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This character exists primarily within the Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog continuity.
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Sergeant Doberman is a retired army sergeant and war-time hero. As his name implies, he is a Doberman Pinscher.

Doberman was said to be one of Mobius' greatest war heroes before his retirement. Despite said retirement, he later appeared to have returned to active service. He is married, though his wife is never seen.


His first appearance was in "Tails' New Home", where he appeared as a potential candidate for Tails' new family after Sonic decided fighting Robotnik was too unsafe for him. Sonic and Tails quickly discovered the Sergeant had acclimated poorly to life post-retirement, treating them like boot-camp recruits and running them ragged. Due to a brief distraction by Doberman's wife having missed on a nearby target range, Sonic and Tails promptly escaped.

His second was in "Attack on Pinball Fortress", where he was caught in the middle of a Robotnik attack during a training drill. Doberman discovered Robotnik's new "Stupidity Ray" made his undisciplined recruits more compliant, and schemed to steal the weapon in order to create the ideal army. Doberman joined Sonic in his assault on the Pinball Fortress, along with con-artist Wes Weasley, who was looking to gain the Stupidity Ray to dumb people down enough to buy his wares. Doberman and Weasley's squabbling threatened to give Robotnik the victory, until the two were able to cooperate long enough to foil his plans, with both later admitting their lives were better off without the weapon.

Doberman's third and final appearance was in "Hero of the Year", where he spoke in support of Sonic at a dinner celebrating the hero's efforts.


Sergeant Doberman is naturally intimidating, yelling out military orders to anyone in sight. He also does not seem to understand the concept of adoption as when Sonic brought Tails to be the sergeant's adopted son. He is always standing on top of his "soldiers" when training them with a serious attitude and never lets them ask questions.


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