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Logo of Sega Toys in the early 2000's.

Sega Toys Co., Ltd. is a division of Sega Sammy Holdings based in Japan that designs and manufactures toys. It was founded in 1994, but wasn't named Sega Toys until being renamed from predessor Sega Yonezawa in April 1998. In 2003, Sega Toys produced various toys for Sonic X.[1]

Sonic X

Joypolis SonicParty2003 SegaToys SonicX

Sega Toys' Sonic X products at Joypolis in 2003.

Image Summary Price
SegaToys SonicX DeskBattle Desk Battle: Mini remote controlled toys controlled by infrared.[2] 2,480 yen (each)
SegaToys SonicX Figures Figure Collection: Blind box figurines of characters from the show. There are eleven in total, and two rare extras. Each come with a transparent display container.[2] 300 yen (each)
SegaToys SonicX PlushToys 25cm plush toys of Sonic, Tails and Knuckles. 1,000 yen (each)
SegaToys SonicX PlushToy SonicLarge A 35cm Sonic plush toy that has wires in its limbs so it can be posed.


Desk Battle and Plush toys


Figure Collection



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