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Quotation1 Honour, humility, and valour! Quotation2
— The Seven Badnik's motto, Sonic the Comic #62

The Seven Badniks, also referred to as the Seven,[1] are a group that appears in the Sonic the Comic series published by Fleetway Editions. They are a special unit of extremely powerful hybrid Badniks created by the Badnik Army Repair Functionaries.

Concept and creation

The Seven were inspired by the cult film Seven Samurai.[2]


When the Palmtree Panic Zone Badniks would not leave the Green Hill Zone, B.A.R.F. created the Seven Badniks in the Badnik Research and Development Facility by repairing a group of Green Hill Zone Badniks wounded by the Palmtree Panic Zone Badniks with parts from the latest prototype Badniks.[3] The result were five powerful Badniks tasked with getting the Palmtree Panic Zone Badniks onto the Ark Pod with minimal casualties.[3][1]

Deployed into the Green Hill Zone, the Seven Badniks easily overwhelmed the Palmtree Panic Zone Badniks and quickly intimidated them into the Ark Pod. Those that remained would eventually surrender to the Seven Badniks or get destroyed trying to attack them. After all the rogue Badniks were rounded up, the Seven Badniks were tasked by B.A.R.F. to defend the Zone for Dr. Robotnik.[1]


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