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Dr. Eggman's Selection Machine landing on E-90.

The Selection Machine is one of Doctor Eggman's machines in Sonic X. Eggman uses it to help him select one of his robots when he needs them.


The Selection Machine's function is to randomly select one of Eggman's robots whenever he needed one to help him with his plans to conquering the world or at least defeat Sonic the Hedgehog and his friends. It highly resembles a slot machine and is built into his base. To activate it, Eggman places a deck of robot cards into a slot, closes the hatch, and pulls a lever to start the slot machine spinning. When the three pictures of the robot match, Doctor Eggman uses in his plot.

It was first used in "Missile Wrist Rampage" to select E-23 Missile Wrist to accompany him in his world domination promotion at Station Square.

In "Chaos Emerald Chaos," the Selection Machine chose E-11 Beacon to aid Doctor Eggman in another attack of the city.

In "Techno-Teacher," Doctor Eggman used the Selection Machine which chose E-51 Intelligente to brainwash the people of Station Square by starting with Christopher Thorndyke's school.

In "Satellite Swindle," it was used again to select E-90 Super Sweeper, which was used to swallow the satellites orbiting Chris' world.

In "Beating Eggman, Part 1," the Selection Machine picked E-35 Funfun to stop Sonic and his friends from getting a Chaos Emerald.

In "Little Chao Lost," it was seen as a stand-alone machine carried by Decoe until Doctor Eggman ordered him to unpack his knapsack. He used it to pick out E-66 Da-Dai-Oh during his vacation to attack those who were camping with Tails.

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