonic, I always knew you were a sewer rat.
[Sonic looks at him grimly.]
Dr. Eggman: 'Til next time!
[Eggman pushes a button, but the Eggmobile is damaged, and it is thrown out of control.]
Bocoe: Doctor, look out!
[The Eggmobile explodes, sending smoke through the sewer. The heroes leave the sewer, choking on the smoke, but otherwise fine.]
Sonic: Everybody okay?
Chris: I think so.
Mr. Stewart: Everyone's accounted for. ... Thanks, Sonic.

[Scene Change: Thorndyke Manor, night]

[Chris, Sonic, Cream, Cheese, and Emerl finally return home. They are covered in smoke.]
Chris: Ella, we're home.
Ella: Thank goodness you're back. I was so worried. Your poor friend has been waiting hours for you to come home.
[Chris and Cream are surprised to see Bokkun munching on apple pie and strawberry cake. He smiles, then laughs. The episode ends and the credits roll.]